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26--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:55 am

Grim smirked and nodded at the complement from hop, which Grim thought rarely Ezekiel has done too many riders. The confidence and ego that radiated off Ezekiel spoke volumes along with the skills to back that said air about Ezekiel; Grim couldn’t blame him. Especially when Ezekiel took to the air, it was truly a sight to see, such control, and grace rolled into one as he ended his grind with a very impressive display in the air. Grim couldn’t hope to do something as remarkable as Ezekiel’s style at his level, and if he did it would only end in failure and injuries, so Grim went with a 360 spin, where Grim brought his knees to his chest, after his disbar from the railing, and landed with a grunt and rode forward to caught up to Ezekiel entering a well-lit park.

“Everything if we have time. I’ve spent a great amount of time training myself off of my grandfather’s training regimen that was based off of riding without A-T’s and it’s only taken me up through the ranks and allowed me to become a D-rank rider without any traditional A-T basic training.” Grim replied, telling only a little part of his history, and his training. Grim didn’t want to get into the whole SHF taking his Grandfather down, or further into his past with his family, because it seemed it won’t interest Ezekiel one bit.

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27--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:07 pm

      The boy would keep his emerald gaze directly in front of him as the motorized skates carried him through the fallen leaves scattered throughout the park. The words of the white-haired male made Ezekiel's ears twitch slightly - it seemed the two shared something in common. The Green eyed boy kept his vision directly ahead as Grim told a little story, a story Ezekiel himself could relate to a little. As the white-haired males words came to a sudden end, Ezekiel eyed Grim from the corner of his eyes with a faint smirk placed upon his face. Who would've thought another would have such similar training? Well, in Ezekiel's case it was much more than training, it was a way of life and his choice from the very start.

      "I'm be damned! We share a similar background, bro. My grandpa taught me everything I know about Air-Treks, too. Small world, huh?"

      The youth spoke with a friendly tone as a lone park bench sat a few feet ahead. In a few fluid swift motions, the boy bent his legs, jumped, landed on the top of the bench, and preformed a grind on the back support section. The roaring sibling Air-Treks on his feet collide with the hard ground with a thump. The shocks within them soaked all the force as he landed. With 180 degree spin, Ezekiel continued skating down the park backwards looking directly behind Grim, while his front remained exposed.

      "If I was to teach you everything you'd have no fuckin' idea what to do with all that power, homie."

      The boy spoke with his usually sarcastic and arrogant tone.

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28--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:43 pm

Once Ezekiel filled Grim in on his own upbringing, a smile spread across on Grim’s face of an kindred soul out there like him. ”Small world indeed, Small world indeed.” Grim shook his head in disbelief. Grim watched Ezekiel’s movements’ and tried to memorize the movements to his best of his abilities at this time. Thinking Ezekiel might want him to start on something like that, which would be easy enough to do the grinding on the park bench and leap off, but the swift moves of before, was out of the question at Grim’s level as it was now.

When Ezekiel replied with his answer Grim couldn’t help but smile and roll his eyes, and couldn’t fight the feeling that Ezekiel was growing on him. ”Than the basics,” Grim replied as his eeys shifted from Ezekiel to the next bench, which Grim took by storm. His moves to the bench was basic ride, but once he leaped onto the wood of the bench feeling that it would hold, he pushed off the back with a little more speed and power, and rode the wood to the top of the bench’s corner and held onto the end with one hand, the rest of his body staying straight into the air, Grim spread his legs open than closed like a acerbate, clown on top of a ball in the circus, and with a grunt Grim bent his elbow and pushed off into the air, again with no skills of control near as good as Ezekiel’s but good enough where Grim could land not that far from Ezekiel without getting hurt.

“I should have worded the request better. To have you teach me your style, and how you do it, no offence, would hold me back. Your style and road is your own. That would be like grading a fish on how well they can climb you know. One of these days I will find my own style and my own road to ride upon, but for now I’m good with the basics.”

