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The Insanity of Dead Reality

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1 The Insanity of Dead Reality on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:38 pm

Life | Sweating | Girls | Alcohol | Dancing | Boys | Music | Touching | DJs | Lights

These were the things that pumped through the humid air in the pitch black club, beautiful colors all in neon shades pulsating across the walls and ceiling. Bodies were crammed together in large masses, each one moving to the beat of the music that was dancing through the air and controlled by the DJ. Most of the people were panting and sweating in the middle of the room, rubbing against each other in a rhythmic beat, but there were those who stuck to the edges of the room in huddled groups of their own. Some of the people had even decided to stick to the bars, colorful drinks that matched the lights passing around with the carefree laughter that belonged to Dead Reality.

This was the club of the Air Trek World, the club where everything happened now that Paradise was lost. It was three stories of pure madness, people grinding up against each other and passing information along the dark walls in hushed whispers. Just outside laid the clueless world, the waters of the river crashing against the dock in a slurred motion as the beautiful colors illuminated the many windows of the club. It was an amazing sight to behold if you were there, one that any SAF member would have loved to get a hold of; it was literally the best kept secret of all Storm-Riders.

In the middle of this mess of tangled limbs was the queen of all insanity, Ophelia Hawthorne, the Blood Queen. She was dressed in an obsidian colored shirt, the material hanging off her body and falling past her shoulders to rest mid way down her upper arm yet cutting off just below her belly button. It revealed the pale skin of her chest and stomach, the fluorescent starch lettering on the front only adding to her look with the words “TAKE CONTROL”. She had paired it with a pair of dark wash, skin tight jeans that were ripped up in several places, black heels keeping her balanced as she ghosted through the halls of the kissing couples. She was looking for two things that night, two things that were so different to her. One was the boy who had abandoned her a short time before, the other being a good time. If he was not there she knew she could at least have that and so far it looked like she was going to experience the latter.

With a deep huff she moved into the main dance area where the sweaty bodies were moving against one another, the main DJ spinning away at the turn table to force the music to pulse through the air at a high rate. His giant mouse head kept changing colors and expressions with LED lights, keeping things original as he bobbed his head to the beat. The bartender was hard at work, pouring colorful drinks to all his customers and making it clear that she would not get any information out of him just yet. Silently she ran her fingers through her pale locks, pushing the slightly waved hair back and completely out of her face from annoyance. She needed a distraction and a good one at that, her bright crimson hues scanning over the crowds momentarily and standing out more than usually against her pale skin with a dark layer of eye liner over her top lid. The images of the moving people posed just what she needed so she decided to do something a little more fun for the time being. Silently she pushed her way into the mass of bodies where she let herself get lost in the rhythm. She did not know who was around her, who she was dancing against, or whose skin she was touching. She did not care.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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2 Re: The Insanity of Dead Reality on Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:24 pm

Danial Jex smiled from behind the black tinted glass of the motorcycle helmet he wore. No one could see his face and that was good, it gave him mystery and secluded any of these heathens from seeing his face. It had taken months of work to get this far, this deeply embedded into the world of the storm riders. He had personally picked apart team after team as he made his way through the ranks to one he was happy to mellow out at. The cube was perfect for his skill set. Brute force and carnage is how he won, leaving his opponents incapacitated so that when the riders disappeared no one was the wiser.

He was ready for one such battles that was set up for tonight as the main event in the basement of this den. Sure he had the option of just calling in all the law enforcement around but that would cause the prey to scatter. His blue and orange air trek's would be slung over the shoulder of his white T with green trim, held there by his right gloved hand, as he wove through the crowd. The chains that where shacked to his wrists clinking slightly as they swayed, each chain measuring two feet in length. The one on his left wrist would brush the denim of his jeans just inches from his ankle and the blue shoes he also wore. The music and flashing lights where kept muffled by the helmet he wore. Faces and movements did not really matter as he moved through the crowd.

Odd as it was that he was not on his Air Treks already, it was for the safety of those around him after all they were just lambs ready for the slaughter, but if disturbed again they would undoubtedly run like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. No he would not put on his A-T's with the degrading wheels, bent axles, and melted gears until he was in the cube. He knew why his Air Trek was like that two, it had happened nearly every time he had put them on. Unthinking and uncaring he had lost control of his strength. It came to the point where he had finally decided not to try to fix them, after all in the cube their was no place for his pray to run. In the Cube he was judge jury and executioner.

