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Stat System

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Stat System

We on Air-Gear: Chained Wings have a very effective and easy to learn stat system we go by. Each of the seven stat categories represents what a user can do and how well they can do it. In each category a member is allowed 10 points max, and can obtain a total of 58 stat points in which they can distribute in any way they see fit. Below I'll be explain what each category does, and why it's improtant.

The Seven Categories

  • Jumping
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Dexterity
  • Acceleration
  • Tricks

Jumping: Represents how high a rider can jump with their Air-Treks. The higher a rider is able to jump, the more tricks they can preform in the air. This category also allows for easy escape in certain situations. "Can't catch what you can't reach, right?"For every one stat point a user has within this category, they can jump two feet into the air. This means, with ten stat points, the user can jump twenty feet.

Strength: Represents how strong a rider is in terms of physical strength and riding power. The stronger the rider, the harder he|she hits. This also makes it increasingly difficult to knock down a rider with more strength then you, but it's still possible.There is no real system for strength. It merely comes down to the players honest judgement

Speed: Represents how fast a rider can ride while on their Air-Treks. This is pretty self explanatory: "The faster you are = the more distance you can put between you and the opponent, thus giving you a slight advatange." For every one stat point a user has within this category, they can ride 8MPH faster. This means, with ten stat points, the user is capable of reaching speeds of 80MPH.

Stamina: Represents how long a rider lasts while in combat and riding. The more stamina a rider has, the longer they can maintain a constanst speed, and dish out attacks.There is no real system for stamina. It merely comes down to the players honest judgement.

Dexterity: Represents how much control a rider has when it comes to preforming tricks and riding on uneven or bumpy terrain. The higher the dexterity a rider has, they have a greater advantage in terms of control, turning, and riding. There is no real system for dexterity. It merely comes down to the players honest judgement and role-playing value.

Acceleration: Determines how fast a rider can obtain their maximum speed and how efficiently.For every +2 stat points a rider has in acceleration, the rider can achieve +2 speed at the end of every post if their riding wasn't interpreted in any way. This means: If Rider A has +5 acceleration and +7 seven speed. It would take Rider A a total of three turns of riding to reach a maximum riding speed. And for anything remaining, it takes a addition +1 turn to achieve any speed higher then a riders acceleration. EX: Rider A has a remaining +2 speed. This means it'll take him|her a additional +2 turns to reach any higher speeds.

Tricks: Represents how many tricks and techniques a rider can obtain. For every +1 point a rider has in tricks, they can learn two new tricks or techniques.

      Note* A Rider can only learn tricks which are of their riding rank. A D class rider can only D class tricks, while a C class rider can learn C class tricks and below.

Starting Stat Points

Simple and straight forward. Rider class determines how many points a user can start with. The higher the class, the more points you can obtain. Below I'll give a short list of the first three starting classes and how many points they get.

  • F Class: 5 stat points.
  • E Class: 8 stat points.
  • D Class: 10 stat points.

Obtaining Stat Points

You can obtain one stat point per Role-Play thread. The thread does have a requirement. You must do something with your AT's. Even if it's just riding around or a battle. You can't earn stats with social topics. You must also do more than 150 words in your posts and the thread must have more than five posts between you and whomever you are posting with. Be sure that you request your points for your threads in the request section.

      Note* A player can only reach 58 stat points before he|she are unable to obtain anymore.

Updated on April 15, 2012. ♛HopsinRAW.

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