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The Search [Event]

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26 Re: The Search [Event] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:25 pm

“You never know, E you never know.” Grim muttered and left it at that. He wasn’t sure if Ezekiel had even heard him, Grim himself had a hard time hearing himself think in this place. The music was loud, people everywhere, and the person they were after mingling somewhere safe with all these people. The only thing they had going for them at this moment, was Ezekiel’s brute strengthen clearing a path for them. Where they were going, Grim had no clue, until Ezekiel shouted at the top of his lungs to be heard above all the commotion in the stripe. The heart, Grim peaked around Ezekiel’s tall frame looking ahead. This part of Las Vegas wasn’t new to Grim, but it wasn’t memorized like the rest of the area. This place Grim and other riders usually avoided because there weren’t that many tall enough buildings to escape less experienced SHF’s, and a lot less hiding holes to hold up in until the cops’ passed if scaling up a building didn’t work.

Whoever picked this place as the location for this little event to go down either wanted to be caught if not by Riders, but by SHF, or just has a death wish, because that was exactly what will happen when Ezekiel got his hands’ on this dude.


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27 Re: The Search [Event] on Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:21 am

”That sounds fine, just try to work fast. I do not want to be chasing him until dawn since I know well that he will not stick around that long.” the blonde Blood Queen had spoke. It seemed that the duo had agreed to a plan that may or may not work in their favor. Already being in the middle of this city, they decided it would be best to casually skate around and look for any signs of Gabriel. It was obvious that riding around like a looney would only tire them before the race began, lowering their odds of catching the elusive man by at least forty percent.

Every minute they had rode around in this city, the boy began to realize how more filthy and disgusting this place was than when he had first conjured up the imagination of it. Sure, he expected there to be a lot of drugs, swearing, and sex. But he had never realized all of those things to be taken to this level. Women that were around their thirties could be seen flashing their titties to whoever cared enough to look. People had been dealing with drugs such as weed right out in the open, there was even a few lines to the buyers in which the two Storm Riders tried to stay clear of. There were even a few situations where drunk people would walk near them and almost throw up in their path. The boy quickly shoved the men away when they were in this state, afraid that Ophelia Hawthorne would kill the people which would get them both sent to prison.

"Las Vegas; where the filth gets even filthier..." the boy said before releasing a sigh into the somewhat chilly night. The sounds of car horns and scowling gambling losers were the only things heard along with the loud music in this place. Thinking it'd be a good idea to see a bit of this Queen's ability, the boy took out his R.E.A.D device to find the ability of this feminine devil. As the result popped on the electronic device, the boy immediately noticed the girl's max speed; forty mile per an hour. He took a look of her other abilities one last time before concluding that she has the highest stats he has seen for a good while. Not sure if she knew what he did, the boy began to inform the lady.

"I used my R.E.A.D to see your stats, hope you didn't mind. I wanted to see what areas you'd excel at in the race and I just want to say, your speed is impressive." the boy said with a small bow of his head.

"If you want to see mine since I've seen yours go ahead, I don't really care." the boy said as he looked around the area once more trying to look for the elusive man known as Gabriel. That bastard needed to be somewhere in this god forsaken city.

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28 Re: The Search [Event] on Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:42 pm

Silently Ophelia rode around the single area in search of what she was looking for, a sight that should have been painfully obvious to her ruby eyes in the crowds. However she found it more and more difficult to even attempt to make out the faces of the bystanders who were wandering about, all of them lost in the flurry of chaotic motions which only caused their colors to blend together. The fact that you could never find someone even if they were only a few feet away from you was one of the most annoying things about Las Vegas, minus the filthy acts that people always tended to do without any sort of moral conscious, but they still had to keep going. Waiting around for something to happen would only diminish their chances of catching him early on in the hunt and the pale haired woman wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible.

The entire time they moved through the chilly air the Queen kept her eyes on the boy who was lurking just around her, him clearly trying to keep people from her path so she would not attempt to murder them. This caused an inaudible chuckle to slip her lips, the thought of him keeping her from something so lovely as blood not even a reality in her mind. She decided to let him do what he wanted though since talking to him would probably only cause him to stir up more trouble; that was until he pulled out a little R.E.A.D. device from his pocket.

Right away she narrowed her eyes at him, wonder just what on earth he was doing checking her statistics. He may have been a curious child, but if he wanted to live he should have kept out of her business. Irritation was plainly written all over her narrowed bloody hues, her body turning to stop curtly as she crossed her arms over her chest and waited for some sort of explanation from the idiotic child that she was put in charge of.

”My speed is still none of your concern. After all, you do not have to worry about me in this face. I suggest you keep to yourself next time or your device may just end up shattered on the ground. Besides, I do not need to see your statistics to judge what kind of rider you are.”

He may have apologized for being nosey, but in her mind that still did not change what he had done. She hated people who could not mind themselves, but she supposed she would just have to deal with his stupidity. After all, some people were just born stupid; there was no way to fix their feeble minds.

This was one philosophy that the raven haired man who stood in the background shared with the blonde, though he had other things on his mind at that moment. The digital numbers on his phone were drawing closer and closer to his anticipated timing for the start of the event; it was a good thing too since it appeared that the Storm-Riders in the crowd were beginning to grow restless. It was an issue he figured they would have to deal with though since he was just not ready to start the little games he had planned out. Besides, he figured his time would be better spent lighting up another cigarette since he would not be getting a chance to drag the addictive nicotine from the smoldering white stick any time soon.

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29 Re: The Search [Event] on Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:46 pm

      OOC* Aron Alex Anderson has quit the event.

