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--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open]

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1 --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:01 pm

      Ezekiel found himself deep within the almost seemingly tunnels of sewers underneath San Fransisco. Anyone within the right state of mind wouldn't be seen within sewers unless they were getting paid for it. But these seweres were different, much different. Through the maze like tunnels, right in the middle of the entire complex resided a circular room. This room was commonly known as 'THE CLUB'. Within such a place one on one fights took place. Fights for money, power, and respect. A person only needs three things in order to join the ranks of the club. Common knowledge of the layout of the sewers. A strong body, and a pair of Air-Treks. Only the strong and passionate make it out in one piece within this dangerous place.

      Ezekiel scanned the surrounding tunnels with his glowing green eyes. He normally doesn't bother with mediocre Storm-Riders, but a mysterious letter found its way to his hotel room. The letter wasn't a surprise to him, though - he has been causing a endless amount of trouble within the city with his graffiti and Air-Treks, so finding him was probably almost to easy. But who would want him here? That was the question that riddled his mind ever since he retrieved the mysterious letter. The layout of the sewers still remained the same - he easily spot common landmarks indicating he was heading in the right direction.

      The boys attire remained casual. A black pullover hoodie with matching black pants, and sneakers. On top of his head rested a black hat, and underneath said hat he wore a black do-rag. Wrapped around his neck were his twin Air-Treks, they stood ready for use if the time called for it. And on a black drawstring bag resided on his back, filled with numerous spray-cans with different ink colors. As his eyes overlooked the area, Ezekiel's eyes opened wide - for he saw some of his old graffiti. The perfect art was quite old and showed obvious signs of fading, but that didn't bother the boy at all - for his artwork lasted a eternity and maybe even beyond that.

      "Hm, sounds like shits startin' to pop off."

      The boy whispered to himself as the faint sounds of stomping and cheering echoed through the entire tunnel system. Storm-Riders of all skill levels swiftly started passing Ezekiel with powerful leg strides - knowing they were missing some of the action. But Ezekiel kept his cool and simply chuckled at the hasty movements. It was apparent San Fransisco still had the same mediocre and talent-less Storm-Riders from a few years back. The stomps and screams suddenly jumped with a mighty roar. The powerful motors within the Air-Treks buzzed throughout the air like honeybees. But still, Ezekiel kept his calm and continued his slow stroll. He'd get there when he'd get there, no point in rushing.

      "If this is a waste of my time, I'mma be fuckin' pissed!"

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2 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:53 pm

It was the first Grim was back in San Fransisco since joining Ragnarok, and that was about three weeks ago, and since than Grim has been none stop training himself to improve his skills to become a C rank rider for the sole fact that Grim did not want to feel like he was holding back the team since he was the only team member it seemed in Ragnarok that was still a D rank rider.
So in spite of his teammates words, Grim packed up and headed back West to train by himself for a while. He wantied to improve his skills with the riders in this area before rejoing his team mates back in Las Vegas, and at this very moment it was time for him to shine. Grim dashed forward keeping his hands up in a guard position. Dodging not one, not two but all four members of an A-T team Grim didn't bother to get a name from. They simply took one look of his solid black jacket besides the silver hem, and buttons and the purple symbol of Ragnarok on the back when he got to THE CLUB! A few hours ago, and hasn't stopped hastling him until Grim met there demand and call his Team mates up for a match. Of course Grim wasn't going to do that, they all seemed a waste of the nine hour drive over here, and besides it was Grim's "rest" day from training. He just came to THE CLUB, because he hasn't visited in a while, and Grim wanted to watch other matches that was bond to go down tonight, but they kept at it all night, and Grim had to hand it to them they perstistance when they wanted something.

So Grim caved in already aknowledging that he wasn't going to have a peaceful night until they were gone. Grim challeged them, if they beat him he would call his team mates out and they will have a battle, but if they lose they would have to take a hike and never try to challege him again as long as he was in THE CLUB. Without a second thought they leaped on the challege like a pack of dogs, and now this was were Grim was at. Grim bobbed and skidded to a stop as he dodged yet another Hook from a heavy set member of the Team. He didn't look too bright and he wasn't going to be any after Grim unloaded a load of round kicks to the head and chest one blow after another, and when the big guy seemed like he couldn't take anotehr blow Grim stepped in close just like he aiming from the beginning and laid out the big guy with a right hook of his own knocking the troll over.

Grim couldn't help but shake his hand from the light pain that was radiating from his hand, he also couldn't help the wick smile that spread across his as he drunk in the gapping mouthes and stares he was receviving from the big Troll's team mates. This was Grim's plan from the start, he wasn't aiming to annihilate the whole team, they haven't pissed him off to that level just yet. Just crus hthere hopes and dreams of every winning a fist fight with Grim, and bring down the Big guy did the trick.

