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The Sound of Singing Wheels -open-

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1The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:40 pm

Dakota was sailing over the rooftops in a deserted part of the city where she was sure not to get in trouble, especially since it was the middle of the night and she had her stealth gear on. She still hadn't been able to find the address she was looking for, so this was incorporated into her night ride. She had her iPod blasting in her ears and her hood up on her black hoodie, golden eyes flashing in the dark as she practiced a new trick or two she was trying to perfect.

She sailed off the rooftop into empty air and flipped forwards and sideways at the same time. It looked clumsy, but in fact it was very, very controlled, with limbs seeming to flail out as she went through the air. Flipping a final time, she landed and took off, riding a railing on a terrace below and shot into the air. Now, had she been in battle and had the proper equipment for it, that move wold have been pretty deadly to an opponent. And she had almost perfected it. Her Flying Blazer.

Dakota stopped on the roof in front of her to gather her bearings. She had gone past the area she was used to and knew, and was in a part of the town she had never been to before. She had gone so far in, she didn't recognize anything around her. Leaping down from the low set building to the paved streets, she pulled out the paper with the address on it, thinking maybe it was around here and she would just have to find it first. Hopefully she wouldn't run into any trouble tonight.


OOC: the song she was listeing to in the first two paragraphs and then the song in the last paragraph, all playing on her iPod at this time.

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2The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:07 pm

It was a surprisingly warm night in San Francisco, the preferred weather of the Blood Queen for more than one reason. The first was that it seemed to bring out the best and worst Storm-Riders, offering her new prey to sneak up on. The second was that it was warm weather that brought her a nice riding environment, something that always seemed to boost her riding moral. It was on this night that she had decided to take a little detour from her usual route home, circling the area around her apartment complex as her eyes danced across the night sky while she practiced her usual tricks and twirls. While she had felt adventurous in her choice of route, she was not too interested in trying out some new tricks since one wrong move might had sent her tumbling to the ground in a bloodied heap. Blood was only fun when it spilled from other people in her opinion, not her own wounds.

Silently she landed atop one of the taller roofs, the gravel slipping underneath her wheels as she adjusted her footing. It was in that moment that the wind decided to pick up and toss her pale locks across her line of vision, forcing her to turn to her right at the same instant that a fairy like girl came dancing across the sky. She was soaring, gliding across the sky in what appeared to be a very messy trick. However it was not that which intrigued her but instead the fact that she was wandering about in what Ophelia considered to be her home turf, a place where Storm-Riders dare not go; the female would soon known just where she had wandered into.

A devious smirk came to her pale lips as slight pressure was put on her back wheels, forcing her forward as she silently leapt from her roof top to the one next to her just out of sight from the fairy like Storm-Rider. She always hated announcing her arrival so she chose to lurk for a moment, tucking her hands into the pockets of her ripped up, skin tight skinny jeans as she simply observed the motions of the other woman. She seemed quite confused to be completely honest, something that told Ophelia that the girl was most likely not from the area and making her reasons to toy with the new prey that much more entertaining.

”I do hope you know that this part is not a very good one to be in.”

She spoke in a deceiving voice, the tone soft and delicate like a bell yet a vicious undertone dripping out to coat it. Her words had rung true for more than one reason since the part of town was a bad one, but it was not the crime that the poor female probably needed to worry about in that instant.

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3The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:34 pm

Dakota skated forward a few more meters, mapless and clueless as to where she was or where she was headed. She didn't notice the blonde until she spoke, startling Dakota slightly.

”I do hope you know that this part is not a very good one to be in.”

Dakota turned to face her, pinpointing the voice in the shadows to her far left. She saw only half of the figure, the moonlight glinting off the ATs worn and the ripped skinny jeans, hands in the pockets. Dakota grinned defiantly at the voice's tone, and held up her hands, shrugging in a "your point?" kind of way.

"What if I feel like being here, though? I'm sure I can handle myself, thank you for worrying." she said, half sarcastically. "But I don't suppose you would be so kind as to let a girl on her way with hopefully helpful directions, would you?"

She knew what kind of answer she was going to get, judging by the tone used earlier. She was most likely in for a fight, and if it was a fight this rider wanted, it was a fight they were going to get. Dakota's golden eyes flashed bright and dangerous in the moonlit gloom; she was excited for a fight after the SAF incident, something to DO finally.

