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The First Seeds [Open]

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1The First Seeds [Open] Empty The First Seeds [Open] on Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:24 pm

Amelia stared up at the sky, craning her head up as the sun was blocked up by a passing plane. Her hand was high in the air, holding up her cell phone as she took a picture of the plane blocked sun. It was her first view of the sky in San Francisco. She gripped the bag around her shoulders as she thought about the sky line she had seen flying into the city. It was huge! There were so many more buildings than Los Angeles, at least, so many more buildings that were being packed together so tightly! It was a storm rider's dream city. The buildings were so tightly packed together and it really was a completely different world than her old city. Even though it had one fourth the population of Los Angeles, there were so many tall buildings all squeezed into land half the size! It was amazing.

She looked around, staring at the road in front of her. Amelia was outside of the air port, looking for the driver her adopted father had sent for her. He had come to San Francisco a month earlier and said he would send a driver for her. However, she couldn't see him and... well, a plan started to form inside her head. She had her ATs in her bag, and she had the address to their apartment. It wasn't rocket science right? Besides, she could find her way around Los Angeles without getting lost and this city was half the size!

Grinning, Amelia slipped into a restroom and quickly changed her shoes out for her ATs. She stepped out in the stylish ATs and smirked as she brushed her hair behind her ear. The good thing about ball roller ATs was that when they weren't in use, they looked like normal shoes. At the moment all she was wearing was a black sweater and just above her knee length skirt with her white scarf, comfortable clothing to travel in. Humming, Amelia began to slowly walk through the crowd, ignoring the elderly man with the sign reading "Amelia Jones" in front of the town car she passed. How hard could it be to find her apartment? Besides, it would be a good thing to find her way around the city! It wasn't as if San Francisco was some confusing place?


Wrong. Half an hour later, Amelia found herself standing in the middle of a park, staring up at the surrounding buildings. Where the hell was she? She could read maps and stuff, but some of the signs were just weird to her. It was like she was on an alien planet. That's when it hit her. San Francisco was Mars and the locals were all aliens! That made perfect sense. They had to be aliens, it was the only thing that made sense.

Amelia growled as she crossed her arms and skated through the park in silence. What kind of messed up city was San Francisco? It was like it was just one big puzzle! Los Angeles made more sense than this stupid place. She hadn't even seen a single storm rider since she got there, and the sun was setting. She shivered as she looked up. All her luggage had been sent ahead to the apartment from the air line, but Amelia was suppose to ride in a town car away from her stuff apparently. Amelia looked over her shoulder as she took notice of a few guys walking through the park. They defiantly looked like people she shouldn't get mixed up with. She didn't even notice the ATs they were wearing. Amelia hugged herself, rubbing her shoulders as she skated along the park, stopping in front of a tall wall that held a mural of a dragon. It was breathtaking, and Amelia reached out, touching the peeling paint with the tips of her finger. She didn't know what the building was for, but she didn't really care. The girl just stood there, staring at the wall as the sun set.

Her eyes dulled as she began to think about the city clearly for a moment. She wondered if the city had any idea who had just entered the city. Taking a step back, she twirled and pivoted until she was facing away from the wall. It was then when she twirled, like a tornado, racing up the wall until she reached the roof and flew in the air for a moment or two before landing on the roof. Taking a soft breath, she sat down on the edge of the roof, staring at the larger buildings outside of the park.

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2The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:50 pm

Dakota saw the girl at the dragon painting. One of her favorites, and part of the way she got her nickname here, too. That girl definitely had some good tricks up her sleeve, it seemed, and she also seemed new here. It wasn't normally Dakota's style to be the welcoming committee, but she WAS at Dakota's favorite spot, so she may as well.

She jumped from the higher building to a pole, her ATs sparking against the metal as she spun around and down, jumping off in time to land by the dragon mural and skate around in a circle, ricocheting off the wall opposite the dragon and soaring backwards, her Shadow opening and shining bright as she flipped and landed with a short skid to a stop behind the girl, one hand on her hip and crossing one ankle over the other.

"Great night for a ride, isn't it? What'd you think of the dragon?" she asked the sitting girl, smirking. If she had to guess, she would say this girl was definitely new in town, newer than Dakota herself, who still had not found her destination.

Dakota was dressed in her riding attire, mostly black and the lighter tan belt she always wore. She couldn't help but wonder what she looked like, golden eyes flashing in the night lights of the city and against the stars and moon, red hair blazing and fair skin aglow against the black background.