Grim cracked one knuckle in the palm of one hand then traded off as he heard and felt the popping sensation roll through his body sending chills down his shirtless, light sweated body. His eyes landed one Teammate, and bounced from one to the other as he spoke, " So who wants to go next, we don't have all night. RIGHT FOLKS!" Grim shouted throwing up his hands, and the spectators roared in agreement; while Grim never took his eyes off his opponents as his arms came down and his legs natural found it's fighting stance ready to go. " Just another fish shot in the barrel." Grim muttered to himself as he moved like lighting to the right engaging yet another unready team member from the rain of blows Grim dealed.


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3 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:32 pm

      The moments would pass and Ezekiel's ears stung from the frantic screams and cheers coming from the gawking crowd. The green eyed boy simply smiled and began practically parting away the crowd with his presence alone. The other storm-Riders would look over their shoulders and see the glowing green eyes, with the smooth chocolate skin and almost instantly know who it is. Was the sudden parting a sign of respect? Or was it more fear? Maybe a little of both? Ezekiel is known for his amazing skills on Air-Treks - but in reality, most have never seen him bust out a single trick ever. So if anything, their respect and fear is based purely off a rumor. The boy found himself directly in front of the action in a matter of seconds.

      "Just as a fuckin' thought. A bunch of wannabes! Not even worth my damn time..."

      He whispered to himself tugging on the strings of the sibling Air-Treks wrapped around his neck. But he was still a little surprised - the battle didn't last long at all. The victor - a boy with glistening white hair issued yet another challenge from anyone within the stands. Ezekiel noticed the proud look within the strangers eyes. The look of a prideful man who wants nothing more but to get stronger and past their limits. But he also saw something else within the man - something that disappointed the green eyed boy greatly - he didn't see a single ounce of skill within this one. Maybe he was jumping to conclusions, but he saw just another mediocre rider wanting to make a name for themselves, but even Ezekiel knew it was much to early to label this man a "loser" based off appearances alone.

      "Never judge a book by its cover... No matter how gay the cover looks "

      The boy stood in place and waited for the events to unfold before his eyes.

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4 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:49 pm

Grim couldn’t help but get caught up in the storm of the win. The rush of adrenalin, the roar of the crowd some even chatting his name, and the groan of the ones he just were fighting. Grim couldn’t help but ask, “Whose next?” from the crowd, after the display he just showed he wasn’t expecting any takers. Grim was never really one of the strongest of fighters to end the match with one blow, or the fastest, but Grim had a skill rarely a few did. A way of tracking the person, reading them completely and preparing to counter there next move before they’ve even thought of it; only after a few exchange of blows, and because of that talent; that gift from the Gods. Was the reason why Grim can tell when and where he should speed up or slow down, right when to dealer the finishing blow with all his might!

The crowd parted as he made his way to the bar, feeling people pat him on his back, chatting his name some more, have girls throw themselves at their feet. Grim thought why the hell where they reacting like this have been here before, but he remembers this was the first time his actually fought IN THE CLUB! Maybe I should do it more often. Brim thought as he ordered a drink at the bar and when it arrived. He threw it back not letting it even touch his tongue and felt the burn in the back of his throat and works its way downward to the depts of his being. He took a seat and the crowd roared in protest when he grabbed his white button up shirt and jacket. [color-grey]”What you want to see more?[/color]
Grim asked and the crowded responded without delay. Grim gave a hearty smile and a shake of his white hair stained with sweat. ” Alright, alright.” Grim muttered as he placed his jacket and shirt back on his stool and strolled back to the middle and the crowd continued to went nuts. ”Now let’s see.” Grim thought aloud scanning the crowd with a finger, and as his eyes wandered he couldn’t help but try to find someone that was a challenge. It would do himself no good to pick on the weak, and there was his pick. A man standing in the crowd all in black with his A-T’s hanging from his neck, the two things that made him stick out were his glowing green eyes, which Grim was sure was the trick of the lighting of THE CLUB, and the space that was provided around the person. Like there was an invisible force field bubble around him causing everyone to stand a few feet back from him.”You want to go a round or two? Grim asked a loud for the man to hear over the roar of the crowd.


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5 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:38 pm

      The spectators roared with mighty waves of joy and anticipation - they wanted to see more blood and violence. Ezekiel simply stood still, with the sibling hanging perfectly from his neck and eyed the outcome of the brawl. The spectators knew nothing of 'skill', and them themselves couldn't even be called Storm-Riders. "THE CLUB" still remained the same - a place where the scum gather to test their might against one another, but Ezekiel wouldn't be apart of something so degrading. As the victor of the brawl made his way over to the small bar, the people within the crowd gawked and praised the white-haired stranger for his swift victory. But they didn't see what Ezekiel saw - flashy movements with little to know true skill behind them. Thus further proving to himself the victor was a 'loser'.

      "Gotta be a reason I got that fuckin' letter!"

      The boy muttered to himself thinking about the main reason why anyone would send him a letter to just watch a few pointless fights. Who would really be so stupid to do such a thing? It didn't matter to the youth anymore - as soon as the thought entered his head, it was swiftly gone. The shouting spectators begged the white-haired for more. The annoying sounds of screaming and shouting felt as if his head was about to split into two halves. The mysterious stranger made his way towards the center of the circular platform. Upon doing this, the entire crowd feel silent for a split second. Ezekiel's eyes were locked upon the last round victor, he realized the male was looking for a challenge. The boys eyebrows flattened a little - he had a strong feeling he would be called out. The people around him practically splited away from his being - which in turn, made the green eyed youth stick out like a sore thumb.

