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Blabble Blabble [Open]

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1 Blabble Blabble [Open] on Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:25 pm


It`s a nice warm sunny day. The birds or singing and the flowers are dancing. The sun has a big ass smiley face, you`d first think you trippin` at first. Lue strolls along in his everyday get-ups. Blue pants, white shirt, black thin jacket, and shoes that wraps around each individual toe. The works. It was alright for him to wear his jacket despite the high temperature. It blocks the sun and the nice breeze can get inside to his arms and back fairly easily.

The side-walk was busy with people, it was almost to look for someone. He was a little sweaty and he was getting rather parched. He also needed to pee. So he took turn at the next alley way he went to. Walking in, he thinks of which side he should be on. He didn`t look up ahead or behind for people because he didn`t care if anyone saw him. On one side there was a sleeping hobo and on the other a couple of trashcans. He was almost tempted to piss all over the hobo.

He went towards the trashcan instead, unzipped and released in a calming state between the cans. "Gaawwwwwww", he moaned out loudly because it felt so good. Looking at the stream of urine, it was a medium-yellow color, he knew he gotta have a drink. The darkness of the pee is a sign of dehydration. After wiggling his thang he shoved it back in and zipped back up again. If it wasn`t for treks being illegal he`d pop out the wheels from the bottom of his feet and just ride.

"Hope something happens today", he said to himself as he walks toward the light that shines from the other side of the alley way.

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2 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:57 pm

Ken had just taken a trip to Seattle. It has been awhile since he's been in this city though. Even if he did have a house that the old family had left him, he grew bored being chained to solely California and decided that he wanted to spread his wings a bit. Looking around the streets, he could see that there were no nearby police departments or SAF stations that would interrupt his riding, perfect.

He began to grind on nearby railings that were for stone stairs up to buildings and even jumped off of old dumpsters. The nearby citizens of this city had saw him, some in surprise while others only scoffed at him. However, a few of them seemed to be Storm Riders as well and even began to ride with the boy, but they chose to not speak a word with him. All riders knew that the best way to know one another was to show the way of their road.

OCC: Ken's riding on the streets, you can have Lue watch him and join him if ya wish

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3 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:07 pm

OoC: Pfft, make me do da first move? >_>

IC: There was suddenly a 'rrrghgghghhhh' sound effect that could easily be heard. He looks to his side and there were a group of dudes and dudettes riding on treks down the road. This looks like a good time to go fuck with them, all the homo. He made wheels pop out of the bottom of his shoes and made the mechanics in his shoes to auto move the wheels. He also starts to move his legs manually for a boost along with the artificial power in his treks. Leaning his body forward where he would almost fall on his face. Putting all his weight on the balls of his feet and bending his ankles as much as he could.

He pushes the ground with the ball area of his foot as hard as he can. And repeats with his other foot, also landing his foot on the ball area to absorb shock. He does all this without thinking about it at all. That`s how he walks everyday so it`s so engrained within him. He moves and chases the group of treks people. Now this`ll be interesting, since not many people have their own treks apparently. He goes as fast as he can, combining the artificial and his own manual power to go much faster than he would with just his treks alone.

He caught up with the group, and decided that he`ll just go and stop them with him at front. As he was about to bump into someone that was in the back of the riding group. Lue simple took a sharp turn and went around the person which was easily done by Lue due to his high dexterity. He keeps going around each rider until he made it to the front which there was 1 lad ahead of the group. After Lue is face to face with the lad he yelled out "BLACK PEOPLE SPEED". Then stopped right after and popping his wheels back into the bottom of his shoes.

Hopefully the group or at least the lad in front stops. So then Lue would speak, "Waoh maboi, where ya going so fast", he asks.

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4 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:21 pm

Out of nowhere Ken had heard someone yell "BLACK PEOPLE SPEED!". This was a bit comical, but the teen and the rest of the group had continued on their way until a man had stopped in front of Ken. Going a bit to fast to just stop when this man was in front of him was going to be impossible. Ken did hear the man speak before he was about to avoid him.

"Waoh maboi, where ya going so fast" he asked. The Risen King had quickly created bubbles between his joints in order to raise his dexterity and made sure that he easily avoided the man. Now behind the man, the teenager was ready to deliver a reply.

