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Dakota the Dragon

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1 Dakota the Dragon on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:35 pm

Kota Halle

The Basics

Name: Dakota Halle (last name pronounced Hall)

Nickname(s): D, Kota (most call her Kota)

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Personality: Dakota has a bit of a rough personality. She is wild, loving the wind rushing by, combing through her hair. She swears and can be vulgar and rude, but she doesn't often think about what she is talking about. She is rather blunt and almost always speaks her mind, and this can get her into trouble. Dakota is cocky and loud mouthed, but if you tell her a secret she will keep it with her until the day she dies.

At the same time, Dakota can be gentle and caring and kind, caring about what others say and what she says. She has had a rough past, so its understandable she turned out this way. She is often seen as being two different people because of the way she can be so different from herself.

Dakota loves her AT and she loves flying the most with them. She is generally pretty good at her aerial tricks and control, because she took several kinds of martial arts classes before she came here. Seeing as she had to fend for herself, Dakota can cook pretty well, and enjoys it when she isn't soaring on her ATs. She also enjoys the forest, whether it be natural or man made, wood or metal.

Dakota hates being called by her full name, so she usually gets people to call her Kota. The only time she ever allows anyone to call her Dakota is when its something urgent or important. She hates fast food, mainly because it is unhealthy, but will eat it once in a while if she has no time to make a quick snack or something. And while she loves high places, the higher the better in fact, she greatly dislikes being far underground.

Appearance: Dakota has red hair that, when she was born, was the most brilliant shade of scarlet. It glowed in the sun until she was 5 and it began to fade slightly. It still glows, but not as greatly as when she was a young child. Her hair is now a rich cross between scarlet and red wine that is often the one thing people remember most about her.

She has bright, golden eyes that seem to sear through you and peer into the very heart of your soul. Her penetrating gaze is another factor people remember quite easily about her, because if she looks at you with those golden orbs with anger or hate, it is said to be the last thing you see and haunts one's dreams at night.

Dakota has light, clear, pure looking skin with a constant slight tan to it, enough to keep it from being called pale but not enough to make her seem foreign. While the skin you can see is always clean, her back has many long, whip-like scars from her father abusing her as a child before she ran away. She generally keeps the scars covered so as not to attract any more attention to her. She almost never paints her nails but when she does its always a light pink or a wine red, depending on the occasion.

She has a soft, younger looking face that often puts people off their guard. Her face does not match the figure of her body though. She is thinner but she has a decent sized bust that can attract attention should she wear the right thing, and has a figure many girls would kill for, all of which she disregards as just another part of her, and doesn't much care for showing off. Her hips match her slender shoulders, making the curves that much more noticeable for those who pay attention.

Her favorite outfit is mostly in black, which she wears when she goes out at night with her ATs, and consists of a pair of mid-upper arm length gloves with the fingertips cut off that belt at the top, and an open backed almost dress like top that she wears spandex under. The top covers most of her front, narrowing up to the neck and being fastened there by a black choker with pale lace. It downs down to a little above her knees with a slit at either side that makes the dress narrow near the bottom, showing off her upper legs and making more room to move.

On top of this is a sand colored belt-like piece of cloth that wraps around her middle and belts there with two small belts sewn into it. There are three decorative pieces of fabric handing off this in the same color, one at each of the legs and the third, doubly thick as one of the two in the front, hangs over her ass and down to the bottom of the dress. This piece of cloth around her middle is a strong fabric which has metal loops at the bottom of the hanging parts that she usually attaches a rope like lanyard through. These metallic loops can be used for carrying almost anything her body can handle, as the fabric is similar to burlap in its strength and can handle most loads.

Dakota has slender but strong legs and arms that seem too elegant for something of a Storm Rider, but that's one of her advantages in a fight, where people often underestimate her. Also around her neck she wears a gold colored brass cross with four ornamental dangling pieces hanging from the crossbar; two on each side of a brass chain loop attached to it.

Her ATs match her outfit mostly, being black based with red and purple arrows and streaks running along them. The wheels glow purple in the dark, leaving streaks of light wherever she rides.

Shadow: Her shadow is that of a Two Tailed Phoenix (the black shadow seen in my signature)
Phoenix Colors

Special Info

Class: C

Birth Place: Seattle

Current Place of Residence: San Fransisco, Cali.

The Finale

History: Dakota had a rather rough past, like many orphans growing up in Seattle at the time. It all starts back at home in Seattle.

Part 1:
Dakota was born into a poor family that often ended up resorting to thievery just to survive. Her father was a heavy drinker, and every time she would come back with things she had swiped or pick pocketed or even scavenged and sold for money, her father was always drunk. And he was a violent drunk at that. he would always beat her and all of her siblings if they didn't bring home more alcohol, or enough money, or just beat them because he could. It was a rather unpleasant childhood for her, and this is where her story starts.