      - - -

      "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Excuse me, sorry, n' all that other good shit!"

      Ezekiel constantly shouted as his massive arms continued tossing drunken club-goers to the side. These actions were starting to get tiresome and pointless. No matter how many he moved, three more replaced the moved one creating a even thicker wall of drunkenness. But all was not lose, even though it seemed pointless, the boy was actually making pretty decent progress. As Ezekiel continued his hasty actions, Grim spoke - but the green eyed youth didn't catch any of the words. The rhythmic base coming from the heart of the Las Vegas strip muffled out almost all other sounds - especially the closer the duo became.

      "Pardon me, faggots!"

      The boy shouted with a powerful voice - splitting apart two males standing besides each other. As the confused males stood there confused and shaken from the sudden movements, Ezekiel released a sigh of relief - for he had finally made it to the heart. The heart wasn't that much better than the rode leading to it, but there would be more room to move around and fewer citizens. Ezekiel rode into the heart - the base coming from the music filling his ears, and pounding on his chest. The drunken oddly walking people bumping into his shoulders and laughing about it. And the more than obvious hidden Storm-Riders watching his every move. But Ezekiel ignored all this - he simply pushed forward - his glowing green eyes scanning the area for anything out the norm. Ha! out the norm? In Vegas?! EVERYTHING IS OUT THE NORM HERE!!!


      The emerald eyed boy screamed to his companion behind him - if he was still there that is. Hopefully, Grim knew who to be looking for because Ezekiel honestly had no idea what Gabriel looked like. The thought of not knowing what and who to look for made the youth furious with rage. The wheels of his Air-Treks spinning in place digging deeper and deeper into the ground as Ezekiel's eyes shifted from left to right. But looking for a unknown face within a sea of unknown people was pointless. Everything around the boy blended in which created one big mess of colors and sloppy movements. The waiting game was now being played... Ezekiel stood in a single spot, waiting, watching, and hoping...

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30 Re: The Search [Event] on Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:21 am

Las Vegas

"Tonight is the night;”
“I take the stage by storm and dance in the light!"

Keep moving, keep moving, kee-kee-kee-kee...

His voice in his mind became distorted with more noises from the outside. The heart of the strip and the noise caused by the ruckus of Storm Riders he was tailing kept him on guard and was increasing his heart beats like the roll of a tension building drum. His breathes were short, and it was most likely because he was not meant for this! The violet haired boy had to evade eyes, which is slightly more difficult than he expected even with the hub caused by their surroundings, and occasionally his jumps had to become longer in order to fly over many shoved and laid bodies.

“These guys are bad news!” Xenneth’s thoughts processing his words better than his labored breathes, he kept his blue eyes peeled from the sidewalk view.

By the time the crowd thickened, Xenneth had puzzled why thing had begun to die down. His eyes met as he had to peek between the veil of people whom had hid him from view of these aggressive Storm Riders. All he heard was voices thus far, and slight traces of body and appearance. It had not crossed his mind to get a good look at them since the violet haired boy was just following the path of destruction and misery they were leaving in their wake (which considering their alcohol level was self-inflicted. If you were that drunk you were bound to be hit by something!) The young swan came to a light skid, quite enough not to track too much attention, but loud enough to get a few whispers and nasty stares.

“There’s another one!”

“One of those delinquents with their murderous skates!”

“A girl like that can be doing better things with her life!”

Xenneth knew he was not one of these rough housing-types, he did not murder anyone, and for goodness sakes in the flaming heavens! Even the Gods knew that they had given him male genitalia!

However, Xenneth had to ignore all this. His Air Treks had to seem as if they were nothing but a pair of shoes, and considering what everyone was focusing on in the heart of the strip, it had to be a lot more captivating then he was. There crowd was as thick as a multi-layer steel wall, and so he could easily stroll up to the cluttering tight wall, and push a few people aside while gliding at ease past them. The crowd was so tightly mingled together and they were so distracted by their cell phone calls to the authorities and gossiping, cowardly whispers that Xenneth could mask his Air-Treks from their view just by being a little in the center.


He could barely hear any of it considering his labored breathes and the thick crowd of people. He was still a rooky at this! However, he knew for sure that he heard one part that concerned him: Gabriel. The shove of some shoulders to the side and peeping his head through, the boy could see into the crowd while people had seemed to have all eyes on them in the dead center of the party that they were crashing. Xenneth was no exception, but quietly as a mouse, he made sure he did not get any usual.

One of them seemed was a local. Probably African American heritage? Xenneth was not in his home so he was careful about what heritage he approached. He heard that some certain groups had gangs like the ones that used to occupy the sixties and seventies (the classical Rollin’ Sixties and Bloods territory was in either or both back in the days according to his neighbors) and he kept in mind of Rosetta’s warnings to avoid troubles since she could not reach him in time if worse came to worse. She had to get from the hotel and get to Las Vegas, something Xenneth could like to avoid for a thirteen year old girl. Besides, who likes getting saved by their little sister?

Gabriel...the faster Xenneth found him and hounded him for questions, the less likely that scenario would come. Regalia? Flying? All of this stuff with Air Trek he never expected he just had to know about, and it was as simple as a game of tag!

It could not be that dangerous if he just avoided the fighting, right?

Catching his breath, Xenneth prepared for the worse as he simply stared at the duo form the crowd; the African and the silver-haired individual that was standing around in the heart of the strip. Xenneth just hoped he was not discovered and no one made a ruckus, or this could get ugly pretty fast long before he found this strange individual named Gabriel.

"Not even the limelight can fill me with fright."

