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1Golgotha Empty Golgotha on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:07 pm

TEAM NAME: Golgotha
TEAM LEADER: Amelia Jones
Amelia Jones
Golgotha 14o54wg
TEAM HISTORY: A team whose only known member is a terrifying figure known as the "Thorn Queen." The team, or rather the only member ever seen, is notorious for seeking out combat with other teams. The team originally went unnamed, but was soon deemed "Golgotha." This name originated from the position the bleeding victims of the team were found in. In most cases, the victims were spread out on the floor, a rose in each hand as if crucified to the Earth. Golgotha was the "Place of the Skull", the hill where Jesus was crucified in Christian mythology.
LOCATION: San Francisco, California/ Los Angeles, California

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