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3The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:04 pm

Amelia yawned as she leaned back on the roof, laying her head on the hard concrete surface. The sun was almost completely down and she was sure Charles, her adopted father would be angry at her for being late or not taking the car he sent. At the moment, however, the view of the sky line was worth it. It was quiet, peaceful and perfect. All she could even hear were the cars in the background humming softly.

The silence was broken by the sound of metal screeching as wheels ran over it. Amelia opened her eyes, leaning up as the girl rode up the pole and jumped onto the building, landing behind her. She turned, still sitting as the girl landed, one hand on her hop. What the hell? Why would someone make such a show of their AT riding when ATs were banned. It just didn't make any sense, at least not to Amelia. She gave the girl a look that could freeze fire to the core, or just let it know it was being annoying.

Amelia stared for a brief moment at her as she spoke. Tilting her head, she looked back to the city. Her eyes shifted back to the girl for a brief moment before closing again. "Yes, I guess it is," she said, smiling softly. Despite her smile, both her dull brown eyes displayed incredibly cold glares. Her short hair was being tousled by the wind and the sixteen year old looked much younger than she really was, like a twelve year old.

"I thought the dragon was well painted, but it would look better with a tornado somewhere around it," her voice was light and lyrical, almost as if she was saying a little inside joke. Amelia was defiantly not letting herself be mistaken as a normal storm rider.

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4The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:24 pm

Dakota thought it rather amusing this young girl was trying to intimidate her, but she couldn't help not knowing, after all. She stared out into the sunset, fiery hair teased by the wind blowing across both girls. She had to admit, the girl's glare could probably scare off many opponents in her time. She skated her way up to the edge of the building, ATs humming softly and plopped herself down next to the girl, one leg up with her arm resting on it, the other hanging over the edge.

"I thought the dragon was well painted, but it would look better with a tornado somewhere in it." Dakota chuckled. This girl certainly seemed to have a sense of thins at least. Dakota, being the always observant young lady she was, noticed the ball rollers on this girl's feel. Damn, those were some nice ATs. Dakota didn't even know you could find ball rollers anymore, though she liked her own just fine, as they had personal value that no amount of money could buy.

"So, whats a young girl like you doing all the way out in a bad place like this? Lost, are we?" she asked the brown-eyed girl, though she didn't look at her when she asked it. She kept her eyes on the setting sun, waiting for the right moment.

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5The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:32 pm

Amelia found it rather annoying this girl wasn't leaving. Did people in San Francisco not know danger when they saw it? She sighed softly, rubbing the back of her neck softly. What would it take to scare the girl off, flying bleeding babies that screamed like terrorists? You know, those "YIYIYIYIYIYI!" screams they did before attacking? At least, she was pretty sure that's how they sounded... Maybe it was a "OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO"? Funny thing is, she'd probably remember it later that night.

She cocked an eye brow when the stranger sat down next to her, acting casual. Amelia understood some storm riders saw others as "kin" or something, but she was defiantly not one of them! She brought her feet up from over the edge and hugged her knees to her chest. Her hands aimlessly played with the sharp metal studs and piercings in the cloth. Her eyes stared out at the setting sun and she shifted her vision to the stranger.

"I'm new to town, I just wanted to scope out the territory," she mumbled, still trying to decide if this girl would become her first victim. It would be fun if she was. After all, the friendly ones usually ended up being the ones to stab you in the back later, might as well prevent that now. Amelia laid back, her feet hanging off the end of the roof silently as she stared up at the darkening sky. "Why are you here?"

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6The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:43 pm

"This is kind of where I come when I'm just bored. I just found it the other day scoping for an address. careful where you go here, I've already stirred up a bit of trouble with the help of two others." she said, chuckling.

Since this girl was new, she figured she was probably lost but didn't decide to act on it, as the sun was almost set, and it was almost time to have some fun. Pretty soon now people would be coming out, the Storm Riders in this area, who were a fierce bunch, and Dakota would finally get the entertainment she had been waiting for all day.

As the sun went down, she noticed the hum and whir off riders down below, and grinned like a Cheshire cat. Now was her chance to have a bit of fun with these guys. Dakota stood, pushing herself back onto the roof and putting her hands on her hips, examining the people down below. This was part of the reason why it was her favorite place. "Around here, people call me The Dragon Dakota. If you care to see why, stick around a while."

With that, she skated forward and off the roof, red hair and golden eyes blazing, looking for a decent challenge for the night. Who knew what she would find out here.