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31 Re: The Search [Event] on Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:29 am

Grim had to admit if he was on his own, it would have taken a lot longer to get to the heart of this stripe, unless he would have done Incoming, and shot right in from one of the roof tops, but that would have drawn a lot of unwanted attention from the crowd and the people inside, not that it matter at this point at time. Since Ezekiel’s make shift lane to the center Grim’s been keeping his eyes open on all sides of them, thankful for his mask that he wore none of the riders that were keeping an eye on the pair, knew Grim had his eye on them. Especially this violet hair youth that kept popping in out of the crowd that was following them from an parallel route of their own. Grim wondered if he should let Ezekiel know that they were being followed, but thought otherwise. It would be little new fact that the pair was being followed, it wasn’t unexpected. They too have done the same to get this far.

When the Ezekiel came to a stop he stood a little back counting the Riders’ that tagged along or who themselves was waiting here for quite some time. None of them stuck out as the mysterious Gabriel in Grim’s opinion, than a thought came to his mind as he took his place next to Ezekiel who asked him if he knew what Gabriel looked out over the music. Shaking his head Grim shouted over the music his answer and his thought that struck him believing it was a better time than later, “NO I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT GABRIEL LOOKS LIKE, BUT I WAS THINKING. WHAT IF GABRIEL ISN’T A PERSON, BUT A TEAM?!” [/COLOR] Grim waited a moment checking out the crowd as they current around the pair. ”I KNOW IT MIGHT BE FAR FETCHED BUT STILL. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT WHILE THE PARTY HASN’T STARTED YET!”


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32 Re: The Search [Event] on Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:45 pm

”My speed is still none of your concern. After all, you do not have to worry about me in this face. I suggest you keep to yourself next time or your device may just end up shattered on the ground. Besides, I do not need to see your statistics to judge what kind of rider you are.” the Blood Queen had spoken. Well then. The boy went back a bit behind the female.

"Sorry ma'am." he tried to say as if he had any care at the moment, but frankly this long night was making him get a bit more "loose". He sighed and looked throughout the crowd. The boy couldn't distinguish that many Storm Riders through the crowd except for a very familiar black man with a stranger right behind him. The boy thought it would be a good idea to ask him if he was lost in this situation and needed some help. After all, more people here made it only more interesting. And who could forget, this man's speed had caused the very road to go up in flames the last time he met with him.

"I'll be right back after I talk with that black guy." Ken said as he pointed to the male riding with a silver haired fellow.

Using the 360 Degree Spin, the Risen King threw his body forward which had now made his total speed thirty-two miles per an hour. With bubbles in his joints, he forced himself to avoid every citizen that was walking through the streets. Ken had easily passed by the acquaintance of the black male and he was pretty close to this man.

"Hey so you need help finding Gabriel? If so, I'm with a woman called Ophelia and we're looking for him right now." the boy said "And don't ask me how I knew you were looking for him. If someone like me was invited and came, then I'm sure that you would be doing the same."

The boy then turned his head back at the male with fine silver hair. He eyed down at his Air Treks before talking to him.

"So how are you doing,name's Ken, what's yours?" he said as he continued to lightly chew on his gum, turning around after and or if the man would speak so he could guide them to Ophelia. Sure, Ms.Hawthorne might murder the boy from getting more people in the group, but Ken wouldn't want to miss this man's way of riding. Even if Ken hadn't talk to the African male that much and Ophelia and himself were just acquaintances at best, he did respect their Storm Rider ability.

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33 Re: The Search [Event] on Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:01 pm

To Ophelia it seemed as though the airy apology that slipped the blonde boy’s lips was far too unrealistic, the noise most likely only being made to hush her up and keep his head attached to his shoulders. She was truly questioning why on Earth she even bothered keeping this child about at this point since he only seemed to be around her because he had nobody else, but in the back of her mind she knew why. She was indulging in her selfish little pleasures, manipulating him so he would help her get to her ultimate prize; that and the fact that he was destined to be a Link-Road King, the only other one she knew of at this point. It was clear that if neither of those facts stood the woman would have dumped him off an off ramp and rode away. For now though she would have to keep her devious demeanor under control until he truly gained her trust or she was done with him.

The pale haired beauty was lost in her own thoughts as she peered about the crowds, a fruitless task that she refused to give up on doing. If seemed as though in her anger ridden haze Ken had spoken some words to her, words that she did not catch unfortunately. All she knew was that he was taking off in the direction opposite of where she had been looking, his body twisting and turning like a little ballerina as he worked his way to what she would have assumed to be some other Storm Riders. A small smirk came to play on her lips at the thought that these people might hold some more information, but mainly the fact that she could not wait to comment to Ken about how adorable he looked prancing about like a six year old girl in dance class. Oh tonight was going to be fun now!

Leisurely she started to trail after her little duckling through the crowds, many of the people turning to cuss her out initially before shutting up once they encountered her dark aura. Only the stupid who did not realize the predator that was lurking with in her got shoved away, a nice thing for her to do and something she only did because she was preoccupied at the moment. Even with the slight parting of the crowds though, it was still a fight to get to wherever the child had wandered off to and the only reason she had any inkling of where he was hiding was the fact that people were cussing at him like it was the new trend. Ophelia would not have even been surprised if someone tried to trip him for his little antics.

Suddenly though a familiar voice broke though the air, a voice that the vicious woman knew all too well thanks to a chance encounter and a bed inspection that had transpired in San Francisco. A coy smirk came to dance across her pale lips, her bright red eyes filling with mischief as she rode up behind the man who she knew better than most. Next to him stood a boy with silver colored hair and though she did not know him it did not stop her from circling her prey like a ravenous coyote. She was sure that Ken had spotted her after he had made some sort of comment about going to find her, so she did not even bother making a gesture to him as she moved up directly behind Ezekiel, the prospect of the types of reactions he could make almost too tantalizing at this point.

