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`Divinus Elementum [lb] 33yqtc0

You've heard the stories. The tales of
creatures who can control the different elements.
But the thing is, you haven't heard this story, which
is to bad... Because, this story... This one is the real one
And it's the one everyone will be talking about. Trust me, I
know. How... Because I'm the goddess of these lands, and not
a single thing gets past me, ever. This is our story. The story of
the elemental lands of Elementum. But are you ready to face the
facts, and fall into the labyrinth yourself, and face the music. If so...
Be prepared, for all is not well, in these lands. So arm yourself traveler
Because you are treading into unfamiliar waters, and those floaties won't
help you this time.

And then we saw them... The horses. At first Cae was leery of the idea,
but I had to prove to him. They could handle it. At first it was just one or two
horses for each element, but slowly he gave in, my mate, and more gained
elements, first Fire, then Water, then Air, the Earth, then Heart. And Lastly Spirit.
Now every horse born receives one. They have grown closer, these elements, and
we grew proud, like parents, to see our children, our creations mixing so well for once.
But then trouble started to brew. Being different, it has become an almost crime. Spirit
equines have become outcasts, with only water and heart to back them up. Earth, Fire,
and Air have sided to destroy Spirit, and anything that stands between them. But is
war really necessary. Is there a way we can avoid it? No one knows anymore. But this
isn't about the possibility of war. It's almost become certain, the problem know, is
the threat that still continues to remain.

Rumors have been circling throughout the citizens of Divinus Elementum....
rumors of a secret power so devastating, it could wipe the other elements
off the face of the earth...

Will it be the end of life on Divinus Elementum as we know it, or will a hero
arise to counter the threat that wants this object? Or will the citizens
simply stop caring, and go on pretending it doesn't exist while
continuing to shun Spirit and plot their downfall?

Whose side are you on?
And what are you going to do now?

Rules-Part one--Rules-Part Two--Element Details--Plot--Advertise/Affiliate

What we have to offer:
`Re-opened Site.
`Available Staff spots.
`Available Royal Positions
`Available Lead Positions
`Available God Positions.
`Lots of places to rp at.
`Friendly community.
`New atmosphere.

Our Affiliate:
`Divinus Elementum [lb] Minibannera

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="<a href="" alt="Divinus Elementum" border="0" /></a>

Welcome, to Divinus Elementum...
Where life never comes easy.
Divum and Cae

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