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Contest? Prizes? Let's go guys, help Luna out!

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Kay guys, Ophelia, the amazing love of my life, wonderful, awesome person, has fixed a background for our site banner. So, when we make something new it won't have that white side bars on it. Our banner is kind of boring, I'll be honest, so I'm hoping for a few new ones that we can switch out every month. ^^

First: I want the old banner to be fixed. < background that must be used >

Use this -

And use this -

That's what I used for our banner. I'll need someone to take five minutes and remake it please. ^^

Second: Want to get a glowy name? Yes, you get a prize for this. OR, Luna can make you a signature, banner, etc in return. I want to see what you guys can come up with. ^^ You can even make the banners themed but you MUST use renders. You can't just paste some pics on that already have backgrounds. That's why it's so tricky! I even have a list of pics you can use. I'll put them in a spoiler below.


Use the background we provide
Must have at least one pic and our site name
No textures! - like what ken did, even though I love it! It still made the site look funky when i tried it out. D:
Try to keep the font colors of the site name in our site colors. Meaning shades of blue, gray, or white. Preferrably white because it just pops and looks nice. Much like our banner now. You can even use the pic of the words I provided up above.
Don't change the size of the background and try not to use photo bucket because it's a whore!!!
Make as many banners as you want

Have fun guys! This is YOUR banner that you get to create~ It's something that everyone who sees this site is going to look at and you're going to get credit for it!

Some things Luna would like to see -

Romance themed banner
Site Wide Race themed banner - (probably just a pic of someone looking like they are racing)
Renders of different characters on the site, like Luna's char, Ophe's, etc.
A bunch of team emblem renders on the banner


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Some of the images are cut off. Just right click and click on open image in new tab. There you can get the full pic and get the link for the picture. ^^ I got a shit ton of stuff for you all to use so please just take twenty minutes out of your time and play around with your photoshop or GIMP or something. Please? D: For Luna? I'LL GIVE YOU COOKIES!!!!

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Honey Bunches! <3 I made you a cute little banner. It's just a simple one but it sorta (not really) looks like they're about to race or go into a competition. I'll let you know if I make any more. ;D

Banner One

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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Oh you are teh sexiest bitch alive! Imma put it up soon~ <3 ^=^ lakjdfalkjasdflk !@@$@#$T% alkjf tteeeeheee funky. Anyway! It looks good!!!!

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