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1The Bloody Demoness Empty The Bloody Demoness on Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:30 pm

Ophelia Liiith Hawthorne

Personal Information

Name: Ophelia Lilith Hawthorne.
Alias: Ophelia.
Gender: Female.
Nationality: Caucasian.
Age: Eighteen.
Height: 5’7”.
Weight: 120lbs.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.


Ophelia is a beautiful young woman who has often been related to that of a porcelain doll for the pigment of her flesh; with skin as pale as the snow that falls on the ground during the winter it is not hard to see why one would think that. Still she is quite lovely with her soft features that blend into heart-shaped face and only a few of these little details truly stand out amongst her sickly pale flesh. Her eyes are stained a cerulean blue that appears opaque in some lighting and nobody has ever seen them dressed in anything but a dark lining. Her plush lips are dyed a sweet, light pink color that accentuates the coloring of her eyes quite nicely. Despite all of her lovely features though there is one that stands out amongst the rest: her hair. Since the time of her birth the strands have been painted an unnatural shade of blonde and it is for this reason that she shall not be soon erased from anyone’s head. The luscious, relaxed ringlets are always soft and set free so that they can cascade down to her lower-back yet set to frame her face in the most beautiful of ways; her bangs fall to shade her eyes lightly as they swoop over her face before blending in with the rest of her pale locks. She is extremely skinny and petite for a young woman who stands five foot seven with tapered waist and vaguely visible rib cage.

The clothing that Ophelia chooses to wear is not fancy in any sense and often times are described as beyond casual. A tight v-neck shirt or tank-top matched with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats have always fit her tastes so she is rarely seen in anything else. Of course she will occasionally add variation to her attire, but those instances are far and few in between because she has neither the resources nor the ability to wear much else. The only thing that remains constant in the young woman’s outfit is her silver heart necklace that always hangs between her breasts; her father had given it to her mother before when they first started dating.

It is not unusual to find a few scars marring the flesh of a Storm-Rider simply because some of the activities that these riders take place in can be dangerous; however Ophelia takes this theory to a whole new level. Underneath the dark denim material of her jeans are ribbons of scars that wind up the flesh from her ankles to her knees. Even worse though is the fact that they are at the very least shade lighter than her natural skin tone, thus forcing her to hide them so they do not draw unwanted attention towards herself; after all, a girl with severe scaring would surely look suspicious to the authorities in this day and time.


Ophelia is, in short, a highly unpredictable young woman simply because the person approaching her will never know what side to her they will encounter. Most of the time the petite young woman is quite vicious with her sardonic remarks and blunt comments that show her complete disregard for those around her. In her opinion there is no reason for her to coddle ignorant people who do not realize the world is a cold place, so sparing their emotions has always been out of the question. The only time of day that anybody can expect to approach Ophelia without receiving some sort of biting remark is when she is working at the local café; scaring customers away with a snide remark has never been regarded as good business in her mind. However one can still expect to receive light glares from the young woman along with a cold shoulder if they try to interrupt her while she is working, especially if do not know when to keep quiet. If someone thought that this version of Ophelia was distasteful, then it would probably be wise for them to never encounter her once the sun went down.

No matter the type of race that the female attends one can always be sure that the woman they encountered in the café would seem relatively sweet in comparison to this one. The night time always seem to bring out the best and worst in Ophelia: the best being her abilities and the worse being her attitude. Nearly every word that slips past her pale lips has some sort of sarcastic or biting tone to it and as it turns out, most people find it to be quite intimidating. It is rare for the young woman to find someone who thinks otherwise of her vicious tone, but when she does find a person that believes this she cannot help but to be attracted to them. It is at that point that her icy words begin to grow flirtatious; after all, it is not often that one can find an attractive young gentleman who is willing to play her games.

If anything could be said about the young woman it would be that dancing is her life. Ever since she was a young girl Ophelia has been dancing in every spare moment given to her, so it is no surprise that her riding vaguely resembles this passion. In fact she would even say that her love of the art has made her riding that much more advanced simply because the two are so similar to one another. This is not the only thing that she loves, though the other is quite sadistic to say the least. Blood has always fascinated the female and with her new title of Blood Queen being squeamish around it is more than out of the question. Some people have claimed that her tolerance for the crimson liquid and eventual love of it has warped her persona into that of a demon; it is a statement that she could not disagree with even if she wanted.

