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Finding a New Leader for Dai Mugen or Should we Give up Hope?

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Luna wore a black dress as she held a white flower. Her eyes were overflowing with tears as she stood over the coffin. The leader of Dai Mugen, Rohas, lay before her looking peaceful almost as if he slept. That was not the case however, he'd died three days before in a hospital. He'd used up too much strength and his AT's couldn't take it in the battle. His health had been failing before that but... he'd fallen off the building and died at the hospital where he was getting treatment for his wounds. He'd died happily with a smile on his face as he remembered that he'd been able to fly on his own just before he fell...

The Pledge Queen was glad he hadn't died without reaching his dream, but she was without her best friend and leader now. A woman behind her giggled evilly. I heard he'd died of an STD, you know how much of a hoe Rohas was..."

A man next to the woman began chuckling as well. Rohas wasn't very popular but she didn't think anyone would say anything bad about him on his death bed. "I heard he'd died of crabs. Not many can die of that but i heard he'd scratched his penis and balls off and died of embarrassment!" Clearly the man was an idiot and a rude one at that. She was tempted to kick the man in the face but decided against it.

She placed the flower on her best friends' grave and walked towards home. Dai Mugen's former base.


Four weeks later, after Luna drowned herself in alcohol and slept with many men to take her mind off the death of her yes friend she'd finally come to the point where she needed to move on. She'd decided that she did want to find the wing road, and even if Rohas wouldn't be able to do it, she'd have to find someone to take his place.

She sat on the beach and sipped her vodka. Not really sipped more like took a gulp, winced, and then put the bottle down for a minute. Sighing she looked at the sun that was slowly sinking down into the water. She had no idea where to start... Dai Mugen needed a new leader and she had no idea who she could get to become that new leader. She didn't know if she should just give up and go join Zeke's team in Seattle or continue with her goals. Perhaps she should just join a different team altogether?

The woman sighed again and adjusted her skirt that covered the black bottoms of her bathing suit. She'd been to the beach earlier that day to enjoy a nice tan. She'd been a shut in ever since Rohas' death and only left the house to go to the bar or get laid. Neither of which helped her at all to cope with his death, only distracted her.


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Aron casually walked the streets of San Francisco. He needed a muse for lately he could not think of anything, in fact he had been so bored he had made a specialty air trek that would stay hidden under his pants and when employed would form over his shoe's. So his feet felt weighted with each step as he continued on with the less then five pounds on his legs under his black pants that his vans matched. Adjusting his shoulder bag over his denim jacket with the flaming spade embroidered on his back and the red T he wore underneath he looked up at wear his feet had taken him. After all he had not been paying that much attention into it as he listened to the music coming from his ear buds, trying to get the noises of the city out of his head. The beat was catchy and he had been a bobbing his head and shuffling his feet to it, course he had listened to other songs but this would be the one that was playing as he looked up.

His green eyes catching the site of some one familiar, well more of an acquaintance since he had only met her once weeks before, lady from behind his favorite purple shades. Thinking back he tried to put the name that went with the blonds face. Rue, no that had been that other one, The name that this blond had was bigger then that, held more meaning. A name of a goddess of the night sky, Moon, nope that was not it either. Diana no that was a different religion the the one he was looking for. It bugged him to have forgotten the name on the tip of his tongue. Figuring it best to use the American dialect to his advantage, after all names where not needed for one to talk to the other. Taking out an ear bud he would casually twist it in between three fingers as he spoke up to the lady sitting on the bench," Sorry to intrude but might I join you on the bench?"

His eyes searching wondering what had happened since they had last met on that fated day in the cafe shop yet he gave a wink and a chagrined like grin as he spoke. His eyes gazing gently hoping that this girl would recognize him at least in some way from that time. He had to admit that she had an allure to her this day the city sun playing across her skin and her swim wear. If only he could pin point her name for it was definitely not Coyolxauhqui.

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Luna watched the man curiously. She'd seen him before, he was that Triple A guy... Aron Alex Anderson. She was surprised that she remembered the name. She was slightly drunk right now and put her bottle down so she could sober up some.

The woman scooted over to give him room on the bench so he could sit down. "You're Aron right? I remember you... I don't really remember the details of how we met but it will come to me when i sober up a little," she said with a sad laugh.

(sorry it's short but i'd rather finish our other one first)

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Archived | Completed - Luna has been pronounced missing.

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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