      "Come on, bro. Don't be fuckin' stu--..."

      Before Ezekiel even had a chance to finish his thoughts, the white-haired stranger issued the challenge he foresaw. Suddenly, the crowd released a eruption of cheers and screams - causing the entire area to shake frantically. The green eyed boy released a deep sigh of boredom mixed with a small trace of great frustration. Slowly, he took a step forward. The slow step did something amazing - but what was it? The entire area grew a little colder, and the spectators grew silent with a great deal of fear laced in their eyes, but what caused such the sudden change? Ezekiel and the stranger stood about 25 meters away from each other. And seeing how the people were now silent for some unknown reason, Ezekiel wouldn't have to strain his voice in response.

      "Pointless to fight a hopeless battle, homie. You just continue smashin' these bitches heads, 'iight?"

      His voice filled with great confidence and sarcasm. With that being said, Ezekiel took a step back to his original position and exhaled a yawn of boredom. Suddenly, the chilling effect over the area lifted, and the crowd picked up the frantic cheering and stomping yet again. Still, what caused such a stranger chilling phenomenon?

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6 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:29 pm

When the eruption of cheers and screams it was the loudest so far and Grim was sure with the stumping and roars it shook THE CLUB’S very foundation. Grim even fought the urge to look up to see if the pipes were holding. However Grim kept his eyes on his opponent because he couldn’t help but feel that this one, this one right here was going to be a difficult to defeat.

The noise of the crowd died when Ezekiel closed the space between them to only a few meters. This was the moment everyone was waiting for. You could tell by the crowds silence to watch the blood bath, Grim just waiting for the attack that was sure to come. His body was relaxed, and feet ready to spring out of the way at an angle and bring down a rain of counter blows. However when the stranger spoke his voice filled with nothing but Confidence, sarcasm, and cockiness, the stranger started to walk back when the crowded exploded some with cheering, others jarring, most displeased with the outcome. So much so Grim had to yell over the crowd for the stranger to hear. ”Come on it won’t be that hopeless I’ll go easy on you, like the last guys. I’ll only use my right arm and right leg.” Grim took a few steps forward closing the space again but being well aware of any attacks that might come his way. But it was true; the last match Grim only did use his right arm and right leg. It was the only way that fight was even a challenge. ”But I don’t think you would need that handicap would ya.” Grim muttered eyeing the stranger,”I’m just looking to test my skills against someone that’s worthy, could that be you?”


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7 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:43 pm

      "Is this guy fuckin' serious?!"

      Ezekiel muttered under his breath as the loud cheers from the spectators picked up with great waves. Why did this stranger want to fight so badly? Did he really want to lose? Or was it more of a pride thing? It just made no sense to Ezekiel who wanted to avoid such disgraceful violence. The white-haired male responded to Ezekiel with confident words of his own. But still, there remained one great factor between them - Ezekiel had the skill to back up what was being said, but did this other character? The emerald eyed youth slowly turned around while remaining in place. He quickly noticed the approaching male. Weird, why would he close the great distance gap just to talk? This character was a strange one indeed, but it was no matter to Ezekiel - for his words were words he heard from all Storm-Riders who knew no better.

      "Bro, I'm pretty sure you can find someone here that can give you the ass whoopin' you want. I'm not about to give you the pleasure of doin' that, so get the fuck outta my face, homie."

      His tone of voice simi-serious, with a strong trace of sarcasm and bluntness. He couldn't be bothered with such a Storm-Rider.

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8 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:00 pm

Grim took what the stranger said into consideration, and couldn’t help but smirk and shake his head resulting in his hair swaying with the motion. Grim rubbed his chin and barked out a laughter.” And I’m pretty sure there are a hand full of people in the world that can kick my ass, and guess what none of them are in here. Grim tone came out more sarcasm then he wanted it to sound, and over confidence but it was the truth in Grim’s book. When it came to fighting he went on truth of the matter the facts, not ifs and butts. If you can hand Grim a butt whoopin then it’s fact, if not… well it’s bull shit and just talk.

” But I see you don’t want to fight, so how about a drink. You know the whole Bridge under the water type of deal. Grim took a half step to the side holding up his arm toward the bar. Ignoring the hissing and boos from the crowd being denied the blood that was soo promise. ”Since you don’t want to have a good nice fight at least have one drink with me. Grim giving the stranger an honest smile. Because it was an honest offer; when it came to fighting and Riding Grim wasn’t up to dirty tricks unless it was someone that was an SHF or the cops, but this was between two riders, and honor were at state. Grim didn’t shift from his position didn’t draw closer or took steps away, but kept his eyes on the stranger and his aura, and body language friendly.


