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1It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:02 pm

Munch munch, he was finishing some apple rings, a gummy based candy that is granny apple flavored and coated in sugar, he just bought. He was in a 7/11, a name of a common brand gas station, because he wanted some snacks. After he swallowed the last piece of candy, he walked towards the entry glass doors. There was a garbage can next to the double-entry doors so he dumped the plastic bag, that came with the candy, into it. He pushed onto the handle attached to the door and he casually walked out. "What to do what to do", he said to himself as he was wanting for some fun around here.

It was a nice cloudy day with a nice cool breeze. Looking up in the sky you can tell that it was simply cloudy and not ready to drop some rain. He was wearing his usual attire; white shirt, blue pants, black thin jacket, and treks that goes around each of his toes like a glove over a hand. He started to walk on the side-walk and now taking a little stroll. He then suddenly needed to go urinate. So at the next alley way he gotten to he went in and start to do his business between two trash cans. Not caring if someone saw him, he was a bit considerate or else he would`ve peed right in front of the gas station.

After he was done with his business he walked back out of the alley way.

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2It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:54 pm

It was another day, a cloudy one at that. Ken had been calmly riding through the streets which may have been the same kind that he road on when he met that odd guy a few days ago. He could see that certain people were staring at him from afar, a glare that showed extreme agitation and hate. The King decided to ignore these idiotic baboons for a while until they actually approached him.

"Hey you're that little shit that was showing off at that construction site." one of the men, one who was about seventeen years in age had said as he cracked his fists. He seemed to have one other lad who decided to remain silent. It was probably for the best.

"Showing off? Sorry if you're just sore that I was a better rider than any of you." the boy said with a sigh as he bent his back which caused it to crack.

"You little fuck...come on Bryan we're going to take this kid down." Sadly, it seemed that a parts war was about to commence. The boy was sure that he would be able to take them down by himself but a little help never hurt he supposed.

It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! 2lxe7mb
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3It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:24 pm

OoC: ah, ya do pretty good rping. Now lets see how this turns out though xD

IC: He took a turn and is now just casually walking on the side-walk. Walking for a few blocks then taking another turn. He could see a couple fellows, didn`t look too out of the ordinary. It wasn`t until he gotten closer to hear them talking to someone in front of them. It sounded like the two were about to teach whoever they were talking to a lesson. Lue walked closer and he sees the person who they were talking to. It was the lad from a while ago! Well how about that, seems like he got himself into more trouble. Lue popped the wheels out from the bottom of his shoes and went toward the three.

He approached the two from behind and went around them with a sharp turn. Now meeting, and now facing, the lad again. "Well if it isn`t maboi that ran away from me", he said sounding like it was pleasant to meet him again, however, in a sarcastic tone. "You just let out the natural vibe that makes others fuck with ya, huh", he went on while people around went stationary to listen what all the hubbub was about. "Trouble-makers like you should be dealt with to rid the vibe they send out that disrupts how the nature of things go in this town maboi".

All of a sudden, three more people with treks of their own went behind the two other guys that were behind Lue. The two guys at first were pretty sore of how this kid is, but Lue`s words somehow clicked something deep inside them. "Ya see, the way things work around here is that when a problem has occurred we don`t give out a solution... we simply get rid of the problem", he says with such charisma. Others that were around looking at the group, of people in front of the lad, something clicked within them also. They decided to get back to walking and doing what they were doing.

That`s what people really want in this town, balance, and they all tried to walk away as far as they can just in case things get ugly, it was 6 against 1 after all. "Since I`m such a nice guy, I`ll try to leave ya with the least amount of harm as possible but..", a big smile started to appear on his face, "ya can leave those treks you have on". "AIN`T DAT `IIGHT GUYS", he said with a louder voice due to him being very excited about this and giving off strong vibes. "YEAH", the other 5 behind him said together.

"So what`s it gone be maboi", he knew damn well that the lad won`t give up his treks just like that but asked due from the heat of the scene.

OoC: Hmm..don`t think I`ll be allowed to actually rp as the other guys. But oh is such fun being in a gang XD

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4It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:34 pm

Well isn't this just damn skippy. It seemed that the male that Ken had saw only a few days ago was now ganging up on him along five other guys. The boy sighed, this really wasn't the type of thing that he had particularly enjoyed. Although he thought a parts war was pretty good, fighting like this was just a bit annoying. However, he did not feel like riding away right now. If he did, they would only follow him and cause him more trouble while he was visiting Seattle. One by one, each of those six opposing riders had formed a circle around him.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I could send you all to the hospital if you continue to annoy me." he said as he got into his battle stance for parts wars.

