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E-rank: Nhoe (WIP)

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1 E-rank: Nhoe (WIP) on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:01 pm

~Freedom is Bliss~


Name: Nhoe [“Noh-eehh”]
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: Nhoe is a rather calm fellow with a taste for speed. His typical mood varies from situation to situation. When alone, he is the quiet loner the keeps to the company to the common animals of squirrels, birds, stray felines and dogs. He enjoys their company from time to time; the teen uses it as a way to escape some of his problems. As well, he enjoys blasting music from his mp3 player when alone.

The way he acts in a group or with his friends differs a bit from that of when he is alone. When the teen is with his friends they are usually riding around on their AT's, usually avoiding open area's with police and camera's. He tends to be more goofy and weird with these people. Aside from riding their AT's, their general activities include watching tv, walking around the streets, and playing kick ball at the park.

Nhoe's likes are pretty general, or so he thinks. The teen likes all sorts of music, particularly rock and metal based bands. His favorite foods include pizza, corn dogs, carrots, and cherries. Some of the activities that he enjoys are riding on his AT's, hanging with friend, playing kick ball, and watching movies. His likes are fairly simple and for anyone they are easily learned.

His overall disdain is focused at those who made the decision to ban the wonderful Air-Treks that he loves so much. The teen believes that the ban should be lifted and AT's given another chance. His other dislike is those that commit animal cruelty such as beating, maiming and other horrific acts. Any other dislike is just a mere pet peeve.

Appearance: His face, head, and hair are probably the most dominant or most striking features of Nhoe. He has a slightly bulkier mandible than the other teens that he has been around. With that and the roundness of his dome, he looks older than he should, as if he was around the adult age of 18 or so. His hair is a A dark gray, not quite black, could say it was a dusty black color. Mingled in with the gray are green streaks, keeping a theme with his clothing.

The eye’s he has come from his mother. They are a rich emerald color. Above his eyes are bushy, yet trimmed back, eyebrows that are about the same shade and tint as his hair color. On his left eye brow is a piercing made of stainless steel. In the middle of his face is his nose, somewhat long being around 2.5 inches from the bridge to the tip, which forms into a rounded point. The lips pucker out with the upper lip extending a few millimeters out than its lower counterpart; they are a soft pink color. On his lower lip is another piercing, one that goes around the lip, just not through it.

Smaller than the average bear around the part of Phoenix, when fully erect, Nhoe only stands about 5,8”. His body build could be described as thin, some say anorexic. His skin color is just a light skin color (Chart color 12).

His clothing is in a Goth like fashion style. On his head are black and green headphones, clasped tightly on his head While his tunes are off, he rests them around his neck while he listens to music. On his torso, he wheres a mid-night black t-shirt with a green skull on it with a cross bones behind it. Around his neck is a black and green stripes scarf, made from a thin fabric so he doesn't overheat. Underneath that shirt is a long sleeve shirt, colored in a green and black stripe pattern. His pants area loose fit, but nothing that sags off his hide end.
Shadow: Bullet

Special Info
Class: E-rank
Birth Place: Florida
Current Place of Residence: Phoenix, Arizona & California (moves between the two often)

Final Info
Face-claim: I don't know. Found the image on Google images.
History {Birth}
It was a night like any other before it. The weather over Phoenix, Arizona was moderate, an almost full moon with a few clouds in the night sky, blocking the small rays of light from the stars and pars of the large mass of rock in the darken sky. One of the local hospitals was having a busy night as usual with all sorts of problems like stitching a stabbing wound and sick children. Down in the labor ward, there were a few women in labor. The rooms were filled with screams and moans of pain as they grew closer and closer to giving birth to their little bundles of joy.

In the 3rd of several rooms for birthing, one woman was there. She couldn’t hold it anymore and the baby had to come out. Her doctors rushed in and got everything ready. Her legs were held up so they didn’t get in the way, the husband by his wife’s side, letting her crush his hand in the woman’s struggle to hold in dealing with the pain. It took a bit, but the baby popped out of the woman. It was a body, a glorious baby boy that had been made in the body of another. The baby came out about 7.5 pounds; his skin was a light shade of red. He cried loudly while getting the air needed. The wails were loud and somewhat annoying, but common for the young like him.

”You shall be named Nhoe.”

His mother said, holding him in her arms as he was wrapped in a towel to keep warm.
~Time Skip~
History {Childhood}
Four years has passed since the birth of the baby boy, Nhoe. The family hadn’t had much settling down for quite some time. The father was in the military, and was often being transferred for numerous reasons. At the point in time, they had moved 2 times. The family didn’t have much to their name since they lived on base with other military families. Being a 4 year old, he didn’t really notice many things that were changing, nor did he really understand them if he did notice. It came with age, being so young; one was blissfully ignorant to their surroundings. While on base, he and his mother had their “Friends” that they hung around and had “play date” with the other children.

It was a nice life, nothing that they could really complain about. At night, his mother told him stories that were passed down from her father. They were tales of when he was a child and how he and other friends rode equipment called Air-Treks. With these devices, people would battle one another or just ride around for fun. His grandfather was on some unknown team with his friends, they didn’t make it too far but they had the time of their lives. Back then, their family was in Japan, and things back then got very sticky with the AT’s. Many rides and teams got reckless and eventually the Air-Treks were banned. The government spent years wiping out the equipment. Years later he got married and had children, and those children got married and had children. Now the newest edition to the family was Nhoe, who is being told the stories to keep them in mind.