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9 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:26 am

      Laughter escaped Ezekiel's mouth with mighty booms. This guy must have been serious? It also must have been his first time in "THE CLUB"? The Storm-Rider he fought had to be one of the weaker fighters. Why would they send out the stronger ones at the beginning of the night? To the spectators can get bored and leave in upset? It's just not smart, nor is it a good idea for business, but this white-haired stranger didn't understand that. The green eyed youth faced the male once again. His eyes calm, while his optics pulsated a faint green glow. The people in the crowd couldn't believe their ears. A unknown calling out someone like Ezekiel who's infamous for his savage riding-style, and unhuman like feats on Air-Treks.

      "Nah, homie. Two things I don't do in this stupid ass place. One: Never fight the lame ass Storm-Riders they attract to this bitch. And two: Never drink the wack ass alcohol they supply."

      As the words flew from his mouth, Ezekiel pulled on the sibling Air-Trecks hanging from his neck. He eyed the white-haired male one more time. Maybe he was judging a little to hard? He has the tendency to do that when it comes to the world of Air-Treks. Eh, it didn't matter anymore - he always spoke his mind and rarely had any regrets. Ezekiel's eyes left the boy, and he spun on his heels - now facing the exit. With slow lazily steps, he began descending into darkness. The smell of the sewers were starting to get to Ezekiel, and he really had no real reason to stay in this area any longer.

      "Just don't be stupid and get yourself killed, homie. The people down here can be fuckin' ruthless at times."

      His voice fading the further he moved down the maze like tunnels.

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10 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:01 pm

Grim frowned in disappointment, this was the first his seen in, THE CLUB! Someone as strong as this stranger that was standing in front of him deny what it might see as an “easy win”. The stronger person would strut his stuff for a while, and if he was smart and a betting person, would make it seem like they were losing in the beginning, then pull out a behind win since they betted on themselves to rack in the money.

As the stranger pulled on his A-T’s grim just watched as he went still trying to figure out if this was a trick or not to have Grim drop his guard but it was no trick the stranger was being honest and left, “THE CLUB”, even with the crowd booing. Grim had no clue how to process this but the only thing he could think of was testing his skills against this Rider that denied him. So much so Grim completely ignored the big lug who seemed to had appeared out of nowhere and placed his hand on Grim’s shoulder and turned him around. It had seemed that the big lug had challenge Grim himself since the stranger had taken off, and he was pissed because Grim had ignored him for good reason. ”Get lose?!” Grim muttered in utter serious coldness, his eyes reflecting his mood. ”what was that shrimp? Grim grabbed the Big lugs hand that was on his and stared straight in his eyes and with a twist and bent the wrist in an angle that shouldn’t be able to turn as his shadow of a black phoenix erupted from behind; which only meant Grim was no longer playing around like he was before match.

The crowd went quite other than the crying from the man Grim just put down as he made his way back to the bar and the crowd spilt apart in from of him once more, but not out of awe and respect but Fear of what he might do next. Grim quickly fished out some cash from his pocket and placed it on the bar counter, then threw on his white button shirt only buttoning three buttons in the middle. Then slide right into his black and silver jacket in one go and as he walked around the ring where the man with the broken wrist was no longer along but surrounded by friends; who all stopped to watch as Grim went by placing on his A-T’s and headed the direction the stranger went off to. Grim was surpise he could still make out the sound of the stranger’s A-T’s still, it was by far nowhere near “THE CLUB” anymore, but Grim was ready to test his new skills out after his hard training to see if he can play caught up to this stranger that was very quickly leaving Grim in his dust.


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11 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:48 pm

      OOC* Ezekiel never put on his Air-Treks, he's just walking down the sewers now.

      - - - - - - -

      "Waste of fuckin' time..."

      The youth thought to himself as the crushing waves of the sewer waterfall erupted throughout the endless maze of tunnels. The boy released a sigh of frustration and boredom. Why did he come down here again? He knew it was going to be pointless yet he did it anyway. Maybe a small strand of hope still remain within the boy? Hope that all is not lost with Storm-Riders. Yeah, that has to be it. What other reason could remain for such a useless and pointless trip? But if that was the true reason behind this little adventure. That last strand may longer be in its place anymore.

      "Now my night is wasted. This is some straight up bullshit!"

      The green eyed boy muttered as his hands drifted into both pants pocket. His right slowly exposed a cigarette, while the left exposed a pure sliver flick-lid lighter. The crushing sound of the water never ceased, and the tunnels remained completely empty. Ezekiel rose the small white stick to his mouth and placed it softly within his lips. A quick flick of the wrist exposed a brilliant red flame from the silver lighter. The tip of the cigarette caught ablaze. The stench coming from the stick canceled out the sewer stench surrounded Ezekiel. Plus, the smell of the cigarette eased his mind. He didn't smoke it, the youth just let it burn away while he flicked it left to right with his tongue.

      "Maybe I can go catch a late night flick?"

      His thoughts riddled with other activates once he would make his departure from this horrific place.

      "Shit, I dunno. Whatever happens, happens..."

      The boy shifted his hands behind his head and pressed onward.

