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Danial Jex [Special Forces A-T Hunter]

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1 Danial Jex [Special Forces A-T Hunter] on Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:15 pm


The Basics

Name: Danial Jex

Sex: male

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: While off of Air Treks Danial Jex is calm and level headed. Just a guy who wants to sit back watch the competition and give his own two cents on it. He tends to have a professional demeanor and a flare for a direct challenge. He absolutely cherishes his dirt bike and will do anything to see that no harm comes to it, however actually damaging it brings out the side of him usually only seen while he is on A-T's.

Strapped in and ready for a run DJ's personality twists as he becomes passionate and ready to take down anything in his way. His fists fly first second and third before he might pause and ask you a question. All logic seems to leave him as he becomes a rabid beast ready for a fight. The taste for blood his sweet drive.

Appearance: When ever heading out to an A-T event DJ wears a black full face helmet with a blank tinted visor so that no one can see his face. Due to his Anger issues on A-T's and the fact that he works for the Autorities he does not want anyone to figure out who he is outside the Air Trek world. A plain white T with Shorts or long pants A-T's. The A-T's in themselves are eye catching though most question if they even are air trek since through his races as F and E rank they had yet to make a sound. Chains are also shackled to his wrists if only to add to his brutish ways.

Out side of the A-T world Danial's shaggy brown hair and soft brown eyes are free to the world. Polo's and Pull over jackets are very common as he keeps his other life a secret. Normal blue jeans and sneakers fit perfectly with his persona out side of his Illegal activities. The only thing linking the two versions of himself is the red dirt bike he drives when not walking or riding A-T.

Shadow: a Mechanical Mammoth.

Special Info

Class: D

Birth Place: Tacoma, Washington

Current Place of Residence: San Fransisco, California

The Finale

History: Danial was born in the United States he would be the first born of his family. Almost as soon as he was born he would be diagnosed with myostatin-related muscle hypertropy. His birth would be out of wedlock along with younger brother after a year, it would be another year before his mother would move back to her home town of Troy, Kansas. Living with their grandfather and mother it would be a few more years before Danial and his brother end up being the ring bearer for her first marriage. He would end up moving again with this marriage to St. Joseph, Missouri.

For a few more years he would live in the small city area, learning to ride a bike, roller blade, and other sorts of kiddy activities. Even at a young age he would blade around pulling one eighties and even skating backwards. Danial would have his first run in with the authorities. Taking him and his brother to his Grandma’s place in Fanning, Kansas; it would only be a misconception of the time that it took by car and the time it would take by bike, luckily they would end up getting pulled over at a nearby taco bell and taken back to their parents house. His half sister would be born within the large white house in the city.

A little while again they would move to Chicago. There Danial would hone his skating skills as an after curricular activity. Yet he would only get about eight months of training before they would move back to Troy, Kansas. His life seemed almost rushed as after a year of his sister’s birth his mother would have another boy making him the eldest of four. His youngest brother would be born on a Sunday at home and would be the youngest person to attend church that day. It was not a true shock that within the year his family would move to Manila, Philippines.

Danial Jex would be eight by this time and would be attending Faith Academy, during his time as a missionary kid. He would take up Soccer during his lunch periods though he would be labeled a delinquent with anger issues, due to his time at a third grader choking out a fifth grader for getting hit in the face by a soccer ball. To help control and to channel his anger he took up Mui Tai. It would also be here that he would discover balute, each egg twenty-five peso’s an egg. He would spend the better of five years attending school and learning the Mui Tai arts.

When Danial and his family moved back his parents would divorce. His father would move back to the Philippines while the rest of his family moved to Highland, Kansas. This is where Danial would discover American football after being tricked by his mother into going to the “football” practice. He would not mind that though and he would qualify for not only the defensive left tackle but also the kicker. They would move twice more before Danial would end up in Parsons, Kansas. Continuing his skills on the field as well as discovering wrestling.

His Coach would be Jody Thompson, the former coach of the Local collage and inducted into the Kansas hall of fame, would teach him wrestling. Danail’s record would go to a complete sweep of the competition, placing second in every tournament he went to except for his first tournament. His weight would only be one sixty-eight pounds as he wrestled in the one seventy-five weight bracket. He would only wrestle a year as he would study auto repair for the years he attended school. He would end up walking out of school as soon as the first of the final exams for his Junior year of high school.

Danail would continue to work out and train in Shotokan Karate when he was not busy with work, at the local hospital as a floor care technician. He would also walk his mother down the aisle to marry his step dad, a sergeant in the military before going to Job Corps. While in the Job Corps Program he would study security and law enforcement, achieving the rank of Captain before graduation along with his General Education Diploma and his High School Diploma. He would also take Judo during his eight month stay in the program finding it helpful in takedown procedures as he expanded his repertoire of fighting capabilities.

At the age eighteen he would be too young for any true security work, he would move along with his family to San Francisco. It would be here that he would hear of Air Gear as he studied Parkour as a training regiment within the urban environment.