”Ken, you need to learn to keep your mouth shut and not to prancing about like a ballerina whenever you see someone you recognize. It could get you in trouble one of these days.”

Her eyes flashed over to the boy who she had just spoken to, her demoness aura spinning a web around all three males as she stood comfortably where she was behind the largest of them. She knew well that he would probably be appalled by her word choice, but she could have cared less at that point. She even stopped acknowledging him for a moment as her hues moved up to Ezekiel’s face, wondering just what he would do once she got in a few devious and flirtatious words in with him.

”Hello darling. I am glad to see that you are up and moving about as opposed to being bloodied up in a ditch; that would absolutely break my heart you know. Do you have another bed somewhere around here that I can check out with you though? You always seem to pick the best ones.”

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34 Re: The Search [Event] on Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:29 pm


      Ezekiel shouted to his companion with a laugh tone within his voice. The thought of Gabriel actually being a team and not a person caused the youth to question Grim's insanity. The comment was so open and random Ezekiel could no longer remain upset about his current situation, so he just chuckled his typical jolly laugh.

      As the laughter ceased, the green eyed youth remained in his stationary position - not moving a single muscle. He no longer looked for anything out of place - he truly found it pointless and bothersome. He simply stood in place and scanned the surrounding area with steady green optics. The music continued pouring out bass which shook his core, while the drunken club-goers continued to bump his shoulders with laughs and sloppy movements. But his titan like shell couldn't be fazed by such people. The youth stood his ground, his Air-Treks planted firmly on the earth, his mind and eyes steady like the wind, and his burning passion giving him the strength to carry onward.

      Suddenly, the little yellow device picked up a reading - a reading Ezekiel would no doubt want to hear about. Quickly, the small machine poked it's yellow head from the backpack, and followed the source with it's spinning antenna. The R.E.A.D device caught sight of the source, and looked it dead in it's eyes. The source reading came from a young individual with flowing purple hair. But it also seemed like this child moved along with the crowd - which made it even more difficult to follow his or her readings. The small device turned it's body towards the back of Ezekiel's head and began shouting directly in his ear.


      "HOLY FUCK! WHAT, YB??!!"



      Ezekiel shouted, reaching his left hand over his backpack and shoving the yellow device back within it's depths. The green eyed youth released a sigh of relief as the screaming finally came to a end, but he still remained a little curious about this mysterious reading. With a slight turn of the head, the boy looked behind him - but saw no one of particularly skill. His vision remained filled with drunken citizens and hidden Storm-Riders - the sight made his stomach do flips.

      "Fuck it."

      He thought to himself, fixing his vision back directly in front. The waiting game was still being played. Suddenly, the core rattling music came to a cease - freeing the surrounding area of it's rhythmic grip. A look of confusion overlapped the youths ebony smooth face. The sea of people continued with their drunken frantic movements, while the hidden Storm-Riders remained alert and sneaky. Ezekiel simply shook his head, but as he did, the small machine in the depths of his backpack picked up a fast approaching Air-Trek reading. Whoever it is approaching the duo did it with precise and accurate movement. This in itself's was enough to mention to Ezekiel. The tiny yellow device quickly brought it's body out of the coal colored backpack and began a frantic speech pattern.

      "Ezekiel, I'm getting a reading."

      "I'm guessin' it's someone important?!"

      "From my calculations this human has the second best overall skill, other than you of course, Ezekiel."

      "That's not what I asked, YB! Is this someone important?!"

      "No, but this human is fast and will appear in front of you Que minus three seconds."

      "Lets greet this fucker then!"

      Ezekiel remained calm, his pulse and pupils steady. He slowly shifted his hanging hands into the both pockets of the expensive leather jacket he wore. At the end of the three seconds, a tiny child with blonde hair appeared directly in front of Ezekiel. His green eyes scanned the boy. Was the device malfunctioning? Or did it simply over calculate this child's ability? The look of confusion never left Ezekiel's face - he couldn't believe this boy had the second best stat score within a 100 meter radius. Ezekiel didn't question it - even though he really should have, he just looked at the blonde youth as he spoke. At first, Ezekiel found nothing of use coming from this child's mouth. But than, one word made his heart skip a beat "Ophelia"...? The green eyed boy released a few jolly chuckles before cutting off the child and asking a series of questions.

      "Hold on?! Ophelia...?"

      He paused for a split second, and released a few more laughs before continuing.

      "Pale white skin..?! Beautiful red evil eyes..?!"

      He paused yet again, releasing even more laughs before he continued.

      "Flowin' blonde hair..?! n' a sex ass personality..?! That Ophelia?!"

      A third pause was made, and even more laughs were exhaled from his plump lips. While Ezekiel laughed, his personally R.E.A.D Device's antenna stopped spinning - it's small black dot for eyes scanned the surrounding area quickly. It obtained a reading it couldn't possibly believe no matter how many times it re-scanned the chip coming from this mysterious persons Air-Treks. The reading was phenomenal in every way. What Ezekiel lacked, this person made up for it in tenfold. But where was the source coming from? The small yellow device couldn't tell do to the sea of people surrounding them. And then, directly behind the green eyed youth is where the small device caught sight of the source. Even the machine could feel the ominous air spiraling around this person, and it even felt a little fear... But before the device was even able to say anything, the mysterious person spoke. while Ezekiel couldn't to laugh over the thought of finally being able to See Ophelia again.

