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Basic Information

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1 Basic Information on Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:21 pm

Basic Information

We on Air-Gear: Chained Wings understand that not everything in in Air Gear is easy to understand. In order to make your experience here more enjoyable we composed a file which contains the basic information on the Air-Trek World.

Storm-Rider Basics

Kings and Queens: Kings and Queens are male and female Storm-Riders who have become masters of their own riding style and also possess items known as regalia. Each King and Queen has their own specific riding style that is unique to them and allows them to become stronger than just normal Storm-Riders.

Regalia: Regalia are specialized Air Trek parts that allow for their user to gain an upper hand on an opponent, though mastering regalia and becoming a King or a Queen requires years of dedicated practice and time. However, though the regalia can give their user extreme power they can also put an immense strain on both their body and mind, making it a double-edged sword. Regalia can only be used for a limited amount of time before the user’s body gives out and forces them to quit, but with the help of a tuner this issue can be adjusted. Regalia are known for being adjusted numerous times according to their King or Queen’s needs, but their core element which makes them so powerful remains the same throughout the process. In the Air Trek World a new breed of regalia are just coming to fruition, these being known as Link-Regalia.

Link-Regalia: Link-Regalia are specialized regalia that are counterparts to their other half, though information on them is extremely hard to come by. Only the Pledge Queen holds what little information there is and she is in the process of tracking down these items and the only known rider who holds one of these Link-Regalia.

    Note* More information will be released as the Link-Regalia are released. All information concerning the Link-Regalia was created by Ophelia Hawthorne and is considered the property of Air-Gear: Chained Wings.

Roads: Roads are the accumulation of a rider’s riding characteristics and are developed after extensive training; the rider must learn how their body works with their Air-Treks and develop a unique riding style before their road will come to fruition. Though ordinary riders can have roads, they are not as well known as the roads of Kings and Queens. The roads that they own are all very powerful and contain elements that most normal riders cannot achieve, but that does not mean that an ordinary road cannot be powerful.

Shadows: Many Storm-Riders, especially the Kings and Queens or roads, have a shadow that represents their road and way of riding. These shadows have no limitations to them and will evolve as the strength of the rider does as well; not only can the shadow grow larger but it can become more detailed and pronounced as well.

One example of a shadow that most would recognize is Agito’s giant shark. The shark represents his Bloody Road. As time has progressed the shark has gotten both larger and more menacing which is representative of his advancing skills as a Storm-Rider.


Ranks: Each rider is given a “Rank” or “Class” based upon their ability to ride and this is what defines them to other riders if they do not have a specialized title. However these rankings cannot be advanced unless a rider is on a team and participates in a Parts War; only after the conditions of a Parts War have been met can a rider move up in ranking.

Teams: Teams are a collection of Storm-Riders who work together to both train their skills and advanced their rankings and without a team no rider can move up in ranking. Teams can be made by any rider but must have a minimum of four members to actually be considered legal and eligible to participate in a Parts War. One common element of teams is that there are often rivalries amongst them, offering friendly gaming which can turn deadly when things are taken too far. It is suggested that all Storm-Riders join a team at one point or another so they can move up in skill.

Parts War: Parts Wars are battles between Storm Rider teams which allow them to gain Air Trek parts, emblems, territories, or even regalia if the situation calls for it. However, the main purposes of these battles are for teams to climb to a higher ranking, this being the only way for any rider to advance. During each game the teams will place bets, the most common being parts which gives these battles the name of Parts Wars. When emblems are placed as a bet it is usually amongst a heated rivalry for whichever team loses must disband and give up their symbol.

These Parts Wars originally began as a website where Storm-Riders traded their parts among each other, but eventually it was developed into a tournament because of the heated rivalries and competition for parts.

    Note* For more information on Parts Wars, please visit the Parts War Rules thread.


Tuners: Tuners are pertinent players when it comes to the Air Trek World because of their relationship with Kings and Queens. As a tuner, this person would repair and adjust the regalia as well as the rider’s Air Treks to ensure optimization of their ride and riding abilities. It is insinuated that tuners have some sort of physical relationship with the person they chose to tune because of the closeness and knowledge the tuner must have of the other person’s body and mind. In the manga tuners are shown to either wear a thin, translucent plastic suit to tune the other user, though they can also be naked. In this process they learn what they need to do to both repair and tune the Air Treks to the user’s body before doing it, optimizing their abilities. Though tuners could adjust the Air Treks of ordinary riders, it is extremely uncommon for their main purpose is to help riders with roads and the Kings and Queens.

Updated on March 07, 2012. Ophelia Hawthorne.

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