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The Old its just Vegas

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1The Old its just Vegas Empty The Old its just Vegas on Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:49 pm

The night has long since fallen engulfing this town in the darkness that shrouded the world. Not like that was saying a lot for this city since the second the sun faded was the same second the night life of this world began. From corner to corner lights filled the once dark city, which seemingly it was only dark for about 5 seconds before the lights flashed on. Once the lights were on that when everything started, people started to flood to the streets and the usual Vegas night life would begin.

Up above not in the sky but on the rooftops, hidden by the bright city lights there were sparks and the faint sound of AT's running. This city of sinners might just have well been the perfect place for one to practice their AT skills, since the roar of the usual crowd and the lights that could only be outdone by the sun blocked everything an AT had to offer. Jumping off one roof into the air Rath spun his body upside down into a horizontal spin landing on the roof of the Circus Circus hotel and casino.

Looking down upon the busy street, he hid himself well behind the bright neon lights that flashed the hotel's name. He only breathed followed by a smile that grew along his face. It wasn't really much but he could start here, Rath's Ragnarok would start with taking control of Las Vegas to catch the world's attention then his war can start. The sad part was he was going to have to wage war on his own parents, with that he lowered his head and closed his eyes.

Oh well they say freedom isn't given anyway.

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2The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:40 pm

After making himself known in California Grim decided to skip town for a while for heat to cool down. Making a few sightings here, and there across the states before coming back around to California and settling down for a while. For one reason, and one reason only the multitude of Storm Riders in the state. In no other state Grim has traveled through; his never meet or battled as many as there were in San Francisco.

Now in Las Vegas the city of sin, Grim was killing two birds with one stone. His always wanted to come to Las Vegas, gamble here and there, see the women, taste the food and of course above all else riding under the protective covers of the neon lights of Las Vegas; which was what Grim was going to need if he was going to pull off what he was planning on doing in Las Vegas.

Grim was walking the streets starting up on the roof tops building his route from where he was going to start the party at and where he was going to end it, and get away. Over and over again until he had it down in his mind until he reached the Circus, Circus Casio ally way, and ducked in out of the sight of the tourist and gamblers. Pulling his AT’s out of the bag he was carrying and securing them first onto his feet then his mask. Grim press the weight down to start the AT’s and felt the wheels run in place, while he kept the brakes on. Just hearing the wheel’s turn and screech away, and the smell of rubber, got Grim’s pulse going for what was to come. He eyed the wall he was facing; calculate how he was going to climb the wall. This particular trick he hasn’t mastered just yet, but his been getting better at the trick, and now was a better time than any to try again. Besides it wasn’t like he couldn’t climb the walls by bouncing off the parallel wall of the parking garage next to it. Grim let the speed slowly slip and then hit it in reverse and started to back away from the wall of the Casino to get some starting room, which wasn’t much since the Garage and Casino was so close together.

Grim lowered his body close to the ground and started to accelerate on his wheels once before going nowhere while holding onto the brakes. Going over his route once more in his mind, and locking away all Doubts, Grim launched himself forward at the wall and knew there was no going back once he jumped upward and forward and felt the slight fear that his always felt right before his wheel’s connected to wall and started the climb. Fearing just this one time, this one time his AT’s won’t connect and he would smack into the wall like one of those Saturday morning cartoons, but feeling all the pain of broken bones, and the force of speed he hit the wall, but it didn’t come thanks to Grim’s trusted ATs, and the climb up wall had started and ended with Grim swerving backwards with enough control and launched himself in a backflip through the air. Grim didn’t notice the other rider since he landed facing the ledge and wall he just climbed. Until with one AT he used little speed to rotate himself around. At first he couldn’t spot the other rider because the Rider was standing very still and with the New moon out he blending right into the dark side of the bright side of the neon light, but as Grim got closer he could tell the two apart. Grim road up and stop behind just enough to give the other Rider some room not to spook them, when he spoke just to give the rider some warning to what his about to do. ” If you’re not going to jump you better do it soon. I’m about to turn this place up on its head.”

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3The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:14 pm

Crouching down he leaned his body over the side to get a better look at the ground below, only setting his hand on the sign not to lose his balance. As usual around this time the police were chasing some person who most likely robbed a casino or something with money in it. Not like that was a surprise for this place since crime was a everyday thing here, the real surprise was that the cops were doing something usually the casinos handled it themselves.

From behind him he heard a familiar sound which has long since escaped this world, the sound of AT's climbing a wall. He didn't even bother to turn around after he heard the sound of somebody behind him talking. Bringing his arms up he grabbed his hoodie and brought it over his head before letting his arms drop back down to his sides.

Now now. I can't have you running wild in my city. We cops need to keep control over you AT people.