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29--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:30 pm

      As Grim shot forward like a cannon, Ezekiel did nothing but listen. His eyes remained on the darkness ahead of him, as the twin Air-Treks on his feet carried him onward. Ezekiel has one amazing quality - other than his charm and skill as a Storm-Rider. This quality is rarely found within this generation of Strom-Riders, but Ezekiel himself developed the skill to it's current state. As Grim preformed his display of skill, The green eyed youth toned out the entire world and listened to the very wind itself. The wind wrapped around Grim's body spoke louder than any words, and painted a clear picture within the boys head. From the very start, Ezekiel could sense Grim's desperation to always make a clean solid landing, which held the white-haired boy back a great deal.

      "Yo, you care to much about landin', homie. What goes up, must come down, right? So you're gonna land no matter what. May it be on your head or feet, you're gonna touch down on the surface again. Don't let that hold you back. Just spread dem wings and fuckin' fly!"

      Ezekiel spoke while turning his body in another full 180 degree turn. His Air-Treks hummed their beautiful roar. His green eyes scanned the surrounding area, he saw yet another group of benches. These benches stood in a perfect line, and from his count, he continued about five or six. With the pressure on his Air-Treks, Ezekiel shot forward like a speeding bullet being shot from a gun. As the youth got within three meters of the first bench, he leaped into the sky and landed on the back support section yet again. His grind was perfect - the wood slide right between the two wheels adding perfect speed and balance.

      "If you worry about landin', you more than likely gonna fuck up!"

      The boy shouted as the first bench came to a end. Ezekiel preformed yet another leap and landing smoothly on the second bench. His body was one with the earth as he continued the grinds. No wind resistance, no fear, and no thoughts. It all just came naturally to him. The other remaining three benches were quickly used for Ezekiel's purposes also. But on the last bench, the emerald eyed boy took high within the sky with a one single leg push. As he flew, his eyes locked on to the magnificent pure white moon overhead - he could have sworn he was so high, he could have reached out and touched it, so he did just that - but to no prevail.

      "Hahaha... One day."

      He whispered as his body quickly started descending towards the earth. As this took place, Ezekiel's body began spinning and flipping - fighting what little wind resistance was there. His turns were pinpoint, and flips superb. As the sibling Air-Treks collide with the hard cement. Ezekiel released a spirit lifting laugh and fixed his emerald gaze up upon the moon yet again.

      "A man without his own, isn't really a man, right? Find your own, bro, and do whatever it fuckin' takes. That's the way of the Storm-Rider."

      He continued to laugh as his need for the moons freedom grew greater.

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30--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:18 pm

Grim watched the other rider take off, much faster than Grim had himself on his own approach toward the bench he performed his own trick upon. While Ezekiel took the first bench, Grim watched and mauled over in his mind Ezekiel's words. He couldn't help but remember his Grandfahter's own words ripping him a new one about over thinking too much about his recent riding style. What Hop said was true, Grim thought too much about... everything; he just need to let his wings fly.

The silver haired young man watched Ezekiel soar off the last bench with little effort, and soared through the air, with such control. Ezekiel seemed to stay up in the boundless sky forever, with the moon casting the youth's shadow across the forest floor.

When Ezekie landed, and partically told Grim the unspoken creed of the Storm Riders', that only brought a smile to Grim's face, as he eyed the row of benches, and felt something Grim could only explain as the "Will of Storm Riders" as he applied pressure to the brakes, and acceleration burning wheels, adding the smell of Rubber to the forest ting. Grim's eyes were set with determination, letting up on the pressure on his brake, and soared forward toward the first bench about three feet turned and jumped straight up ontop of the bench grinding backwards, looking over his shoulder as the next bench coming up quickly, but unlike before Grim silence all thoughts in his head, Grim trusted his A-T's, his skills, and his body. They all trained equally hard blood, sweat, oil, and parts all went into Grim's training. Grim soared from one bench to the other feeling the air rush pass, sparks fly from the grinding, one bench turned to two, than three, than four more than Grim has ever grind before.