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12 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:04 pm

Occ- my bad read it wrong then

Grim wasn’t really sure which way the stranger went as Grim made his way further and further away from “THE CLUB”, but Grim was determined to find the stranger and do what exactly? Fight him? Riding against him? Find out his name maybe? Who knew but the stranger did something rarely anyone has ever done in Grim’s life before. The stranger made Grim…..Hell Grim didn’t even know. Grim was going to have to catch up to the stranger and see what happens.

Grim rode on the wall and climbed onto the ceiling of the tunnel and twirled as he rode the ceiling hard and off to the other side and right into the right tunnel that was the only choice of two and then straight through a series of other tunnels until he came to an opening at the end that was a straight drop off, forcing Grim to stop, and surveying his surroundings, with hawk like eyes, and there he was. With relief Grim let out a sigh that he hadn’t lost the stranger and he didn’t want to lose him now as he headed down another tunnel. ”HEY WAIT UP! Grim shouted as he went in full reverse to gain some distance in his own tunnel to shoot off to a nearby platform, onto a set of pipes and round bout straight into the strangers tunnel.

That was just what Grim did once his front wheel hit the tunnel floor and shot forward with speed that was new to Grim. He judged just right before he had to jump and bent his knees and leaped forward with a front flip and hit the platform right forward riding on a slimy, sewer wall and right off to the pipes and right into the tunnel riding right behind the Stranger closing the distance. ” I SAID STOP!” Grim shouted once more riding on the sewer tunnel like before but this time at an arch angle and spun to a full stop picking up a whirl of air passing by blowing out the cigarette and bring in a new way of nasty smell that reeked, but Grim didn’t care he had caught up to the stranger and at that moment. It dawned on him; he still didn’t know what he wanted from the rider in general. Grim opened his mouth then closed it again, then opened once more no words were coming out, and he knew he was losing the Stranger once more, and the stranger would pass him right by again and this time Grim didn’t think he would be able to stop him again. ”your name tell me your name? There that was a good start, a bad one in some books, but still a good start.


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13 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:06 pm

      OOC* It's coo'. No real big deal.

      - - - - -

      The crushing waves canceled out any further noise being made within the sewer complex - not even the screaming fans could be heard from Ezekiel's current location. The crushing waves soothed him, it took his mind to a peaceful place - a place where everyone ran free with no fear of Air-Treks and the people that abuse them. But as the tranquil image overtook his body, the youth's ears picked up the sudden sound of clashing metal and roaring Air-Trek motors. This didn't startle him, it simply broke his train of thought. The boy continued onward, he knew it was almost pointless trying to pinpoint the exact location of the clashing metal and roaring motors.


      Suddenly, the cigarette within his mouth caught a gust of fast moving wind - turning it's brilliant red flame into nothing but smoke. Ezekiel's eyes shifted directly in front of him, and his eyes caught a very odd sight. The white-haired male from before. But why did he follow him? Did he still want to fight? Or was this more of a friendly encounter? The emerald eyed youth noticed the white-haired males chest protruding much faster then normal. This could only mean one thing - he was riding hard to catch up with Ezekiel, but for what? The more the youth thought about it, the more he wanted to just kick this guys ass and get it over with.

      "Da fuck do you want now, homie?!"

      The emerald eyed boy spoke with blunt annoyed words. But suddenly, Ezekiel realized the man standing directly in front of him was at a lose of words - which was really strange. Normally men don't undergo such sudden changes at a whim, so what caused it? Ezekiel didn't care, he just wanted to leave this place but the person in front of him held him from doing just that. It's not in his nature to be outright rude to a person, but this white-haired stranger was asking for it. The green eyed youth took the unlit cigarette from his mouth and swiftly flicked it into the murky sewer water underneath them. Upon doing that, Ezekiel spun on his heels and continued his lazy slow pace walk. But once again, the man stopped him. But not by actions, but with words.

      "The name is Ezekiel, Zeke for the lazy bitches."

      The words exiting from his mouth were drenched in sarcasm. As he continued his walk, he rose his left arm and waved it from side to side - indicting he wasn't staying in this forsaken place any longer.

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14 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:23 pm

Grim thought he messed up, and had missed his chance as Ezekiel moved passed him, and a wave of disappointment washed over Grim, until he heard the stranger call back, and answer his name. Grim played with it in his mouth, let it roll over his tongue before noticing that Ezekiel was taking off. ”Hey wait up man, what’s the rush? Grim announced pushing forward letting his A-T’s run only at 3% speed, to match Ezekiel’s pace. Grim glided by Ezekiel’s side peaking over to get a good look at his emerald eyes, with his own hands in his pocket.

When a question pushed forward to the front of his mind and he couldn’t help but voice it. ”So, if you don’t mind answering another question, Grim started working his way up to his question,”If you didn’t come to “THE CLUB” for the booze or the fighting itself, why did you come tonight? Grim didn’t know if Ezekiel would answer because the way his mood seem to be going downhill quick with Grim, but Grim was incredibly curious about the Rider standing next to him.


