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A Night of Never Ending Woe

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1A Night of Never Ending Woe Empty A Night of Never Ending Woe on Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:57 pm

For once it was early in the night, about ten o’clock to be exact, but anyone without a watch could have easily been fooled. The sky was painted a deep shade of obsidian, not a single star in sight and the moon shrouded in darkness by the foreboding clouds. A storm was definitely rolling in and water droplets would begin falling from the visionless sky at any point now, but that still did not stop the passionate Storm-Riders of San Francisco from dancing about; the petite blonde who was riding across the rooftops of the seven hundred block was one of these people.

Ophelia let her bright crimson orbs scan over the various obstacles before her as she road home from her training session, her eyes hard as she tried to ignore the perpetual pain in her lower legs. She had been testing a new method to control her Regalia, a method which only blew up in her face, so now she was feeling quite unplesant. She knew she only her own stupidity to thank for it though since she knew better than to train so far from her apartment.

Still all she could do was push herself a little harder to get home and bandage her winds up, her slowly picking up speed as she neared the largest jump on her route. Under normal circumstances the jump would have been quite simple to master, but with the usually pale scars that create an intricate ribbon pattern from her ankles to her knees now causing her pain, she was going to have some problems. Ophelia only kept up her pace though, racing towards the twenty foot gap as fast as she could before twisting her whole body to make the jump. Like a well practiced dancer she placed pressure upon her back wheels at just the right moment and Brant her knees a little before launching herself into the air, performing a triple axel jump with perfect precision to cross the street below her. Now came the hard part though, landing without breaking her neck.

The smashing of parts was the first thing that Ophelia heard when she collided with the hard cement on the building's roof, her whole body skidding a few feet as she collided with the ground from the momentum that she had. A small hiss almost broke her lips at the pain that shot through her legs, but she held it back as she sat up to assess the damage that she had caused. All she saw at first was her wheel out of place, but she had a feeling that was the worst of her troubles. With broken motions she ripped her Air Treks from her feet and began to fiddle with her wheels. 

"Piece of shit! My fucking axels just snapped in half!"

There was nothing worse in her mind than a broken axel, especially when she was sitting perched on a tall building. Now she was going to have to shimmy to the ground  and walk home bare foot, a disgusting thing indeed but necessary now. The woman could not help but let a stream of cuss words flow from her paling lips as she tied the laces of her shoes together, various plans on how to murder something forming in her mind due to her severe anger. She honestly did not think her night could get much worse, but she did not want to jinx it either so she simply draped the now useless contraptions over her neck to climb down to the saftey of the concrete jungle. If her legs did not hurt before they did now and she felt every single step she took as she made her way over to the fire escape.

Once there the petite woman began the five story decent on the rotting iron to the floor below, climbing down a small ladder that posed a small jump to this haven first though. She wished that someone would have invested in the extra six feet or a ladder to help her down, but luck just did not seem to be on her side that night as more fire licked at her legs. Her two feet being planted safely on the ground was the only thing that calmed her, though it was short lived as she stalked home to the three hundred block.

"I swear to fucking God I am going to murder someone tonight! First my legs, then my Air Treks, and now I had to climb down to even walk home! Fucking perfect!"

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2A Night of Never Ending Woe Empty Re: A Night of Never Ending Woe on Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:58 pm

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      It was dark out again, like the motor oil used to grease the wheels on an air-treck, with little specks off wood carvings or even a few metal shavings glimmering in the soft light that peered through musty windows. Either way it was a sight for sore eyes, the small apartment over her parents old Garage was always lit up with beam lights, the stars being blocked out almost 24/7. May's light blonde hair rustled against the small window pain of the bus as she tried to see further into the night.

      Her eyes had only been shut for a second, but by the time she opened them again she was at the bus station Deep within a city she thought to be San Francisco, a neon sign confirmed this. She grabbed her bags and her small tool-kit, moving gracefully through the crowd, at least not enough to wake anyone still sleeping and going further, or at least not to hit anyone in the head with her 100 pounds or so of equipment. Hopping off the bus and standing at the sidewalk she wondered what to do. Go left, or go right? It made no difference; all she needed was a place to sleep.