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4The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:58 pm

Silently Ophelia watched as the other female turned around to face her, a cocky look painted all across her face that instantly irked the golden haired woman. The girl that was standing there seemed far too comfortable in a territory that was not her own, acting as though she had ever right to prance through the area which made Ophelia want to shove her right off the side of that building. However, she knew better than to do something that rash simply because it tended to get her in trouble, that and the fact that she was staring at nothing more than a child who had been let off her least too long. Children could always be so annoying but at the very least they could be taught better with the proper discipline.

With a small shift in her stance the older female placed pressure on her back wheels, forcing herself out of the shadows and causing her pale hair to dance lightly behind her before she moved to stand firm in front of the child that was strangely defiant. Her words were ones of danger, ones that simply lured out the demon within her and made her not want to give her directions to where she wanted to go, but instead directions that would get her lost. Most of the time she would have done just that, given her directions that would have gotten her lost in the maze of the Golden City, but tonight she felt devious. With a sadistic smirk on her lips Ophelia crossed her arms across her crimson clad chest, her heart necklace resting against her breasts as she let words dance from her lips with a hint of amusement hidden beneath the venom laced letters.

”Well, sweetheart, I would love to give you directions. Why do you not walk backwards about five feet and fall off the building or better yet go a mile north and get out of my territory. Either way you will be gone; I do not care which you choose.”

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5The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:28 pm

Dakota sighed, stuffing her hands in her pockets. She lowered her head a bit and looked up at the older girl with her liquid gold eyes curiously. "Your territory, you say? And is it claimed all solely by you, or some team you're on?" She looked behind her at the drop and grinned widely; Damn that looked like a rush. Good for wall grinding, too. Maybe she could challenge this girl for the fun of it. I mean, hell, if they were going to get in a fight anyway, why not have some fun with it?

Dakota turned back to the blonde and smirked a bit. "You know, poisoned honey is still poison. If you don't feel like being helpful, I'm sure we could always work something out." She leaned forward, crossing one ankle lazily over the other and closed one eye, the other still gazing up at the blonde girl. She had some aura, for sure. Dakota wondered if maybe she finally found a decent challenge in the city where she had found none so far.

She grinned and skated backwards a bit to the edge of the building and leaned backwards, letting herself drop head first off the edge. This building was good height, so this would work easily enough. She twisted in the air and planted her feet squarely on the building beside her, springing over to the building across and below, landing on the metal bars with a CLANG and jumped once, turning back to face the girl as she held her arms out in a challenge.

"I would bet you my emblem if I could, but when I left my past behind, I left my emblem behind as well. How about a free match, loser loses nothing, but nor does the winner gain much except satisfaction of beating another rider probably worthy of a good fight?" She grinned wide, and her eyes flashed dangerously. "After all, who needs an emblem to fly? You up for it? She figured her overly cocky attitude would get on this girl's nerves and she would probably accept, especially being challenged on her own turf.

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6The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:30 pm

Ophelia rolled her eyes at the cocky female as she began to grin like an idiot, thoughts of no good obviously spinning through her head and making the older woman want to simply rip her to shreds. Sadly she was not one for patience and this little girl was definitely pushing her resolve very quickly. Somehow she was able to keep her composure though and it held just long enough for the girl to utter words about honey before she let her words last out at the young female like fiery whips.

”I am the only owner of this territory and, to be quite frank, there is no point in helping someone as ignorant as yourself. After all, you would get lost even with directions I am sure.”

A small smirk danced across her lips as she waited for a reaction from her, but as she waited the other fairy girl bean to move towards the edge. Good; that was her only thought as she waited for her to fly off the building, watching her dance in the wind before she was gone from sight. The sound of metal hitting wheels followed, the other woman obviously landing on something yet no other noise followed. That single silence meant that she was not leaving just yet, Ophelia’s bright hues narrowing lightly at this information as she skated over the edge to listen to the words that were beginning to flutter from the lips of the girl much to her distaste.

Surely this little child had to be ignorant, or at least naïve because of what she was saying. She was challenging the Blood Queen, the one person who people seemed to avoid like the plague. If Ophelia had not have been trained in hiding her emotions she would have nearly fallen over because this girl had no idea what she was getting herself into The thoughts of questioning the girl’s insanity quickly bubbled to the surface in Ophelia, but soon those thoughts began to take the forms of more devious ones; if the girl was naïve she might as well take advantage of it and get rid of a little of her blood lust.

