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Enter the Eastside kid

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1Enter the Eastside kid Empty Enter the Eastside kid on Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:53 pm

One Afternoon is sunny San Fransisco on a busy main street something out of picture was around. everyone wore shorts or something to beat the heat minus one boy. he wore baggy black jeans, a red hoodie with the number seven on the back,a black Quiksilver bookbag, and a pair of timberland boots. Most natives here would say this guy was a tourist or visitor of sorts but in all reality he wasn't. What made it worst was that the boy had his hood on his head what type of dumbass would even attempt to pull of an east-side look.... Him apparently. Reno with every step would nod his head to his music apparently not fazed by the heat. With his hands in his pocket and music on full blast he cared not for the strange looks he got. He made a stop and kept nodding his head as his book back dropped. he started pushing his feet off the ground moving as if gliding on the ground. he started sing with a song.

Bomb A Head! Bomb A Head! moedasu youna atsuitamashii!Bomb A Head! Bomb A Head! muchashite
shitta hondou no ore wo

He then starts shufflin in place then in circles pop locking is arms. The by passers stop watching him as he dances and sings.

Everytime odoru yumega odoru kyou toiu rizumu de
Everytime sakebu kokoro sakebu asu wo misutenaito Let's Go!

Then he falls to the ground and starts break dancing the people clap and cheer a bit but are freaked out from what he is singing because they doesn't under stand. He didn't care street performing was something done in his home town and boy did he love to perform.

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2Enter the Eastside kid Empty Re: Enter the Eastside kid on Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:23 pm

Today wasn't one of Grim's better days. Things could have definatly gone a lot better in many, many ways. It all started with Grim training by himself in an aera that he thought was off the beaten path, and very good place to not draw attention to himself. But even in the bad part of town, they still hated Storm Riders. One call and SRH was on his tail for a good three miles or so before Grim was finally able to lose them, after charging off a roof top and into apartment window across and great amount of distance inbetween the two buildings i might add. Right into the living room of some Middle easteren family. The family was pretty nice for the most part. It seemed this wasn't the first time some had literally crashed into there living room. They even tried to hook Grim up to there daughter in the few minutes Grim spent with them before making the wise move of moving on before SRH could get back on his trail again.
Now Grim was heading (hopefully)back to his RV that he called his home. When he notices a crowd gathering and music playing, and the usually clapping and cheering of a crowd enjoying a street performance. He thought "Why not join them?" He could spend a few minutes and watch the show. His always been wanting to reform some dance moves into tricks he could use. Grim brought a black and white bag that went well with his white button down shirt, black open vest, matching trousers, and shoes. That he switched into after leaving the Middle easterens family. Grim was taking extra care not to draw attention to himself right now. He wasn't on SRH's top list right now, but he will be if he kept up coming on there radar every few minutes.

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3Enter the Eastside kid Empty Re: Enter the Eastside kid on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:06 pm

Reno keeps dancing tuning out the face that people were watching him and cheering.... that was until he seen a girl sway her hips to his music. Reno stopped for a second and lick his lips quickly. There several advantages to knowing how to dance Drawing a crowd is number three on that list. Woman love me that dance and this was proving his point. he smiles at the girl dancing his way to her. he quickly pulls he to him the girl yelps in surprise but goes along with his. after a minute or a few seconds the girl gets comfortable enough to actually grind up on hims. Damn what an ass he though as she put it on him. His hands started to wonder up and sides and he stomach the girl pays it no mind as the music takes over.... until he grabbed her breast. Reno smirks Thirty two C awesome now for that... he never finished that due to the fist in his jaw senting him a step back. Pervert with that she stormed of leaving him holding his face and laughing. you loved it he then stops his music and picks up his bag. he would go for a skate but police would be on top of him. why move here of all places its no fun with the pigs out and about he sighs as he pushes through the crowd

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4Enter the Eastside kid Empty Re: Enter the Eastside kid on Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:17 am

Grim watched on with the on lookers and couldn't help but be impressed by the dancers moves. The way the man moved it seemed like an art form in a sense, and the need for the man to teach him a little of his moves was growing every so much so as the song blared out of his boombox, and his dancing went on. As time passed Grim couldn't help but relate some of the moves the Dancer did to AT's moves. The idea of this street dancer as a rider barely crossed Grim's mind but pushed it to the side as he watched the Dancer's feature changed just slightly as his eyes turned to sausaers and the Dancer licking his lips seemed so....wolfish in sorts Grim couldn't help palm heel strike his forehead as the Dancer grabbed a women from the crowd. Grim prepared for fireworks and was ready to leave if this Dancer was to gained the attention from the cops; which won't sit well with Grim since they are still looking for him in his luck is bad, and they have not simply givin up yet.

But no fireworks came, not a slap as the two danced, at first it seemed that way, but the women gave in see no harm dancing with a complete stranger it seemed. Grim watched the two moved, and couldn't help but notice the extra attention the Dancer's hands were giving hte girl's body as they danced, and as his hands traveled upward there it was bam, a slap like thunder and a shout of pervert and the dance was over. Grim couldn't help but chuckle a little as the dancer stood there with his hand on the side of his face laughing as well. Afterward the crow started to break away as the Dancer stopped his music, and walked through the crowd. Grim was still debating if he should ask the Dancer if he can learn a thing or two from him. Skipping over the fact that he would incoprate into his Tricks if he could master them.

As the Dancer pushed through the crowd the distance between them growing further and further apart, Grim clutched a tight hold of his bag as he determinedly maneuvered himself through the crowd with a shout,"WAIT UP!" toward the dnacer hoping he would slow his pace for Grim to catch up.

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5Enter the Eastside kid Empty Re: Enter the Eastside kid on Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:02 pm

Reno held his cheek an cursed silently under his breath. this was the third time since he moved here he danced with a girl and she smacked him for touching here. he shifted his book bag a bit feeling the comforting weight of his a-t's. Fuck it as long as i got my babies. he snapped to attention hearing some one call out "WAIT UP!" he was just about to put his hood on his head as he turned around. He was guy that must have been watching him. Yea? whats up did i drop something?he turns back walking to the guy hoping he could make this quick because he wanted to ride a bit while the cops weren't around

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6Enter the Eastside kid Empty Re: Enter the Eastside kid on Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:14 am

Grim was surprised that the dancer could hear him over the crowd. Grim slowed his pace as the two stood only a few feet apart. ”You had some sweet moves back there. Where did you learn them from? Grim asked out of all honesty. He maneuvered to Lockehart’s side and continued to walk in the direction lockehart was going early.” Did you teach yourself or something? Grim gave lockehart a little fan like smile, like he was Lockehart’s ideal to get the dancer to spill his secrets. Because if he was taught by someone else like a school that’s local then that would be great since Grim could sign up throw money in their face and not have to worry about it as much then learning it from the dancer. People tend to ask question when they are asked to teach things to others, and Grim couldn’t openly say, “I want to use these moves for Storm Riding.” That would a one way ticket to jail especially since he might have a bounty on his head from today’s actions.

OOc- crap post

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7Enter the Eastside kid Empty Re: Enter the Eastside kid on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:44 pm

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