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Rue Carter

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1 Rue Carter on Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:29 am

Rue Elizabeth Carter

The Basics

Name: Rue Just Rue

Sex: Female

Age: 26

Sexual Orientation Biesexual

The best way to describe Rue is that she is a Tomboy all the way, and a mad genius. Trying to pass as a Girly, Girly, and being submissive will not fly with Rue. She’s stubborn as a bull when facing a task or a dick that has rubbed her the wrong way. She won’t back down, and when she’s hot headed (which is most of the time) near impossible to handle; especially when deadlines are due.
However when you caught her on those rare occasions where Rue isn’t being well a bitch, and get on her nice side. She actually shows a side she doesn’t show that often, a nice, caring, a real older sister to those that need her support and care; never betraying those she call her friends.

-Fixing up AT’s
-Watching AT’s matches

-Hang overs
- Assholes
-having a lot of time on her hands.

Appearance: Rue stands at 5’9 a bit taller than most girls, with natural lean fighters body not only thanks to her African American descent and her training with her older brother that is a personal Trainer, but a nice breast that barely reach the status of D cups. Rue’s hair is a dark, purple hair going way pass her shoulders that are when riding Rue ties up in the back with a ribbon, with bangs that reach her eyebrows. When not riding Rue lets it flow down her back with only her Tool Tou bandanna to help control hair going into her golden yellow eyes. Which shine thanks to her chest nut colored skin.

As for Fashion Rue doesn’t really care that much as long as it’s not too girly, and won’t get in the way with her either riding or working on A-Ts. So that means usually jean pants, a t-shirt, or something along those lines.

Rue’s A-Ts: Rue’s AT’s are a Hybrid Ball-Roller ATs that she has designed and modeled after herself. The shoe areblack boots The back wheels are replaced by four ball wheels, and at the front two normal AT’s wheels. Causing a normalcy between speed, and jumping capabilities, but gives extra control to Rue when turning by shifting her weight to the balls of her feet.


Special Info


Birth Place: Brandon Florida

Current Place of Residence: Las Vegas at the moment.

The Finale

Rue was born into a military family with not just her Father, Will Carter in the service, but her mother as well Emily Carter. Rue is the second oldest of six children, her older brother Wayne Carter, and her two sets of younger siblings. Because of their military status, Rue’s Family moved around a lot never staying in a place for too long before getting re-stationed with a new mission for six years, before Emily and Will decided to let the kids have a normal life for once, but since neither one of them had any other experience except the military they settled with Emily’s Mother Tonka.

While living with their parents they never really had a place to call their home, a school to call they’re owns, even that many friends besides some pin pals across states, and continents. Staying in one place would seem like a blessing, but it was hard on the kids especially Rue since they all loved their parents deeply and never knew when they would be able to see them again but they obeyed their parents’ wishes and with how Tonka was they didn’t have really a choice.

While staying with Tonka the kids were kept in order and had a normal life without much trouble; the kids saw their parents when every their parents could take leave which all of them enjoyed every moment. Rue & her brothers and sisters grew up in Brandon Florida; where Rue went to college, and was top of her class, and gained a degree in writing at the age of 20, but it seemed there were no place for writers during this time period with the economy being in the dumps, but Rue’s Father pulled some strings and landed Rue with a desk job for the Storm Hunting Force. It wasn’t anything Rue was aiming to do after College, but it at least she had a job that paid well.

While working for the Storm Hunting Force writing up reports, and such; and while with the Storm Hunting Force this was her first time really hearing anything about Storm Riders other than a few brief News Reports on TV she surfed through, and she didn’t really know much other than they were hooligans with special rollerblades, but other than that nothing, but her curiosity won’t let her be satisfied with that alone.

It wasn’t until a full year working at the Storm Hunting Force before she had the guts and worked out a way for Rue to find herself into a field position, and boy did she get one. The Storm Hunting Force tasked her with one of the near impossible mission; no field officer has been able to do. To find, and report back on all her findings of Paradise, and if she could infiltrate Paradise. Rue knew this was just a way for them to write her off since they believed for the most part she got the gig because who her father was, but it didn’t matter to rue she was stubborn and driven to find not only Paradise but the Riders that ride in Paradise, and she did just that.

It took Rue an entire year before she stumbled upon Paradise. It started with her befriending than dating this one dude who was always going on about a place that they can touch the sky. A term Rue was well familiar with it from the main times she had to type in those words in her reports when she had a desk job in the SHF’s HQ. It was the year of Rue and her boyfriend’s one year anniversary when Rue’s boyfriend seemed it was fit to trust her took her to Paradise. Where Rue’s not only her opinion on A-Ts and Storm Riders changed that day from hooligans like she once thought was changed to dreamers and rebels and she was going join them; changing Rue’s life forever.

In Six months Rue left the SHF, saying she never found Paradise and that they were sending her on a wild goose chase, dumped her boyfriend, telling him it wasn’t working out and even bought and started riding her own A-T’s; even joining a team in Paradise. Of course everything wasn’t easy going for Rue and this new life. It seemed A-T’s were harder than she thought and it really took her longer than most o get a hang on them. Not to mentioned her Team Mates didn’t really see eye to eye on most things and weren’t really one of the best in Paradise and within Three months that team was disbanded after losing in a battle. After her former Team was defeated rue tried making her own Team, but meet with failure because the team didn’t even survive two months.