Special Information

Birth Place: San Francisco, California.
Current Place of Residence: San Francisco, California.
Current Team: None.
Class: C Class.
Shadow: Kitsune-Wolf.

The image of a blood thirsty predator has always struck fear into the heart of those who witnessed it and with soulless eyes that shine the shade as blood, nobody would dare think otherwise. Ophelia’s shadow is the perfect reflection of her sadistic tendencies and heartless nature.


It was a warm spring day in San Francisco when a young woman by the name of Lillian Brier had agreed to go out to lunch with a fellow co-worker, a young gentleman who was only a few years older than her at the time and on the road to success. For the past six months the woman had spent her free time day dreaming about this man, but she had never expected him to ever notice her let alone acknowledge her existence. He was always surrounded by beautiful woman after all, so the prospects of him asking her on a date were slim to none. That was why she had been so shocked when he waltzed up to her desk and proposed the date later than evening, but sadly he was not asking her out because he was infatuated with her. The only reason he had even bothered with the woman was because he had been dared to do so by one of his friends and so he stood the poor girl up. Sitting alone in that Japanese restaurant for near three hours had been beyond embarrassing for Lillian of course, but alas she would not say that it was horrible for right before she left the horrid establishment an angel would come to her rescue. Jonathon Hawthorne had been watching the poor woman sit there in anticipation for near thirty minutes before he finally got enough courage to go up to her and have dinner with her. After that day the two were near inseparable.

The bond that was created between the two young adults was a remarkable one and the two quickly fell in love. Within three years of their first meeting the two would be married. By the end of their second anniversary the two would have their first child. The blessing of Ophelia Lilith Hawthorne would cause a major change in the two young adults’ lives and to ensure her success changes would slowly begin to take place. Lillian would quit her job to raise her child and Jonathon would take a second job to support his ever growing family. No matter how hard either of them tried though neither of them could ever prevent the tragedies that were fated to overshadow their perfect lives. It was not even ten in the morning that cold winter morning when the young mother and wife would receive a phone call from the local hospital that alerted her of her husband’s tragic death in a car accident.

It would not be wrong to say that every human being has their secrets; Jonathon just had a few too many. As it turned out the young man had a serious gambling problem as well as quite a few debts and in order to rid herself of worry, Lillian would sell everything she had. Without a penny to her name or a job to support her child the woman would be forced to move into a lower end apartment in San Francisco to raise Ophelia on her own. Being a single mother who lived in one of the most crowded places in the United States was not an easy fate to take on. Often times Lillian would only hold a job for six months at a time before being laid off and with no other family to assist her, the woman would be forced to move her child all over San Francisco. Transferring schools seemed to be routine for the young Ophelia and by the time she was ten her mother would begin to notice that her daughter preferred isolation to all else; it was a trait that worried her. In an effort to keep her daughter from complete reverting into herself Lillian would begin to encourage her daughter to take up dance since she had always showed favor towards the art. However, no matter how much dancing Ophelia ever did at her school it never helped her to gain very many friends since she simply preferred the company of her mother to all else.

For many years people have kept hope in their disastrous realities by claiming that time would heal all wounds. It was a saying created by an idealist, a saying kept alive by an optimist, and a saying that Ophelia saw right through for there are some things that even time could not erase; the young female had only been sixteen years old when she would discover just how much she wished that she could believe in those few words. Unbeknownst to her was the fact that Lillian Hawthorne was slowly dying from lung cancer, a disease of deadly portions when treated let alone left undiagnosed. The woman never stood a chance against the deadly disease that late December night when her lungs began failing her for even though Ophelia was able to call an ambulance the moment she began to suffocate, she would wind up dead before reaching the hospital.

The death of her mother was something that Ophelia would never fully recover simply because she blamed herself for never noticing the signs of her slow deterioration; however she knew that she could not dwell on the past forever, especially with the looming threat of being discarded into the foster system just outside her door step. She knew well that older teenagers were rarely adopted and even then she had no desire to become a part of a family that she barely knew. Ophelia preferred being self-sufficient and so she quickly took the steps to remain as such. Within a week of her mother’s passing the young female would secure herself a job at a local café and by the end of the month she would be legally emancipated without so much as a complaint from the local government.