He spoke obviously lying because he wasn't part of the Storm Rider Hunters but this person didn't know that so he could have some fun with this for a little while. Standing up Rath turned around and looked at the person with a smile on his face. If Rath belonged to the Storm Rider Hunters he would need to arrest this person based on the fact that he was of course riding AT's and that was about it.

You are under arrest under the Non-Air Trek regulation Z. Please don't make this hard and come in quietly.

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4The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:43 pm

At first it took some time to what the other Rider was saying, and at first Grim thought the man was joking, but as the other rider turned around drawing his hood up first and what he said next sunk in. A cold sweat rolled down Grim’s neck as his featured darken and his smile slipped only for a few seconds before he regained composer. It wasn’t like this was the first time his run into Cops like him, and it wasn’t like he wasn’t trying to get the same Cop’s attention….it just…… happening a lot sooner than Grim planned. Grim’s smile returned as he gave the Cop a one over, then spoke, “ What fun would that be if I did it the easy way. Grim still had his plan and he was going to follow it to the letter.

Instead of going in full reverse back the way Grim came like most Cop’s like the one he was facing would think Grim would do or even try to go left or right to escape. Grim did the most unthinkable; most suicide thought any rider would think of doing. Grim charged straight forward his body, low to the ground preparing to do Returning Orbit, usually this move is used in the slipstream of the other Rider in front but this could still be done without the reward of a boost in speed. Once Grim was within five feet of the Cop he swayed left then right like he would beeline it either way and race off, but continued straight ahead, and at the last second cut and push off to the right blasting right behind the cop and with one furious jump launched himself through the opening letter of the “U” in the of the Casino’s name, and before dropping out of sight Grim rotated to face the Cop in mind fall with a sly, and cocky smile threw up the bird, before dropping a good five flights before his AT’s reconnected with the glass of the Casino and Grim couldn’t hide the surprise on his face as the glass held to his fall from the roof, and the speed he was going with the help of gravity. The idea of peaking over his shoulder to see if the Cop gave chase or not did itch at the back of Grim’s mind, but wither the Cop followed or not he knew he was going to get some on his tail soon enough.

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5The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:10 pm

Now this was a new one instead of running he charged towards Rath, well a basic feint that resulted in the man flying past Rath and jumping off the building. Suicide was one choice but turning around and looking down Rath could see that he was planning to escape a different way that only gave the appearance of suicide. It was a good plan but him grinding down the wall would attract to much attention and alert the real storm rider hunters to their location. He simply sighed with that part knowing that this might get out of hand a little faster than the thought.

Taking a step forward Rath fell off the building not in the same manner as the man but in a normal suicide attempt. Feeling the air hitting his face as he fell he went from a vertical position to a horizontal one. With his body now in this position he started up his AT's, the wheels tapping against the glass begging for some grip before completely gaining traction and allowing him to grind down the glass. Since the man did have a distance advantage thanks to starting off before Rath, Rath had to increase his speed slightly so he could catch up something that was happening rapidly.

Your a little to slow.

Slowly Rath began to close the distance with the man his main thing was to stop the man before he reached the ground and alerted the police but from the sparks that could be seen trailing down the casino they most likely already knew. Behind the man Rath could feel his slipstream around his body but he purposely slid to the left outside it so it wouldn't affect his speed in anyway at the moment, it wasn't really something he wanted as of yet.

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6The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:56 pm

As Grim was nearing ground level rapidly, a feeling rolled over Grim a feeling of that of an animal being chased by its predator and being…… played with. Because the Predator already knew it had its meal. Grim gave in to the itching feeling before and peaked over his shoulder just for a few moments and wished he hadn’t. There was the Cop gaining on, and fast. Grim faced forward once more and cursed under his breath, he had only a few opinions at this height and at this speed and only so long before the Cop gained up to him.

After only a few seconds and a few more flights down Grim came up with a route to adapt to what he wanted and went for it. He just needed….. the…… right platform….. and there it was!!! A dark, blue, Tourist bus with tinted windows coming down the busy main street of Las Vegas that took all cars right down a tour of the Casinos of Sin City. It was just the nice height, but just a little out of range of Grim’s jump Grim was sure of that. If Grim would have spotted it a few flights up it wouldn’t be a problem….maybe, but now. It was going to be a tough jump, but it was either that or get caught, and Grim wasn’t ready to get caught just yet.

Grim started to cut left keeping up the speed and momentum his gained with the rapid decedent down the building, drawing in his AT’s together near the point they almost touch. Grim could already feel how unstable and wobbly he was but continued by lowering into a ball position and eyeing his target the Tourist Bust, then using the muscles in his legs leaped off the glass of the building at an angle throwing himself through the air and just when Grim reached the height of his jump. Grim rotated his axis; shifting his center of gravity with motion of his legs. Making the near impossible jump possible now, but it was too early to cheer.