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7The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:03 pm

Amelia cocked an eye brow when the girl said something about stirring up trouble. Was it a prerequisite of storm riders to always just stir up trouble? Had any of them ever just ridden their ATs to just ride? Just to feel the air? Apparently not. Tilting her head, a sly smirk filled her face, "Oh, what did you do?" she asked, her voice filled with interest. It wasn't every day someone literally became a sitting duck to her. If the girl answered her, then Amelia may pick a fight with her depending on her answer, but before that could even happen, the sound of ATs drifted up from below.

She supposed it made sense that AT riders would come out at night, after all, that was when a safety net of sorts covered the city for storm riders. When it got dark, it was harder to see birds in the sky. Of course, in this situation, it may have been more accurate to refer to them as bats. As the girl stood up and looked at the people below, Amelia leaned up again. Her head leaned over the edge of the building, watching the men below. So, the park was a meet up spot for storm riders? Figures.

"Enlighten me," she sighed, resting her head in the palms of her hands. Why the hell was this girl giving out her name like that so easily? Names could be very powerful tings in the AT world. Some names could strike fear into the hearts of riders, but those names usually had "King" or "Queen" attached to them. Amelia would not be afraid of a dragon. Dragons, after all, were just old Chinese explanations for tornadoes and storms. All a dragon was is an illusion, an illusion that was quickly dissipating into the modern world.

As Amelia stood up and dusted off her behind, she watched the girl leap from the roof, looking for god knows what. She jumped after her, following at ten paces behind her at all times. All Amelia knew at the moment was that if this girl didn't watch herself, she would find herself drowned in thorns.

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8The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:06 am


The First Seeds [Open] Girlincoat

Luna was walking past the old park in her neighborhood with a very good looking man. He was much older than herself, twenty five years old to be exact. He was a white male, with gelled hair up top. He had a slight beard as if he hadn't shaved in a few weeks. His hair was a reddish brown and his eyes were a crystalline blue. Luna loved blue eyes. Most of the men she'd dated had that feature. Blue eyes were something that made the woman melt.

At the moment they were arm in arm. Well, more like he was arm candy. Her arms were wrapped around his very muscular one. They were on a late night stroll, headed to his house for some action. She'd met him in a cafe earlier that day and had wanted something to play with for the night, sooooo, she'd decided to go home with him for the night. After all, nothing interesting was happening with Dai Mugen for the moment.

The blonde wore a trench coat and a hobo bag. Her soul was in the bag... metaphorically speaking of course. She had a small tool kit and her AT's within it. She used both on a daily basis and both held much meaning to her.

As the couple were walking Luna noticed something different about the dragon mural. Something very different indeed, there were two feminine figures sitting atop it. Not only that but each had a pair of AT's on their feet. This intrigued the woman as she pulled her arms away from the man who was talking non stop about what a god he was in bed. She stood and stared at the women, though it was hard to see them with the sun behind them. They remained dark figures until one of the women jumped off.

Luna raised an eyebrow once she got a good look at her. She had red hair, looked about sixteen, and was near the dragon mural. This was the "Dragon" whom Rohas had spoken of. She remembered one night that the two of them had been playing guitar hero. He'd said that she'd defeated a few of the lower ranked members of Dai Mugen and that he'd sent an invitation for her to join them. Luna hadn't cared much. She was interested in new members that could someday find a road, but he'd said nothing of Dakota having any qualities to become a queen. Luna hadn't had much interest in the girl since then and had no idea if she'd ever joined the team or not.

The Pledge Queen would now be able to see what the young woman could do. Perhaps she did have some qualities that could help the team? The blonde was shaken from her musings when the other female jumped down. They looked about the same age, the new girl possibly older. Her face seemed more serious and guarded. Her AT's were hard to notice, but as the Pledge Queen, Luna could pick out the roller balls a mile away. They were rare, and harder to get than normal AT's. Someone with a lot of money and power in the underground would only be able to obtain them. Yet again, this was interesting.

Luna wanted to continue observing the younger girls but the older man had turned around and noticed that his fuck buddy for the night wasn't hanging onto every word he was saying. He frowned and walked back to Luna and pulled her to his chest. Luna blinked back up at the man and smirked. He'd be fun any day, but this was a once in a lifetime chance, she couldn't just let those girls get away without seeing what they could do. She was always on the lookout for more talent for either Dai Mugen or Tool Toul To.