"You little fuck what the hell can you do. Probably just some F Rank wannabe that just got lucky." one of the men had said with a sadistic grin. After he talked, three of the men in the group had charged towards the Risen King. In defense, the boy unleashed a swarm of bubbles around each and every one of the five riders; possibly hitting Lue.

"What the fuck is this shit?"

"You better get before you suffer the effects..." the boy said as he pulled his hair from his eyes, easily evading the upcoming attacks from all five riders. This was from the bubbles in his joints that he had just recently placed.

"The road is going to become a bit bloody..." the boy said as he quickly raced towards the group, evading attacks and launching thorn kicks across their faces, legs, and torsos. Blood started to splatter on the ground, imprints of throned roses appearing on the areas in which the kicks were launched. Those marks were easily noticeable from Lue's perspective if he was paying close attention to them.

"W-What's happening!" some of the men exclaimed as they felt paralyzed and in pain on the ground.

"I guess I'll let you suffer the most since you were the one who started all of this shit in the first place..." Ken said as he picked up the man who was the first to threaten the Risen King and hugged him in a type grip. He was inserting bubbles into the man's bloodstream. You knew it hurt because after a few seconds of hugging the man, he began to cry screams of agony until the boy thought he went through enough, throwing him down to the ground.

"Try shit like that again and I'll eradicate you." the boy said with not a single emotion making its way across the boy's face.

"Now are you going to be throwing nails at me again?" the Risen King question the strange man, ready to boost his dexterity to the highest point if need be.

OCC: i went ahead and sped up the effects on these men just for a demonstration since it'd take a while post wise XD

It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! 2lxe7mb
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5It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:53 pm

OoC: oh.. OH I see, so ya think ya can get rid of maboiz dat easily, pfft!

IC: After he finished speaking, the guys behind him were starting to move forward. "HALT", he shouted out as he held up his open hand signaling them to not travel. "If we go in wildly he`ll just take us down 1 by 1", he whispered back at them. The lad has started to speak now threatening them. "Bunch up close together, don`t let there be space between us for him to agile through", he whispers back at his gang. One of the guys behind Lue spoke out to the lad, it gave all 5 of them confidence a bit. Two of them knew damn well what happened at that day at the construction area however. No one was over confident, except maybe for the lad.

"Here he comes", he thought watching the lad getting into position. At that instant... it was calm... "GO", he yelled out and all the guys went in charging the lad and Lue followed. The lad threw out these clear yet reflective floating balls, bubbles. "Shit, don`t touch it", he didn`t really thought but rather felt it knowing that it means bad business. The quickest logical thought would be that it would have to hit the eyes to blind them momentarily. Though Lue wasn`t going to go ahead with a theory. So he did the best thing he could do to get his men, no homo, out of the way of those bubbles.

He uses his leg power, and does the Forgotten Freak to double his total speed. Then, he lowered his body and does the Spinning Bullet trick and hits all of his mens`, no homo, back of the knee area. Lue was in the center of the charge so he first gotten the 2 in front of him. Then he got another 2 right behind, no homo. He then spun again to get the last guy that was also in the back. With all of the 5 guys` treks still spinning it`ll cause them all to dodge the bubbles in a The Matrix fashion. But the lad began a charge if his own and went on the offensive.

He avoided the bubbles himself since he lowered his body to help his gang. One of the guys cried out of those bubbles that just appeared out of no where. The lad was going for a kick to one dude. But Lue went right in at full speed and held one leg out a bit. He landed his held out foot on top of the head of the person that was going to get attacked. Then, Lue pushed down onto the head of the person, which while still in The Matrix position, that gave him a boost of speed due to the force of Lue`s push. After that he made his other foot go in a slop fashion onto the ankles of the blonde lad. The force would cause the lad to go forward toward the wall.

After that moment all of Lue`s pals were laying on the ground due to tripping or just being dumb-founded from the rush. "EVERYONE", he cried out facing the lad but is talking to his gang, "I`m the only one that can handle him". "Go try to find something like a crowbar or anything that may help me", he continued, "support me but keep your distance". It was true, what Lue really knows is that the lad has really good dexterity, but so does Lue himself. He thought for just an instant, "How old is he". It seemed that he was just a brat, sure they ganged up on him. But still, Lue feels that he really should take him down.