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15 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:02 pm

      It was apparent this white-haired stranger wouldn't let Ezekiel escape his grasp so easily. But why did he need to ask so many questions? Like a developing child wanting to gain common knowledge, this was truly annoying to Ezekiel - but he rather talk then hurt this individual. The strangers sudden words reached the ears of Ezekiel, causing the boy to slowly turn around with a confused look growing upon his smooth milk-chocolate toned face. His glowing eyes caught the sight of the stranger riding beside him as Ezekiel walked further into the endless sewer complex. He released a sudden breath of frustration and fixed his emerald gaze directly in front of him yet again. Looks like Ezekiel gained a new companion tonight - even if he didn't want one...

      "Another question, huh? We playin' twenty questions now, homie?"

      The sarcasm flew from his mouth, but he wouldn't deny this stranger his questions. He may have not wanted the company, but it sure did beat walking through this smelling complex alone. As the words from the white-haired stranger reached Ezekiel's ears, the boy thought about the question for a split second. The green eyed youth turned his head to his left - now looking at the stranger with a crocked grin.

      "Got a letter. No name, and I don't recognize the handwriting."

      His gaze fixed back upon the endless tunnel they walked and rode down.

      "Eh, usually when they do this shit. It's supposed to be a good Storm-Rider fighting tonight. Someone good enough to recruit for a team, but I doubt that shit! Nothin' but a bunch of pussies here... No offence, homie."

      Ezekiel spoke, his head held high, arms resting firmly behind his head, and with the aura of a prideful man.

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16 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:14 pm

Grim shrugged off Ezekiel’s first comment that was laced with nothing but sarcasm. Grim thought he might need to work it out of the green eyed young man, but when he turned to Grim with a smile, Grim didn’t know if he should like or not. However Grim didn’t have anything to fear, because Ezekiel told him about the letter; which got Grim thinking. He took one hand from his pocket and rubbed his chin mauling over, then simply gave up with another shrug as Ezekiel himself moved on explaining about how he was looking for team mates, but came out empty handed, commenting about nothing but pussies tonight, even though Ezekiel added no offence at the end. The kid had an ego a mile long though. Grim spared Ezekiel a look taking in the pridefulness of the young man.

Grim chuckled shaking his head just slightly,”None taken, but um… if I were you I won’t have my head so high my friend. That’s one way straight to have your throne taken. If you know what I mean.” Grim spoke with experience his seen it happened half a dozen times, sitting on the sidelines, and even more so when he was coming up the ranks. When he tackled F rank teams, and other D ranks teams alike, because they under estimated Grim and his abilities.

”If your judging me on my abilities back there. That was nothing more than a warm up. They were bugging me for a chance to tackle Ragnarok.” The pair turned another corner in the maze of tunnels, Grim shook his head and shrugged his shoulders and held it for a bit before letting them dropped and spoke.”It was the quickest way for me to get them out of my hair, and then I got caught up in the whirlwind of the crowd. By the way sorry about that back there calling you out; Just got caught up.


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17 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:54 pm

      Ezekiel's glowing green eyes landed on the mysterious stranger beside him once again. His next string of words caused the boys right eyebrow raise in confusion, but suddenly he busted out into a jolly spirit-lifting laugh. This person was 100% correct - the people who think the most of themselves take defeat the worst, but Ezekiel wasn't one of those egocentric individuals. Sure, he knew he possessed superior speed, strength, and power. But this doesn't mean he thinks he's undefeatable. He knew the pain of defeat, he knew the sorrow of losing everything important, but showing such weakness is something he cannot do. So in a way, he understood what this stranger meant...

      "So true, homie. So fuckin' true."

      Ezekiel spoke in response while a mighty yawn escaped his mouth. The boys ears caught yet another wave of words coming from the White-Haired male standing beside him. It seemed he thought Ezekiel was judging him back there - which he was, but with good reason - something this person wouldn't understand unless he knew what Ezekiel has been through and the amount of power he possesses. He also mentioned the name "Ragnarok". Was that this males team? If it was, it sure didn't ring a bell to Ezekiel. He knew of all major teams within the San Francisco area, so this couldn't be a team here. As the white-haired boy continued to speak. He spoke of the challengers as if they were a bother - as if he didn't want to face them in the first place. But In Ezekiel's eyes, the events back in "THE CLUB" said otherwise - he almost seemed excited to crush the people that opposed him. Before ending the string of words, he apologized - which caught Ezekiel off guard completely.

      "Nah, no need to make amends, bro. Jus remember what I said, though. Be careful who you call out - people here can be fuckin' heartless. You're just lucky you called out the one dude who doesn't fight weaklings... No offense, homie."

      His words drenched in sarcasm and bluntness.

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18 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:32 pm

Once again Grim chuckled as Ezekiel explained he doesn’t fight weaklings.”None taken,” Grim was about to say something else, but his mouth closed and his brow came together in confusion, as a new scent was introduced to his nose. One that seemed out of place in this wrecked place; It was the scent of fresh water, and fresh air to boot, and after turning another corner the smell grew stronger and stronger until light was beaming from around yet another corner.

The moon’s light showered the next corner with its radiance. Grim sped a head and around the corner and he was correct. It was one giant storm drain, which bars were missing giving it’s an appearance of a giant hole in the wall.