Luna smirked at the man as he began to slide his hand up her shirt. "Mmm, baby..." she began as she whispered in his ear. "You're boring me." She continued to smirk at his face, that was of course, shocked. She wiggled out of his embrace and sped off to chase after the girls.

The Pledge Queen followed the other women. Of course sticking to the shadows. She put her own AT's on after stopping and pulling them out behind a nearby tree. She then continued the chase. They didn't go very far for there was a small gathering of perhaps nine storm riders down the street. This side of the neighborhood didn't get much police attention, for this was Dai Mugen's territory. Rohas and Luna didn't allow their members to pull the shitty stunts normal riders pulled. They enforced the rules of a true team. They were out grow wings and fly, not terrorize the ground below the sky. Most of the members respected or feared Rohas and Luna enough to not step out of line.

Not many teams dared to oppose Dai Mugen, except for a few gang bangers who had decided to get their own AT's. One of these teams were called the Bloody Bullets. It was this team that had invaded Luna's and Rohas' territory and were now holding a small meeting. Things were getting more and more fun. These riders were amateurs, however, they pulled dirty tricks and were quite a nuisance when they wanted to be. They must have grown some balls and decided to invade a territory. Unfortunately for them, they'd picked a fight with the Kings of the sky.

Luna wasn't sure if she should just ignore the team that was beneath her or not but it seemed that the two girls were headed towards the gathering. She would have been suspicious of the girls' actions and guessed that they were of the team as well, had it not been for the looks in their eyes. Mischief and dark intent.

The Pledge Queen was close enough to the girls now that if they had their guards up that they would have noticed her. She was only a few behind the black haired one. The blue eyed beauty then walked right up to the side of Kota and observed the gathering before clicking her tongue. "Mmmm, a team of storm riders huh? What do you have planned?" she asked the two females with a foxy grin.

Neither girl should have known that Luna was the Pledge Queen, nor should they have known she was even a member of Dai Mugen. Unless Kota HAD joined the team, then she would know of the legend of the dark king and queen who were Luna and Rohas. Despite that, if Luna didn't give her name to them, they wouldn't know who she was. She'd probably appear as some blonde prep with AT's. That would be even more fun!

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9The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:28 pm

Dakota was unfazed outwardly as the blonde came up beside her, though internally she was wondering why she hadn't noticed the blonde. She shrugged it off, and grinned, looking at the team of riders in front of her. She felt some kind of power from the blonde standing beside her, an intimidating power that she only felt from crime bosses back in Seattle, or from someone who knew what they were doing. She liked it.

"I think....I'm gonna go have a little fun with them." she replied, gold eyes glittering dangerously, the smile on her face becoming rather malicious. It was a trait from the Mafia she hadn't rid herself of yet, and was glad she hadn't.

She skated forward slowly, smiling openly and innocently at the group before her, only two of which were girls. They didn't look very strong at all. "Hey guys! Are you all a team? I've been looking for one I think is around this area. Could you help me out?" she asked, making them think she wasn't very good by pretending to almost lose her balance but catch herself on one of the boys. If this went right, she would have their emblem in no time.

"Sure thing, cutie." the boy who she grabbed onto said, smirking dangerously, his thoughts obvious to anyone watching. "But how about you come play with us for a bit, first? Does that sound like fun?" He held out a hand to her and gestured for him to come join them, and a smirk barely lifted the corners of her mouth before she smiled back brightly.

"That sounds like fun! What are we gonna do?" she asked. Damn this innocent act was getting old, she couldn't wait to kick their butts. He just grinned and grabbed her upper arm and pulled her towards the group. She pretended to lose her balance again slightly and smiled sheepishly.

What was going on inside the circle couldn't be seen, but it could be heard. Her protesting against them and their jostling her, until she got bored and ticked off. Lifting one leg, she kicked one guy in the chin and drop-kicked him into the pavement, sneering. "Honestly, you REALLY think I'm that much of an idiot to come HERE like THAT and then talk to you weaklings? Get real. Now, if you don't like what I said..." she said, and a cattish smirk replaced the sneer on her pink lips, golden eyes flashing. "...Then come make me take it back. Unless you are too weak and scared to face one little, helpless girl."

The one she drop kicked flew at her and she easily evaded his clumsy attack, hands in her pocket, kicking him to one side and jumping on another's back as he lunged, using him as leverage to get good height. She grinned and flew over their heads, deciding she would keep this battle in the park. They chased her, the seven who were left, the two girls getting at her first.