Dakota's mother had always been a kind woman, and so had her father when her parents had first met. For them it was love at first sight, and it kept on being so. They married quickly, and everything was okay for a while. But then their father's business started losing stocks and they crashed, and no matter how hard their father tried to keep it together, he couldn't, and his business disintegrated to nothing. He, by now, had resorted to drinking often to take away the stress and had become an alcoholic.

Dakota's mother was pregnant with her during all of this, as it happened rather quickly. Dakota's older brother was 7 by now, and had not been raised properly so he was always stealing things. That's where their father got his idea. He sent his oldest child out to do jobs for him, and had to even resort to getting a loan from the local Mafia boss, which put him in greater debt that his drinking.

Dakota was born in the Mafia HQ because their mother had been taken by them, still pregnant with Dakota, because their father wasn't paying anything back of his debts. They were at least kind to her mother, more so because she was pregnant with a baby girl and soon due. It was unusual for them, but their mother hadn't known about what their father did, and was exceptionally pretty, even pregnant.

Life in the Mafia:
So Dakota was born to the Mafia doctors, and even raised there for a while, learning to fight in many different styles, but never choosing to fight unfairly like many of the others learning, or even experts, did. And she always managed to come out mostly unscathed. She was a prodigy at fighting, and soon they sent her out on missions. By now she was 7 and looked innocent to passers by, so they never noticed when she pick pocketed them, or sold them something fake for more than it was worth. They just thought she was a cute homeless child who deserved pity and help. And she looked it, having taken after her mother.

Dakota got her nickname Kota there, because no one like to call her by her full name, and she liked the sound of it, so it stuck. The only one who ever called her Dakota was one boy who didn't like her, and the Boss there, who had taken a liking to her skills and wanted them for his own use. But, seeing as he was one of the kinder Bosses at the time, he gave her a choice: Work with him and get riches, or she can leave and do what she likes and stay a street rat the rest of her life. Well, Dakota had her own plans, and didn't plan on being a street rat, but she went with the second option, much to everyone's disappointment. And there was a catch; she had to fight her way to the entrance in whichever way she wanted.

She did, and she wont, though barely, as her final opponent was the boy who didn't like her whose skill almost completely matched her own. After she beat him, he gave her something to help her, unbeknownst to everyone else. A pair of the forbidden ATs. This was a shock to her, but she was told she would need them where she was going, so she took them. Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

On her own now:
Dakota wasn't sure where she wanted to go after this, but she knew she had a long travel on her hands to get anywhere. She had the boss had packed for her, the new ATs, and her fighting spirit. She had nothing else, and used what she had wisely. It took some time for her to learn to ride the ATs without someone to show her, but she did pretty well at the same time. After an encounter with police in a small town riding her ATs, she knew only to ride at night where she wouldn't be seen and to stay out of trouble.

The first place Dakota stopped was in Longview, where she picked a few people's pockets and managed to have enough to get fast food and star in a Hotel for the night before leaving early the next morning. Most of the time she walked during the day, and rode during the night, so it took quite a while to get where she was trying to go.

She most of the time spent her night riding part of it and sleeping till dawn in a ditch or a bush or something along the highway. Sometimes she would find a small motel for travelers and was able to get people's pity into buying her food or a room for the night. She looked like a runaway or an orphan to most, so she didn't have to do a whole lot. She would look sick or tired or hungry, and lost, and people would take pity on her. While she hated using these tactics focusing on her looks, it worked well for getting what she wanted or needed.

When Dakota reached Portland, she decided to get a haircut. It would make people ignore her more, and see her more as a rundown boy than a pitiable girl. She had to steal from many people to get enough, but when she finally got enough, she got it cut short and liked it that way (like in the picture). It wasn't short enough for people to mistake her a a boy, but she was fine with her hair like this anyway.

Portland is also where Dakota met her first real problem. She got caught up by a gang of girls like herself one night, wanting her stuff. They even noticed her Ats, which made them even more suspicious of her. So Dakota, instead of fighting like usual, decided she didn't need trouble with these girls and ran off. Portland is also the first time she actually used her Ats for something other than trouble. She learned to fight with them here. It seems the gang of girls she messed with were an AT gang, so she had to fend them off with the minimal skills she had with her ATs.

While managing to escape Portland alive, Dakota was rather injured from the fight. She didn't bother going to he hospital either, just tied cloth around the worst of the injuries and kept going on her journey. She heard of some place down in California she figured would be good while in Portland, and that is where she made her destination to be.

