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How come there was nowhere in the world that could make him feel more contempt than the lively city of Cali? In other places in this state, he felt bored and overwhelmingly stupefied to the point he wanted to end his fucking life. To the point, where he felt as though his flesh was beginning to crawl all the way through up his arms and up his neck made him feel like he was cold getting goosebumps. Oh, god. Shuddering inwardly at the treacherous feat it gave him the he-bees je-beees, he blinked in despair as the image flooded his mind-tracks with a merciless endeavor. He was laying on queen size bed in his pad which was something a rich boy would have since he is one he decides to keep it a secret till he can find something, because there was another place that made the boy feel quite tranquil, and that would have to be his main bedroom back home in front of the luxury pad. Like, he had a bunch of rooms he would randomly fall asleep in, and he would just hangout like a king but he was still teen that had issues in the past besides he hate being one of those cliche types that act high and mighty, but he knows money can't buy happiness unless he meets one of those gold digging types. Anyways like his bedroom, he made his way up to take a quick hot shower before making his way to his closet to get dressed. Wearing what he used to wear when he was one team back then, a red shirt, faded jeans complete with black hightops and a thin short sleeve jacket but the jacket wasn't the one he wore back then he kept it up in safe keeping.

Walking downstairs he thinks a little bit to himself " know what this could be a base of operations for a team....if I get a team." Thinking about it, he had the enough rooms and things to occupy members almost like a college pad for parties and stuff but it was something to give something to think about. Exiting his apartment pad locking the door shut with his key making it secure he takes a step back, he looks up at his place he nodded a few times with a huff. Then he made his way to the sidewalk to grab a bite to eat, brunch he would say since he haven't eaten since this morning. Yawning, he covered his mouth before sliding his hands to his pockets walking pacing his steps no rush. His yellow eyes wandered the area through his light cyan colored hairlocks to find a place to eat. Clicking his tongue with a light silent grunt he sighed.

"If I was back home in the NY, I would be eating by now, errrrr....I could go for a greasy cheese steak by now"

Looking around he spots a nice sports bar across the street nearby he gave a smile then looked both ways from the middle of the sidewalk and jogged across the street to the other side. On the new cement pavement he enter the sports bar with a blank look, the environment made it look like a place for all sports fanatics and experts but it was barely full "Guess there's no game today" he looked around then went to the counter of the worker behind it, he looked at the menu then "$5.50... that's outrageous, done" He order three cheese-steak sandwiches to go he was mad hungry not to much to put a small dent in his wallet, he didn't care very much. He sat on a stool with a sigh staring at the TV seeing the news talk about the recent arresting's of AT riders in that matter he shook his head rubbing it with his fingers hearing the equipment sizzling in the back as a mouth watering aroma filled the area made him more hungry.

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