      The piercing soul snatching words, mixed with a serious tone. Ezekiel recognized the voice from anywhere - Ophelia. The youth turned around with a simple 180 degree spin and looked down at the girl with his typical charming smile. Her aura was stronger than before - it even almost seemed more bloodthirsty. Could she have had a reason to be her also? It didn't matter, Ezekiel embraced the soul snatching feeling and exhaled another string of laughs as he applied a small amount of pressure on the sibling Air-Treks placed upon his feet. The emerald eyed youth rode forward as she spoke - his eyes glinting with pure joy and happiness.

      "Pfft! I already told you, babe. I gotta get you to spread those beautiful wings before I die, remember?"

      He stopped mere inches alone for her face with his head turned sideways a little. His right eyebrow and arm rose in curiosity as another set of words left his flirtatious mouth.

      "Actually I do have another bed, girly. This one has extra bounce n' shit. I know you'll love it."

      His right hand ever so softly stroked her cold face. But, in the middle of the stroke, it turned into a firm grip with his index finger and thumb upon her cheek. He stretched the skin outward in a type of pinch while the look of curiosity still riddled his ebony face.

      "Damn! Have you been eatin', babe?! Doesn't seem like it. Looks like I gotta get my lady some food before tonight ends, huh?"

      He spoke with a handsome wide smile. Tonight wasn't so bad after all.

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35 Re: The Search [Event] on Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:05 am

Las Vegas

"Tonight is the night;”
“I take the stage by storm and dance in the light!"

It suddenly felt as if it was getting a little “too” crowded...

Xenneth had been his comfort zone for a while amongst the hurdling crowd of people giving some indifferent stares and stark expressions. His own look was probably one of many that stood out other than those of other hidden Storm Riders that he was so ignorant about! The only Storm Riders he knew of certain were the ones that were obviously before him and stood amongst each other screaming and yelling in the heart of the strip amongst the partying crowd that was giving their lowly banter as things proceeded.

“Things might get ugly...”

Xenneth could not agree more with the silenced shot of the tongue from one of the civilians. He had that biased, but obviously hypocritical, perspective on those who used Air Trek in this kind of scene. His look was mostly fixated on the brown-skinned individual who...eyes suddenly searched the crowd?

“Neyuuu!!” Xenneth’s tongue and teeth pressed with the sound emitting from his clinched teeth.

He had turned his back quickly avoiding eye contact. Anything but eye contact! He could not take the pressure of someone noticing him with he looked so inferior whether it being guy or girl! He was not exactly an open “people person,” so he had simply tried to blend in with the crowd; and considering this was his sort of scene, a place of celebration where no one would see him or remember him amongst the ecstasy of their drunkenness, he felt like some sort of ghost amongst a million.

He had to get a chance of perspective...

Xenneth had moved upon his Air Trek carefully, his feet picking up and his strides were kicks that were short. Dance and movement was his specialty when it came to wearing the footwear or not, so his movements were as if he was dancing amongst the crowd as a whirl of his violet haired whipped with every sudden head movement. His shoulders turned with his hips as he danced around some people who were paying too much attention to his style and grace to notice that he was on skates. At least there was one advantage to having such a feminine appearance; it was perfect for making them look at his body and for them to ignore his feet.

Occasionally, eyes had shifted between his surroundings as he moved about. His sight was unparalleled when he was in motion; and even when the world seemed like it was spinning like crazy when someone would dance with the rhythm and beat, he had clarity as he could notice if eyes were looking at him and the scenery that was around him when he just moved with a two-step.

Left-right, the crowd? Gawkers and drunken perverts.

Left-right, the suspects? There were three of them now?

No...four! Four? Xenneth’s anxiety was at a high now. He started to think if it was simply two people honestly, he could run from them if they noticed him or at least get less of a severe penalty if he was ever discovered. However, the violet-haired boy saw growing numbers, and of course, this was a clear sign that they either were attracting attention or had friends that were coming from other places: friends he rather not know about. Was the world of Air Trek and Storm-Riding not abroad with groups and gangs?

Just knowing this, Xenneth had made sure to get some distance as he gotten back to his position, a wall of a building away from the heart of the strip with some space that left him both hidden from the heart of the attention, but exposed in a broader opening (People would notice you on a wall just as much as you were dead center on the street, especially if you had a cute face in his experience). This little “game” on the invitation was becoming dangerous, and Xenneth’s body was already shivering from sheer fright as if he was on an open battlefield behind enemy territory. Unlike most battles, most people came with allies; however he had come with nothing but a simple radio to “home base” and was covert at best. He was a loner, a role he thought he would never play in his life.

“I should text Rosetta,” Xenneth had thought, “Maybe she should know something.”

A lie he told himself and the excuse being that his young thirteen year-old sister was a genius, Xenneth had needed some comfort and to talk to someone, and even just seeing the letters and heart-shaped cutesy characters on the two-way from the young girl would be comfort enough for him to be relieved from a little bit of tension. If anything suddenly happened, he would notice, including unusual movements in the party seeing this group was not so “covert.”

Sadly...this also meant that the Swan was letting his guard down just for a second in his moment of weakness for comfort.

"Not even the limelight can fill me with fright."

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36 Re: The Search [Event] on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:12 pm

Grim shrugged his shoulders at Ezekiel’s reply about stop talking. He asked, Grim told him, but the boyish grin on Grim’s face couldn’t be missed. Grim’s eyes shifted as he thought of his partner’s blazing aura of hostility subsided just a smudge, his done his job right. Yea one of Grim’s thoughts that Gabriel being a Team instead of a person was legit throw out there question, but it fulfilled another job that Grim couldn’t mustered a thought of completely, and that was bring down Ezekiel’s wrath to a minimum for right now. They both needed their heads about them if they were going to locate Gabriel.