Grim could already see his miscalculated just slightly. Earlier his fear was that he would undershoot the bus, now he can see as he was coming closer to the bus that he might just overshoot the bus. “SHIT!” Grim shouts as he lands just barely on the edge of the bus by the space in his AT are that he would normal grind on a railing, or something. Already foreseeing Grim would fall if he doesn’t do anything by his forward motion. Grim leaps once and hops on top of a hood of another car, feeling his AT’s give a relief breath as they gain the grip that it so desperately wanted at the moment, but won’t get use to as Grim jumped again playing hop frog from one car to the next in the sea of traffic. All the way across until he reached the last Car in the furthest lane and with another jump and forward momentum, and speed gained from the brief moments on top of the Car’s roofs. Grim sliced through the air and pin balled his way up the front side of a hotel using just the railings of the outside balcony until he hit’s the ledge of the Hotel. Where he rides until the end of the ledge and jumps off to the waiting ledge of the next lower Hotel. Not paying any mind if the Cop is following because after the brief show of skill that the Cop had and the feeling he felt before, he knew the Cop would be on him in no time.

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7The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:28 am

By the time everything began Rath was already on side of the man he was chasing. Even with the time difference and distance difference Rath was easily able to match his speed and close that once great distance. To Rath this was nothing more than a race to the bottom a basic kid's game that could end in death with one wrong move, that only added to the fun of this game of cat and mouse.

Turning his head to the man he was chasing he already saw him launch himself off the wall and into incoming traffic. He couldn't tell if it was a brave or stupid maneuver, but seeing as how the man was barely making it across it seemed like a stupid move. Well now it was Rath's turn to make it across and his was less reckless than jumping across so many lanes of traffic, not really less reckless considering it could kill him in an instant.

Extending his right leg forward as he traveled down he rotated his body to the right, swinging his right leg up forcing his body into a horizontal spin. This spin only kept his left leg on the glass while he fell his body eliminating the air resistance around it thanks to his spinning. Normally he would use this tactic to eliminate the air resistance around his body so when he landed he would only suffer minor injuries instead of death. But knowing this terrain he already knew an awning was below him that could be used to further help him survive this dangerous act of his.

His body rotating down into the awning, it absorbed the blow from him running into it then shot Rath up into the air. Having complete control over his body Rath shot himself forward across all the lanes of traffic, about 20 feet above all the cars, still spinning so he was launched further then usual. Right across from the Circus Circus casino was a smaller building which as Rath got within 3 feet of its roof he forced himself to stop spinning and landed gently on the roof sliding across it another 5 feet. Getting up he simply skated to the railing of that building and leaned upon it looking at the building next to it which the man he was chasing was on.

That was dangerous of you. And you sure attracted a lot of attention. Looks like now all my men will have to intervene.

Rath turned his head towards the street only to see the blank face upon the innocent bystanders, the flaring blue and red color of the cop cars accompanied by the cops themselves. Of course Rath had his way out since he had his father's ID, which said he was worked for the storm rider hunters, but only showed the last name so Rath could fake it for the most part. But this other person would have to fight his way out, which would make for some good entertainment until Rath decided to fully show himself as a real Storm Rider instead of a Hunter.

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8The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:03 pm

As Time went by and the two raced from roof top to roof top, ledge to ledge the feeling of the Cop simply playing with him started to tick Grim off to no end. It seemed Las Vegas Storm Rider’s Force was on a whole other level than any other Grim has faced so far. The thought of abandoning the mission did cross Grim’s mind, but he soon shook that off mentally. If his grandfather could see him now, and know what’s going through his head…… Oh man he would be in for it, and just the thought sent a shiver down Grim’s back and his speed faltered just a little, but Grim regained his composer as the sound of sirens finally caught up to the two from below.

It seemed what the Cop had said earlier wasn’t just bullshit. He must have really called in the back up, but for what reason. From what skills and how effortless the Cop made it seem to keep up with Grim he would have no point to. Grim thought, but no matter. A smirk formed at the corner of Grim’s lips; this was what Grim wanted from the beginning. The Sooner the more Cops would show the better. ”Time to really throw down now.” Grim sped off the ledge feeling the Air resistance kick in just like before helping slow down as his weight hit the window again as he soared down at an angle of the Caesar palace.

About a Good half way he thought it was a good time than any to lose his tail and accelerated his speed and turned 180 degrees to have his back leg now his front and his back tucked under him just like a grind. Grim leaned his body backwards to cut the air flow tug on him and could feel his speed accelerate and with his hand could feel the glass he just passed with his AT’s warp, and just as his hand leaves the surface of the glass. It breaks and shatters from Grim’s friction of his AT’s on the glass surface, and his accelerated speed. Leaving nothing but a trail of broken glass and gapping dark portals into the Caesar Palace hotel rooms, behind Grim and from below thanks to the many lights of the Las Vegas stripe. The now tiny glass shards reflected the light and look like tiny balls of light floating down harmlessly into the pool of water of the fountain below.

