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Luna Cross

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1 Luna Cross on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:52 pm


Luna Cross

The Basics

Name: Luna Cross

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: She tends to be a relaxed person. Though she is easily angered depending on the situation. Luna can be very sweet and very friendly. She is a very comical person and is quite strange in her behavior. She's a slight drunkard and tends to sneak off to go out drinking, with whoever she can drag along.

Luna may be fun loving but she can also be serious at when there is a time of need. She’s a strong woman who can be quite stubborn. She's fun loving and loves to be seductive.

Appearance: Luna is pretty average in appearance. At least when you first look at her. She has an average facial structure. Perhaps a slightly smaller nose than more girls. It’s more button sized than anything. She’s got a few freckles on her nose as well. Though you can’t see them unless you look hard. She’s got a small, tan birthmark on her neck as well. It’s heart shaped and about half the size of a nickel.

Though once you get a good look at her you can see the beauty. Soft skin that isn’t overly pale but a light peach color. Her eyes are very alluring. They are unlike any others for how bright they are. A crystalline blue that makes men shiver. Perhaps the most unique thing about her. Her hair is quite long and silky and once you get a good look you can see her beauty. High cheekbones, a longer face making her look intelligent. Since she looks rather plain at first glance she tends to wear clothing that brings out her more refined beauty.

Luna's breast size is D. Quite average in the curves department. She does her makeup yes, though she only puts on enough to enhance her features. She’s really not the type of girl to spend hours in front of the mirror though. She’s gotten rather good at what she does, with enhancing her features and making her beauteous features show more.

She has a strange habit of painting her fingernails. At least once a week she feels the need to change the color. Perhaps to bring her happiness or to symbolize something. Nobody knows. She has a habit of favoriting new things. A new nail polish will win over all her others. That is until she finds another new one. Then she’ll use that more often.

Shadow: Luna's shadow is of Aphrodite the greek goddess of love.


Special Info

Class: C

Birth Place: San Fransisco, California

Current Place of Residence: California

The Finale

History: Luna was born to a normal family. Her father was a substance abuser though. Cliche, yes, but true. She'd go on drug deals with her father at a young age. Once in junior high she started hanging out with the wrong crowd, which is why she has such a... well loose nature with men.

Her childhood was short, for the young girl had to grow up rather fast. She was moved to California when she was starting high school. She had almost given up on life until she met her two most best friends in the world. Ezekiel and Rohas. Both were half brothers for their father was japanese. Their mothers were entirely different. The two were both in California for a time and both had to go to the same school. Luna didn't mind of course. She became fast friends with both and was introduced to Air Treks.

The woman enjoyed her freedom with the AT's. Who wouldn't after having such a shitty life? She was practically raised to be on the wrong side of the track so using AT's never bothered her. She was introduced to Paradise by both the boys. There all three of them rode and were able to find their own roads.

It is a mystery to anyone but the four on how they all recieved their regalia. Luna recieved the Pledge Regalia and thus became the pledge queen. She became the tuner to both brothers and enjoyed the attention, admiration, and closeness when she tuned them both.

Luna had read about Tool Toul To and decided to found the team. She started as the only member but will find more tuners and remain neutral with TTT. She wants to be able to tune every king and queen as well as keep tabs on them.

As time passed both brothers wanted different things. Luna was torn between them both, for she had feelings for both, even if she wouldnt' admit it to them. Eventually she decided to stay with Rohas. She wanted to find the Wind Road with him. Ezekiel wanted something different.

Luna continues on with her goals to this day. Wanting to work on the Wing Regalia and to form her Tool Toul To team as well as stay on Rohas' team. Will she meet the long lost brother again some day? Only time will tell.

Roleplay Sample:
Hana was startled awake by an unfamiliar feeling. In her dream she imagined stern yet pretty eyes staring at her. She sat in her bed and looked around. She sighed when her little apartment looked no different than before. She laid her head back down on her soft, blue pillow. She stared at her ceiling still feeling the feeling of being watched.

Chills went down her spine. Though the sun began to rise from her window. Hana looked at the shadow on her bed. It was the shadow of a human. Hana gasped and stood up, her kunai that she had hidden under her pillow was in her hand in a second. She kept her back to her front door and her eyes on the stranger. Though, with the sun behind the person she couldn't see who they were or what they looked like.

The window opened slightly and a woman's laugh entered the room. "You weren't fast enough Hana. We'll have to fix that. Anyway would you like to come with me on a little field trip?" Hana blinked before realizing that her busty figure could only belong to her sensei. She thought about it for a moment. Stay in the village and do stupid D-ranks, or go with her sensei and possibly go on better missions, and learn strong jutsu. It wasn't a hard choice.

"Of course! I'll be ready in ten minutes!"


It was close to noon before they were finally out of the fire country. This was Hana's first time in the wind country. Though they had barely passed their borders. The journey had been slightly quiet. With Hana staring at everything wide eyed while Ayame walked slightly ahead. Hana would point out different plants or animals and ask Ayame what the name was.

Some Hana had only seen in books while others she hadn't recognized. Like about twenty minutes ago Hana had learned what an "armidillo" was. Or what a "roadrunner was". There were a few snakes like the cobra that they had stayed away from. Hana wasn't sure whether Ayame was annoyed by her questions or not. So she began to quiet herself down and try to act more mature.

