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Welcome to New Haven! We're a happy little town on the coast of Virginia. Here, everyone lives happily and truthfully with their family and friends. Our little town has grown over the years, and we've built quite a lot to keep all of our residents graciously entertained. We hope that you truly enjoy living here. We know you will. After all, we are the perfect community for all ages and all wages.

Ha! Yeah right.

This town is perfect. Whatever. There's no such thing as perfect. Perfect for all ages and wages? Pft. The class divisions are sharper than a butcher's knife. You'll practically never see someone from the pretty little upper class living in that money sink known as Silence Grove just chilling at the pool with someone as lowly as a Marsh Grove kid. Puh-leeez. And god forbid you live in the old part of town. That's a downer right there. Good luck with that one.

As for the truthfully part, I'll pass on that. Who wants to tell the truth all the time? Where's the fun in all honesty? Everyone has their skeletons in their closet, and everyone would like to keep them there. They will do whatever it takes to make sure that no one else discovers that secret.

Everyone also wants to be popular. Little miss prom queen or mister rich boy king of homecoming court. Whatever. I say it's all rigged anyway. People only like the people with money. If you have an issue with that, well, that's not my problem, is it?

But we all know that making friends is a double edge sword. Your best friends are bringing that blade back so that they can go behind your back and spill your biggest secrets. You'll lose your pride and your secrecy if that gets out, but you'll go mad if you stay locked up in your basement alone with your laptop for too long.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Someone said that. Not sure who. Doesn't matter. Either way. Nothing is more important than hiding your biggest secret...well, maybe aside from your popularity. What will you give up first: your dignity or your celebrity status?

Welcome to New Haven, kids.

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