One tried to trip her, the other clothesline her, and she jumped, twirling and grabbing an arm and a leg and landing, pulling one girl up and the other down and towards each other, using their momentum to throw them into one of the graffiti walls. "Honestly. Is this the BEST you can do? I'm not even breaking a sweat here!" The girls out, three of them jumped over them and surrounded Dakota, each brandishing a weapon.

NOW this was getting interesting. She just grinned and stood there as they charged, weapons at the ready to take her out. At times like this, she was ever glad she grew up in the mafia and was trained for this. She dodges one and grabbed the end of his bat, throwing him into another and kicking upward into the third's wrist, a pleasant CRACK sounding as the crowbar went flying, sticking in the ground a little ways off and he fell, holding his wrist which was bent at an odd angle.

The other two, one obviously the leader, tried to run off, but she caught up with them and, looking much like a demon in their perspective, jumped on them and tackled them to the grounding, standing on each of their backs with one foot on each. "Aren't you forgetting something? I just beat your whole team, a lone Storm Rider probably from another team. Are you going to forget Storm Rider etiquette? If you remember, perhaps I can let you both go with a warning, and you can take your teammates and come back for revenge later." One of the two rolled over and threw something at her face, which she caught inches away from it and got off them, satisfied for the night.

"Nice emblem..." she murmured, examining it as the team ran off, badly defeated.

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10The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:55 pm

Amelia felt the blond's presence as soon as soon as she came within twenty feet of her. It was as if she could sense a shark in the water like a seal. Her head turned around, both her brown eyes landing on the blond as she walked past her and toward the dragon girl. Who was this blond and what was her intent? Amelia stood there, both her hands in her pockets as her eyes scanned the woman from head to toe. She was defiantly different than the dragon girl. This woman wasn't throwing around fake power or trying to seem bigger than she was.

She looked at the dragon girl, frowning deeply as she noticed the blond woman. That girl had totally not noticed the blond until she appeared next to her. How stupid could someone be? Apparently, a lot it seemed as the dragon girl put on an absolutely stupid grin and stepped out toward the group. What was she going to do? Prove how tough she was by beating up some newly formed F-Ranked group? Honestly?

Amelia scoffed softly as her eyes returned to the blond. This woman defiantly interested her. She defiantly wasn't some prep in ATs. After all, what kind of prep would be in this part of town after dark wearing ATs? Not to mention, most preps defiantly didn't give out that kind of vibe. "To answer your question," she began slowly, drawing out her voice calmly, like a slow lullaby. "I'm going to watch what she does, and if I see it fit, intervene," she finished, her eyes shifting from the blond woman to the dragon girl who was playing innocent to get the team to lower their guard.

Amelia had to keep the vomit down with force as she watched the scene in front of her. It was a complete disgrace to storm riders everywhere. This stupid girl was insulting her cousin's just by wearing ATs! Why the hell would she act so "innocent"? Was she not sure of her own power without deception!? It was during the unseen scene within the circle that Amelia decided on her first victim.

Watching the fight, Amelia rolled her shoulders, stretching them out softly. Then, she shifting the weight of her body to one foot and with the other tapped down her heel into the ground, making sure her ATs were readily in place. She craned her neck up for a brief moment before shifting back into a relaxed stance, watching the dragon girl take out the majority of the other gang. This was getting stupid. Defiantly stupid.

Taking a step toward the dragon girl, Amelia tilted her head. "I would suggest returning the emblem," she whispered, her soft voice carried by the wind toward the dragon girl. Rubbing her nose softly, Amelia looked to the fleeing team, waving them toward her. "You lot, stay there," she ordered them. For some reason, the leader and two others stayed,staring at the small girl who was ordering them to stay.

Turning her attention back to the dragon girl, Amelia's frown turned into a glare. "You there, amateur," she spoke to the dragon girl, or Dakota as she was formerly known. "You speak of Storm Rider etiquette yet you blatantly fail to use any of it?" Amelia's words were chilled to the bone, and her speech pattern let each and every one of them fly like a whip toward Dakota's face. "Are you daft? You used underhanded methods to fight them when their guard was down. You never issued a proper challenge, or even declared a parts war. All you did was beat up a team weaker than you, like a pathetic vulture picking at a dead corpse," she continued. In Amelia's mind, every storm rider was born dead, and through each rank they gained, slowly, life returned to them and they became reanimated in the sky.