"Just taking a casual ride. Is there something wrong with that?" the boy asked as the remainder of the riders had already passed the duo and were now blazing down the streets with their illegal possessions known as air trecks.

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5 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:40 pm

Lue saw the lad just pass him. Can ya believe that? The mofo couldn`t stop? However, it was pretty impressive that the dude was able to avoid him with so little space between them. "Say what maboi", he called out to the lad as he turned around watching them skating away. He suddenly heard a loud shatter, he looked around to see what it was. He saw that it was someone that is trying to break into a car and the sound was the person breaking the window with a crowbar. Lue popped out the wheels at the bottom of his shoes and went toward the burglar. Lue went around the car only using the artificial power of his treks and is now going straight at the burglar.

When they were close to bumping into each other Lue went around the burglar sharply. And grabbing the burglars crowbar right before Lue went around to evade him. The burglar was taken from surprise and didn`t had a good grip of the crowbar at all. So the object was easily taken by Lue. Lue didn`t stop or slowed down he went straight at the group of trekies. Lue even started to put in his manual power into his speed again. With the combined power of the artificial mechanics in his treks and his raw power of his legs his speed overall is doubled.

Lue was gaining on the group fast. After a moment Lue could see that the group is heading straight towards a huge construction site. It was only straight up ahead and there were no more pathways such as alleyways or other streets. The only logical way they would go is straight right at the place of big constructions. Lue had no idea what they were building. But the path is nearly impossible to go through at good speed without having... that`s right.. good dexterity. "Yo", he called out again, "hold up maboi, I got a nice hard long stick I`d like to shove into ya". Lue was all waving the crowbar around like a looney.

Lue notice a big banner hanging on the building that was being constructed. It reads, "Big Motha Fucking Building: Over a mile of land is needed to construct dis bitch". Lue expression for that was that`s a big ass building. It was perfect to have some fun with the lad and his long hard stick, all the homo.

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6 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:22 pm

The group of Storm Riders seemed to want to take a big challenge and traverse this construction field. If you didn't have dexterity, then riding in a place like this could have gotten you killed. A few other Storm Riders in the group seemed to have realized this as well and were even looking a bit scared for the moment, but they were still more afriad of looking like a pussy to the rest of the crowd. From behind them, everyone in the group could hear a man yelling and waving a crowbar around.

"hold up maboi, I got a nice hard long stick I`d like to shove into ya" he yelled.

"I wonder if he's right in the head..." Ken thought to himself as the Storm Riders entered the construction site. Even now, some of them had crashed into building materials and were down for the count. With his natural dexterity from his road, the boy easily avoided the obstacles if need be and jumped to higher ground. He road up on a metal pipe that was being lifted into the air, jumping about four feet higher into the air and landed on some metal bars that were being used as a frame. Currently, the blonde haired teenager was about ten feet in the air, and he knew damn well it wouldn't be nice to fall down to the ground improperly.

While lost in his thoughts of riding, he wondered how that other guy was prevailing through this challenging arena.

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7 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:07 pm

Now this is where the fun truly begins. Lue kept on going with his own power along with the power of his automated treks. He finally made it at the entrance of the huge construction site. You gripped the crowbar he had with both his hands. He might need it to block stuff out of the way if he needed to. Lue finally entered the site of construction, already seeing a couple of treks guys laying around with some obstacles knocked over. Seemed they had crap dexterity. Faced with a few obstacles of his own. Thanks to Lue`s high dexterity he avoided by simply going around them very easily.

He was coming close at a pile of long pipes and whatnot that he couldn`t jump over. Simply because he hasn`t gotten used to the skill of jumping while on treks. The height of the pile was about butt high to Lue. So he came up with an idea of going over the pile without actually jumping. Right as he gotten close enough to the pies he rotated his body back first toward the pipes. He rotated in just the right time he bumped into the pile before his treks could actually face the opposite direction. The velocity that Lue was going made his upper-body flip over the pile of pipes and caused his whole body to back-flip over.