“Oh I completely forgot in all the excitement, my name is Grim; Everyone just calls me Grim. Come on let’s get a move on. Since who every sent you that letter, obviously put you in a bad mood since they didn’t show up, and when I’m in a bad mood I like to ride.” Grim had to admit that was a lame excuse, but Ezekiel was a storm rider. Storm riders don’t really need excuse to ride


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19 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:41 pm

      "Good, good. Didn't wanna fuck around n' hit a soft spot."

      The youth erupted in a laugh once again, his hands resting firmly behind his head as the duo continued the journey through the complex. It was a little weird. One moment ago Ezekiel loathed walking with this stranger, and now he found himself engaged in friendly conversation. Maybe he held the standers of all other Storm-Riders to low? This fellow seemed to be pretty relaxed and not to full of himself - something hard to find within the new batch of riders. Ezekiel still strongly believed this stranger had no noticeable skill when it came to Air-Treks, but he still remained a pretty cool dude. Time escaped the boy, as he soon realized he made it to one of the many hidden escape routes. The magnificent glow of the moon overhead gave life to Ezekiel. The smell of fresh clean air sent chills down his entire body, while the nice night breeze made him feel one with the earth.

      "Grim, huh? Ain't gonna lie... That's a pretty fucked up name, Grim."

      The green eyed youth said, chuckling and placing the sibling Air-Treks around his neck on the solid ground beneath him. As he did this, the backpack on his back also hit the ground, while the sneakers on his feet came off. With swift movements, Ezekiel's feet were in the Air-Treks, and his sneakers were in the backpack, and the backpack was placed back on it's original location. He had no intentions on skating this night, but the glow of the moon quickly changed his mind. It's not everyday he gets the chance to ride under the moon - and in all it's natural glory. Ezekiel placed a little pressure on the Air-Treks placed upon his feet, and almost instantly the motors within the sibling ATs roared with a mighty sound.

      "Nights like this are hard to come upon, homie. I'm about to cease this moment to the fullest."

      He spoke, his glowing eyes placed upon the moon overhead.

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20 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:06 pm

”Yea my mother was going through a Grim Brother’s phase when she was having me, so I got stuck with the name.Grim explained, sparing Ezekiel a glance then back out at the night sky that were blazing with stars and the full moon. While Ezekiel was slipping on his A-Ts. Grim didn’t know if the youth had any clue who the Grim Brothers were; very few didn’t now and days, that the stories they heard when they were younger to help them sleep were created by the Grim Brothers’ and greatly sugarcoated and changed overtime to instead of scare the children to being good, but admire and dream of being princes, and fighting dragons, and ogres, or being princess waiting on the prince.

Ezekiel pulled Grim’s thoughts of one of his favorite stories of the Grim Brothers when Ezekiel spoke up about ceasing this moment. ”I hear ya bra, taking every moment like it’s your last before the SHF comes and ruin the fun. Grim added nodding off to his right in the very distance, sounds of the chase could be hear. Sirens, motors, yells and such was all signs that other Riders were causing trouble for the cops, which meant them weren’t going to spend time on the two pair that were planning their next move.

”I suggest we go that way,” Grim offered nodding over to the Ezekiel’s left with his chin. Grim added pressure to his A-T’s and his motors went to work as he went forward with added speed and leaped over the rushing water that separated the two side paths of the escape, right off the bat riding on the wall that was angled downward with a slight slant, and being welcome to the night by cool, kisses of wind.


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21 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:21 pm

      "Still fucked, bro."

      Ezekiel said in response - letting the conversation end right then and there. The surrounding area outside of the gaping hole remained lush with vegetation, but this area looked very familiar. As Ezekiel's glowing green eyes scaled the area the boy noticed wooden benches and a great fountain. This could only mean one thing, the duo stood above one of the many parks in San Francisco. The boy shook his head softly and turned his vision back on the stranger named Grim standing beside him. The white-haired male spoke of the Special Air-Trek Forces as if he faced down the countless soldiers they possess. But he said nothing - many don't know the true purpose behind the SAF, and most never will.

      The sound of sirens suddenly disrupted the peace and tranquility. Flashing blue and red lights could be seen in the distance, bouncing off the ground below them. Where the SAF really planing a rid on "THE CLUB"? Why would they wounder into unknown territory like that? They would die before even getting close to their desired location. Ezekiel chuckled a little at the sight - he knew this wouldn't end nicely for the brave soldiers. But as Ezekiel was in his own thoughts, Grim took off with a display of flashy moves - moves Ezekiel could care less about. His eyes shifted back down to the men in white below them. No way they'd see them, let alone have enough man power to raid the complex and chase down two lone Storm-Riders. So a chase wouldn't happen.

      Placing even more pressure on the wheels of his Sibling Air-Treks. The motors within roared viciously. The wheels began spinning with amazing speed, while smoke rose from the ground. Within a blink of an eye, Ezekiel brought his body up into the opening sky - he was now soaring even higher above the ground, his body flipping and turning with graceful accurate movements. The wind around his body rippled as he continued to spin, the sound coming from his body silent. The only thing that could be heard were the faint humming sounds of the roaring motor within the Air-Treks. As his body continued to descend, the boy landed on a high railing. The wheels on his Air-Treks carried him forward with impressive speed. He wasn't to far behind Grim now, his eyes just continued to remain locked on the moon overhead. As the Special Air-Trek Forces began the hopeless raid of the sewers.

