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1Naruto Tensei Empty Naruto Tensei on Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:24 pm


Countless Naruto RP forums liter the internet. What sets Naruto Tensei RP apart from the rest? The fact that you shape the IC world. RPers can choose to create characters from any of the canon villages (as well as being a Samurai from the Iron Country), any of the canon clans, and they can do virtually anything they please. But we are a site that thrives on customization, giving users the ability to make their own jutsu, weapons, combat forms, bloodlines, organizations, and virtually everything else.

The world is yours to shape. Don't like the way your Kage is running your village? Gather up some rebels and challenge them. Maybe you want to defend your village? Train hard and one day, you can become an ANBU. Or maybe you just like playing the villain. Gather up some friends and set forth to take down the Great Nations, creating your own world in your wake.

With a helpful and dedicated staff, friendly members, and countless ways to create your dream character, anything is possible on NTRP.


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