The heels of her feet pressed down on the back wheels of her sleek metal air treks, moving Ophelia’s body forward until she reached the edge of the building. A glint of malice entered her blood red eyes as she moved and began her descent, the wheels propelling her about seven feet away from the building before she began a double summersault in midair. Right before she was about to hit the ground she adjusted her body positioning so she could skid just six inches on the black pavement, small sparks flying in the air momentarily as Ophelia gained her footing. As she stood words began to dance form her tongue, her messy blonde hair providing a cover from her eyes as she started to throw about threatening letters.

”I would take you on any day. Simply name the challenge sweetheart and watch yourself fall.”

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7The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:24 pm

"The only owner, huh? Must be a big job keeping the ruffians at bay," she said smirking. She always liked surprising people and she had a feeling this girl would be in for a bit of surprise despite the power emanating from her now. She watched the blonde skate to the edge of the building and jump. She raised her eyebrows, slightly impressed by that landing, too.

”I would take you on any day. Simply name the challenge sweetheart and watch yourself fall.”

Dakota's grin widened as excitement coursed through her veins. Name a challenge huh? She debated starting with something easy, but that would probably insult her, and there would be time for that later. So she decided to chose something a little more...interesting.

"Alright then. How does a hurdle match sound? It doesn't look like either of us have enough team mates for what I wanted to do, nor a space for it, so this'll work fine. I'm all prepared." She raised a single eyebrow at the blonde, before asking.

"Are you?

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8The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:56 am

Standing under the light in the no walled like shed on the roof top of his apartment building working with air trek parts he would look up at the clang of air treks to the meal fencing that guarded the edge of the rough top. It brought a smile to his lips though it interrupted his focus on the black bodied A-T's he was working on. His purple tinted sunglasses having dipped down onto his nose and a strand of his blond hair had fallen out of place and into his face from its slicked back look.

Under the magnifying glass in front of him were the smaller parts that made up the inside of a ball wheel, a part in the project he was working on. The sleeves of his denim jacket was pulled up and the jacket itself was open showing the tie died shirt underneath. His hands were working carefully on his project in front of him but since the girl was not even looking at him he did not speak. After all the shed, his work bench, the torn down air trek, the half empty can of Dr. Pepper on his bench, and himself of course was just parts that made up the background. The words of a challenge to a rider that he had yet to see would reach him yet he would keep his lips sealed and spread into his watchful smile.

The other rider would show soon enough, her blond hair stunning as it dropped around her face. He could tell the two wore younger then him by a few years but the spirit that they oozed made him interested even more. Causing him to eavesdrop as a race was declared. Setting his tools down he would grab the rag that was also on his little work bench and work his hands into it cleaning them off a little as he rounded the work bench he was at and approached in his flip flops and denim jeans.

"Hey I'm sorry but I could not help but over hear. If its a race you two are up to I would be honored to give the start command."
man his adrenaline was starting to pump and he was not even going to be part of the actual race. The way they road in the little time that he had been able to watch them Aron knew they were both out side of his skills on A-T's. No his skills went into making parts and the Air Trek themselves. Hell even the one he was working on was his own design though it was no where near finished. Stuffing the dirty rag into his jacket pocket he would clap his hands,"So what do you say? After all we know the type of race," turning to the blond and tilting his body forward a bit in a semi bow,"I do believe you get to set the course, miss."

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9The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:05 pm

The petite blonde female could not help but let a devious smirk slip onto her pale lips at the other girl’s blatant disrespect for another person’s territory. When that was mixed in with her cocky attitude Ophelia was positive that she wanted nothing more than to destroy the girl’s over inflated ego and knock her back into reality. Nobody was allowed to waltz into someone else’s home and declare their superiority, even if it was indirectly through an unofficial Parts War match. However, none of that would matter in a few minutes because Ophelia was more than positive that she would be declared the winner in this little match.

”I am more than ready for you.”

Ophelia’s bright crimson hues shined up at the girl who was still perched atop the tall building, not noticing the fact that they had an unexpected visitor hanging around until words began to tumble from his lips. Immediately her piercing gaze flickered over to take in the image of the male who had interrupted, her smirk never faltering from her lips along with her over bearing aura. From her initial impression he simply seemed to be an intrusive male with a sense of adventure and his request only confirmed her suspicions. He wanted to be the starter of her little game with Kota and even encouraged it by telling her it was her choice of road. The woman only rolled her eyes dismissingly at him, different routes scurrying about her impatient mind as words dripped from her tongue like sugar.

”Feel free to stick around darling, but do not get too close; I would hate to see your pretty boy face get scratched up.”

