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Road power up powerpuff girl muffin thigns

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1 Road power up powerpuff girl muffin thigns on Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:26 pm

Title: Risen King
King: Ken Amudo
Road: Morganian Road
Description: "The Morganian Road is the link-road to the Sonia Road and works to enhance the abilities of the rider to the Sonia Road by reversal of the negative effects of the road. While the Sonia Road can only build up high density bubbles between the user’s joints in order to create greater flexibility, the user of the Morganian Road can chose to create or destroy them in not only their own body but that of other riders.

In order to create these bubbles within the user’s joints nitrogen is saturated into the blood through hyperventilation, a basic principle of the Sonia Road. However this move is nowhere near as affective of that of the Sonia Road because this technique is often used on a male who has less flexibility.

The user is also able to pull the nitrogen from another’s blood stream simply by placing their skin against that of a rider; this is most often done to the Sonia Road rider. When this contact is established active transport in the cells takes place and nitrogen travels from within the first person’s blood to the Risen King’s, thus getting rid of most of the pain that their counterpart would normally have to experience. The drawback to this though is that the person who receives all the nitrogen has to experience high amounts of pain from the sudden saturation of nitrogen, essentially taking all of the other person’s pain away and inflicting it upon their own body. The more skin that touches a rider the faster this process is.

Creating these types of bubbles in another person is extremely difficult and can only be done by a practiced user of the Morganian Road. From within the user’s body hormones are created due to high pressure and stimulus of their air treks, this hormones essentially being redirected into the air treks and released into the air to attack an opponent. This must be done at close range for it to have its maximum effect, but when done right the opponent can become immobilized with extreme pain."

Ken utilizes the full power of his road, taking in account that the most efficient way to attack with this road is to be fast and evasive. [+4 Dexterity, +2 Acceleration] The reason for this style of attack is that the Risen King needs to win the match fast before suffering the horrible effects of having too much nitrogen in their body. The full effects of this road is used only in emergency due to the amount of pain one would have after using this power. (This 'power up' can be up to three times in a thread. The user can use a power up consecutively or use them in different posts as long as they abide by the three times use rule. A rider can use this power up once more in a thread if they have three rounds of uninterrupted rest or four rounds of very slow, smooth, and non combative riding. An influence lasts for one post.)

Regalia Description: "The Risen Regalia look like normal wheels when they are activated with several holes cut through them; however this is not the case. Inside the regalia lie chambers for the hormones that the user creates and here they are compressed to be utilized. These pheromones can be released in a much more efficient manner through these chambers, the user simply pressing down on the wheel in a certain pattern to unlock the chambers and release the hormones. Different riders have different codes though and the more advanced once often create more than one code to open different amounts of chambers.

In order to hold such a great amount of power the Risen King must sacrifice speed because, when moving too fast, the chemicals released are too diluted to properly affect an opponent. Also, if the user inhales too many of the pheromones they will suffer the same affects that their opponent does of immobility.

The biggest drawback of the Risen Regalia though is the amount of pain that the user must endure on a daily basis when they pull so much nitrogen into their blood stream and the fact that this can occur in so many ways. Pain can be caused by creating bubbles in their own joints, removing bubbles from another’s, or by inhaling too much of the pheromones that their air treks release."

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