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Adam Vaden

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1 Adam Vaden on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:09 am


The Basics

Name: Adam Vaden

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: Vaden is a generally calmed individual. He thinks about things as clearly as possible, and does his best to think through any actions he undertakes. Though you wouldn't know it from his attitude he shows everyone. His general attitude when in public is more of a sarcastic type.. Always with some sort of comeback or quip for almost any phrase. This attitude tends to get him in trouble whenever he attempts to socialize with others.

Make no mistake, despite that trait, he's not a bad guy. In fact, he's a lot nicer than he'd let you in on. He simply masks that fact. He also has the tendency to be a little bit of a goof off, and lazy. But really, he just wants to have fun. And that often causes him to avoid certain situations he'd refer to as 'too serious'. Though, when push comes to shove, that does not mean he's incapable of taking action if situations require him to do so.

Appearance: The most peculiar trait for Adam is his blue colored hair. He keeps it cut short, though he rarely combs it. His eyes are a maroon coloring. And more often than not, they're obscured by his sunglasses. His skin is quite tanned due to the amount of time he spends outside. Also, his arms are covered in a number of tribal tattoos that wrap around them.

Another prominent trait is a rather large skull tattoo that covers the majority of his back. Clothing wise, he usually wears a white colored tank top. Sometimes coupled with a red colored hoodie, sometimes not, depending on his own preference.

Lower body wise, he has another tribal tattoo wrapping up his ankle, though it's often colored by a pair of loose, baggy black pants. These pants aren't really in the best of shape, featuring various rips and tears down the legs due to excessive wear and tear. Also, commonly enough, he'll be seen with a mischievous little grin across his face, due to his previously mentioned desire to have 'fun'.


Special Info

Class: D.

Birth Place: Miami, Florida

Current Place of Residence: San Francisco, California

The Finale

History: Adam's life thus far has been.. less than spectacular. He was born to the average, hard working mother and father. And he lived a life of peace as a child. His family wasn't particularly rich, but they weren't the poorest of the poor either. So, this allowed him to live rather leisurely for the most part. Through those years, he grew into a happy young kid, not a care in the world as most children often are.

He was in his early teens now, and had been enrolled in school for sometime. He was excelling in most subjects, finding himself making a number of friends. Things were just getting better and better for the kid. His father had even received a promotion in his field of work, so things were getting better for his family. But this all seemed like the buildup for what was ultimately a great fall..

And it was.. One day, young Adam sat in the school listening to his teachers when he was called into the principals office. Young Adam would arrive to the principals office, and see his father who looked quite disheveled.. This is when he had it broken to him that his mother had been in an vehicle accident, and died soon after. This shattered the once happy persona this kid had, he boxed it all in. His world had crumbled before him in all of a day..

And then we had the late teens around seventeen years of age, he was close to finishing with his time in school. And the Adam of this day and age? He was a complete turnaround of the happy go lucky kid who had once been. He often got into fights, caused trouble, and had a generally troublemaking attitude. He'd been suspended numerous times from school for the fighting, but, he wasn't a terrible person just yet. Even though his home life had changed as well. What was once a loving family had devolved into him and his father barely ever speaking, the old man succumbing to alcohol and losing his job because of it. And Adam having to keep them both up via various odd jobs.

Eventually, his father would be arrested for what was at the time, one of many drunk and disorderly's in a line of many. And for Adam, that was it. It was at that point that Adam simply walked away from his life in Miami, taking the little bit of money he had saved with him. And then? He took to traveling on his own. It was during these travels that he made the discovery of air treks, and quickly gained some enjoyment of such things, becoming a decent rider in the process.

And now in the present, after growing bored of his nomadic style of living.. We will catch up with Adam as he has stopped in San Francisco, California.

Roleplay Sample:
It was a calm evening on the island, not a single sight to be seen as far as the eye could view. The streets were full of general terror though, zombies stumbling around, stray survivors here and there, simply attempting to survive the onslaught that had been caused since the outbreak. Though there was a rather strange occurrence here on this particular day.. A strange individual in what seemed to be some sort of mask was walking along the streets as if absolutely nothing was going on. Simply strolling along and observing his surroundings. When a stray zombie would make a lunge, he would typically skillfully dodge, then slice them to pieces with his sword. Or he would take a shot with his crossbow, making sure to retrieve the crossbow bolt whenever it was probable for him to do so. As he didn't want to waste ammunition which was still of some sort of use to him.

This stranger to the island continued down the streets, impossible to read, as a young child ran up to him.. The child yelled and cried, asking for him to help.. "Help me mister! They killed my mommy and daddy!" The man knelt down and looked the child in the face, the kid shivering in fear not from the zombies, but due to the presence of this strange man.. It was as if hated and evil emanated from him or something.

"No.." He said, picking up the child by the throat, and then turning to an oncoming zombie horde.. The masked individual threw the child to the slaughter without a second thought, and then continued to walk on. The child's screams echoed throughout the calm and quiet streets, as the kids death played just enough of a distraction for this man to continue on his stroll rather peacefully.

After some more strolling, he came across a location that sparked some interest out of him.. It was the shopping arcade of course.. The strange masked man approached the doors of it, smirking rather slightly as he pushed open the doors and peered in at his surroundings.. Corpses were scattered everywhere.. It was a sight that would turn the stomach of any normal individual who came there.. But all it caused this man to do? All it caused him to do was chuckle lightly..

"Such weaklings.." He said with a little bit of a sigh, as he walked by the game machines that had once filled the shopping arcade, now covered with dead bodies, blood, or severed body parts.. He continued through the building, attempting to be as quiet as possible, when he approached an area that had once sold food to anyone that happened to be in the shopping area at the time, searching for something to eat upon, since he was nowhere near his employers building for the moment.


Jumping 1/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 1/10
Stamina 1/10
Dexterity 1/10
Acceleration 4/10
Tricks 1/10


Name: Runners Stance
Rank: F-A
Description: More of a starting off position then an actual trick however due to the positioning of the body at the beginning of a race it causes both the front wheels of the A-T to start spinning before the race starts and thus increases acceleration off the line. +1 Acceleration per class, Aka, +1 for F class, +2 for E, +3 for D...
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Sure

Name: Wall Ride
Rank: D
Description: A rather simplistic and self explanitory trick involving him accelerating quickly and riding along [or ascend] walls.. Though any loss in momentum and acceleration causes this trick to fail and requires him to return to solid ground.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes.

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