They were walking through dry patches of land. Before they hit the desert the wind had flat plains of grass and tumbleweed would pass by every so often. It had a slight beauty though the fire country was much prettier to Hana. She began to wonder why Ayame had singled her out anyway. Sasori had a stronger clan. And Tenisei was stronger period. Hana thought of herself as weaker than the other two. Never even winning a spar before.

The day passed into night again as they camped out. It was relatively calm and Hana fell right to sleep. She had never felt more safe with anyone other than her sensei.

They continued on their walk. Their journey growing hotter the closer they got to their destination. They conversed about Kenjutsu mostly. Hana being very fascinated and wanting to learn the art soaked everything Ayame said like a sponge.

It was a little past noon when they reached the small hotel. It was slightly shabby but in this heat it was welcomed by the two travelers. Hana ran inside and sat by a small pool while Her sensei paid for their room. For safety issues Her sensei had decided that they share a room. Though they were stuck in the room for the entire night Hana had fallen asleep quickly hoping that the next day that she would teach her jutsu.

~The next morning~

It was close to eight in the morning. A bit early for Hana to be awake but she was excited. She had worked up her courage to ask Her sensei to teach her some jutsu today. But once awake and dressed Hana stared at the sleeping form on the other bed. She was gorgeous. Hana was slightly jealous of her good looks. Though that wasn't what stopped her. What would Her sensei do to her if she woke her up from her beauty sleep?

It took Hana almost ten minutes to make up her mind. She nudged Her sensei with her hand and pinched her cheeks lightly. "S-sensei? W-will you teach me some jutsu today? As a favor? Please sensei?" she begged. She tried her hardest to sound pitiful. Hoping she would agree to her wishes.

Hana listened to Her sensei . She was quiet though she felt very stupid. She just didn't want to seem like an annoying kid to her. Though she still came off as a child anyway it seemed. Her sensei was right. Even though Hana had a lot of respect for the older Kunoichi she did need to act differently. If Hana wanted to respect her as well and to teach her like an adult Hana needed to change her attitude.

She needed to act like she was equal to the sword user. Maybe not in skill. But she still needed to change her behavior. She wanted to become strong. She was just wasting Her sensei 's time at the moment. Why had she acted that way? Hana's eyes narrowed a bit as she worked up her courage.

Sensei. Would you take me out today and teach me a few new jutsu? If not I'll just go by myself and train. Perhaps I can learn from scrolls. Though with your help I would probably learn faster and we could get back on our way to our destination," her voice was even. It wasn't the same as a few moments ago when she had begged. This time it was either help me or don't. I don't really care, attitude. Yet it was still respectful for Her sensei as well. Not like a snot nosed brat.

Hana turned around and packed up her few items into her light blue backpack. Then she pulled her hair into a ponytail to keep it out of her face during training. She pulled her sandals on and then stood up with determination in her eyes. She was going to train all day today. Even if Her sensei wasn't going to help her for her earlier behavior.

If she wasn't then she would just have to prove to her how badly she wanted to become stronger. She didn't even worry about putting makeup on today. It was just going to get smeared by sweat and working out anyway. Not to mention if they found an oasis she would probably jump into the cool water without a thought to get out of the heat.

Once Hana was completely ready she turned back to Her sensei .


Jumping 1/10
Strength 0/10
Speed 10/10
Stamina 1/10
Dexterity 1/10
Acceleration 1/10
Tricks 1/10


(Note: You may only have two starting)

Rank: E
Description: 180 -When battling ride up a wall do a turn 180 turn and kick the person in the face.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Name: Wind Tunnel
Rank: C
Description: Skate around your opponent at high speeds and it creats a vacuum and cut off thier oxygen. Of course the opponent has to be standing still for this to happen. It can only be used once per battle.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Face Claim

High School Of The Dead - Shizuka Marikawa, Cross,Luna

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2 Re: Luna Cross on Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:01 am


FINISHED!!! Hop, Ophelia or Kota can mod this. Remember that TWO have to approve it. Don't forget to lock and move my app as well. ^^

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3 Re: Luna Cross on Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:22 am

I have no problem accepting this, babe. Just need a little clarification.

I have no issue with my character being in Cali for a few years, ect, ect. That's perfectly fine with me, but you should really run it by Rozu first; it's only the right thing to do.

Secondly, you want to start out with a Regalia? Sure, you'll be up for the running for one right away. But to actually start out with one is kind of iffy if you ask me. But it's totally your call in the matter, I'll simply obey, m'lady. Finding a road is ok, Zeke is going to have his road already found and all that good jazz, but he'll rarely use it because his body isn't strong enough to handle the strain. So that part seems pretty legit.

I had a third one, but it was manly personal. But other then those two main points, everything seems perfect.


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4 Re: Luna Cross on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:14 pm

Approved <3
Your character profile is amazing as usual ^-^ I can't wait to stir up some trouble with you!
Locked & Moved

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5 Re: Luna Cross on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:13 pm


Sorry hop. Didn't think I'd get approved right away. I was hoping the two of ya would look at the history and then work your way around it unless you wanted something to change.

I also thought the four of us would start with regalia and our roads for plot but I can change that if you want. I don't want to be OP starting out. D:

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6 Re: Luna Cross on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:13 pm

Archived | Dead

"I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
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