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Blazing Aces

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1Blazing Aces Empty Blazing Aces on Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:35 pm

TEAM NAME: Blazing Aces
TEAM LEADER: NPC, AKA the Ace of Hearts-for now
  • NPC, AKA Ace of Hearts-for now
  • NPC, AKA Ace of Clubs-for now
  • NPC, AKA Ace of Diamonds-for now
  • Aron A. Anderson, AKA Ace of Spades

TEAM LOGO: Blazing Aces Image212
TEAM HISTORY:The Blazing Aces was founded by the ace of hearts a pretty boy with a few friends. The Ace of hearts is known for his/her speed specially on the straight away's. The ace of clubs is more of a power house then anything and because of this he usually sits out of the F ranked matches that they run while backing the team up in case a fight breaks loose. The ace of diamonds is the money man, a spoiled rich kid who has daddy pay for the illegal sport that the diamond has found to enjoy. Finally the ace of spades, Aron Alexander Anderson, a former track runner his specializes are really a wild card for the team since he is normally called in to replace the club. Spades true potential lies not upon air treks but actually designing and fixing as he is classified as a tuner. Over all they have been riding the streets of San Francisco for over a few months with multiple wins and losses, unfortunately due to the teams make up they are commonly seen as garbage when compared to other teams yet a crowd favorite when it comes to their events. Like their race against the Dark wings which they pulled out with a win. Most recently they have suffered a loss and thus have ended up resetting the number of wins needed for a rank up.
LOCATION: San Francisco, Lombard Street, in between Hyde and Leavenworth streets.

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