As she licked her lips that dried in the wind, her dull brown eyes taking a sharpness to them that seemed to be ignoring the girl and only noticing the emblem. "If you insist on keeping that emblem, I'm going to insist on challenging you. After all, dragons should be buried with the dinosaurs."

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11The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:02 pm


The younger girl, Dakota didn't seem to care for the presence of Luna. She watched as the young woman walked towards the men, acting as if she was a beginner with AT's. So, she was acting as the prey but when they were off guard she would pounce like a tiger. This girl seemed to seriously be fun. Luna decided that she may even take her under her wing.

Luna watched with her arms crossed under her breasts as the young girl continued her act. She did so before they really began to jostle her around and play with her. The Pledge Queen wondered when she'd knock the act off. She would NEVER allow a man to act that way with her, even if it were a game. A moment later a man was kicked in the face by Kota. A smirk grew on the older woman's face. Now things would get fun, she was tempted to pull out her iPod and listen to some battle music as she watched.

The girl beside her was tense. Obviously she wasn't enjoying the show. Her eyes watched the other girl angrily. Luna was slightly surprised by this. Weren't they friends? Well, she was just assuming seeing as how they were together, she really needed the details, perhaps she'd ask them after Kota finished the gang off.

"I would suggest returning the emblem," the girl said to Kota as she glided towards her. Luna was intrigued. Everything the woman said made sense. She held onto the old ideals that Dai Mugen still kept. Kota was intriguing but she wasn't someone Luna wanted on Dai Mugen. Especially if she didn't follow storm rider etiquette.

"If you insist on keeping that emblem, I'm going to insist on challenging you. After all, dragons should be buried with the dinosaurs." This was quite a show. Luna was on the edge of her seat, figuratively speaking of course. Were the two of them going to fight? If so Luna should have brought Rohas so they could enjoy it together. It had been a while since she'd seen a worthwhile battle. She also wanted to see what this dark haired beauty could do.

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12The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:33 pm

Dakota grinned and shrugged, holding up the emblem in one hand. "Aww, come on, it was just a bit of fun. Besides, I had a bone to pick with these guys from a week ago, anyway, so what's the harm in that? But hey, if you really wanna fight, I'm always game." she said, a smirk spread widely across her pink lips.

She didn't really get why this girl was bagging on her, but then again, she didn't know the situation either. And it seems the guys who she took the emblem from hadn't remembered her. "Sorry, I'm going to be keeping this emblem. I have a right to it."

"If you insist on keeping that emblem, I'm going to insist on challenging you. After all, dragons should be buried with the dinosaurs." Dakota grinned. Didn't she know dragons lived forever?

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13The First Seeds [Open] Empty Re: The First Seeds [Open] on Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:23 pm

Amelia looked at the dragon girl as she held up the emblem. She tilted her head, her eye brow cocking up softly. Did this girl really think that was an appropriate way to have 'fun'? This girl needed a reality check. "So you think you can use ATs to settle pointless grudges? Did it ever occur to you that might be why they're banned?" she asked, tilting her head in the other direction, cracking her neck. Her brown ringed eyes looked around, searching the area.

"We can do a cube match I guess," she muttered, turning from the girl. Her eyes scanned the area for a brief moment before she turned back to the dragon girl and nodded to herself softly. "We don't have any rooms, so we'll use the alley," she explained, skating to a near by alley. It was the classic narrow alley that led to a dead end and rose up ten stories into the air. "The rules will be you can't jump above the buildings and you can't skate past the entrance to the alley."

Amelia stood in the center of the alley, staring at her. "You can start... and by the way you don't have a right to that emblem. It's idiots like you that are why ATs became banned and people get arrested for using them. You don't stick to the rules, you just punch someone and figure that's enough."

"It's not."

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Dakota chuckled and looked at the emblem in her hand before stuffing it in her pocket. "A pointless grudge, you call it? I suppose that's one way of putting it." she said, and looked at she brown haired girl.

A cube match, huh? Dakota nodded as the girl explained the rules and how it works. A D-level cube match, huh? She'd heard of them but hadn't tried one for herself, yet. This sounded like fun. b[]"So I get to start, huh? What, is it just a cage match with ATs? Works for me, though this is nothing personal. Just a match."[/b] she shrugged and grinned, eyes flashing.

Dakota turned her head, cracking her neck and then doing the same to the other side. From the look on the girl's face in front of her, she was pretty serious. Dakota couldn't treat this as a game this time. She had to get serious too. Though, not having her phone on her, she didn't know what this girl was capable of. Time to find out just what she can do.