Taking a cue from Ezekiel Grim stood by the dark skinned young man, scanning the crowd of party goers, drunks, and dancers as they navigated around the two standing in the stripe. There were even some Riders that caught Grim’s attention but none that stuck out as Gabriel. As time passed Grim’s thoughts wondered to that of why Gabriel called all of them out here, what was his true aim for this little event. Was he really going to hand over the Regalia to the people that best him, or was this a set up for something more. Grim’s thoughts were ground to an halt when he overheard the shout/conversion between Ezekiel and his little yellow device in his pocket. The device was going on about some it spotted behind them. Grim didn’t want to give away that the person was out, so he settled with turning just slightly to his right peeking over his shoulder. The way his mask was it seemed he was just staring off to the right, however he could completely see behind him… well the right of him away. No one, Grim repeated the same process to his left, and no one. Grim was still peeking over his left when the device went off once more. This time warning of a fast approaching person from the front, ”What the hell.” Grim replied but not nearly loud enough to be heard by anyone in particular. It seemed the real monsters were coming out. Could it be Gabriel finally making an show of himself? Grim doubted, but from the way something moved, it was turning heads, and heading there way.

In the last three seconds the space in front of them turned from another path way the people of the Sin city could take to pass the two riders, was filled up by a blonde headed Boy. No more than in his sixteen’s or seventeen’s maybe at least. He talked to mostly Ezekiel, who didn’t seem to notice the boy until he spoke of an women by the name of Ophelia, or something similar. It was getting pretty hard to hear the boy over the loud music, and the drunks who were starting to come in bigger numbers. He barely noticed when the kid actually turned to Grim, and introduced himself. He eyed the kid up and down, taking him in and sizing him up. Before answering, ”People call me Grim.” wither the stranger, Ken took it as his real name or not, which a lot of people didn’t. It hardly mattered to Grim, since the boy arrived he seemed to have some infor on this Gabriel person, more than what other riders had it seemed, and Grim wanted to know what, but before Grim could open his mouth. A cold shriver ran up and down his spin, he spun around in a 180 to cover their six with hands up in a fighting position, something was stalking them, and if it was something that made Grim throw up his guard like this. It was something bad, something terrible. If only Grim knew how right he was. (8P)

To Grim’s surprise when the thin, blonde haired female stepped out with her A-T’s. The murderous, dark aura was practically oozing out of the female, making a small bubble around her. She spoke to Ken harshly, not even recognizing Grim, and went straight for Ophelia, and from there little exchange, it seemed the two knew each other quite well. Grim felt foolish a bit for throwing up his fighting stance so early, and taxed it to nerves. He eyed Ezekiel and the young women and thought it was time for him to back off a bit to let them caught up. Hit reverse with a little pressure, Grim backed up and joined Ken’s side. ”You said you knew how to find Gabriel. Grim shouted over the music. It seemed someone had to get the infor one way or another while Ezekiel caught up with his “friend”, that fell on Grim.
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37 Re: The Search [Event] on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:33 pm

”Ken, you need to learn to keep your mouth shut and not to prancing about like a ballerina whenever you see someone you recognize. It could get you in trouble one of these days.” she said as her malicious aura seemed to be ignited into hotter flames. The night was growing a bit more cool with the group of storm riders all together, the fourteen year old boy deciding he'd play nice once more for this Blood Queen with sinfully attractive blonde hair and a nice figure along with it.

"Oh sorry miss, it's just that I wanted to make sure he'd be with us for the race after the exquisite riding that I had the honor of witnessing," the boy said in a tone that had gone from his previous "could care less" attitude to a complete genuine one. "I'll make sure to learn my place, Ophelia." ending his statement with a bow of his head. Ken thought of Ms. Hawthorne as a peculiar subject, someone who he wished to study. Yes she was an excellent rider and could kill him at any time she chose, but he couldn't help about playing with her a little bit. Out of everyone that he had met across on the way to the west coast of the United States of America, she had caught his gaze for the higher percentage of the time.

To his surprise, the Blood Queen had made some sexual comments to the black male, a sign that they had met up in the past. Ophelia loving another man, and having sexual intercourse with him?

"Looks like she really does have a heart...." the adolescent thought to himself as he simply viewed the events unfolding for the moment. What surprised the blonde haired Risen King the most was the fact that the African Storm Rider had pinched Hawthorne's cheek, usually it being dangerous to even poke her. Either he and the Blood Queen had been well "acquainted" in the past, or he was simply going over his boundaries. No matter, none of these would affect Ken for the time being so he just left these two love birds indulge one another with a variety of banter.

The male with silver hair had introduced himself as Grim, was certainly an unusual name. The King wasn't sure to take this as an alias or his actual name, but he decided to categorize this man as such. Still he didn't know of this man's ability, but it did not matter. At the race, everyone would see what the other was capable of in this environment.

”You said you knew how to find Gabriel." the man had said beside Ken, probably not heard by Ophelia Hawthorne and her friend. The boy looked up into the sky to observe a few stars that started to emerge from the murky darkness above that was known as a high haven.

"I don't know what he looks like, but he is going to be around here from the information that we gathered. However, Ophelia is the only person here who knows what he looks like. Just try to keep out of Ophelia's business or she'll gut you like a fish, not kidding." the boy said quietly enough for the Storm Rider Grim to hear over the music, but not loud enough for Ophelia her friend to hear any of it.

