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There exists in our world the descendants of intermixing between human and supernatural races. Hundreds of years later, in the modern world, the supernatural blood comes to the surface, producing throw-back babies called Remnants who inherit both physical traits and supernatural abilities of their ancestors. But the gift is a double-edged sword and in no place is this more apparent than here in Los Duendes, California.

Remnants also inherit the weaknesses of their ancestors and in the city, a new drug has emerged. More than a rush, more than a thrill, the Mazikeen drug enhances the supernatural abilities of Remnants and provides temporary relief to medical conditions and pain their mixed biology has given them. The relief is only an illusion. Prolonged use of Mazikeen greatly increases the risk of premature death in Remnants. It's easy to OD, highly addictive and in Los Duendes, a town filled with Remnants, it's everywhere.

Mazikeen is an urban fantasy site that focuses on real world folklore of supernatural entities such as fairies, goblins, nature spirits and the like. We are not a mutant, vampire or werewolf site. For those that aren't folklore-savvy, we have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that are always happy to help and several folklore resources including a Suggested Species List.

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