On the way to Cali:
By the time Dakota made her way into Corvallis, she was a lot better with her ATs than when she started out. She even managed to collect a few emblems on her journeys. Medford was another big battle for her, and since she didn't have her own emblem to bet, she would always bet something else against the emblems put up that the other party wanted. Often it was her ATs, because she tried keeping them in good shape.

But in Medford, the only thing she ended up having to bet was her life, and she barely escaped with that against a strong Team. She didn't get their emblem, but she ended up gaining their respect all the same. She stayed the night in that city, under the protection of the Team she lost to, and left again the next morning, having been given new clothes to replace the ones they destroyed.

Her next stop was in Yreka, where she found no trouble from other teams at all. In fact, after seeing her skills, one team even tried to recruit her, but she politely declined it. She has their sticker as a fourth for her collection, though she really doesn't understand the point of collecting them for ranking. She keeps them mostly as memories of challenges she faced, like the scars she has both on her body and not.

Before she left Yreka, she was told about a team called Dai Mugen. She was told they were pretty good but to watch out for them all the same, and took this advice to heart. She wasn't sure as of yet if she would join a team or not though, so she didn't spend a lot of time worrying over it.

It took her a few days to make it down to Redding, and when she got there she didn't run into much trouble. There were a few strays, as she calls them, who challenged her and only one of the three to challenge her won, but she learned a lot from each of the battles all the same.

Her last stop before San Fransisco was a good four days away in Vacaville. She Ran into a bit of trouble with another team there, but ended up winning a series of battles and challenges set up by them, earning their emblem as number 5 in her collection. She never cared about emblems and teams before, but this time she did. Partly because she knew one of the people who challenged her from her childhood, and partly because she wanted to prove you can win without using dirty tricks like they were. In the end, she did win, and moved on to finish her journey to San Fransisco.

In San Fransisco Finally:
When Dakota finally got to San Fransisco, it was a lot bigger than she had first imagined. She looked around and strapped on her ATs, seeing that it was night, and took all the back ways to get on top of the buildings to find where she was trying to get to. It was an abandoned building of some sorts that he Dai Mugen have their base in that she was looking for. She wanted to see for herself just how good they were.

Soon enough she was confronted by three riders wanting to challenge her. If she was gonna be in the big city she ought to have some skills enough to beat them, or at least match them, they told her. She accepted their challenge, confident in herself. They ended up tying, and told her to drop by sometime. Unbeknownst to her, they were actually members of Dai Mugen, and they gave her a sticker to remember them by and the address o their HQ.

Now, Kota is spending time in the city finding a job by day and riding by night, looking slowly but surely for the Dai Mugen's headquarters to see if she really will join once meeting them all.

Roleplay Sample:
Ok, this story is an explanation story for an rp on my website, but you can make the member anyone you want in your mind, or you can ask me to make you a revision of this if u would like. Hope you enjoy! (Your name is Sayuri and you are on a mission that took one whole month. This is about 1/4 of the way into the mission right now.)

You were running through the forest, separated from your squad, and being chased by 30-some bandits who wanted to see you dead. You kept running, knowing you would be able to find your team later on. As you turned your head to see if you had lost them yet, you ran into something hard. You fell back hard onto your butt and looked up see what you ran into. You paled a little as yo saw that it was none other Deidara, the Akatsuki's own artiste. He looked down to see what bumped into him and smiled when he saw you.

"Hey I remember you! Your Yuri, the girl we tried to get to join a while back!" He said and held out his hand to help you up, an unexpected gesture from him. "So did you decide to take us up on our offer?" he asked you. You looked at him cautiously before taking his hand.

"No, I'm running from a bunch of bandits who want to see me dead at the moment." you said and grimaced in annoyance at the fact that you couldn't lose them. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get out of here before they find me." you said and began to walk off, but Deidara grabbed your wrist before you could go far.

"If that's the case...." he said and pulled you over to him and onto his clay bird that was just sitting there. Before you could protest, he put one arm around your midsection so you couldn't get away or fall off and the over you mouth to make you be quiet. The bird took off and as it gained speed, he took his hand off of your mouth and leaned back on that arm, using it to balance.

"What do you think you are doing?!" you demanded the instant his hand was removed from your mouth.

"I'm kidnapping you." he replied, smiling at his little joke. He kept his arm around your waist, thinking that you would still fall off at this speed but not really wanting to slow down. "Ever flown before?" he asked you. You looked over the side of the bird in awe. You were so high up! Its a good thing you weren't afraid of heights.

"No. Never." you replied slowly, looking down at the beautiful landscape. Deidara loosened his grip on your waist so you could free your arms and sit up better. You leaned over slightly and poked your head over the edge of the bird. You pulled back almost instantly when you saw how high you actually were.

