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1Decimation at the Club Empty Decimation at the Club on Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:25 pm

Decimation at the Club Scaled.php?server=854&filename=sewersbyptitvinc

Danial Jex found himself deep within the tunnels of sewers underneath San Fransisco. Anyone within the right state of mind wouldn't be seen within sewers unless they were getting paid for it and well he was, after all he was on duty now. These seweres were different however much different for through the maze like tunnels, right in the middle of the entire complex resided the circular room. That room was known to a few as 'THE CLUB'. Within such a place one on one fights took place. Fights for money, power, and respect. A person only needs three things in order to join the ranks of the club. Common knowledge of the layout of the sewers. A strong body, and a pair of Air-Treks. Only the strong and passionate make it out in one piece within this dangerous place.

Danial's body though it did not look it was much stronger then it looked after all he was born with a condition that made his muscles much more dense then usual, it also made him heavier. It was his strength that normally shocked most people after all no one really expects what looks like a hundred and sixty pound nineteen year old to take down guys that look like they could break him in half. As for the Air treks, they would be slung over his shoulder held their by the fingers on his left hand entwined in the laces. The reason why he did not have them on was simple. They were broken with the degrading wheels, bent axles, and melted gears He knew why his Air Trek was like that two, it had happened nearly every time he had put them on. Unthinking and uncaring he had lost control of his strength. It came to the point where he had finally decided not to try to fix them.

Passion oh he had that in a abundance, specially once he put on his air treks. Some one would get hurt for sure. The black motorcycle helmet would protect his identity with its reflective and tinted black fully tempered and laminated glass. The white T-shirt was a big contrast to the helmet specially with its green trim. The soft rattling of the chains shackled to his wrists would no doubt give heed to his approach and the fingerless gloves he wore would protect his knuckles. Pants and tennis shoes would complete the assemble. The look was completely different then when he had left the 3rd street boxing gym.

Entering the chamber that would no doubt be some rider's pain he could hear the muffled chants to go along with the battle in front of him. Such a shame neither fighters had any technique. Moving over to the call man he would put his moniker into the list of fighters,"De Jay checking in." Before taking a seat nearby and starting to undue his laces.


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2Decimation at the Club Empty Re: Decimation at the Club on Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:20 pm

(finish post later)

Occ-One night before the Event, sorry it’s taken so long to post for this my RL is being a bitch to me.

This was the last night Grim was going to stick in San Francisco, for a while. It was time for him to rejoin his Team back in Las Vegas, and show how much his improved since his absence in the past week. Since he was planning on leave he wanted to see one person in particular a rider that helped him achieve this new level of riding, but the last time they met, they really didn’t exchange information on how to find one another. The next best thing Grim thought was go to the last place they ran into each other and that place was, “THE CLUB”.

When Grim arrived to, “THE CLUB” after navigating through the sewer tunnels, taking his time to practice his control over his A-T’s, and tricks. The club was in full swing when he came through one of many entries and exits of the underground club. Grim was in head to toe in his usual get up. Black, and silver Ragnarök logo team jacket, black slacks, and his black and white crisscrossed A-T’s, and most importantly his Clown/ goggle mask that he was so fond of, and with his hood up, no one could really make who he was out, expect for he was a rider for Ragnarok.

The two in the center was rookie’s fighters, nothing to be concerned of. Grim made his way around the fight careful of not running into any person that might drag him into the middle. He came over the bar and placed cash down for a drink, and watched the outcome of the match until his drink was ready. While watching his eyes wondered to a rider that was placing his A-Ts on, and Grim couldn’t help but feel like he was so familiar, but Grim brushed it off when his drink arrived.

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*oh i finished it*

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