      "Gotta love it."

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22 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:39 pm

From the sound of how things were going, it was a good thing Ezekiel and Grim had left the, “THE CLUB” at the time that they did, otherwise it seems if they left any later they would have been taken in by surprise by the surrounding forces of SAF, but Grim highly doubted that even if the SAF had caught them by surprise that they could handle both Grim and Ezekiel. Speaking of which Grim hadn’t seen if Ezekiel had followed or not. Grim spared his first glance behind him, and did everything in his power not to trip over his own A-T’s as Grim did a half circle and came to a stop and watch Ezekiel’s arch and maneuver in the sky so effortlessly. Grim had wished he was paying more attention to the other Rider and watch his take off but from the position Ezekiel was in the air. Grim judged he was half way through his trip in the air, and after a few more graceful flips, Ezekiel landed not too far behind Grim; who had his mouth opened just slightly with an acquired corner mile.

” You have to teach me how you did that, that was amazing. Grim had to admit that the other rider had some crazy skills with laughter, as he added pressure to his A-T’s and felt himself starting to go in reverse keeping his eyes on Ezekiel, watching his moves, to see if Ezekiel will tell him something or, do it again this time Grim would be ready to catch the whole show, while increasing his speed just slightly as time went on.


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23 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:05 pm

      The landing on the high railing was a little harder then Ezekiel expected. The contact force traveled up his legs causing a small source of numbness, but nothing the green eyed youth couldn't handle. The railing carried him forward with a fluid clean grinding motion. And as his body moved onward, the short numbness passing through his legs quickly faded into nothingness. Slowly, Ezekiel placed his arms within both pants pockets and turned his head half-way behind him - getting a much better look at the events happening below. It seemed a few of the Special Air-Trek Forces were talking with each other. Was this so kind of sneaky plan? A few go in, catch the other Storm-Riders off guard, and when they flee the others are waiting? That would be a good plan if the SAF could even get within three miles from "THE CLUB" - they'd get lost and die before that ever happens.

      "Fuckin' idiots..."

      The boy said to himself with a soft voice as his eyes fixed upon the long railing before him. The mighty metal pole would carry his speeding body for a great distance, so a quick departure wouldn't be needed anytime soon. But suddenly, Ezekiel's ears twitched a little as the words of Grim reached them. The stranger seemed impressed by Ezekiel's little display. The youth simply smiled and eyed the white-haired boy with a crocked smile - flashing a few teeth in the process.

      "Sure, I'll teach you that, homie. But only after you get a lil' thing I like to call skill."

      His words filled with sarcasm and arrogance. Ezekiel started laughing after the words ceased from his lips - his own jokes also seemed to cause him to laugh the hardest. It was obvious he was joking... In a since. Everything he did was fairly basic and simple. It only takes a little aerial control and a whole lot of imagination.

      "But yeah, I'll see what I can do, bro."

      His words a little gasp like as he tried reclaiming the lost oxygen while trying to speak at the exact same time.

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24 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:10 pm

Grim was getting use and quickly learning Ezekiel’s sarcasm, it wasn’t to be mean, or put others down. It was simply how he was which had its charm on the youth …. Grim thought, who knows only time could tell, but for now Grim was having fun and excited to be with another rider that could match his own skills and beyond other than Rath of course back in Las Vegas. “Well come on oh mighty sensei you have a lot to teach this grasshopper it seems.” Grim shouted pivoting around and pushing off got his A-T’s going at a normal speed before hopping onto the same railing Hop was Grind a little ways down. Grim bent his knees and body to absorb the force of contact and grinded forward a bit, before hopping and getting his wheels in a line. Which would have thrown other less skilled riders completely off balance and caused some serious injuries, Grim threw his arms out to balance him as his A-T’s pressed forward on the thin surface that was provided.

Occ- suck post


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25 Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:59 pm

      "Ha! You ain't half bad, bro."

      The Green eyed youth spoke looking at the white-haired male directly beside him. This person had a free spirit - something not commonly seen within Storm-Riders now a days. This individual didn't seem like the "others", he seemed "different". He was still very inexperienced, but showed great promise. The old ways were strong within this one - much stronger than must, and that was a quality Ezekiel himself had no other choice but to respect. Brilliant orange and red sparks rose from the metal as Ezekiel continued to grind, but this all came to a end with a mighty leap from the railing. The boys body twisting as the wind rippling around him sung. The feeling of gaining air was one that couldn't be explained but only experienced. A person felt like one with the earth and mother nature alike. To some, it's even more pleasurable than sexual intercourse - it all comes down to personal experiences. Ezekiel landed on the ground a few feet away from the railing - he was now skating backwards on the parks cement.

      "Teach you, huh? Depends. What do ya' wanna learn?"

      Was Ezekiel serious? Would he teach this mysterious Storm-Rider? Only time could answer these questions...

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