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1Kid Kumo Empty Kid Kumo on Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:15 am

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The Basics

Name: Chris Valentine

Sex: Male

Age: 10

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Chris is someone who regularly reflects on current events which he keeps up with by watching the news on a regular basis or reading newspapers. He hates the way society has become due to the government banning 'all the best things in life'. He is often described as an intellectual terrorist as he despises injustice and goes out of his way to combat it.

He is very cautious around new people and it takes a lot for him to start trusting someone. He prefers to trust others through actions rather than words believing that if someone wants respect then they should earn it.

Even though he is highly skilled with weaponry and martial arts he usually resorts to a more thuggish fighting style in order to allow himself to blend in better, although with that being said he will use his much more affective martial arts skills if he finds himself in an overwhelming situation. He is particularly gifted in hand to hand combat, Katana and Bow skills.

He does seem to have some talent with air soft guns although this is due to him having good accuracy. It can be shown that he has a strong amount of endurance and determination, especially for his age, seen when he receives many harsh attacks from his opponents but is able to continue fighting, seemingly ignoring his injuries to a certain limit.

Oratorically gifted, he has shown the ability to seize and hold the attention of entire crowds of people when he wants to do so. He uses this gift during individual interactions, during which he can gain a desired effect depending on his intention usually propagating various radical left political beliefs and working as an activist for radical political causes. He is quite politically minded and a critical thinker often planning things to the latter. This doesn't mean that he can't think on his feet as he has a high level of street smarts, often able to manipulate situations through lying and reverse psychology whilst being very resourceful.

Being an extremely talented visual artist and had been using graffiti as his primary window for artistic gratification, during which he learns to paint selflessly and for the benefit of the viewer instead of personal glory. This is further expressed in his admiration of the A-T team Eternal Canvas which is only strengthened upon meeting the teams leader, GK.


Being a ten year old, mixed race kid there isn't much that makes Chris stand out from everyone. He's a little short for his age being just under 5"0'. Despite his age, Chris is really toned due to having well the metabolism of a ten year old boy and years of discipline whilst undergoing martial arts training. This makes him a lot stronger than he looks and considerably stronger than your average ten year old.

Chris is always distinguished by his giant afro which is just how his hair naturally grows although he has been known to have it braided on the odd occasion. As for the rest, he's pretty much just your average black kid. Brown hair, Brown eyes with his skin being a brilliant shade of golden brown.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
He hasn't really used A-Ts yet so no shadow has been established, hence why it's a picture of himself.

Special Info


Birth Place: New York, NY (Manhattan)

Current Place of Residence: Los Angeles, CA

The Finale

When his family was struggling to pay all of their debts, Chris's father got his hands on the now labelled illegal A-T's (That had belonged to his father before him) and engaged in some rather covert activities. Even though, nothing was actually said word spread quickly that a number of illegal activities had transpired. There was news of special A-T races taking place being used to settle disputes. The increase in popularity of A-T's soon attracted the wrong crowd and small gangs had began forming to ransack neighbouring stores before word came of a A-T powered fight club, offering an extremely generous amount of money to the only victor. Seeing this as an opportunity to get his family back on the right path the man set his sights on the prize money and began taking part in various fights in order to increase his chances of winning.

Unfortunately this meant that his wife was left at home on her own during the late stages of her pregnancy. Understanding the importance of it all she agreed that it was for the best as they could no longer afford her medical bills which were slowly stacking up. What made matters worse was the fact that she didn't have health insurance which just added even more problems for the couple.

After a number of long gruelling weeks things were starting to look up for them. His father had slowly worked his way up the ring of A-T fighters and so the amount of money won per fight was increasing significantly. After deciding that he wants to retire and settle down with more than enough money than they needed, his wife's pregnancy took a turn for the worst and she went into labour much earlier than originally planned. Once at the hospital, she gave birth to their son Chris; However, this wasn't the happy ending that the couple was looking for. Due to the complications during the pregnancy his wife died during childbirth.

After the tragedy, the grief-stricken father struggled to provide for his son his small family. Money was soon running out and so he resorted to some less desirable sources of income and broke out his father's A-Ts once again. Having sworn on his wifes deathbed that he wouldn't resort to such drastic measures ever again for the sake of their son, his psyche was beginning to become pretty twisted and presented him with a inaccurate sense of reality. This of course became worse as time went on.

As months became years, His fathers mentality state was steadily improving although they were struggling to stay afloat. Beginning to fear the potential harm that could be dealt upon his son due to his own vicarious nocturnal activities, he decided to train his son to ensure that he'd be able to protect himself if he wasn't around. As he was extremely skilled in a number of different martial arts styles he would pass on all that he knew to his son, on one condition; that if he finds himself in a tight spot that he should always make a run for it before trying to fight his way out.

-Time Skip a few years (Martial Arts training still takes place)-

One day, Chris found himself home alone. This wasn't unusual but it was beginning to turn into a regular occurrence with the periods of absence becoming longer and longer. When he went to make his self some breakfast, he noticed a rather large envelope on the dining room table. As it was addressed to him, and written in his fathers handwriting, he tore it open only to be confused by its contents. In the remnants of the envelope there lay what appeared to be a memory stick attached to a black lanyard. It was black with 'R.E.A.D' printed on the front and on the reverse the words 'Run Free' were seemingly written on at a later date, maybe as a way or personalising it or something. Regardless of whatever it was, Chris took it as a gift from his father and slipped over his cornrows and carried on with his day. He was waiting to be able to thank his father for the strange gift; after all a gift means a thought, right?

It was getting late and there'd been no message from his father or signs that he'd been back home and went off again, and so naturally he was starting to get worried....

A few days had passed without any word from his father.

Reference Notes:

[10:11:38 28/04/12] @ ♛HopsinRAW : and makes a getaway from seattle

[10:12:30 28/04/12] Kid Kumo : Maybe my Dad disappears for a while and then Storm Rider hunters raid the house so my character does a runner

[10:16:45 28/04/12] Kid Kumo : Then maybe because his Dad has years of experience he's pretty decent, sparking their interest in him?

Roleplay Sample: ~Lazy way to creating a character. I can provide a few samples if need be.


Jumping 1/10
Strength 0/10
Speed 3/10
Stamina 0/10
Dexterity 0/10
Acceleration 1/10
Tricks 0/10
Total 5/58


Name: Runners Stance
Rank: F-A
Description: More of a starting off position then an actual trick however due to the positioning of the body at the beginning of a race it causes both the front wheels of the A-T to start spinning before the race starts and thus increases acceleration off the line. +1 Acceleration per class, Aka, +1 for F class, +2 for E, +3 for D...
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Would you like to allow anyone to use it?

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