The lad started to speak again but Lue really didn`t pay any thought to what came out of his mouth. And also Lue gets the feeling that, this kid, is not responsible and thus should have any power taken away. The 5 other guys got up, 3 kept their distance while 2 others went around to find something useful for Lue to use. "Want to find a place more fitting", Lue asked now finally talking to the lad.

OoC: I had to help maboiz out. But now this is a 1 vs 1 thing now since they probably won`t go rushing in. We assume they aren`t that great anyways I guess. Also, ya can choose to go anywhere around, lead the way maboi.

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6It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:56 am

"I`m the only one that can handle him. Go try to find something like a crowbar or anything that may help me, support me but keep your distance." that man said. A crowbar? Was this guy serious? After that sentence, he asked the boy where they wanted to go for their battle.

"A crowbar? It's people like you who makes Storm Riders look like lizard brained imbeciles who only want to kill each other. What person, even a moron, doesn't know that what separates Storm Riders from thugs is parts wars? We'll go to the abandoned school that's not too far away from here and have a D-Rank Cube Match in one of the empty classrooms there. Any of your friends try to interrupt us and I'll make sure they will never be able to ride again." the boy said, heading off to the nearby school with the man following. Even with the teenager's threat, the men chose to follow on but none of them dared to attack him. Some of them started to think that he had to be something special of a rider. If they thought that, then they were right.

After riding for a few minutes, Lue and Ken had made it into the correct classroom in which they would have their parts war. There was not a single thing in there except for a broken window and the door. It was a little dark, but the sun had eradicated the darkness of this room. Luckily, the men decided to stay outside after remembering the boy's thread which left Lue and Ken in that room for the parts war.

"You may not use the glass from those broken windows, jump out of them, or use anything else except the walls and floor in this room. It's been a year or so since I've actually had to try in a parts war so hopefully you're not as bad as you are stupid." the boy said with a sigh as he started raising all of his buffs, making his dexterity almost as high as the male's. He analyzed that this man's greatest way is dexterity, he sucks at hand to hand combat, and he is just a little slower than Ken.

The Risen King quickly rode on the wall, releasing bubbles from his Air Trecks that started to head towards the man. Once he decided there was enough for a distraction, he raced forward dodging the bubbles himself and attempted to launch a kick anywhere from the man's shoulder to his waist. The boy knew either way he would have a high chance of getting his way right now. If this stranger used that move to get out of the way from his kick, he'd most likely get hit by one of the bubbles. If he got hit by one of those bubbles and didn't defeat Ken quickly, then it was all over for him.

"I guess this is the first time I've had a parts war as the Risen King." the boy said loud enough to let the secret slip to Lue.

OCC: yeah we're in a classroom having a Cube Match. Since were fighting with PC this time, let's use words like "attempt" XD

It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! 2lxe7mb
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7It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:49 pm

OoC: Since there isn`t a limiter of what we can do really I`d have to just have to use my combat skills over my rp skills. Which I`m not complaining, but I`m not really in the mood for that now. Well.. with our stats it would be easy, but there isn`t a limit on movements is what I`m saying.

Also, I`m saving my "fight mode" energy for the Chuunin exams on that other site.

IC: After the lad saying this and that, he rode off and Lue followed along with the other guys. They went to a school building, they walked stairs and more stairs. Until they reached almost to the top of the building. If you would take 1 more set of stairs you`ll be at the roof. The lad then went into an empty class room. Before Lue went in he turned and asked one of his gang what was a cube match. Puzzled at first, one of them explained that it`s just basically a combat match in an area. Lue then whispered back, "Forget about bringing me someting, I`m not in the mood to take long at all, when I say go all of you at once come in and assist and don`t worry of knowing what to do because at that time you`ll know".

He went toward the window riding on his treks. He took a look outside. This whole building is abandon and the area around was just nothing but ground. Nothing would save someone if they would to jump out the window. Since the lad lead them here, plus with treks being illegal and all, there would be no reason for anyone to come here. The lad then spoke again saying that he can`t use anything in this brawl. Lue just kept looking out the window however, it was a long ways down.. about 9 stories at least.

The lad suddenly shot out bubbles at Lue and then rushed in dodging the bubbles and attempting to kick Lue right at the shoulder area. "Just as I thought...simply a brat...shame.. if you weren`t then you wouldn`t have to die here", he thought to himself. Right when the lad`s foot touched his shoulder, "NOW", he yelled out. The gang went in the class room, all took their shirts off and swept away the bubbles. Earlier Lue didn`t want anyone to touch them, so logically they all came up with a way to pop them out of the way with something, anything really.