Rue was at the end of her ropes and all hope seemed lost and she even thought of quieting Storm riding all together, not knowing what to do Rue traveled to visit her grandmother Tonka knowing her grandmother would have some advice if nothing but comforting words even if Rue didn’t tell her the whole story, but as it was; when Rue arrived she found her Grandmother had went out for a bit. Not knowing what to do to pass time rue busted out her AT’s and started to polish them, and at a whim decided to take them apart and exam the pieces and while she worked Rue couldn’t help but be mesmerized for hours by the A-T’s mechanics. She didn’t notice even her grandmother walking in on her until she heard the gasp escape her grandmother’s lips.

Rue jumped in her chair and turned to confront her Grandmother at the door. She couldn’t know what these parts scattered on the table were, she just couldn’t, but as Rue studied her grandmother’s face she did. Tonka moved quick shutting and locking the doors and shutters at the windows, and sat across the table from Rue and the parts on the table. Rue folded her hands in her lap and couldn’t take her eyes off them; while her Grandmothers eyes were locked on the parts on the table and it seemed like hours passed with both staying just like that, until Rue’s grandmother said, “explain”

So Rue did just that she explained everything from her first field mission to find Paradise, to starting A-Ts, to joining a team, losing and even starting her own group, and at the very end. She told her grandmother she didn’t have to worry about it she wasn’t cut out for A-T’s anyway. But instead of her Grandmother saying, “Good you’re a smart girl and stay out of trouble” or something along those lines, but her Grandmother simply requested her to rebuild her A-T’s. Not knowing where her grandmother was going with this, but Rue obeyed and rebuilt them in no time at all. Rue’s grandmother laughed and told Rue that her path laid with A-T’s but not as she might have thought, and Rue’s Grandmother told her about her own experience with A-T’s in her younger days and how fast she could repear A-Ts at one point and what a Tuner was, and Rue’s Grandmother was offering to teach her everything she knew. Than from that day forward Rue returned to Paradise not as a Rider but a Tuner until the day Paradise was closed and sealed. Now Rue lives in Las Vegas in her condo, Rue continues to be a Tuner to other Riders when needed, always testing out her skills, and AT’s she fix.

Roleplay Sample:

Rue was simply watching the C rank Teams battle from one of the roof tops where other riders stood to watch. The two teams give it their all neither one giving an inch, and relentlessly adding on the pressure to his or her’s opponent since it was a Sky battle on top of the metal, water tanks. Rue closed her eyes, sealing her sight of the battle, blocking out the “whoos”, “Ahhhs”, and gasping of air as the battle seemed to turned tides. She blocked out the cursing, the sound of the cars down below on street level. All were drained from Rue’s mental eye as she focused all her construction on the sound that was carried by the wind, so familiar to Rue that she couldn’t help but smile as she welcomed an old friend into her embrace. The sound of the AT’s wheels meeting metal, the roar of the engine being pushed to its limits, the inner ticking of the AT”s themselves giving life to the Storm Riders flight, but Rue even pushed those to the side to listen to the ones that was crying out. The AT’s that were due for and that will need her help to return to working condition, and just like that with the sound of screams and a cry of agony. The voice Rue was looking for the broken and the damned. Rue opened her eyes to find one of the riders had fallen from the platform of the metal water tank, and their AT’s parts shattered apart at the impact of the fall.

Rue stood with a groan of being in her sitting position for far too long, and grabbed her bandanna from the top of the pile of tools that she was soon going to have the pleasure to work with, and tied the bandanna with the Tool Tou patch proudly on the front, and with a swift had selecting her tools and with one jump was off to work on another pair of Broken AT’s.


Jumping 1/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 4/10
Stamina 2/10
Dexterity 3/10
Acceleration 3/10
Tricks 1/10



Name: Riding Construction
Rank: C Rank
Description: Rue is Capable of repairing any A-T based Technology with ease, while riding. This is extremely difficult to do because of the simple fact that they both are in motion/The Higher the Ranking of the Tuner the easier and faster the Tuning.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Must be Taught by Rue

Name: Riding Destruction
Rank: C
Description: Rue can detune any A-T based Technology while riding as long as she has her tools. This is extremely difficult to do because of the simple fact that they both are in motion. The higher the ranking of the Tuner the easier and faster the Tuning.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Must be Taught by Rue

Face Claim

Bleach- Yoruichi Shihōin, Carter, Rue

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2 Re: Rue Carter on Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:07 pm

Your application looks good so far, there is only one issue. You cannot be related to a past Pledge Queen simply because things get too complicated. Please change this and then you can get approval. Other than that, good job! <3

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3 Re: Rue Carter on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:22 pm

Yeah, I find it good. Fits decently with the plot, I think. Dont forget that Paradise closed down, though. I noticed that wasn't mentioned here.

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4 Re: Rue Carter on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:31 pm



"Keep throwing things my way, It will onl make me stronger."
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5 Re: Rue Carter on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:33 pm

Good boy XD I approve

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6 Re: Rue Carter on Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:16 pm

Approved <3
Locked & Moved

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