Coming down the building much faster than he expected, Grim eyed his timing and jumped out of his grind rotating horizontally in the air and came out of it in a front flip and landed on the metal roof of the Casino’s door way and launched himself forward once his AT’s gained some grip. Right into the crowd of people, and Grim was off at ground leave. Grim knew that he lost all the speed his gained from the grind down the Casino’s glass by the maneuver he did earlier to exit the grind, but that was fine in Grim’s book. Grim knew his AT’s and his own limits and going that fast now in this type of traffic of crowd flow would be nothing but a nuisance, right now Grim needed control and that was one thing Grim had a lot of. Because with one slip up, just one bump and tumble he would crash into the pavement and be in the hands of the cops that were hot on his tail now. Grim could hear there SUVs and there ground units gaining on him despite the traffic, but these guys didn’t hold a candle to the other Cop earlier. Grim could lose these guys in no time at all if Grim really wanted to but Grim was saving that for later. Grim just hoped he could lose the other Cop as well.

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9The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:06 pm

Looking around the cops were quick at movement Rath could give them that much at least, but turning his attention back to his target it seemed he already left. Letting out a gentle sigh he reached in his pocket and pulled out his father's badge. Flashing the badge to the few cops that stayed around to try to arrest him, they simply nodded their heads and faced the direction in which the man left.

Follow him and bring him in for questioning.

That was all Rath had to say to get the cops to leave that was before one of them threw him a walkie talkie so he could keep in touch with the chase. Not moving yet Rath listened closely to the walkie talkie and heard that the cops sighted the man around the Caesar Palace. Thinking for a minute about how far that place was from his current location, he started up his AT's again now jumping from roof to roof on his way to the infamous Caesar's Palace. Not like it was going to be something hard to find since all the flashing lights were directing him there.

The cops were still tailing the man, as they had one light focused on him, so his little roof jumping was doing nothing for him to get away but it did give his location off to Rath who was only a few roofs behind him. Adding a little more speed to his run, the gap of buildings was quickly closed as Rath knew an alternate and much faster route to the Caesar that only consisted of him jumping to a different roof. He was about 2 roofs behind the man actually enjoying this game of cat and mouse for the most part.

Call in the helicopter to corner him once and for all.

He spoke into the walkie talkie when seemingly out of nowhere a bright light flashed on the man from above, it was almost like an alien abduction, then a large helicopter lowered itself from the clouds in front of the man blocking any further movement forward. It was a fun game but awfully tiring once time starts to kick in. Even though he knew he figured he could last longer than the man, this game was going to on forever if it didn't end. With one last jump from a roof he was on the same roof as the man and simply put his hands in his pockets.

So how about you come in quietly.

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10The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:41 pm

Making the gap in-between himself and his pursuers in a busy street like Las Vegas might wasn’t one of Grim’s best moves. Dodging not only the SRF’s man but other normal folks as well became very taxing on the muscles in his legs, not to mention once or twice someone out of the crowded actually tried to help the Cop’s by getting in the way, or tried to grab Grim, which was a huge mistake on their part. Grim only had to use his trick Down Shift, and grabbed a hold of their own arm and rolled right across their shoulders, jumping off their shoulders with his AT’s coming out unharmed and a gained of speed that for seven seconds bought Grim enough time to create enough distance for him to make his escape.

Grim had mapped out this area of Las Vegas for this very garage, it was close enough to the other building and busy enough with customers to keep the Cops away for a while for Grim to make an escape, but as Grim peaked over his shoulder briefly he could see he could make a getaway now. Grim bolted right into the ally way without any second thoughts, and without stopping wall ran only a few feet off the ground and without warning launched himself off the wall and through the space between the railing of the garage and that level’s roof. Grim rode hard right across the fully loaded parking Garage aiming straight for the similar spacing between Railing and concrete, and with the strength of his legs and the railing as Grim pushed off as he passed. Grim turned and once again rotating axis to shift his center of gravity to allow his jump to reach the next building’s surface which was some great distance away. Grim couldn’t stop and think how well he was getting use to that move; this time much better than the Tour Bus incident this very same night.

He continued his wall run right up the build and was on the top before he hoped the Cops could see where he had gone, but that thought was soon gone as a helicopter coming out of nowhere stopped him in his tracks. This was something that wasn’t in Grim’s plans, not at all. He didn’t know he caused this much of a ruckus to call in the big guys, but Grim couldn’t help but smirk just slightly as he heard the voice of the cop earlier. “You cheated, I want a rematch!?” Grim shouted over the roar of the helicopter’s, but in good humor. It was a good run, and it seemed lady luck was not on his side tonight…..right now anyway. Grim raised his hands in the air and placed it behind his head, in defeat, but couldn’t help his beam of a smile under his mask.