In order to both attend school and her job Ophelia had been forced to work odd hours of the night that pushed late into the night; often times she would not even head home until well after midnight. She had been lucky that school came easy to her so attending classes on little to no sleep never had an effect on her performance. However even that did not change the fact that walking home late at night was a dangerous sport. It was for this very reason that the young woman was leery of a young gentleman by the name of Gabriel when he offered to walk her home night, but none the less she still accepted his offer for reason she did not even understand; this quickly became a daily ritual for the two.

After a few months of knowing each other the two young adult’s interactions would advance from simple walks to hanging out around the city as they became best friends, but of course ever friendship comes with its secrets. As it turned out though Gabriel did not want to keep his secrets hidden from Ophelia and one night he would show her what it was that he did. Despite his worries that she would grow to hate him for partaking in such things Gabriel would take her to a Parts War – she was mesmerized from the beginning. The freedom that Storm-Riders had was unbelievable, entrancing even; she could not let the opportunity pass her by. It was after that night that Ophelia began training on her own for the next year with a pair of Air-Treks and Gabriel was by her side every step of the way.

One hot summer night though everything would go terribly wrong. Her best friend would not be waiting outside of her job, wandering along her usual route, or waiting for her at her apartment. At first the young woman had simply come to the conclusion that he might had been busy or perhaps too sick to come out and play with her, but soon enough she would come to see why he was not there. Whether it was because he did not have the to give her a proper explanation or because he did not have enough courage to give her a proper explanation to her face Ophelia would never know, but either way she would have to receive his reasoning through a letter left on dresser next to a small box. It was in this letter that Gabriel told the young woman that he could not stay in San Francisco but that he wanted her to have two small devices that would unlock her true potential.

The betrayal of this young man only seemed to only prove a theory that Ophelia had come up with she was a young girl: happiness will always be no more than an illusion. When she was a young girl everything that made her happy had been ripped out from beneath her feet through tragic accidents. They isolated her from the world around her and made her barricade herself behind a series of unbreakable walls; the one time she did let someone in though, they destroyed all hope she had left in humanity. The only thing that it did not destroy was her curiosity. The little devices left that had been left in the box on her dresser had continued to call out to Ophelia for days and after much debate she would finally decide to test them out. Of course her first experience with the Blood Regalia would prove near fatal since she was ignorant to their true potential, but that would not detour her from continuing to train with the fatal devices until she had become the Queen of Blood.

Finding the young woman today is not very hard; all you have to do is follow the trail of blood. With no one to tie her down and no rules to dictate her life Ophelia has become a merciless vixen who favors not one person over the other. To meet her is a nightmare. To fear her is wise. To befriend her is impossible To love her is a curse.


Jumping: 4
Strength: 3
Speed: 5
Stamina: 5
Dexterity: 4
Acceleration: 3
Tricks: 1
Total: 23|58

Air-Trek Information

Name: Blood Sisters
Description: The Blood Sisters are a pair of twin Air-Treks that possess several light weight mechanism within them that are key to powering the Carving Road. Within this pair is a series of miniature turbines and half centimeter tubes that create violent storms and vicious whips when working in synchronization. The Air-Treks are composed of light weight metal that maximized their efficiency and durability. This metal is stained a natural coal black color and has been dotted with dark crimson splatter that resembles that of blood.

F Class

E Class

D Class

Name: Razor Wind.
Rank: D Class.
Description: The Razor Wind is an attack that is centered solely upon the Storm-Rider’s control over wind and ability to redirect it according to their tastes. Using a series of miniature turbines within the user’s Air-Treks, the Storm-Rider will force air into a main holding chamber where it is super compressed before being forced out of a compliant of half centimeter tunnels; this process increases the pressure on the air, turning it into a storm. The storm is then controlled by the Storm-Rider’s movements and can either be used to attack an opponent or entrap them within the confides of the tornado. Most often than not the user will use this technique to force their opponent into a desired area that will most certainly play out to the user’s advantage rather than the victim’s.

Unlike most of the Blood Queen’s attacks, this one does not put extreme strain upon the muscles in her lower legs. There is still some strain that is required to control the storm’s movements and actions, but it is nowhere near the magnitude of other attacks simply because it does not require the control of both air and blood while they are being placed under immense pain.

Limit: Must Learn From Ophelia.