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38 Re: The Search [Event] on Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:57 pm

From behind the tall man Ophelia could hear the blonde boy that she could not shake apologize for his earlier insolence with words that appeared genuine. It was odd for her to image him being sorry for something such as this because he seemed to be the type not to care what other people thought, but at that moment she did not really care; the female allowed silence to fall between them, her attention beginning to gravitate towards another source as he wandered over to the silver haired boy. The blonde haired female could not help but to gravitate towards the dark skinned male that she had previous toyed around with, the tension between them palpable in the thick night air. Written all over his bright green eyes was an emotion that was reflected in her own bloodied hues, his cheeky grin and perfectly matched words wrapping around them as she waited for the delectable teasing to begin.

In the moments before more statements filled the air she took the time to evaluate his appearance, slowly taking everything in like a predator sizing up their prey. Based off of strictly this he seemed to be in the city of sin on a leisure trip of sorts, something that was most likely very far from the truth. In her opinion Ezekiel was the type of man to always have a motive behind his actions and tonight was the perfect night to be up to something. The intent behind actions was unknown to her, but at the moment she was not too interested in asking him what he was up to; their games were far more fun after all.

There was only one thing that caught her attention in concerns to his attire, a little yellow robot that was peering at her from his shoulder. The petite woman could not tell what its purpose was, but it obviously feared her based off its actions. That little bit of information made her smirk remain in place, her eyes flickering up to his face when words began to tumble from his lips once more. He was riding closer to her body, slowly trapping her with its heat as his emerald eyes sparkling and words of making her spread her tainted wings before his death circled her body. That thought made the female chuckle lightly simply because she could not imagine what he would do to get her to soar freely, though those thoughts were quickly lost to the remark about how comfortable his bed was; it was a place that she was most likely more than welcome to visit.

“I suppose that I will have to come check that bed out later tonight then, darling.”

She could not resist letting a small bit of laughter escape her chest as his fingers wander up to the side of her face, more joking banter passing between them as she allowed him to grow closer to her icy body. Ophelia had only expected her companion to reach up and show some sort of gesture of affection, this leading her to simply let him do as he wished. She immediately regretted that decision though when he allowed his hand to come in contact with her skin, his fingers tightening around her cheek before pulling on the pale flesh before she had a chance to even react. This elicited a hiss escaped the demon’s lips though as her instincts kicked in, her hand raising to drag across his cheek with sharp nails that could have drawn blood.

“I would appreciate it if you do not try that again, sweetheart. And my lady? Since when do you own me?

Her glare did not lighten, the crimson orbs locked on his face as she evaluated what possible damage there was to his body. The only give away that she was not completely irritated with him was the face that lifted her fingers up to ghost across his ebony cheek, speaking to him once more about his request of feeding her.

“And I am positive that you do not need to buy me half of the hotel’s menu tonight.”

In the corner of all of this chaos though a cell phone began to let out a little chirping noise, the raven haired man plucking the device from his pocket to peer at its screen. The time flashed midnight, signaling to him that it was time to start the fun that was his little game and bringing a bright smirk to his face. With silent motions he began to weave his way through the crowds, heading over to his starting location where he would make his announcement to the crowd that would rest below him. The Storm Riders of in the city of sin were growing far too restless, words threatening to beat him within an inch of his life barely reaching his ears as he kept on moving along. The crowd held many faces, all of them belonging to the long list of people he was keeping his eye one. The only one he did not see was the petite blonde which he had invited along for the ride, a good turn out since she would surely draw too much attention to him.

Suddenly he was lost to the crowd though, only reappearing atop one of the nearby buildings as he began to press various buttons on his cell phone to activate the projector and cameras he had planted around the area. All of the music suddenly died in the area, drawing most voices to a halt as he continued with his plan. The next thing to happen was a large image of his flash flashing onto the side of one of the buildings, a deep smirk painted onto his face. From behind his mop of dark hair his dark red eyes were glinting with anticipation, waiting the reaction of the people below him.

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39 Re: The Search [Event] on Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:39 pm

      The world around Ezekiel existed no longer. The faint music filling the air no longer bumped in his ear drums, the drunk movements of the people around him no longer bothered him, and his racing angry coursing through his body slowly turned into happiness. All because of this one girl, this one single girl...

      The ebony skinned boy gave all his attention to the female before him - his smiling speaking louder than any clever word he could muster up. She seemed very happy to see him also - their eyes almost giving off the same glow of mischief and joy. And before he knew it, she was already throwing another wave of flirtatious words in his direction with her snappy response. He simply smiled as she spoke - he wanted nothing more but to drag her back to his hotel room and devour her petite frame like the beast he was, but such thoughts needed to wait - he was in Vegas for a reason after all, but this girl really messed with his priorities.

      As his ran across her winter like cheek a blissful laugh escaped her little body which caused the boys heart to skip a beat. When she laughed he felt different inside - happier in a way... She isn't the type to laugh, but more of the type to cease all laughing with a soul snatching blow. So this was a nice change of pace for Ezekiel, one he could get use to in the long run. But soon the nice laughter turned into a hiss as Ezekiel's massive like fingers pulled on her pale flesh. Her reaction caused the boy to laugh, he already had a strong filling something along these lines would happen, but he couldn't resist himself - she really did look like she was losing more weight. Suddenly, her sharp cat like nails dragged across his chocolate toned skin, but he ignored the filling and continued giving the blonde his typical cheesy smile - as if he was a innocent child.

      "Sorry, babe. I'm jus' worried about you, that's all."