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11The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:46 pm

Out of the darkness of that alley the man ran into Rath emerged riding slowly on his ATs. It was a good try but all his jumping around from place to place only made it easier to find him from the sparks that he was releasing along with the commotion that was being caused from him running through the crowd. Its good that only the little things that became big in the end.

Over the roar of the helicopter one of the pilots started the helicopter's megaphone. Both of you AT riders are under arrest so put your hands up. It seemed that the helicopter pilots were not as stupid as the ground troops, so they knew Rath did not work for them. Starting to laugh a little Rath rose his hands to the sky before smiling.

Looks like our little game is over. Try not to get caught.

He said starting his ATs back up, the rubber meeting the concrete of the roof raising sparks below Rath's feet, as he shot off to the left into the oncoming traffic. It was almost like God wanted him to have all kinds of fun tonight. When he landed on the ground one car almost crashed into him but swerved to the right running into another car. Lowering his body to the ground as he slid along it from his land, even though he came into oncoming traffic he started to ride in their direction.

Behind Rath the cop cars were following, it would seem they were alerted about him faking it as well. Oh well its a problem but an interesting one at least. Sliding his hands in his pockets Rath jumped up slightly onto a car he was tailing and simply let it drive along with him on top while the cops chased after him. Looking back he yelled at the man.

If you make it out without being caught you should head back to that roof.

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12The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:05 am

Grim closed his eyes, thinking of his next steps, and when should he try to make his escape. When the cop in front of him tries to put on the cuffs, or should he wait when they take him down to the awaiting SUV’s to transport him to their headquarters when there guard was down. All these plans and more were going through Grim’s head, but would one thought crop up when he mauled over each. Could he be able to pull them off?, And the answer the answer was a frightening…… maybe.

Grim wasn’t so sure he could out run the Cop in front of him now. His showed his skills only briefly on their run and he was just toying with him back then; what if he went serious back there the game of cat and mouse would be over, but Grim’s thought process was sliced in half by the booming voice of the pilot of the helicopter. He was saying about Both AT riders… but there was only him only on the roof besides the…… Grim’s eyes shoot open in complete shock and surprised as he stared at the other Rider that called himself a Cop earlier. He couldn’t even fight the slack in his jaw as it fell open just a bit at the news. Could it be true, could the rider in front of him be one of his “own?” From the look of it, it was true the other Rider raised his hands, and Grim couldn’t miss the smile or the remark about being caught as the other rider raised his hands in the air.

Then without warning to either Grim or the Helicopter the other rider shoot off to the left, with Grim follow only a few feet behind. Grim got over the shock of the news very quickly that he was duped earlier by this Rider, and was prepared to go at the moment’s notice. Now on ground level, in oncoming traffic which wasn’t easy on Grim’s part, not only was Grim worrying about keeping up with the increasing distance the other rider had on him because of the speed difference between them, but the swerving of other cars trying desperately to get out of the way of committing a hit and run, but regardless Grim did his very best to keep up and dashed, dodge and occasionally jump or ride over one or two moving vehicles.

When the other’s rider’s spoke about meeting back up again on that roof they escaped the helicopter from. Grim nodded; it was the best move they could do at this moment. To split up and regroup later; at this exact moment the helicopter could only follow one of them and the ground forces the other. Since they have the eye in the sky on the other and can easily regroup themselves on that Rider. ” I’ll see you there, but You have a lot to explain!” Grim dashed forward entering into Rath’s slipstream, something he was avoiding earlier because he was following, but now that they were splitting up he needed every advantage he could gain. “ Lady luck please don’t fail me NOW! Grim shouted as he went low and raced up close to Rath performing Returning Orbit once again, but instead of racing in front of the other rider once Grim exited the slipstream. He shot right, and with his new found speed like a comet right through an opened door at a third rate hotel.

The Door holder angry and surprise snap couldn’t reach Grim’s ears as he bolted right through cutting through the lobby at an wide right angle, and going through another propt’ open door of the closed buffet which were being mopped and clean. Grim barely had a moment to glimpse at the sign wet floor sign before his AT’s lost the grip on the ground and slide across the wet dinner hall floor, but that one moment was all Grim needed, as he turned to the right and leaned back and had both AT’s close together as his speed increased adding onto the speed he already gained from Returning Orbit, but thanks to the loss of grip a gift from the the wet floor, no strain was added to Grim’s leg muscles for the speed he was going.

Grim spotted the kitchen that was only separated from the dining area by a simply counter and sneeze guard glass plate to protect the food that the chefs would bring out. Right behind the counter pass all the stoves, ovens, and tables that made up the kitchen. He saw the exit door the chef’s and kitchen staff used to get into the ally way, and confirmed his exit route. Grim spotted the wall he was quickly approaching and instead of trying to slow down; which would be pointless and near impossible to do on this wet floor. Grim Jump and turned in the air in a 360 circle and at an angle for his AT’s to hit first when he was closer to the wall, as he bent his legs muscles to absorb the impact as Grim slammed into the wall, and without pause jumped off at an angle aimed right over the counter into the kitchen, and just as his AT’s touched down on the kitchen tile floor, and regained their grip. Grim could hear commotion in the Dining area. Which could only be the Cops with there AT’s who stumbled upon the wet floor fiasco, that Grim had the pleasure to work with, but from the sound of all the angry shouting and the occasionally cursing they weren’t fairing too well?

