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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have read or watched Air-Gear in order to participate on this site?
Since Air-Gear: Chained Wings takes place in an alternate universe you do not need extensive knowledge of the Air-Trek World to role-play here. However we do ask that you obtain a little information before you get stared and to aid you we have created a Basic Information thread.

Can I start off as a King or Queen with regalia?
This is allowed on occasion, but in order to recieve a regalia and become a King or Queen you first need to speak with an administrator for approval.

What is a Link-Regalia?
Link-Regalia are the counterparts to the original eight regalia that were deemed dangerous to the public shortly after their creation and therefore hidden all around the world. At this time there is little to no information available on the Link-Regalia so the chances of obtaining one of these is quite rare. The only thing that is known about them is that the Link-Regalia work with their counterpart to strengthen both Storm-Riders.

Can I have a Link-Regalia?
Link-Regalia will become available once all of the main regalia have been taken by active members.

Can I create my own custom road and regalia?
Once all of the Kings and Queens to both the main regalia and Link-Regalia have been taken you may be allowed to do so. Custom roads will become available at C-Class and custom regalia will become available at B-class. If you do not wish to wait for them to be officially opened speak with administrator for approval.

Is the Wing Road available?
At this moment the Wing Road is unavailable to all members because it is being used for plot purposes.

How many characters can I have?
Each member is allowed to control three characters so long as they make separate accounts for each one.

How do I advance from one class to another?
For information on advancing from one class to another read the Parts War Rules thread.

    Note* Please direct any additional questions towards an administrator; they will be sure to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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