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Ken Without a Barbie

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1 Ken Without a Barbie on Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:07 pm


So I started this thread.

I went into an alley so I can take a piss. After I finished meh business Ken went riding down the street doing all kinds of tricks `n jumps `n shit with other riders that joined him. Then I was all "oh snap!" and went right after the group, ken being right in front. I went around of the ground and made it, then stopped, right in front of ken being how swag I am. Ken used his road shit thing, still not sure what it does personally except he can do shit with bubbles, to go around me. Then I was all "say what maboi?!", suddenly hearing a glass breaking sound there was someone trying to break into a car.

I went to the burglar and swiped his crowbar he used to smash the window with. Now trying to catch up with the group. Ahead there was a huge construction site that was for "The big motha fuckin` building!", or w/e I called it. Stretching out for almost a mile or something? It was hella big, ya get the idea. So ken`s group when into the construction site, NPCs got fucked up right at the start of it crashing into shit and all. Then I went inside after him. Ken went to higher ground sliding up on pipes and such. While I was dodging obstacles in my way like a boss.

With a stat of 0 my character couldn`t jump for shit. So decided to keep following ken while on lower-ground. Manage to grab a hammer and a box of nails my way, we were in a construction site after all. I threw the hammer at ken, he dodged using his road of course. Then I decided to help up the nails in my hand and smack them with the crowbar at ken. Like a baseball batter kind of thing. He kept dodging them, I got bored and decide to turn back and leave. Afterwards ken felt relieved and left also.

Yeah, we didn`t talk much in the thread.

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2 Re: Ken Without a Barbie on Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:42 pm


So I made this thread also.

I started in a 7/11 or something, having a lil` snacky-snack. I went out side and decided to take a stroll. Ken went strolling of his own and bumped into these 2 guys that saw him at the construction site. I could wear them because they were in my way on my stroll. Ken was about to get his ass kicked, but I went in closer and saw it was ken the 2 other guys were talking to. I went straight in, hero intro theme right? Welp, I went in and faced ken while my back against the 2 other guys. Being all "keep getting into trouble, ya need to be taught a lesson maboi", just cuz I felt like being a dick xD

I started talking, and due to me swag leadership, 3 others joined behind me. Ken try to take us down, but I ain`t gonna let that happen at that time. Throwing those bubbles shit he can use cuz of his road. I used the evading trick to help and hit my gang members at the back of the knee to dodge the bubbles matrix style. I was then all "find me a crowbar or something, I`m the only one that can take him". Then ken suggested that we go to an abandon school building and into an empty class room. A D-rank cube match was gonna go down. The other 5 NPCs followed.

Before I went in the classroom with ken already inside I whispered back to maboiz "fuck the crowbar, when I say go I want you all to come in and give me a hand". So then I went in the room and the cube match was on. I went toward the window to look out, seeing nothing is there. Then ken went in for a kick, and I managed to get a lock on him because he went straight into me like..yeah. Kinda like how you would still be fucked up if you run right into and explosion even if your dexterity is to the max and you have a road.

Anyways, I cued for my gang to come right in and tackle ken from behind all at once. While at the same time I had the lock on his leg still and I decide to do a tossing motion. Ken did some bubbles before he went in for the kick but the gang just swept them away with they shirts and stuff. So anyways, the powerful force then made ken go flying out the window, because I was looking out the window before ken came right at me.

Afterwards ken managed to insert bubbles in everyones` bloodstream. Being of how swag I am, cut my arm to let the foam out (foam being just a bunch of tiny bubbles). Because of the signs my body was giving, idk kinda think of it as an old school cure for blood clots? Well anyways, trying not to get into this since this is a summery, I went to treat the rest of my gang. And also got a jacket looking like a hobo`s that didn`t even bother to sow it up, because I ripped pieces from it to tie up the cut wounds I had to make to rid of the bubbles.

Now this is where it may get confusing if you don`t know the OoC part of it at about this time. Ken made some other NPCs of his own to come and save him. Which, at this point he shouldn`t be able to do that. Because the force from 6 around 200 lb males would be far to powerful for ken to be save. He either a: got hit on the edges of the window which would make him get smashed. Or b: he went out perfectly out the window but he would`ve traveled way too far for an NPC to jump off the wall to catch him.

But, I let him have it. I was not in a "fight-mode" mood at the time. And even said before that I wasn`t going to go into fight-mode and just wanted me stat points. I have other things to concern myself on other sites, just to remind ya`ll.

Anyways.... Ken went away riding with his group. And I made my group come out of the building from the front doors and told them all to get to a hospital to get porper bandages. I went ahead right for ken`s group, went around to get in front of them. Informing that ken was an irresponsible brat and if they made the wrong move with him, I wouldn`t care because they`re the ones that dug their own grave. Ken then said something back when I was riding off.

And that`s about it.

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