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The Games We Play

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1 The Games We Play on Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:28 pm

Trick One//

Title | Salutations

Players | Ken Amundo & Ophelia Hawthorne

Setting | San Francisco, California

Plot | It was early in the afternoon when Ophelia Hawthorne decided to go riding about on her Air Treks without any precautions, an idiotic thing to do with the SAF roaming about but something she did none the less. Most of the Storm-Riders in San Francisco had learned to keep themselves locked away during the day, but those who did go out when the sun was high often found some sort of excitement; today was no different for the fair haired female. Her riding attracted a lot of attention from both those who hated and loved the skates, the bystanders who hated them made themselves known by throwing items at her along with cuss words. Only one rider by the name of Ken Amundo made his presence known to the woman because he was enticed by her Air Treks and from there the unlikely duo started a quiet conversation about their deteriorating society.

After a few minutes of riding down the busy streets a set of obsidian haired teens stopped them, both throwing words into the air that showed that they wanted to start a fight. Ken found this to be completely ridiculous and wanted to avoid a confrontation, but Ophelia loved to toy with her prey so she started to tease the female who appearance to be gullible. Luckily for her the female was just as idiotic as she painted herself out to be, immediately attacking Ophelia and trying to throw her to the ground by her hair. The older woman was prepared for this though, a sadistic smile painting her lips as she danced around the girl and before shredding her skin to spill blood on the ground. It was in those moments that Ken grabbed the boy who was attacking to him, building up small bubbles of nitrogen in his blood stream until he was practically screaming in pain. Both of the riders were utilizing their powers, throwing their roads around to their advantage and in the end the outcome of the battles painted one cohesive image; the raven haired teens lost to the more skilled pair. The dark haired ones moved away as quietly as they could in order to keep attention off of themselves.

Both of teenagers had noted the power that the other one held by how they had moved during the battle, Ken having painted disfigured roses all over his opponent’s body while Ophelia simply ripped them to shreds. It was exactly this that was brought up in the first moments of silence that followed introductions, the female questioning him on who exactly had been training him in the ways of the Morganian Road. Due to her past she knew well that the powers of the Link-Regalia were very hard to come by, so that meant that something larger was going on behind the scenes. Without any fuss the boy told her what she wanted to know, words slipping his lips which painted the image of a woman named Luna Cross giving him all he knew. It was this thought that made Ophelia’s blood boil since she hated that petty female with a fiery passion, but the boy was able to keep her calm long enough to offer his assistance in tracking down Luna as well as removing her from a seat of power with other Link-Road Kings and Queens; it was an offer that Ophelia took him up on. With a deal between the two created the blonde woman fed him information about a large event that was supposed to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada that weekend, promising to meet him there before riding away.

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