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Gabriel Takeda

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1 Gabriel Takeda on Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:24 pm

Gabriel Apollyon Takeda

The Basics

Name: Gabriel Apollyon Takeda

Sex: Male

Age: Twenty-One

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: Gabriel is a normally a very secretive person who enjoys solitude and quiet, never giving away more information than is necessary to those who he feels unworthy. He is seen as indifferent by those around him because of the fact that he is so secretive, but when they actually begin to speak with him they will find that he is sarcastic with no concern for the feelings of others. When people begin to irritate him by acting like an idiot or being far too curious for their own good, he will become sadistic with no regards to the other person’s feelings; his favorite things to do to mess with people in this way is by speaking in riddles or by using snide remarks that make no sense at all. He can only stand being around people who keep to themselves and accept life as it is and when he stumbles across these people he can become what some would consider a friend.

The other side to Gabriel is one that only one person today has seen, this person being Ophelia. He can be kind and sincere when the situation calls for it, helping others and ensuring that they will be taken care of in every way. The key to realizing that he has crossed this line with a person is that his eyes often sparkle and he is seen smiling lightly, two things which he never does in any other situation. Some have said that he should show his softer side more often, but he is afraid of getting hurt and therefore refuses to ever try to be kind. Again, he has only every showed this side to one person and when he realized this he immediately fled; this is the reason why he left Ophelia without a single word to her.

There are not many things that Gabriel likes, but they are all predictable to say the least. He enjoys Air Treks and exploring their new uses - this being one reason why he was the first to discover the new Link-Regalia – as well as smoking cigarettes, he never seen without one in his mouth unless he is somewhere where smoking is banned. The only thing that he enjoys that he would never admit to people is sketching. He is actually a very skilled artist who can draw both Air Treks as well as people, though he never reveals this to people because he believes that it makes him look weak. His dislikes are the most prominent of his characteristics though because he dislikes so much and the one thing that he cannot stand is ignorant people who cannot keep to themselves. He wishes that people would simply be quiet most of the time and just accept what is going on around them, but he knows that this is far from reality in this day and time.

Appearance: Unlike most people from Arizona, Gabriel has extremely pale skin and if you were to ask him why he would simply pass it off as traveling to less sunnier places on the west coast. Standing at five feet, eleven inches tall he is extremely lanky with a subtle athletic build behind it, this muscle build up coming from his work on Air Treks. Since he has a more predominant lanky build he sticks to a longer hair style that compliments his face, the obsidian locks reaching to the bottom neck in a feathery pattern, shading his eyes lightly as well. From beneath the black hair, faint red orbs are visible, though they are so dark they appear almost black in some light. Overall though, he is an attractive young man with no distinct marks to set him apart from any other person.

Most of the time Gabriel is seen wandering around in a pair of black jeans with either a dark crimson hoodie or a light grey one pulled over his plain v-neck shirt. The time of day does not dictate what he wears since he finds no need to change outfits, though he can sometimes change it up if he feels a little adventurous. The only thing that rotates with the sun is his choice of footwear; at night he wears a pair of plain black Air Treks that could almost pass for a regular pair of shoes in darker lighting and during the day he wears a simple pair of Vans.

Shadow: Gabriel’s shadow is that of a hell hound, a demon like being who is constantly surrounded by fire. It has a body similar to that of a canine; black matted fur covers the creature’s body, though its skin is completely sunk in all around its bones to make it look like a walking skeleton. The creature’s ears are ratty and missing pieces from them and its eyes are literally on fire, flickering a hot white substance that threats to burn anyone around it. Fire not only licks from its eye sockets but its tail as well, a bright glowing color licking at the fur at the end of the appendage. There is even a little bit of the fiery color seen on its back.


Special Info

Class: C-Class

Birth Place: Parker, Arizona

Current Place of Residence: None - Travels

The Finale

History: Gabriel Takeda was born in Needles, Arizona during the middle of the summer to a young teenage girl who had no business having a child, this leading to him being given up to an adoption agency after only being introduced to the world for a few hours. It was an anonymous donation to the agency so Gabriel never found out who his mother was, but today he really does not care since he knows that his life with her would not have been any better than the one he lived in the orphanage. Though he had a hard time in the little place with several other children his age he could not complain since he was one of the few who never broke down because he was not adopted, simply keeping himself occupied in his silent isolate. While most of the children who were left behind began to rebel out of frustration he simply began to look at the newest crazes on the web, discovering something called Storm-Riding with Air-Treks that the government had banned because of safety reasons. The prospect of what those little devices offered him in terms of freedom was almost too tempting to even imaging and he knew that he could not let it slip through his grasp, leading him to run away from the orphanage at the age of sixteen and hide from the police that were tracking him down in Arizona by hitch hiking west to one of the largest cities on the west coast; he went to San Francisco, California, the only thing on his mind being a pair of Air Treks that he could not wait to buy and Paradise that still remained open to him with a hint of hope for a bright future.