For a moment she spoke to the male before her eyes flickered back over to the woman on the building, her voice rising just loud enough to carry back through the wind. The longer she thought about it the easier a track came to her and it would indeed pose some sort of extreme challenge to the pixie who insisted on taunting her.

”We are going to race around the abandoned high school campus just three miles north of here. I have been there plenty of times and it offers plenty of obstacles to work around. Are you alright with that?”

OOC: I can make a map of the location if you want.

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10The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:43 pm

”I am more than ready for you.”

The blonde seemed pretty confident, almost like she would enjoy ripping Dakota to shreds, and that was kind of exciting. The look in her eyes sent a shot of adrenaline coursing through Dakota's veins and she grinned widely, looking forward to this match greatly. When the boy spoke, neither of them noticed until words came tumbling off his lips. Her bright, liquid eyes turned to him as he spoke.

"What she said, cutie. Just try not to get yourself hurt." she said with a smirk.

”We are going to race around the abandoned high school campus just three miles north of here. I have been there plenty of times and it offers plenty of obstacles to work around. Are you alright with that?” Dakota grinned "Sounds good to me. A little challenge never hurts." she replied. "I'll follow you there, don't worry about losing me."

OOC: yeah, sure, sounds good.

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11The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:25 pm

Smiling at the ladies he would shake his left arm causing a contraption to spring forward a collection of small tools well within reach of his hands plucking a small canister from this selection he would move closer to the girls. Shaking his arm as he bent down the tools would go back into hiding leaving the little can in his hand. Pressing the nozzle the little can would spray a line on the top of the roof so that once the girls lined up on it they would be facing the school that would be their turn around point. Passing by the two the back of his denim jacket would be exposed revealing an image of a single spade on fire.

Turning around with a smile on his lips," Dee rank battle to commence, first one back across the line after going around the high school campus wins."

His purple tinted glasses slipping down his nose as he looked at the two girl waiting for them to take their positions after all he liked to take the runners stance in his races," On my mark."

His right hand would shake and this time a large wrench would seem to appear, just the size of his fore arm. Raising the double ended one and seven eights wrench above his head be would continue to call out the tradition start of any foot race," Get set."

Finally taking a step back he would drop to a knee as he brought the tool onto the ground causing the eighteen pound tool to emit a thunk as it nicked the concrete roofing and he said that key word for them both," Go!"

The rush of the powered air treks causing him to listen to each and every part within the two racers wings. His head would turn as he watched the two go. His body twisting as he stood up and watched the beauties go.


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Total: 6
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12The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:57 pm


Distance | It is a five mile travel north to the campus and back to the starting line.

Traveling | You can travel one miles a post if you are traveling at 8 MPH. You can travel two miles a post if you are travelling at 16 MPH. You can travel three miles a post if you are travelling at 24 MPH.

Map of School |
The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- TheSoundofSingingWheelsThread

Silently Ophelia watched as the little girl across from her declared that she was more than prepared for the challenge that would come, her smirk never fading as she prepared to move through the night and back up to her height. She pressed down on the back of her heels, forcing the motors in her Air Treks to start turning in order to propel her forward even though they were only slight motions initially. She was taking her sweet time going to where she wanted, her crimson orbs occasionally flickering over to take in the sight of their little friend who was more than eager to start this race. She only gave away her location audibly when she jumped up onto the metal railing of the side of the apartment, using this to climb up the side in elegant yet swift motions.

Once standing where she wanted to be, her eyes transferred over to the pixie girl and observed her overzealous face, one which Ophelia could not wait to watch contort with complete and utter shock. However, she mainly wanted to watch the girl squirm underneath her powerful aura, something she was not afraid at all to let radiate all around them and cause any other person to feel small and insignificant. That was the one emotions she waited to see appear ritualistically, her smirk never fading as she lined up behind the crudely painted line for the male to tell them to run off and begin their little adventure abroad.

The word “go” rang out as clear as a bell in her mind, and right away she threw all her weight down onto her Air Treks, the motors roaring to life in an instant and causing her pale hair to go flying all around her face in a wild mess. The feeling of adrenaline was all she could feel as she took off in that moment, leaping from the building and landing on the one just before her. She could see where she was headed in her mind, needing only to speed up about five miles north before they would reach the campus. It was on this trip that Ophelia stuck to the Air, her momentum gradually growing faster and faster as she completely ignored the girl that should have been coming up behind her.

Jumping | 6 Feet
Speed | 2/5 – 16 MPH
Acceleration | 2/3

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13The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- Empty Re: The Sound of Singing Wheels -open- on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:50 pm

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