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Halloween night in 1711 a slaughter took place in the small European country of Eldorra. Unbeknownst to the rest of society, this small country's royals are all supernaturals that have been enslaving their human subjects to use them as slaves and prey for royal hunting parties. The night of the Halloween ball, however, the royals conducted their biggest hunt ever, gathering all of the remaining humans and disloyal supernaturals and setting them loose in the wide, deep surrounding forest. It was only when some of the humans managed to escape through the valley and into a neighboring country that anyone learned the truth. By the time authorities entered Eldorra and approached the castle, however, the entire royal family had disappeared. Since then rumors of curses on the land and ghosts and monsters roaming the streets and buildings have kept people away and the small country all but abandoned.

Now, centuries later the country is finally being resettled. New families are coming into the country and it's starting the thrive again. With the humans though, there are supernaturals reclaiming territory as well. Some of those supernaturals are not new to the area. The royal family is back. Humans are again going missing, disappearing into the castle and never coming out.

Not all the supernaturals in the area are of the same mindset as the royals, however. There are a small group of supernaturals and humans determined to prevent history from repeating itself. What is your purpose for being here?

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