Lue was facing out the window when the lad rushed in. The lad landed the kick on Lue`s left shoulder. He rotated to his right with the Spinning Bullet trick to not just evade the force but to grab a hold of the lad`s on the outside. Lue was now at the lads side, the lad could not use his other unheld leg to get to Lue since he is on the lad`s outside of the other leg that he used to try to kick Lue. Lue just rotated 180 degrees when he grabbed the lad`s leg. Lue then kept rotating another 180 degrees while holding the leg and now has a very good lock on it. It didn`t matter how strong the lad was more then Lue. He had him in a lock so Lue won`t be letting go even if hit.

The gang of 5 then reached the two, they all went straight into the lad`s back and started to push him all together. Lue then used the Forgotten Freak and went forward at the window. Lue was about over 200 lbs, despite the amount Lue`s raw strength a person`s leg should be strong enough to hold their weight or else they wouldn`t be able to walk at all. Plus, Lue have very well developed muscles in his foot and ankles thanks to the Forgotten Freak. Lue bent his ankles as much as they would go and then pushed the ground with the ball area of his feet. Doing this increases the force, which is why one would go faster if someone uses the Forgotten Freak trick.

The 5 other guys were in their late teens and early 20s and they all were men no doubt. They should all be around close to the 200 lbs range in weight. And some were actually exerting strength from their arms unlike Lue. All 6 people was forcing the lad out the window! When multiple people work together, something happens, this thing call synchronicity applies. For example, if you put 2 horses to pull a carriage they don`t go twice as fast they go 3 times as fast. Thanks to the natural law of synchronicity. And since 6 people are working together, the force they all exert is estimated to be about.. no less then 1600 pounds of force.

There is power in numbers, but only if you work together. It didn`t matter what the lad may do, Lue wasn`t going to break his lock. And he would also have to be super man to counter this. Lue then let go of the lad`s leg as Lue himself ran into the wall right next to the window and the rest stopped pushing when the lad went flying, due to the huge power of force. There was no possible way the lad would even be strong enough to grab a hold of something before falling to his doom. There would be no possible amount of strength that be stronger then the force everyone exerted, and plus the fall which is just adding force due to gravity.

The lad couldn`t had stopped the gang from going in either. They all were in a completely different state of mind. Not so much as blood lust, but in a complete state of action. Like when a farmer, or a normal working father, or other been recruited in the army and went in to war. There was no such thing as "a bad-ass before the war", that is just a movie fairy-tale. Some of the guys were still in high-school. Some of them was going to be a father in a month or two. Some were punks while others just believed in Lue`s words earlier when they confronted the lad. Just average people, even when most are really pussies inside. But so were soldiers, just average people and mostly pussies. However, in all the history books and records: Pussies were the ones who received medals.

It was mostly thanks to the idea of death. Why would a bunch of punks and such get in such a state for just ganging up on a kid? It was simply because it was from the soul idea of death. They all knew that there is a good chance the lad will die if he were to go out the window without riding down the walls. They weren`t in danger themselves. But due to the rush, there wasn`t time for thinking and all of them instantly went along with instincts. Even if the lad would`ve done something, the guys were in a state of action, they would just keep going. And the sad part is, if the lad didn`t just went right at Lue, then he probably wouldn`t die from a 9 story fall.

It didn`t matter how skilled he was with his dexterity. He went into Lue`s range and even more so since Lue let himself get touched at the least, no homo. Plus the very quick speed that is used to perform the Spinning Bullet trick. And even if the lad try to push himself away from the window despite Lue`s lock on him. The guys would still push him toward out the window with Lue`s help. In those moments, they didn`t even think about their own lives, either the lad`s or their own, the idea of death allowed them to do nothing but action and to not be stumbled.

Tricks used:
-Name: Forgotten Freak
Rank: D-A
Description: Everywhere you look, all the places you see, all the things you hear: You always see shoes with large cushioning under the heel. Why is this? Not gonna go into that. The fact of the matter is, the human body is meant to go bare-foot. Centuries of foot-wear have nearly disabled the basic movements of mankind. So this is how a person should walk. First, they most lean their body forward to the point of instability, where someone is about to fall on their face.