At that instant Lue used the Spinning Bullet trick to help him quickly rotate his body before landing on the ground with his treks now facing where he was heading before hitting the pipes. Lue could see the lad now riding up along the pipes, he was at higher ground. It was a good thing that they both were in such a wide place. Lue did some turns now trying to follow the lad on lower ground. He looked ahead and it seems like he should be good with just riding down here. The only problem was to get to the lad that`s up a few feet in the air from Lue. He then spotted a box and a hammer right up ahead. Now those would be great in this situation.

Lue lowered down and picked up the box and hammer while he passed by where they were set. Making sharp turns here and there to go around the frame that is being used for the building and other obstacles along the way. He looked at the box and it was just so fall of nails, perfect! He eyed the lad and put the nail box and crowbar he still had in one hand and the hammer in the other. He then threw the hammer at the lad as hard as he can. Right after he started to take out some nails from the box. He put his elbow close to his body so Lue could set the box on the inner-side of his arm.

He was holding nails in between each of his fingers. He then used the crowbar in his other hand to swing the nails he held as hard as he can like he was a batter in baseball. The hit caused the nails to fly at the lad that was at higher ground. Swinging the crowbar Lue had to straighten his elbow which caused the box of nails to go down due to gravity. But Lue grabbed onto the box with his hand before it even touched the ground. And now he repeats the process of taking out nails and hitting it with the crowbar to launch the nails at the blonde-haired lad. Having to catch the box of nails again with his hand and repeating the process yet again.

"Can ya dodge them shits maboi", he yelled out at him.

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8 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:00 pm

What was this man, crazy?

"Can ya dodge them shits maboi" the stranger had yelled to Ken, swinging nails at the boy for lord knows what reason. The boy felt trouble coming from this guy. Trouble. The word that signified that work must be done now. The boy only released a sigh as he recreated the bubbles in his hips and started to avoid the metallic objects that were being thrown at his way. A lot of the things he had done involved jumping in the air and flipping around at the right time to avoid these obstacles that were being thrown at him, literally.

What made things turn even more interesting was when Ken rode onto a metal bar that was currently being lifted even higher into the air. The boy was now about eighteen feet in the air, the only other way of getting to a height like this would be to ride the bars upwards, a skill that D Rank Storm Riders learned. Was this man someone who knew of this skill yet? If not, it seemed that their journey may have to end here.

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9 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:24 pm

The lad was quiet good in avoiding obstacles. Lue could run up the pipes and whatnot to be at about the same height as the lad. But Lue didn`t really felt that exciting today. He could keep shooting nails at the lad, but he was getting bored now. He gotten enough action for the moment. He simply drops the crowbar and the box of nails on the ground after he suddenly stops traveling. He suddenly feels like getting a little snack. He turned around and moved with only the power of his treks. Going around obstacles and whatnot to go back out of the entrance where he came from.

He could see the other trekies that formed the riding group earlier. Most of them were leaving riding their treks somewhere else. Right when Lue got out of the entrance, he stopped again and popped the wheels back into the bottom of his shoes since he doesn`t want to be in trouble if he was seen in possession of treks. He then started to walk somewhere where there may be a gas station or something nearby. He wasn`t concern at all about the lad that he was chasing for kicks. He might meet him again, or maybe not. But one thing Lue knows is that he`s defiantly one of the better riders there are around here. Or at least the lad has the better dexterity out of quite a few of the other trekies.

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10 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:25 pm


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11 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:35 pm

Ken continued riding along the metallic objects. He looked behind him, noticing that the other guy was taking a ride back home. The boy could only wonder if this man was completely sane. What mentally stable man would be throwing nails at some kid who had to be at least three years younger than him? The blonde haired Risen King released a sigh as he road off to the edge of the metal structure and jumped off, doing a few flips and tricks within the air.

"Wonder if I'll ever meet that old fool again." the male teenager thought to himself quietly as he landed somewhat lightly on a rocky road. A small smile of relief was painted upon his face at the sound of his Air Trek motor. It was pretty hard to hear it running unless you were alone. Alone. Tranquility. Oh how those words sounded said from the tongue.


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12 Re: Blabble Blabble [Open] on Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:28 pm

Archived | Completed

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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