      He spoke with a flirtatious tone, rubbing the pinched spot with gentle movements. After a few moments of doing this, the youth dropped his arm but still remained mere inches away from the much shorter female. But soon he would realize something once her next set of words reached his ears with faint twitches. Ezekiel shifted his vision up towards the vastly filled star sky and chuckled a little before he began speaking yet again.

      "Hm? That's a good question, babe. I dunno, I guess I jus' see you as my lady n' stuff, is that so wrong?"

      He asked fixing his emerald glow back upon the female in front of him. Ezekiel isn't the type to get possessive when it came to creatures of the opposite sex, but she was different. Before she could even answer, he busted out into a mad laugh yet again and threw both his arms behind his head.

      "We can just call this collateral for the damage to the hotel room n' my lil' ole' body."

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40 Re: The Search [Event] on Wed May 02, 2012 9:03 am

Las Vegas

"Tonight is the night;”
“I take the stage by storm and dance in the light!"

He had to get back into the scene…

Shortly after tinkering with the phone and sending a quick text message, Xenneth had decided that it was best to get out of eye sight. There were so many of them and between being tangled up in the party and noticing that there were Air Trek riders among them, there was a mixture of hysteria and thrill that the “Swan” used as an opening. His body swayed in the most agile way as he would occasionally dance about the crowd, most of them to intoxicated and entranced to notice he was dodging them as he glided upon the slow roll of his Air Trek on his feet. He could have been just a ghost in their hazy eyes.


The vibration was silent, but the feeling among his leg was there. Xenneth’s small device was on vibrate, and a good tactic for him seeing that the crowd was too loud to hear a phone ring, not to mention to hear a thought going through his head. Most likely, no one in this place had any concerns about time or perception unless it involved the music; at least, the pedestrians. Xenneth, reaching to his right pocket as he made one more swerve of his body made one more graceful spin stopping in a small coupled circle of people who were looking him over as he checked his phone. He could hear some inaudible flirtatious words, but largely ignored them with shoulders tense. This was still an awkward setting for him after all.

“Don’t worry so much Big Brother! You’ll be fine!”

Comforting words from his young sister whom he texted. She always had put his mind at ease and brought a sense of tranquility amongst his mind’s many thoughts. It was quiet in his mind, but Xenneth was so entranced with his message, he had not even known that in fact, it was almost silent period as the pulsating music stopped, the joyful cheers of the crowd was no longer rampent, and there was confusing lowly roars as he lifted his head and joined in the chorus with a skeptical look of confusion.

“What’s…going on?” Xenneth asked lowly as if anyone could answer. Suddenly, little Rosetta’s message was not so comforting.

Xenneth’s eyes had looked about with hysteria as he searched out the crowd. There were many faces looking towards one direction and they seemed to be lost in thought about an image that was on a hanging monitor. Xenneth could not identify until he gazed to that same glowing screen seeing a face that appeared. His eyes reflecting the light and the image of the face, a bit intimidated, he had open his mouth and felt a cold shiver go down his spine as if he was seeing some sort of monstrosity. He was not use to this sort of sudden change of pace: you know, surprises?

The violet haired boy looked up attentively, not puzzling and piecing together the image of the person with the reason he was here, but instead stared curiously as well as alerted feeling that this needed his attention. After all, he was a bit scared right now; typical Xenneth-instinct.

"Not even the limelight can fill me with fright."

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41 Re: The Search [Event] on Sun May 06, 2012 2:13 pm

      Grim is skipped*

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42 Re: The Search [Event] on Mon May 07, 2012 6:24 pm

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43 Re: The Search [Event] on Tue May 08, 2012 6:52 am

After the very strange, little exchange between the young boy named Ken, and Ophelia. Grim could have sworn if she wasn’t talking to Ezekiel lovely dovely. That the two Ken, and Ophelia would be into some Master and Servant BDSM type of shit. Grim would have made some snarky remark, but something caught his attention. One by one the screens, and music down the stripe they occupied cut from pretty women showing their goods, and tiger jumping through rings to straight black and grey static across the screen for just a moment, than a face appeared smiling very boldly.

For the very first time since arriving into this stripe the noise level dropped to mutters, and scared whispers of the unknown of what was happening, but Grim knew what was happening. So did countless other Riders as well that was invited to this very same place. The event was starting. Grim watched the young man on the screen his bold smile, taking in his details. Everything about him. His hair, his clothes, his body type, but most importantly where he was. From the picture on the monitor he was obviously on top of a building, but which building? Grim checked to see if he could pick out anything that stood out about the building he was on, but no success there. Grim was just about to give up when he noticed the stars behind his head. It was a close up shoot of Gabriel, and some of his head blocked the stars, but not enough for Grim to pinpoint where he was.

“Stick with me, and don’t give yourself away” Grim whispered to Ken, and rode over slowly to Ezekiel and Ophelia and whispered the same thing, but he didn’t have to worry about adding the last part. These two seemed seasoned Storm Riders. They both knew if they started to go all out ride where Gabriel might be others would follow. The best way to precede Grim thought was slow and steady, and if they couldn’t catch this Gabriel before the event started. The next best thing would be for them to get in a better position than where they were.

With everyone somewhat keyed in on what to do without giving to much away to any eavesdroppers that were just blessed and lucky enough to be near Grim when he made his discovery. Grim started out slow speed even for him, and made his way through the crowd heading toward the building Gabriel was making his broadcast. It might have been easier if Ezekiel was in front like before when Ezekiel and Grim made their way to the center of this stripe. Pushing people out of the way to clear a path, but that too would draw attention to the group, and that was something Grim could do without.


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44 Re: The Search [Event] on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:45 pm

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