Then, they must let their ankles bend. Yes, let it bend as much as they possibly can while still leaning the body forward. Thirdly, concentrate your weight onto the ball part of your feet. Fourth, push down the ground with your foot with the ball part of it. Should move forward with your feet by now. Then, finally, you must land the foot right on the ball area first. With all the mechanics that goes into this movement, a human would go far more faster and have far more stamina when walking compared to one that wears conventional shoes. And why is that? Try using this movement while wearing shoes. `Nuff said.

With that all said, this movement can be applied to skating. Yes skating, ya`know, those old days where people would have to move manually while on skates? While it may be difficult to even come close to manually go as fast as the micro-technology in skates now-a-days. Using this movement will sure give you a bit of a boost.

Using this continuously in succession you`ll gain a boost in speed up to 16mph. The foundation of this trick could be grasped by those that are at least D-class. When the user is skilled enough to be considered C-class, using some of the steps in this movement such as bending ankles and concentrating weight on the ball area of the foot, the user will be able to jump far much higher gaining a boost up to 2ft.

When the user is skilled enough to be considered as B-class, the boost cap in speed is increased by 8mph. Finally, a skilled A-class user, the boost cap for both speed and jumping is increased: by 8mph and 2ft. The cap increases stack.

Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Learn from Lue

-Name: Spinning Bullet
Rank: D-B
Description: With this trick, all the user has to do is to rotate their whole being. That`s it for the spinning part. This trick was created by Lue when he was just a young`n. There my be more efficient ways to spin your body more than others but, it doesn`t matter how you spin just as long as your good at doing it. The point of this trick is to travel from one point to another by rotation.

This can be used to avoid obstacles coming your way, such as a punch or other objects. This trick can be utilized rather very quickly. However, the rotation can`t be held in continuation. So you won`t be able to get out of the way of very huge obstacles. The spin can be held out to only a certain extent to maybe avoid a side of a car or front of a train.

The foundation of this trick can be grasped by those skilled enough to be considered D-class. When the user is skilled enough to be considered C-class, they can keep spinning as long as they logically can. Also the power is increased greatly. It may be unnecessary to travel that fast to avoid kicks and punches. However, this is so that the user can avoid very huge objects adequately with that extra power they can release.

When the user is skilled enough to be considered B-class, the user can rotate the opposite direction and have the same power as the previous rotation. Think of it as a double-jump kind of thing. The user changes rotation so skillfully that they could well be just like a speeding bullet that can keep going on and on as long as they keep doing the trick. While watching from a 3rd person view, someone doing this trick at the highest level looks like they are defying gravity.

Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Learn from Lue

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8It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:23 pm

What the fuck was wrong with this man. He wasn't a Storm Rider, just a idiotic man who didn't know the first thing it came into the world of Air Treks. All of those men had came in and waved off Ken's attacks, they were nothing but a bunch of pussy ass bastards. Then that total retard and kept a grasp on Ken's leg, big mistake. He immediately began to create bubbles within the man's bloodstream which he would feel the effects pretty fast. Then more of these men came and tried to shove Ken out of the window. Once more, he started to insert bubbles of nitrogen into their bloodstream.

"FALL OUT OF THE FUCKING WINDOW!" yelled one of the men as they all tried to shove him through. After a few seconds of trying, one of those men had shoved them all through, throwing Ken a far distance out of the window. The boy only yawned and sighed while he was falling to his death. Like he told himself before, he didn't care that much about dying, he just thought death would be more boring than living.

However, a flash of speed could be seen from the ground. That creature than quickly rode up the wall, jumped off from the wall, and caught Ken before he made his way to his death. The boy blinked unbelievably. The man that had saved him was about Lue's age, had silver hair, and a slight muscle build. Along with him were four other riders who looked pretty bored.

"What was going on? We were watching the match while hiding somewhere but couldn't get a real good view." asked the man.

"Six of those freaks were breaking the rules of a 1 VS 1 cube match and all ganged up on me. Next thing I know they're threw me out of the window." said the Risen King as he made his feet down to the ground.

"Hey guys do you suck that much that you need to gang up on a young boy?" yelled a young woman of about eighteen years of age; laughing at how bad they must have been.

"Mind staying with me for a bit too make sure those DUMB ASSES don't try to surprise me while I'm riding away?" asked the King.

"I thought you would want to get your revenge on them."

"They don't act like Storm Riders so why would I want to interact with them? To me they're just trash so let's go." the boy said riding off in a group of six. Was Seattle completely filled with retards like this guy? If they pulled shit like that on him and even touched his Air Treks, he'd follow them all home and murder them in their sleep. He didn't need Air Treks to create bubbles of nitrogen in their blood.