But that didn’t matter to Grim he was already out the exit door before the cops could get a good look at which direction he took. That though didn’t stop Grim’s increasing speed and pressure he put on his AT’s as he exited out of the ally way and grinding down a waiting railing of a few stairs that took him into a park. It would only take a few minutes for them to regain themselves and then another few before searching the place and noticing there were only a few places to go. In that time through Grim was determined to get out of the area, and quickly. Grim had accomplished what he came to Las Vegas to do, his mission was done. He did it well; better then he thought he would; now he just hoped the other Rider had a better chance than he did with the cops, only time would tell and Grim would have to wait and see if the other Rider would reappear on the roof top they agreed upon to rendezvous.

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13The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:26 pm

This was an entertaining night now wasn't it. First Rath met another AT rider, that happened to be found on top of the Circus Circus roof which was the roof that Rath was talking about meeting back up upon. Then he made that rider think he worked for the SAF something that wasn't so hard for Rath and was making him laugh as he rode through traffic dodging cars like they were standing still to him. As some of the cars in front of him tried to get in his way, seeing as he was an AT rider, they hit their brakes in front of him a maneuver that only made him do the same. Hitting his brakes once seeing the cars brake in front of him he twisted his body to the right easily getting out the way of the car allowing him to move on. Looking back that made a perfect blockade to stop the cop cars from chasing after him, so on that note he was free of the cars and only had the helicopter to track him.

After his little trick on the other rider, the other rider jumped off the roof they were on and attempted to run from him. Starting a small game of cat and mouse that Rath was holding back on the whole time only to increase his amount of fun, which was brought to a high point when the cops showed up. Even though they didn't figure him out till the helicopter came it did help in getting him a SAF walkie talkie, so it was spying time. Running up to an intersection Rath jumped up a little and grabbed onto the light post. Setting his left AT on it he started it up causing him to spin upon it so he could shoot himself into the alley right in front of him, this took him off the road and now he was running through the alleys.

Damn helicopter.

Looking up that damn helicopter really was a nuisance with its overwhelming bright light tracking every one of his movements. He figured there was no real way to stop the light from beaming on him until lady luck game to his aid. In the alley there was an open door from a restaurant dumping some of their food. Hitting the left into the restaurant, Rath ran through the kitchen first. But there were many obstructions, the chiefs, something that Rath only dodged by moving from left to right, the ovens, that was harder to avoid but he did by jumping over them until he burst through the kitchen doors into the restaurant. What he did caught every bodies attention, so he kept the attention on himself and took a seat at an empty table. Picking up the menu he read over it quickly and called a waiter over.

I'll take some Shrimp Scampi and an Iced Tea.

He folded up the menu and handed it to the waiter. Everybody still looking at him but quickly got back to their dinner. Laughing a little he only shook his head thinking about how stupid he was sometimes. Letting out a sigh of relief his childish behavior was replaced by a serious demeanor, one that would only be found in a 5 star restaurant which he happened to be in. The waiter coming back with his food Rath began to eat quickly trying to get out fast since he was a wanted man after all.

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14The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:31 pm

Grim spent a great deal of time doubling back, leading false trails out of Las Vegas and so on for no possible way that anyone would tell where his true distention laid. Then to be extremely thorough Grim walked the Streets of Las Vegas without his AT and his mask with his hood up, just to be sure. None of the cops saw his face or his eyes clearly with the mask on so it would be hard for them to point him out in the crowd. It might take some time from where he was to get back to the Circus Circus Casino Roof top but it would be worth it in the end Grim thought.

Grim let out a breath of relief after the lock finally unlocked and Grim was allowed access to the top roof. Even though walking the entire way back and up the stairs to the roof was a good idea, but his legs were killing him at this point, and it didn’t help that the door to the roof was locked and being a bitch to open, but none the less Grim had made it. He took a quick scan of the roof checking to see if any cops or the rider had made it but he saw neither. Since he had this spare time to himself Grim sat with his back near the ledge and took off his shoes, and slide on his ATs one after the other. Feeling that familiar weight or should Grim say weightlessness he felt when he placed the ATs on. It felt like to Grim the ATs gave him a new sense of freedom that most likely all Storm riders felt when riding.

*sorry this post was crap

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There wasn't a lot of time spent eating but he wasn't going to be rude about it. After he finished he left his money on the table, removed his ATs and walked out the restaurant. But before he exited he gave a bow before everybody and apologized for his entrance into this fine restaurant. Once he left the restaurant he simply walked the streets back to the Circus Circus hotel and casino, taking his sweet time as some cop cars past.