      Her feet trotted down the side-walk, her eyes wondered, then dazed off as she thought about the air-treks she would encounter at this hour... perhaps something good, perhaps just something to get her hands on. But then there was a few gnarls coming from out of an alley-way followed by a clump and the pitter-patter of one set of small feet. The first thing May saw was the Blonde hair, and then a small outline of a body, finally the petite woman was finally visible, just across the street.

      "I swear to fucking God I am going to murder someone tonight! First my legs, then my Air Treks, and now I had to climb down to even walk home! Fucking perfect!" Air treks… Finally something that she knew about in this city. The bright street lights flashed the treks strewn over the girls shoulder. Wrecked was right, the axel was nearly split in two, the wheels completely off-set. May knew why too, she had the wrong brand, those cheap pieces of tin didn’t do anything for jumping, just speed. “Uh, miss, did you say…” She began to whisper; “AT? And before you get the wrong idea, I’m merely a tuner.” May peered down to the girls legs, no shoes, and a bit of limping for that matter. The girl had tried to jump, probably across buildings… “I Can fix those if you want, all I need is a bit of info on this draught city…”

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3A Night of Never Ending Woe Empty Re: A Night of Never Ending Woe on Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:02 pm

There was a slight growl resting on Ophelia’s tongue because of how pissed off she was with tonight’s turn of events, a night that did not appear as though it was about to get any better. She had a feeling that if she tried to stay around any longer her night would only continue in the same fashion, but she had to admit that there was one good thing about this idiocracy; it was Friday. The glorious fact that it was Friday gave her a few days to sneak about the undergrounds workings of the Air Trek world and find some decent parts to use to fix up her now busted skates, decent parts that were far and few in between simply because she could not afford much. Sure, the underground market was shady, but it was not like she had an elaborate choice of places to visit when it came to finding new and improved items.

Still, the female needed to get herself home before any additional progress could be made so she spun around on her heel and began to stalk off in the general direction of her apartment block. She was lost in the array that was her mind, thinking of who she knew that was selling axels at a cheap price. However, she did not get very far before a whisper of a voice broke through the air in an attempt to catch her attention, a voice that she did not recognize in the least. With her demonic orbs bright and alert she came to a halt where she stood and turned back around, her eyes showing all of her hatred at once. From what she could see it was simply a little girl with all her stuff, a little girl that was beyond lost by the looks of it. It was just her luck that she would get tracked down by the helpless that needed her assistance, something that she could barely tolerate on a good day let alone tonight when she was ready to rip something to shreds. It took all of her self control to keep from throwing some snide comment into the humid air while the girl began to form her words, patience being the last thing Ophelia had on her side.

Based upon her statement the woman across the street from her was a tuner, something that seemed to be a rarity in this day and time. Hell, Ophelia would have even questioned this fact if it was not for the large trunk that she was carrying at her side, a trunk that most likely contained an assortment of tools to work on Air Treks. This girl was offering her a chance to get her skates fixed up in a timely manner, something that was quite delectable considering the fact that she was near broke. However she was still one of those woman who hated to admit she needed help so all she turn and glare at the woman, her demonic aura slipping at due to the fact that she would indeed have to give directions to get what she wanted; had anyone ever heard of MapQuest?

”All you want is directions to fix my busted up Air Treks, now that has got to be the joke of the century. Why do I not give you my first child if you offer me a hot meal?”

Her characteristically snide words were laced with malice as she stood where she was one of her hands propped up on her hip, waiting to see what response would slip this girl’s lips in response. After all, Ophelia did not know how to give someone a normal response to something that was a kind gesture.

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4A Night of Never Ending Woe Empty Re: A Night of Never Ending Woe on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:48 pm

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