Being approached by the Storm-Rider Hunters division he would gladly accept as it would mean he would be a shoe in for true law enforcement some day. His skills and athletic abilities allowing to keep his balance as they would launch him forward, like a tank he would go forward unable to stop. His reflexes from the countless hours of practicing martial arts aiding him to maintain control over his tracks, slowly building up the skills he had as a kid rollerblading as he blasted through both the F class and E class, literally with his brutality, on his way to the top. The teams he took down would seem to vanish. However due to the exertion on him while performing a run he usually just rides his dirt bike.

Roleplay Sample:

Aron Alexander Anderson, sat in the cafe at his table sketchpad out as he doodled and sketched out designs. The fairly new "tuner" was glad that he had picked Tully's Coffee to grab a morning mocha. True it was stuffed nearly to the point that the fire codes would be in jeopardy but then again it was all about the location of the place that had made it so. Just two blocks away from Broadway Street and the 24 percent grade slope that Fillmore Street took. Sure it was not at the top of the steepest hill in San Fran but it was defiantly part of the top ten steepest slopes. True it only lasted a block but the drop sure would not as still more were more waiting blocks beyond.

Clad in a blue T-shirt he would have a white jacket over it, dark blue jeans and sneakers since he kept his Air treks in his bag along with his tools, out of sight from unwanted eyes. The project he was working on was an A-T concept for himself once he got better. A omnidirectional wheel would be the designs front wheel with a single standard wheel for the rear to provide more control. The concept drawing was in its rough stages still as Aron's hand crossed over the page brushing the pencil lead away. He could not help but break focus as the subject of A-T's came up at the table beside him.

The loss of focus a thankful blessing as he lift his cup of mocha to his lips and took a drink and a peek at the ladies at the table his distraction had come from. Letting his purple shaded sun glasses slide down his nose for a bit to get a untainted view of the two as he set his cup down. As they continued to chat away Aron flipped to a free page in his sketch book and started anew, this time how ever it would not be an Air trek concept he would work on but a drawing of the two. He would give a silent grin as his pencil sketched away and the one with the cookies gave that hanging sentence.

His mind going on trying to put an ending to the sentence, after A-T's were "banned" so maybe naughty... Ah yes the bad boy stereo type, the thought of it made him shake his head a bit even if his grin would not fade. How interesting it is for strangers to meet and he was just itching to converse with the two beside him anyway that when Rue gave her name and commented on a sting operation he could not help but comment," It still could be, Rue."

His green eyes looking at her as he pushed his glasses back up, his slicked back hair and posture causing him to look serious for once before his smile broke out again,"Just kidding. I just moved in town not to long ago, name's Aron. Aron A. Anderson A.K.A Triple A. Also I find that if you shut down the computer slash power settings and lock them, the SHF cant hold you for long since it effectively just turns your Air Treks into custom aggressive inline skates. Thus loop holing you out of the system on a technicality."


Jumping 0/10
Strength 8/10
Speed 0/10
Stamina 1/10
Dexterity 0/10
Acceleration 0/10
Tricks 1/10


(Note: You may only have two starting)

Name: Boom 720
Rank: D
Description: The essence of this technique is concentrated in a spinning back kick, followed by a spinning front kick, and one more spinning back kick all while jumping in air. Each kick causing the rotation speed to pick up causing the user to gain buoyancy, which they use to shift into gradually higher attacks causing the users strength stat to be counted as his jumping stat instead.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Name: Forced Movement
Rank: F-A+King
Description: Using ones own strength to over power their A-T's they are able to force their A-T's to go faster then they should by utilizing powerful kicks. At Rank F this gives a +1 to speed, Rank E +1 speed and +1 acceleration, D +2 speed and +1 accel., C +2 speed and +2 accel., B +3 s. and +2 a., A +3 s. and +3 a. With higher rank one can use this longer with a 2 post start with a progression of +1 post per rank up starting at rank D(D rank 3 posts, C rank 4 posts... A rank 6 posts) with a continuous cool down of two posts, though if one is able to attain king level after A rank, cool down is reduced to zero posts. Because of having learned this trick both speed and Acceleration can not be trained past 7 and max stat points drop down to 52.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No.

Name: Soul 1800, The Bloody Roll
Rank: D
Description: A brutal move that twists the opponent's body as the user "rolls" the opponent from all sides, its distinctive 'finisher' is a spurting spiral of blood. It works like two cogs one being the target the other being the user as he rides against the target, the A-T leaving cuts and lacerations against cloths and skin. The intense movement between the two bodies keeping them paused in the air for the duration of the technique though it can also be done with the target standing.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No, Must be taught by Danial.

Name: The Big Boom
Rank: D
Description: The move is performed by a kick not just any kick but a snap kick The snapping of the foot and quick acceleration to deceleration causes the air around the kick to act as though hit by the force of an explosion. The air around the kick to be dispersed like a large wall of air pushing the target away usually into some sort of object or a wall. The clasp of thunder booming can be heard by those hit giving the technique its name. Can only be performed on working A-T.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes

Face Claim

Air Gear - Udou Akira

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Jumping: 0
Strength: 8
Speed: 0
Stamina: 1
Dexterity: 0
Acceleration: 0
Tricks: 1
Total: 10
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