Joining in with a crowd that was starring down the ongoing chase of the cops and the storm riders, which Rath truly knew was now a waste of their time, he simply watched snickering a little as everything happened. As the cop cars past he walked in the direction of the Circus Circus. Ditching the cops made his walk nothing more than something boring. Looking up at the night sky, thanks to all those damn lights the stars were not able to show their gleaming beauty but the vast darkness was still a sight to behold.

Whistling on his way he finally entered the Circus Circus and took the elevator to the top floor. Of course the elevator didn't go to the roof so from the top floor he took the stairs to the roof, this minimized the amount of effort he would have to take to get to the roof, it would be pretty stupid to climb all those stairs and expect not to be tired. Opening the door the roof seemed almost completely empty except for a faint shadow sitting on the ledge. It just had to be the person from earlier considering he was the only one who knew where to meet, but in this world it could just be another random person.

Yo..I see you ditched the cops. Good job on that part, but if it wasn't for you we would've never been spotted in the first place.

He laughed during this entire sentence knowing full well that Rath was the one that truly started this but he wasn't going to admit something like that because it was fun. Walking to the center of the roof he did keep his distance from the man expecting the man to ask for an excuse why Rath pretended to be a cop and all, just the basic questions one would ask when first meeting Rath.

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Grim was going over the events that had unfolded tonight. Grim simply wanted to draw attention away from California, and now his done just that, but instead of taking off to the next state where Grim would set up shop again but instead of staying only for a night he would stay for much longer causing trouble for them before heading out again. Now Grim was sitting here waiting for the other Rider. Grim could say he had no real reason why he would wait on the other Rider. Grim owed him nothing, but Grim stayed just to see how it all turned out.

Waiting another few minutes that seemed like forever Grim’s patience was finally rewarded when he heard a familiar voice from behind him asking him a question. Grim turned around on the ledge noticing how far the other rider was and his body language which wasn’t hostile at this moment. Grim brought one of his Legs up and under him, letting his AT rest on the ledge. ” ‘Very true my friend, but if it wasn’t for you and that helicopter I would have gotten away much sooner. This was my plan.” Grim smirked at the other Rider, then as an afterthought he asked, Call in the Helicopter totally back fired on you, if you hadn’t notice, by the way how did you get the Cops on your side?’

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The same way I got you believe I was a cop. Lying.

That was all that needed to be said, that was all the other rider needed to know at the moment. Rath couldn't just go around telling everybody his secrets that would make things less fun and possibly get him killed if the SAF were into that sort of thing now. Well now none of the was ever going to happen since he was able to get his hands on one of their walkie talkies, he would be able to constantly track them no matter what and cause some fun by spreading fake reports that riders were around.

But I should be thanking you. I have been trying to steal a walkie talkie from them forever. They take communication seriously.

Keeping his ATs resting on his shoulder he walked to his left stopping by the ledge. Looking down at the alley he could see a few cops marching through it. They haven't stopped searching yet even if the amount of people were a little bigger than what Rath expected. That would not be a major problem for Rath but this other rider was a little slow, he moved well but his speed need a lot of work.

Next time you go running wild in somebodies territory. I'll do more then send cops after you.

It actually happened for once Rath has gotten serious about something and his tone said it all. It was dark yet calm and straight to the point, even the fact that he basically said he sent the cops after the other rider. Rath was just full of mysteries now wasn't he. This made the hardest part about talking to him was getting him to tell the truth about something.

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18The Old its just Vegas Empty Re: The Old its just Vegas on Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:10 pm

When the other rider told Grim his secrete on how he gained the aid of the Cops by lying. Grim rolled his head back and let out a single bark of laughter, and lowered his head and chuckled at the thought of it all.

"If only half the riders had your balls and another good half of cops would be that dumb, and a lot of Riders would be free right now.... I wish i was there for that epic fairy tale." Grim went on coaxing for the story if there was one. There as more to this rider then his ability to put together a grand lie, Grim didn't know what it was but he was curious to finding out, but the way it looked that might be for another time as the Rider went on about walkie talkies'. Grim just gave a slight bow with a nod and lower his upper body just slightly and a sly smile crept across his face at the thanks. Grim watched as the other Rider walked over to the ledge to his left and peered over, and Grim followed his gaze down below at all the man power the cops could muster to find the two Riders that were only a few stories high above them having a little chit chat.

When the threat was made about sending more then the cops, Grim could feel the seriousness and truth behind the words, but couldn't help but laugh and double over a little slapping his knee like it was a real joke, when he finally got a hold of himself. Grim was beaming ear to ear.