Grim lanuched himself off with everything he had with the muscles in his legs, cutting through the air, but this time instead of focusing on landing somewhere safe, he turned in the air like a blade, and landing a few ten, fifteen feet from where Ezekeil was standing. "how was that?" Grim asked his breath was coming in big huffs not from pushing himself so hard, but from the excitement of actually feeling the senstation of purily flying.

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31--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:40 pm

      The slicing of the air spoke for Grim. The white-haired male seemed to have gotten the message - that much apparently when it came to his form and movements when preforming the series of tricks, but like all things, it was far from perfect. Ezekiel wondered what gave this male purpose - why he choice to disobey the law and become a Storm-Rider? Ezekiel's reason was a selfish one, but it was his reason to bare and take for the good times and the ever present bad. But the boy quickly dismissed the question - he really didn't care in the first place. As the question slowly faded into nothingness, the green eyed boy continued a steady pace through the silent night park. His ears twitched as the white-haired male asked for a evaluation of his last little performance. Honestly, Grim showed some talent and promise, but Ezekiel wouldn't tell him that - it didn't matter what he thought - it only truly mattered what Grim thought and felt.

      "Does it matter what I fuckin' think? Did you feel the joy of flyin'? Did you enjoy every second of it? Did you try your hardest? If you can answer those questions, you got yourself a answer, homie."

      Ezekiel spoke - his back still turned to the male. He slowly shifted his hands in the front pockets of the black hoodie he wore, as he continued to descend into the darkness. Only thing that could be heard was the beautiful song of the humming motorized motors.

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32--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:10 pm

Grim watched Ezekiel started to fade into the shadows, hunted by his questions. Did Grim truly fill the joy of flying, did he enjoy every last second of the trip? Did he try his hardest? Grim’s eyes had drifted from where Ezekiel was once standing now, his presence an complete absent, the only remaining factor that Ezekiel was even still in the park was the sound of his motor’s humming. All, those questions Ezekiel asked Grim answered with a definite yes… all but the last one. It wasn’t his hardest, not by a long shot, from the start Grim has always held back on going full out, no matter what the event or occasion always telling himself, “This isn’t the time,” “There isn’t anyone here worth my time,” never pushing himself to his limits. “No more,” muttered to himself, Grim loosened his fist that had balled up without him even knowing, and eyed the next few benches, and took off with everything he had, with no thoughts of what trick’s he was going to do, no thoughts of getting injured, no thoughts of any kind. Grim just let it rip; whatever came out was it, grinding from one bench to the other, cleaning the next, rising and then falling across the wooden beams that supported the backs of people that sat at these benches. It didn’t matter one legged or both, or soaring across. Before Grim knew it he had ran out of benches and long since lost sight of Ezekiel.

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33--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:13 am

      "Look like he understood what I was sayin'..."

      Ezekiel thought as he looked behind himself and saw not a single soul hot on his tracks. It's quite funny - he would have never thought he'd be giving information like that to this generation of Storm-Riders - the very same Storm-Riders who are all about power and respect form their fellow Storm-Riders. But Grim, he was different. He took everything Ezekiel said and applied it like a true blooded Storm-Rider - the stuff of legends. Suddenly, as Ezekiel chuckled over the thought, a faint wind breeze picked up from behind him. This breeze caused the boy to stop dead in his tracks and turn his head in Grim's direction, even though he couldn't see through the everlasting vial of darkness. The wind that blew over the boy held passion, pride, and ambition. The green eyed youth busted out into a jolly laugh and continued moving - riding forward with a very slow pace.

      "Maybe there's hope for us, jus' maybe..."


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34--Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] - Page 2 Empty Re: --Dog Eat Dog World* [Open] on Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:41 pm

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