That thought alone made him chuckle in his helmet, his black hood that hid his identity so that his own head would not be placed on the chopping block. Making his way to the stairs he would make his way down. It was about show time after all. Projection screens would start to roll down the graffiti laden walls as the music would continue to go. Danial would nod to the man out side of the cubes entrance as he stepped out of his shoes and walked into the cell in his socks. Sitting in the far corner he would start to put on his A-T's as camera's watched and showed those outside and throughout the building. The music would continue to play and the lights continue to flash for nothing was really interesting about about a rider putting on his air trek.

Finishing the lace up Danial Jex would stand already he could feel the adrenaline pumping, he could taste the blood that would flow. Swinging his arms around himself he would grab hold of the chains binding his arms close to his body, he would not need them anyway. As he waited for the unlucky soul to come through the door, his R.E.A.D. stats would be projected for all to see. No jumping capabilities, no speed, no acceleration, no dexterity, low stamina, two tricks, and wicked strength. If anything was gonna happen in this match up it would be done quick.

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3 Re: The Insanity of Dead Reality on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:43 pm

The music was blaring inside of the sex ridden club, pounding through the air and off the walls at an incredible rate. It was  driving nearly every partier insane inside the club, keeping them going and wasting both their time and money in the little area. It was the perfect place for anyone to go to escape their troubles - not to mention a few dollars - and that was exactly what the tall blonde was doing tonight. Her body swayed side to side with the other people around her, skin rubbing against skin as a thin layer of sweat started to gather on her now heated flesh. She participated in this activity for what seemed like hours, maybe even days for all she knew when it was most likely only thirty minutes or so. She could have kept that all night, becoming lost to the mindless fun but she had other things on her mind that kept biting at her subconscious.

It was these thoughts that cut her fun short, her eyes darting about the room when the music changed to a slightly slower beat. It was the perfect opportunity to slip away ad it was just what she did on her stilettos, weaving through the monstrous crowd until she was situated just before the large oval shaped window that was covered in strobe lights. It was the perfect place to evaluate her next move, her bloody predatorily eyes taking in every face that flashed before her eyes. There were ones that looked familiar of course, ones that she had seen hanging around before, but none of which were the one she wanted. All she needed was to find one man, one single person, and it was as though he had vanished off the face of the earth. She was starting to get angry about it, but the subtle movements to her right ad the bar emptied out calmed her for a few seconds to come up for something else. 

With confident movements she sauntered over to the bar, a flirtatious smirk painted across her lips as she perched herself upon one of the bar stools and waited for the bartender to waltz up to her, a cocky attitude radiating off of him in waves. He was full of himself to say the least, his bright blue eyes practically undressing her as he leaned on the counter before her.

”What's a pretty little thing like you doing here all alone darlin'?"

”I am getting a drink of course. Would you mind terribly getting me whatever he's having sweetheart?"

Ophelia batted her eyes at the man flirtatiously, a coy smirk painted across her lips as he chuckled at her and moved over to the bar to pull out the necessary ingredients.  He was so easily manipulated and even more convenient for her, he did not ask for her ID. It was probably the only good thing about that night so far an hopefully her luck would eventually pick up.

Suddenly he slid a cosmic drink in front of her, the purples, pinks, and dark blues swirling together in a pattern that resembled some sort of cosmic star. From beneath the drink the blonde female could see his number jotted down on a napkin, him sending her a seductive smirk as he backed away a step and waved to another patron to signal that he saw them.

"Here you go babe.  I gotta get back to servin' these idiots so give me a call tomorrow when I'm off work, kay?"

"Of course."

She smiled back at him, picking up the shot glass and swirling it about as she shoved the napkin in her pocket to discard later. She did not need a booty call, she had someone much more interesting to play around with at home after all, so all she did was turn in her chair to peer at the dancing crowd. The place was absolute chaos and she loved it, the drink making it's way down her pale lips and her throat as she thought this.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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4 Re: The Insanity of Dead Reality on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:46 pm

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"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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