Though hitchhiking was extremely dangerous for a young boy Gabriel did not let that hold him back, taking off with hope in his heart and immediately running off to discover how he would get into Paradise. Not much is known of this part of his life, what is known for sure is that he somehow got into Paradise and became an amazing Air Trek rider before taking off north to Seattle, Washington. This is where his travels began despite the lack of money, learning as much as he could about the world of Air Treks that was still up and coming in other portions of the country. It is during these travels that Gabriel gathered the current information he has on Link-Regalia, though nobody knows whether or not he found all of the Link-Regalia or simply a few pair during his time off the grid. All that is known is that once he was finished exploring the world he came back to San Francisco in the search of potential Storm Riders that could be the newest Kings and Queens of the world.

It was in these searches that Gabriel stumbled across a young woman by the name of Ophelia Hawthorne, someone who seemed to be so quiet and innocent with no relation what so every to the Air Trek World. Most would have not even bothered with the female or even thought of teaching her the ways of the sky, but he saw the potential behind her untainted eyes. Over a few months he slowly gained her trust by showing up at her work and talking to her, making sure that she felt him to be somewhat of a friend before he introduced her to Air Treks. At first she seemed very leery of the devices, but soon enough she realized the potential that was behind them and he then began training her to ride. She only thought that he was doing it because he was her friend, but he had intentions of reading what kind of rider she was to bestow her with a Link-Regalia and start his experimentations that would turn the Air Trek World on its head.

After nearly a year of being around her, the longest Gabriel had ever spent with a person, he began to realize that she was not the scared little child he had first known but instead a vicious demoness in disguise; she held not the quiet properties that he thought she would have for a regalia but instead the perfect ones to be the Blood Queen. While he was trying to figure out how to give her the Blood Regalia he also began evaluating their relationship, soon discovering that he had grown far too attached to her than was good for him. The idea of being attached to a person terrified him and he knew he had to leave, but he first wanted to ensure that Ophelia would be have all the information she needed about the Link-Regalia and what it would mean for her. It was only after she was educated that he vanished into the world once more, searching for more riders to be Kings and Queens.

Today he travels all over the country in the search for riders with untold potential, though nobody besides Ophelia has been given a Link-Regalia just yet. In his search though he has began to implement new tactics to find riders that would be good Kings and Queens, even toying with the Pledge Queen and concocting new plans to draw the strongest riders out. The only thing that is for certain now is that only the strongest will gain his trust and be bestowed with the Link-Regalia.

Roleplay Sample: See Ophelia Hawthorn’s Application or Roleplays


Jumping 3/10
Strength 2/10
Speed 8/10
Stamina 3/10
Dexterity 2/10
Acceleration 6/10
Tricks 1/10
Total: 25/58


Name: Circle of Hell
Rank: C-Rank
Description: The Circle of hell is a trick that is rather simple for people to use, though the higher the ranking of the rider the more prevalent it becomes with a stronger fire and smoke. By applying extreme pressure to the sides of their wheels the user begins rides in circles around their opponent, sparking a fire around them that creates black smoke that billows up in a cylinder shape; if done right a fire should erupt within the first three to five spins, making it near impossible for their opponent to flee or at least see where they are going with the smoke. Once immobilized and blind the user can attack their opponent in with an attack of their choice, though the creator of the Circle of Hell prefers to take out the opponent’s legs to make it near impossible for them to get up and continue riding once their rider has gone. During this trick, if the fire is not sparked within five rounds of the opponent the wheels will begin to melt or malfunction, forcing the trick to stop before it even starts. Also, the smoke and fire will only remain prevalent for about a minute until it becomes thin enough for the opponent to escape.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes.

Name: Hounding
Rank: D-Rank
Description: Hounding is a simple trick that does not get any more interesting no matter how much stronger the rider becomes, though it can become more dangerous if the rider is extremely strong. The rider will chase after their opponent, using extreme speeds to come up from behind their opponent must faster than they are traveling. Once within five feet of them the rider will suddenly apply pressure to their back wheels, bringing up a small layer of smoke due to the sudden pressure on the wheels as they launch themselves into the air. The thirty second long smoke makes it appear as though their pursier has stopped momentarily, though in reality they bound through the air and then come down on their opponent’s back or shoulders with a force that will knock them to the ground. If the rider is more trained and knows how to throw their weight, this can cause damage to the opponent’s arms or back, though they can still continue to ride with the pain.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes.

Face Claim


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Though he is very interesting I have many plans now. *smirks*

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