OCC: sorry, i guess we had our sizes of the window mixed up ._.

i pictured the window around this size window at least that's how big a lot of mine are in school ._.

i got 5 others to help me because i figured it made more sense to have five storm riders save ken than lue finding five people that completely agreed with him right off the streets xD

next time use the PM because that's pretty much for stuff like this .-.

so just recollect in ya next post and i'll recollect in mine.

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9It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! Empty Re: It`s The BLAHBLAHBLAH! on Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:30 pm

OoC: Oh wow, I just assume the windows was more bigger and rectangle shaped, cuz that`s how they are at MY school I went too XD

I have to say a few things though, 1st off if the window would be that small and if ya couldn`t go out perfectly out the window. Then you would be seriously injured because you would hit the edges around the window. And the force is just 1 impact, so with almost a ton of force you would be pretty fucked up because you would be smashed onto it. And if you did went safely out the window the powerful force would`ve made you travel way to far for a NPC to just jump off the wall and catch you.

But I`ll just let ya have that, I just want my stat points after all. Oh and just to ask of ya, stop being so arrogant saying that you want to be in the news paper "boy beat up 20 your old", because with this thread you now know I can fuck you up >_>

IC: The lad went out the window. Though he felt very unwell with his body. He heart was working a lot harder for some reason. More so then while in the rush. It almost felt like you could have a blood clot. The other 5 were laying on the floor feeling sick. Lue eyed a box-cutter close to the whole where all the shits and other whatnots the guys used to swoop away the bubbles the lad launched. One of the guys must`ve gotten it when Lue asked them to find something for him to use earlier before they came here. Without a second thought Lue leaped toward and then got a hold of the box-cutter.

The then gave himself a good cut on the inner-side of his arm. This foam started to shoot out from the cut. After a moment his heart started to pump normally along with his pulse. Bubbles, tiny bubbles bunched up together is what makes foam pretty much. Lue was still wearing his thin jacket. He took the rip on the sleeve and ripped part of the sleeve off. He then use the fabric he pulled off to tie his wound. Chemicals went to to his wound from inside his body. There are chemical that the body can produce that actually helps a person to stop bleeding. So that gave good help along with the knot Lue made on his wound.

Since the other guys were feeling as bad as Lue, he went to every one of them and treated them all. He didn`t touch any of the shirts against the wall the guys used to sweep away the bubbles. Those things weren`t just ordinary bubbles. Afterwards, Lue jacket now made him look like a homeless person that didn`t bother to patch up his clothing. All 6 of them went down the stairs and finally made it out through the entrance. "Killing 6 to save the life of one... I vow to take those treks and remove your bubble ability... along with any other shit I come by", he says aloud thinking back about the time he was being told about the horrifying destruction that happened in japan.

"Go to the hospital to get proper bandages for those wounds, I`ll catch up later", he said going ahead of the other 5. He doubled his total speed using whatever methods he knew how. After a moment or so he made it ahead of the group the lad was with. "When this lad kills you because you made the wrong move, it would be your fault for digging your own grave", he told the other 5 as Lue was somewhat ignoring the lad. He then went off ahead taking turns so now he is not seen anymore.


OoC: I wanted to do something cool but... just right now I`m really not in the mood to type out anything really. Aw, gotta say sorry for trying to kill your character, got carried away with my posts and also it fitted well with the IC reasoning.

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The group of six had continued to ride off onto the streets, not paying any attention to what was behind them. Since the boy was pretty annoyed with those bunch of dumb asses that ganged up on him, he just took a casual ride not caring about his speed. Then suddenly, that man had came up to the group spouting some nonsense.

"When this lad kills you because you made the wrong move, it would be your fault for digging your own grave" said the man as he began riding off.

"Yeah the wrong move is attacking me out of no where for no reason like you did moron!" the boy yelled loud enough for the sound to be echoed in the guy's ears. Was he seriously this stupid? He's lucky he had that group of five helping him or Ken probably would've killed the bastard.

"Weaklings trying to overpower a kid by grouping up....has today's Storm Riders really become so idiotic?" the boy thought to himself as he sighed and continued on with the group. The boy knew one thing, he may invest into a knife to keep with him with him and slice that guys throat the next time he saw him.

"Man...Ophelia has been rubbing off on me." the boy thought to himself, even releasing a genuine chuckle.

OCC: lol remember you had a big advantage xD

and no matter what i say is usually trolling c;

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OoC: lol w/e w/e, they were NPCs and your road couldn`t even help ya after 1 post xD

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