C Class

Name: Bloody Storm.
Rank: C Class.
Description: The Bloody Storm [C Class] is a smaller version of the Bloody Storm Infinite Atmosphere and one of the more vicious attacks that the Blood Queen can unleash upon an opponent. Using a series of miniature turbines within the user’s Air-Treks, the Storm-Rider will force air into a main holding chamber where it is super compressed before being forced out of a compliant of half centimeter tunnels; this process increases the pressure on the air, turning it into a storm. The same mechanism and process are used as well when blood replaces the air, though instead of producing a storm it will create small whips of the crimson substance. Using these whips the Storm-Rider will trap or attack the desired target; it is near impossible to escape this storm so it is very likely that the target will become severely wounded in the vicious onslaughts of the Bloody Storm.

Due to the fact that this attack is centered on the Carving Road, the Storm-Rider will often be put under extreme amounts of pain that center around their lower legs. There is no negating this pain and if the user is not careful they can pass out from either massive blood loss or neurological overload.

Limit: Must Learn From Ophelia.

B Class

A Class


Title: Blood Queen.
King|Queen: Ophelia Lilith Hawthorne.
Road: Carving Road.
Description: The Carving Road is often mistaken for that of the Bloody Road simply because of the mass amounts of crimson liquid that is associated with it. However the two are complete different because the blood that the Carving Road produces is not from that of its victims but rather its predator. The user of the Carving Road must provide the blood necessary for their road to reach its maximum potential unless they are in the presence of the Fang King; it is then and only then that they can utilize the crimson liquid spilled by the Bloody Road to power their own without receiving injury. Due to the “loan shark” mentality of the Fang King though, they often do not want to work with the user of the Carving Road, thus forcing them to become sadistic in nature.

The Storm-Rider that chooses to follow the Carving Road possesses many abilities, but all of them take an extreme toll on the user’s body. When the user wishes to manipulate the blood around them an extreme pressure is placed upon the muscles in their legs because they must both be used to hold the Storm-Rider’s position as well as direct all attacks. This is not the only toile that that the user of the Carving Road must endure though since more often than not there is no blood present for them to utilize; it is during these incidents that the user must rip apart their own flesh to unlock a source of blood. Often times the Storm-Rider will pass out from massive blood loss simply because they have no control over how much is being removed from their body. Eventually this blood loss can kill them.

Most people will recognize the user of the Carving Road by the scars that have been left all across their body from creating blood sources; however, a trained user will limit the damage done to their frame to one specific area and this place is often their lower legs. By placing the target for blood withdrawal here the Storm-Rider will be able to concentrate more readily since they will be in less pain and able to move more fluidly. It will also make them much weaker in battle though since all strain is placed upon their lower legs.

Regalia: Blood Regalia.
Description: The Blood Regalia has an ultimate attack known as the Bloody Storm Infinite Atmosphere and it is rarely seen simply because the amount of blood needed to access this ability could kill a person. When the Bloody Storm Infinite Atmosphere is activated though, the Blood Regalia will accumulate mass amounts of blood in both a wind storm and whips that trap or immobilize the desired target. It is near impossible to escape this storm so it is very likely that the target will become wound in these whips. Once clasped in the Blood Queen’s grasp they will rip apart the body of their victim, thus mutilating their flesh and inflicting fatal wounds. Less experienced and perhaps wiser users of the Blood Regalia will use a smaller version of this attack that involves solely whips.

This Regalia functions on the principal of redirection. Inside the core of this regalia are several half centimeter tunnels that connect to the main mechanism of the Air-Trek. This main mechanism uses a series of miniature turbines to force air into a main holding chamber where it is super compressed before being forced out of the small tunnels; this process increases the pressure on the air, turning it into a storm. The same mechanism and process are used as well when blood replaces the air, though instead of producing a storm it will create small whips of the crimson substance. These whips are often a more effective way of attacking an opponent, but there is a major drawback to their usage. In addition to the fact that the user must draw blood from their own body, they must place mass amounts of pressure upon their legs. The main benefit to having all of the mechanisms centered within the Air-Treks is that the Blood Queen will be placed in the eye of the storm, thus giving them control over all of their attacks as well as minimizing the damage to their body. The wheels of this Link-Regalia are referred to as Fang Wheels because they are lined with sharp, razor like edges that cause an opponent to bleed profusely.

Disclosed Information

Face Claim: Volcaloid – Luka Megurine, Hawthorne, Ophelia

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