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1Dai Mugen Empty Dai Mugen on Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:36 pm

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"Only the beginning of Revolution."

Team Name: Dai Mugen.
Team Alignment: "Good".
Team Rank: C.
Team Leader: None.
Team Members: None.
Team Emblem:
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Team Location: Paradise.
The exact location of Dai Mugen's base of operations is inside a large warehouse that has been converted into both a training ground and housing unit for its members. It is located in San Francisco, California.

Team History: Dai Mugen was founded Rohas Hanzo and his half brother Ezekiel Hood nearly five years under the impression that they would become the wings for those who could not fly. Their intentions were pure, of course, and with the help of Luna Cross the three of them would help Dai Mugen to blossom into the very essence of Paradise. As the years went by though Dai Mugen would slowly be torn apart: Paradise would fall in the chaos that was the Air-Trek ban, Ezekiel would mature and move on with his life, Rohas would pass away in a tragic accident, and Luna would go missing.

Now the title of Dai Mugen's King is up for grabs; will you be the one to take control?

    Note* Dai Mugen is a major part of Air-Gear: Chained Wings plot, but it is currently running without any members or a leader. If you would like to join this team or possibly become the leader, please contact an administrator.

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