" I love the sound of that challenge and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next, butttt." Grim dragged it out as he crossed his arms across his chest his eyes on the other rider. "I'm just moving through town, i didn't know there was a team out here calling this it's territory, i'm just trying to make a rat race for those pigs down there to follow. I..... kind of made a mess of things a little further west then here in Cal., and i don't want the heat brought down over there while i'm calling that place home in the time being." Grim the short version of his situation at the time. Grim had thought it over before telling the other Rider this, and thought there was no harm in telling the other rider this. Grim had nothing to hide, and if later it was revealed that the other rider was untrust worthy. If Grim did tell the rider this how would he know it was the truth or not. The best lies are the ones mixed with the truth, and even better lies are the truth themselves. "The names Grim" Grim unfolded his arms and held out his fist toward the other rider to bump.

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The other rider was simply laughing off Rath's threat even though it didn't matter. Rath may have been all about fun but just like everybody he had to take some things seriously and his territory and team were two of those things that he knew of, nothing else really mattered to him. The man's long winded speech about what he was doing forced Rath into a yawn, he was never really good at stories but he waited till the end to speak something that happened after the man gave his name.

Okay mine's is Rath. Leader of Ragnarok.

Not bothering to move Rath dug in his jacket's pockets and pulled out a deck of cards. On the back of the cards was a black and white diamond pattern while on the front of each card was the poem of Ragnarok in black writing with Ragnarok's symbol faded behind it. Drawing one card he held it up into the sky reading the poem of his team aloud.

It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men, paints red the powers' homes with crimson gore. Black become the sun's beams in the summers that follow, weathers all treacherous. Do you still seek to know? And what? This is my Ragnarok.

He finished with the dark poem that sent shivers across his body every time it was read aloud. Bringing the card down to face's height the gave it a thrown towards Grim. The card floated along the wind doing a small spin on it way towards Grim before stopping and setting itself right next to him on the ledge. For some strange reason once it was on the ledge it didn't move, it felt like the wind stopped when the card landed and it was waiting to be picked up. This just happened to be one of those unquestionable moments in life.

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Grim disregard the yawn, and marked it for the other rider to be tired, but at least the other Rider introduced himself as Rath, if that was his real name, but the way the night was going so far, they both were over lying to each other, so when Rath told him he was the Leader he took his word for it.

Grim watched Rath dig into his jacket pocket and retrieved a full deck of cards. When Rath begun to read Grim listened not really focusing on Rath or the words he was spewing, but the feels, the meaning behind it. When Raht was finished, and with a toss the card was soaring over to Grim and floated down to the ledge and like it wanted Grim to pick it up. Not wanting to be the one to disappoint Grim unfolded his arms and picked it up between two fingers twirling in-between his fingers. Going from black to white, and back again. Grim studied the symbol on the card behind the words as he stopped the twirling act. Grim eyes glanced over to Rath, then back to the card and back. ” I don’t mean to be rude but what’s your team’s goal. Are you guys looking to expand your turf, or what? Grim asked really wanting to know, from hearing how Rath read he really believed whatever goal they had.

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Objective, goal, Rath only smirked to the question of what he wanted to accomplish. Hearing that question made him think of his parents when they used to ask what he wanted to do with his life and just like with them there was no direct answer but there was an answer nonetheless.

My goal is not to expand my territory in anyway. My goal is to give rise to a new breed known as Gods and Goddess to put these Kings and Queens in their place. And to bring war to these storm rider hunters, I'll be the one to give them judgement for taking away the sky.

This serious tone was not something common to Rath but it was still something that laid within his being. Lowering his head to the ground his serious aura was quickly dispersed and his carefree attitude returned. His body shaking only signified that he wasn't used to being so serious more like he never did it unless he was forced. But one had to admit his serious side was something wonderful and vicious, usually this was only shown in battle when somebody has proved to be powerful and worth giving him his long awaited battle, somebody like the story of those Kings that used to run wild over the world without anybody stopping them like these damn SAF. They must have been extremely powerful to keep people in their place and they are people Rath would love to do battle with.

Now that is what I'm after and I'll take down anybody who gets in my way.

Putting the remaining cards back into an inner pocket within his jacket, everything that needed to be said was said. The only thing left was to hear what the man had to say so everybody could be on their way you know nothing really big or complicated, unlike earlier with the police.

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Grim listened as Rath’s tone and aura turned serious once more, and instead of laughing like Grim did before, Grim listened with open content and mauled over everything in his mind. After a few moments Grim nodded before he spoke, “Everything sounds legit, I guess I’m in if you want to take me. Grim stepped away from the ledge standing up and stretching his arms up into the air. Feeling and hearing a few popping from his joints from being stiff from sitting down for a long period of time; Grim stretched his legs to get the feeling of sleep out of them before going on.

“I got a score to settle with the Storm Riders Hunters, they took someone dear to me, and as for the God titles I like it. To transcend beyond even the kings and queens of the world I can live with that.”

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