Dakota shifted her body weight and shot forward into the alley, jumping up onto the wall on the girl's right and flipped into the air, hanging upside down in the air over the girls head. She spread her legs to gain a little friction on the walls and shot down towards the girl, heel heading for her shoulder in a high speed dropkick. From there she landed and kicked low, aiming for the girl's legs.

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Amelia eyed the emblem as it was shoved into the other girl's pocket. Did this girl really have such little respect for emblems? She hadn't even bet her own. Oh yes, she would defiantly make sure this dragon girl wouldn't be able to do such a thing again.

The thing about a cube match was, although it was D-Level, a rather low level, it was a part of the parts war that often led to the most death. When inside the cube, the rider's control was tested to the max. If they over shot an attack, they would go ramming into a wall, and on ATs, the potential for fatality was raised to the max. If a person didn't know exactly what they were doing, the match could go very wrong very quickly. Cube matches were probably one of the leading reasons they banned ATs.

Her eyes scanned the girl as she cracked her neck, stretching it seemed. If Dakota thought she was serious, then, well, she was wrong. Amelia was always like this when confronted with idiots. She wasn't serious at all, just focused. Her eyes landed on the dragon's ATs, focusing on them. You could tell everything about a storm rider just from the kind of ATs they kept.

The moment the weight shifted on the ATs and the wheels began to move, Amelia smirked. So the dragon decided to cast the first stone? So be it! Her body stayed still, in a relaxed pose that bordered on casual, as Dakota jumped over her. Despite her still body, Amelia's mind was racing. Why would the girl bother doing all those jumps and wall riding just to execute a simple drop kick? Those moves were so wasteful!

Amelia didn't wait any longer, when Dakota's ATs were about a foot from her, she twirled to the side, spinning on her ball rollers in an easy evading maneuver that was only possible on ball rollers. After that, she bent her legs slightly and suddenly she was one story up in the air. Amelia reached out her hands, swinging onto a nearby fire escape. As her ball rollers landed on the metal with a clink, Amelia sat crouched on the railing, balancing over Dakota. Her eyes glanced down at the girl, like a vulture staring at it's prey.

"Wasteful," she muttered as she scratched the top of her head softly, sighing.

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Dakota frowned a bit, missing her kick as the girl jumped and pretty much flew up the wall and onto a fire escape. Tch... Yeah, sure, that would help her. Dakota jumped onto one of the walls low and sprung upwards to the other one beside the fire escape, twisting to land in front of the brunette. "Running away isn't going to help you any, you know." she said in that overly cocky way of hers that always pissed people off, and swung out her leg in a roundhouse kick, hoping to clip the girl's head.

She sprung back again after the kick, and landed in the alley rather gracefully and looked up at the brunette, waiting for her to make a move for once. [color=green]"What, you just going to sit up there all day or are you going to come down and fight me? You are the one who wanted to fight, after all. I was settling a challenge."/color]

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Amelia turned as the dragon girl rode up the wall to the fire escape. When she landed in front of her, she tilted her head casual. "Who said I was running?" she asked softly, not quite understanding the girl. "We have 100 feet to jump around in, and you seem to be intent on staying on the ground," explained the girl, not quite understanding the other's logic. Why would a storm rider stick to the ground? It didn't make any sense, not at all. ATs, while when used wrongly could do a lot of damage, were meant to give human's the ability to fly.

As the girl kicked toward her, Amelia's eyes narrowed. Leaning up from the railing, she lifted her leg up quickly, whipping it out violently toward the other girl. Her kick was much different than the dragon girl's. Her leg didn't bend at all, and it snapped out like a whip. Amelia clipped the girl's leg as it came near her, like a thorn whip. After defending the girl's kick with her own, Amelia leaped up higher, another story into the air and swung herself onto another fire escape.

"AT's were meant to fly... and I thought dragons had wings no?" she asked, grinning as she leaned over the railing. "Of course, there is a theory that dragons originated from old men who walked in the desert or mountains and noticed dinosaur bones and thought they were the remains of dragons! I wonder, are you a dragon or some dinosaur?"

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Luna had followed the two and stayed clear of the battle by staying near the entrance of the alleyway. This match was interesting. The dragon girl had such a roughness, it was wild and and untamed. It was quite a sight, and would keep most entertained. Though, she needed more experience and needed to be disciplined. The darker haired girl was wise beyond her years with AT's. She belonged to a higher rank, at least Luna knew that from her movements and the way she spoke. She'd been riding for a very long time, possibly as long as Luna.