I really would not like to fall off of this bird. you thought to yourself. Deidara chuckled at your reaction and made the bird slow down so you could stand up properly. He released you as you stood up, walking to the bird's head to actually get a good look at everything. The sight was like nothing you'd ever seen before. You could see lakes and oceans, the land just looked like splotches of color on a canvas of blue glittering water but it was amazing. You could see villages that were tiny and some that were huge. You could even see Konoha from up there! You didn't think, didn't speak as you gazed out over the landscape. You took a step forward to stand on the bird's head.....

When you fell off. SHIT! "Yuri!" you heard Deidara call faintly as the wind filled you ears. You were diving headfirst down towards trees very far below you. You twisted so you were falling feet first and looked up to see Deidara falling faster than you down towards you, bird nowhere in sight. He reached out his hand to you and you reached back. He grabbed you wrist and, righting himself, pulled you to him and a bird appeared beside the two of you, falling faster than you and diving down underneath you. When the both of you were parallel to the bird, Deidara grabbed the scruff behind the clay bird's head and the bird spread it's wings, catching the thermal below you, becoming parallel to the ground once more with you two on top of it.

"Don't EVER do that again, yeah." he growled at you as you began laughing from the thrill of falling.

"That was AMAZING!" you said, still running off adrenaline. "I don't intend to do that again, trust me. Not without my own wings or something." you reassured him, still giggling. That made him relax visibly and even chuckle. You just sat in oddly companionable silence for a while, watching the land underneath go by as the bird flew on in seemingly random directions. You were laying on your stomach and Deidara was laying on his back beside you with his head beside your feet. You rolled onto your side and turned to talk to Deidara.

"Hey, Deidara." you said, trying to get his attention.

"Mm?" he grunted, leaning up on his elbows.

"Why did you kidnap me anyway?" you asked him, curious about the answer he might give you.

He sat up completely and you shifted to give him proper room to get up. "Well, for one, you were being chased by bandits, yeah." he told you. You looked at him for further explanation. "And you know, I get so bored up here on my own sometimes. You looked like you could do with a good break away from the world just like me, hmm. And to be completely honest I wanted to see you again. Even if you turned us down the first time, I think you'll come to us eventually, yeah." You considered this, knowing some parts were true and believing others weren't even though eventually they would be. You sat up and looked at him; actually looked at him for the first time. The chiseled jawline, the icy blue almond eyes, the golden hair, that gorgeous smile....

Wait, why am I thinking like this? He is an S-rank criminal... You were thinking that, but not truly believing. You turned you head and got up once again, feeling your face heating some. you went back to the front of the bird and stood there on it's head, watching the land go by below you. You didn't notice as he came up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. You didn't care as you turned in his arms and fell backwards off the bird. Didn't hear the wind rushing by as he kissed you as you fell through the air, floating on cloud 9..........

Ok! That's finally done and I am satisfied with the result and I think my friends will be too. Its also an example of a kind of One Shot I make on Quizilla. I'm gonna have to draw a picture of this too.


Jumping 3/10
Strength 2/10
Speed 2/10
Stamina 2/10
Dexterity 3/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 2/10


Name: Spinnerette
Rank: D-A
Description: The user gains speed and, using the objects around them, launches back and forth on them to go faster. As soon as they are at their top speed, the user goes into a series of spinning cartwheels, using their momentum to gain enough spin to jump father distances than can usually be accomplished. You need a higher dexterity and jumping to be able to use this trick.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Name: Viper
Rank: D-A
Description: The user zigzags back and forth, getting faster and faster each time, making jerky movements. At higher ranks, an after image can be seen of the user, confusing the opponent as to where the user will strike next. It wears out the user quickly, so higher stamina and acceleration/speed is often a benefit to have.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Face Claim

Not sure which anime/manga its from

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I think you're doing good, what help do you need?

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3 Re: Dakota the Dragon on Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:07 pm

Mainly just links I can use to watch the rest of the anime to get a better understanding of it XD

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Okay, what do I do for the technique things. Do I just make them up? o.o

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You can make them up or use them from the show :] Either is fine just rank them appropriately. Good job so far!

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rp sample won't open and yes, you are good enough for C rank. Though, be sure to finish the anime and read up on the wiki before you try any battles. Kay? It would look bad if I gave C rank to someone who didn't know what they were doing.

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lol there is nothing in the rp sample yet. And I will!

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bump done

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Approved for C level. And with that being said, you still have five more stat points to use. Add em up!

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Approved <3
OMG I'm so proud of you! :] Go Girl Go!
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