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1 Bunshichi on Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:05 pm

Bunshichi Takayanagi

The Basics

Name: Bunshichi Takayanagi

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual


Bunshichi is what you would say a 'Box of Chocolates' 'cause you'll never know what you'll get until you open it. In some way this is closely accurate as he is quite the mysterious man sometimes. Although most of the time, he tends to show his very mischievous yet lovable side. He's fun to be around and is good with people. He rarely gets mad over anything unless of course, things get too much out of hand.

Being the youngest and only son of four siblings, he is quite fond of the opposite sex. That's why he often gets into trouble whenever he's associated with one, especially with his wife.

But laziness has been a big issue also. He tends to sleep a lot during the day and rarely does anything productive unless he's taking pictures on events and riding ATs, which he loves so much. You can only see him get serious when his child is around. He thinks of it as the 'Special Family Time' and there's no room for fooling around when it comes to it.

All in all, he's your serious, lazy, crazy, yet fun type of guy. And you can never go wrong in meeting him, especially if you're into big surprises.


Bunshichi has a short, blonde hair(not his natural hair color)that goes slightly okay with his fair complexity. He wore small earrings on both of his ears and a thing gold necklace around his neck, mainly because his sisters voraciously used him as their own personal toy when they were young.

He would wear almost anything, ranging from baggy shorts to leather pants. Clothing has never been that big of an issue for him. He's pretty practical about it and he wears clothing that suits his activities for the day.


Special Info

Class: D

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Current Place of Residence: Sta. Ana, California

The Finale


Bunshichi grew up in a big household consisting of a son and three daughters. He was the youngest of all four, Trina being the first born child, then Seya, Aya, and him. They lived very simple lives and both parents were capable of paying for a complete high school education. Bunshichi, being the youngest, had a great relationship with his much older sisters. Although they tend to use him as their personal toy for their innocent amusement, they took care of him even through rough times.

As a young teenager, Bunshichi often gets into trouble in school and even in his own neighborhood. He got into a fight and had several broken bones replaced by metal,Since his parents are rarely seen home due to their work, all sisters would take care of his problems and consult with the authorities themselves. He has great respect for them but mostly out of fear of being scolded.

Hitting the age of eighteen, the family migrated into the U.S. and finally settled in California. Trina and Seya have left home and started a new life on their own. Aya stayed home and got herself interested in the family business. Bunshichi continued into college even though he was still struggling to cope up with the newly discovered cultural differences between his old life and this new one. But all went well when he met Freya, a classmate, and a supposedly so-called 'rider' of some sort of device. Curiousity led him into getting close with her and eventually learned riding ATs with her teaching him.

Then an unfortunate event eventually befalls on Bunshichi. While riding his AT in a harsh weather condition, he lost control and got into an accident which left him several broken unrepairable bones, especially those from his shins, knees and elbows. Thus, making thirty-five percent of his natural ones replaced with metal. It took him half a year to recover,including therapy, to get back to his normal life. But things were never the same again after that. He was now limited to ground trekking and could only jump a few feet off the ground. Jumping from heights just gives more strain to his joints than him using his legs for kicking. So he trained himself solely on ground trekking and strengthening his upper body.

The pair got married early a couple of months later and was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Although they were aware with the dangers of introducing ATs to children, they promised each other that they would not forbid their child from using the device when she comes of age, as their passion for such is what makes their bond strong and their love stronger.


Since he never finished college, Bunshichi turned to photography. He would attend as a private photographer for special events such as weddings, receptions, birthday parties, etc. Freya never finished college as well and became a full time house wife, provided by Bunshichi's ever so loving and supportive sisters' help.

He often brings his ATs with him inside his backpack and would take them out when he finds a great spot for riding or competing.

Roleplay Sample:


Click. Her form was good. Click. Click. Her air was great. Click. But the smile on her face was perfect. She flew with grace and precision, like a bird in the sky, constantly flying freely with a broad smile and an open heart. She twisted in the air with passion and strength before touching down softly on the ground below. She gave the photographer a wink and blew a warm kiss in the cold air.

With one last click, he waved back. She was absolutely stunning, he thought, especially when she's out there enjoying herself. It was such a wonder how and angel like her came into loving someone like him. Such a wonder..

A small figure huddled itself against his leg, shivering from the cold breeze brought in by the night. Bunshichi picked her up and carried her in his arms. He kissed her in the forehead and looked at her with concern. "You cold, baby?" He asked. The little girl shook her head and buried her face in his chest. He could feel her short warm breaths in his skin and couldn't help but smile at her cuteness. "Okay.. Let's go see mama."


Jumping 0/10
Strength 5/10
Speed 2/10
Stamina 1/10
Dexterity 1/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 0/10


Gore of Fury
Rank: D
Description: Bunshichi needs to be several feet away from his opponent. He accelerates towards his opponent with a good amount of speed then starts spinning mid-way up until he reaches his oppenent and landing a bone breaking elbow to his chest using the combination of his momentum and his metal plated elbow. Though the strength of the move is monstrous, it's a very hard trick to use accurately as it needs its opponent to be idle.

Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Face Claim

GTO - Eikichi Onizuka