Time passed and things were settling down. Nhoe and his parents had been at the same post for about 5 years now, making the black haired boy 9. Though it was about to change for good, they were going to leave all the people they had gotten to know for a more permanent life style to Phoenix, Arizona. His father was now retiring from the military.
~Time Skip~
History {Teen/Present Part 1}
As soon as Nhoe turned 13, his grandfather gave him a special present. It was a close item that the old man had once used in his youth. It was his old pair of AT's. It was a present of epic proportions to the young chap. The young teen tried them on; the AT's were a little loose but looked fine from the outside. After that, his grandad went on to how he hid them from the authorities all these years, kept them in great condition with weekly cleanings and small performance tests. Of course still being rather old, they weren’t really made for straight up battle or anything ridiculous. Anyway someone looked at it, Nhoe was happy to have a pair.

Over the next few weeks, the two spent a large amount of time inspecting, teaching and learning about the AT's. His grand father was thought it might be important to know how to take them apart and put them back together again. The old man had a feeling that sooner or later riders would come back to the skies that they once reigned, and he wanted to make sure Nhoe knew a little before hand.

Other than spending more time with his grandfather, Nhoe found new friends in Arizona, they all seemed to get interested in these AT's that the teen would show off at his house from time to time. He was finally allowed to have a stable life and have friends to keep rather than having to move from place to place. Not only did he have friends, he got to go to school, a real school and not just some military based classes on bases. He learned so much from being in a crowd of students, being in a place with other kids his own age or relatively close to it.

The beginning of his teenage years were probably the start to the most fun in his whole life.

~Time Skip~
History {Teen/Present Part 2}
So much has happened in the passed couple of years. He has began riding his AT's, rides them whenever he gets the chance, and started a small team with his friends from Arizona, heir team was “The Arizona Newbies”. It wasn't the best name, nor the most threatening name. The way the group of friends figured it, the name would confuse the other teams into a false sense of security. The rest of his life was normal for his age, he goes to high school, hangs with friends (outside of riding their AT's) and other general high school things. But his life in the sky? It was great, above normal. Flying through the sky with his AT's wasn't like flying in a plane. On his AT's, he was free and welcoming. Sure, the teen had to launch himself off a ramp or something with a good amount of speed, he wasn't good at jumping as much as he was with speed.

Him and his team got better and better. They raced and won, and sometimes lost but not in a race for their emblem or parts, the races were for fun, to just have a good time, but a loss was a loss. When they got confident enough, they raced for emblems. Their first win was against the Phoenix Furies, another local team that had already earned one emblem. Due to the nature of the race, each person on the team was on edge. It was their first real match and if they lost, their team would have to be disbanded. It was the risk each team would have to make to try and succeed in the illegal sport.

The battle that they were partaking in was a simple race around a factory the Phoenix furies were located in. Now by around the factory, it was really just a simple race on top of the building. They were to go one on one, each member of the team riding against an opponent. The first one across the line won that race, the first team to have 3 wins was the winner who would get a new territory. The loser would have to be disbanded forever, so the pressure was on. The first one to take the field was Nhoe. He was ready and nervous, winning the first match up could be a big moral boost for the rest of the team. Could the teen handle the pressure? Could he deal with it if he lost and then the rest of the team did too? It was time, he tried to steady his breathing as much as he could, but the match started.

The teen bolted the best he could. His breathing was somewhat of a distraction at the beginning, so his opponent had a small head start, nothing major but every second counted in a race. The two riders barreled down towards the first turn with nhoe in behind. His team cheered him on, giving their full support. The two competitors were almost neck and neck when they turned the first corner. The air was tense, feeling like someone or something was sitting on them. The pressure was making the time seem slowed, as if father time was trying to control the outcome of the race. The two teens rode even, being right next to each other, neck and neck, arms nearly moving in-sync as they were moving across the roof.
Role-play Sample: (Not required if you are F rank)

Statistical/Trick Info
Jumping: 1/10
Strength: 0/10
Speed: 3/10
Stamina: 1/10
Dexterity: 1/10
Acceleration: 2/10
Tricks: 0/10

Would you like to allow anyone to use it?

Would you like to allow anyone to use it?

~Just Ride~

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2 Re: E-rank: Nhoe (WIP) on Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:32 pm

I'm being a grammar nazi here XD

When alone, not around friends, he is the quiet loner the keeps to the company to the common animals of squirrels, birds, stray felines and dogs
kill the bold part.

He enjoys their company from time to time, the teen uses it as a way to escape some of his problems.

As well while alone he blasts music from his mp3 player through his headphones that rest around his neck or on his head.
that just doesnt flow good i dont like it, the beginning. "as well while alone" could be "he also enjoys to blast his music when alone." that works better. and this is just the first paragraph >.>

The mood or way he acts in a group, "or" with his friends, differs a bit from that of when he is alone.
delete the bold part, add the or and kill both commas.

He is a lot more goofy when hanging around, keeping up with the paces of his friends
this flows horrible, reword it please.

His favorite foods include pizza, corn dogs, carrots and cherries.
you forgot a comma in here

Some of the activities that he enjoys are riding on his AT's, hanging with friend,
missing an s on friends and really? riding on his ATs? the on, i feel, shouldnt be there

His dislikes is a very short list
reword it!! >O XD

His face/head and hair are probably the most dominant or most stroking features of Nhoe
*has another grammar rage* NO!! face AND head. and STROKING? NO NO NO. i think you mean shocking?

know what? im finishing this later. your grammar is gonna kill me

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3 Re: E-rank: Nhoe (WIP) on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:16 pm

Heh, sorry. ^ ^;
Thanks for the help though!
I fixed the things you mentioned.

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4 Re: E-rank: Nhoe (WIP) on Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:28 pm


Kota, we don't mod for grammar, we mod to make sure their app makes sense and that they're not trying to be OP. So that it's fair to the other rpers. Try not to tear apart any more apps just for the grammar again. XD

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5 Re: E-rank: Nhoe (WIP) on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:10 pm

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"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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