It was only the beginning of the battle but the young blonde could tell that Dakota would lose unless she used her head and any advantage against the other girl she could find. If Dakota didn't get into the air though, the other woman would use that against her. The Dragon would have to break her wings and force her to fight on the ground if she wanted to win. Dakota was known for being decent all around with her statistics. This other woman was slower, obviously had less muscle mass, and her movements showed that she was disciplined and dexterous but she lacked in other areas. Kota would have to use that to her advantage if she wanted to win. Obviously the other girl was much better in jumping, so dakota would have to somehow break her wings.

Luna continued to watch the battle progress and made more and more judgements. Her eyes widened when she saw Amelia use what she believed to be a move the thorn queen used all the time. Her leg snapped out like a whip, a kick that was naturally different than any other, this was a skilled kick, one that could seriously harm someone if it connected to a weak part of the body. Not just anyone could do this! That kind of move took a hell of a lot of training to do right.

The Pledge Queen had found her Thorn Queen. Whether or not this girl knew she was the thorn queen was a different story. Luna needed to end this before Dakota got hurt and before Amelia could get away or even damage her body. The Pledge Queen knew that the thorn queen could seriously harm herself without her regalia and without being tuned correctly to her AT's. Luna didn't want to take the chance of letting those legs and hips be wounded in some stupid spat over a team that wasn't even worth a fight.

The blonde acted quickly. With her speed she could rival even the flame king. Luna rushed towards Dakota and slipped her fingers into the pocket she'd seen her shove the emblem in, she doubted that she would be anything but a blur. After all, she was above A rank when it came to her speed. Grabbing the emblem would be easy because Dakota would have to use balance and concentration to not fall after being clipped by the kick from Amelia. Luna had no worries about Dakota being able to touch her, there just wouldn't be time.

The Pledge Queen jumped onto the fire escape a story below the Thorn Queen and jumped to the other side of the alley, as she did so she began to wall ride up the wall. The emblem in her hand glinted as Luna made sure both women could see that she now had it. Once she reached the top of the building she looked down the side at the two girls. A small smile played on her face as she looked directly at Amelia. "You know... the two of you are idiots for fighting over something so stupid. The team isn't worth your time, in fact, you two need to concentrate your efforts on something entirely different. Have you ever heard of the Kings and Queens of the eight roads?"

Her plucked eyebrows raised slightly before she continued talking. She'd hoped to grab their attention. "Neither of you are going to get any stronger nor win anything from this fight. You'll end up damaging yourselves, seeing as how you two outmatch each other in so many categories. It's like... having a whale fight an elephant. You're both the top of your classes but you're too different to be able to have a decent match. This will just end up with miss "no breasts" injuring her legs and hips, parts of her body that are very important to her riding style, and Dakota ending up with some broken bones and some new scars."

The wind blew the blondes hair into her face so she pushed her hair behind her ear. "The two of you have the potential to become queens of roads and lead us to a new era of AT's... As the Pledge Queen, one of the leaders of Dai Mugen, and one with the knowledge of where to find the keys to paradise I ask that you two calm down and listen to my proposition."

She waited for both women to mull this over. She'd told them a lot of dangerous information about herself. If things went the wrong way she'd probably have to end up fighting both of them. She hoped it wouldn't come to that, both seemed a little hot headed but she hoped she'd made that rage calm and hoped it'd been replaced with curiosity.

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Dakota very nearly lost her balance as she sprung backwards and the girl kicked at her, the friction cutting her leg enough to make it bleed, but nothing serious. She got lucky, and she knew it. Then, the blonde who had been watching all of a sudden came onto the battlefield. "Hey hey hey hey, come one now, we are having a battle! What are you doing, interfering like that? She said, but then the blonde mentioned something interesting.

Dai Mugen and the Kings and Queens of the Roads.

Dai Mugen is who she had been looking for, so this girl had to have something interesting to say. And she said it. Dakota, a Queen of a Road? She liked the sound of that, though she wasn't sure how she would get there. She looked up sideways at the brown haired girl and sprung up onto the wall and then to the other side onto the fire escape across from and below the blonde and brunette.

"Well, I'm willing to listen for sure. I've actually been looking for you and your team, Dai Mugen. I was told to find you before I came here. So go ahead."

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