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1Beautiful Tragedy Empty Beautiful Tragedy on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:25 am

Scarey K


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Finding out that his doppelgangers blood is the key Klaus has now prepared himself with the plans of making his hybrid army. Finding out that Stefan lied he forced the ripper to obey him, compelling him to do as he was told to do. Who knows whats in store for Elena and Stefan as he pushes her farther away as her relationship with Damon has been declared. Finding he's changing more and more each day Damon will stop at nothing to keep Elena alive.

Now new players are being brought into play as Mikael is making his return to Mystic Falls, ready to take down the hybrid and put an end to the species hes begun creating. Tyler Lockwood has been battling the emotions of welcoming his vampire side. Dealing with having feelings for Caroline but being rejected by her over the summer has but his feelings for her on ice.

Worlds are turning, and new relationships are being built. A spell that has been cast is now being tapped into by an unknown power, as a lesson has to be learned by the hybrid Klaus. Family has been resurrected, plans are being made to take him down. Fairy tales aren't only found in dreams, join us in making this a,

Beautiful Tragedy


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