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Armando Kisame

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1 Armando Kisame on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:19 am

Armando Kisame

The Basics

Name: Armando Kisame

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: Armando grew up with a rich environment, so he got what he asked for, but wasn't spoiled. Since he wasn't kept in his house all the time or forced to do much, he isn't all too bitter or rebellious, but more laid back and patient. He can be very serious when it's called for, and boy can he get serious. He has a sort of bonding with his tuner, Luna. He gets a bit jealous knowing she has multiple relations with the other kings and queens, but he usually keeps that side of him tamed.

When Armando gets angry or irritated, he keeps himself collected, and doesn't let things distract him if he knows he can't afford to let them. One of his flaws is though, is that he doesn't like it when plans don't go as...well, planned. Its one of those things that just gets to him if it keeps happening, and it happens even faster the bigger or more important the plan is.

He tries to keep himself analytic when in a competition with opponents, often letting the opponent make the first move. He likes to watch and wait, learn his opponent before he makes his move. He is fond of judo, because it involves using your opponent's momentum against them. He had learned from this and also learned how to use his own momentum in many ways to minimize the amount of effort needed to perform tricks.

Another thing about Armando is that he likes speed, the feeling of wind flowing through his hair. During his early years he was following the flame road, and loved the thrill of speed, but then later turned to the Over Road where he became the Rumble King.

Appearance: Armando stands at 6' 5" and weighs 175lbs. His skin is tan and he has white, spiky hair that flows from the front to the back of his head. He is of an average build, he eats healthy and exercises often. He has a white and nearly perfect smile on his face. His muscles can be seen easily when he is not wearing clothing, though he likes to keep things laid back with clothes.

When normally riding, he wears an average teal long sleeve button-up shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, and finally a tan and black vertically thin striped vest over top. A pair of black jeans with boxers underneath and a black belt cover his waist and legs. Black socks and his normal ATs, which are black and fancy, almost like dress shoes with wheels, cover his feet. When normally walking he wears the same clothing, but his shoes appear like they are dress shoes, but are made for every day use.

But Armando can indeed dress for the occasion. When dressing up, he wears an all white tuxedo with a crimson red tie and hankercheif in his pocket. He wears a white leather belt and pure white socks, all the way down to white laces on white dress shoes.

He also wears an electronic visor which can polarize to a transparent red to block out the sun's rays and he can also turn on lights for night time travel or if he is in darkness. They are waterproof and work like goggles too, helping keep dust and other objects from impairing his vision by keeping them from contacting his eyes.

Shadow: Armando's Shadow resembles that of a strong wave. Armando works with an opponents power and momentum and uses it to his advantage, adding to his own power. A wave is similar since as it goes on it becomes larger and stronger from whatever is thrown at it.

Special Info

Class: C

Birth Place: New York

Current Place of Residence: San Fransisco, California

The Finale

History: Armando was born into a rich family. Although his parents could buy him almost anything he wanted, they still raised him correctly, and didn't spoil him, nor force him to be perfect. They allowed him to grow up how he wanted to, and they were always there to support him for what he wanted to do. That was a very good thing, because he wasn't really one for the expensive lifestyle anyway.

So he grew up as he did, relaxed and laid back. He knew good things came to those who waited. He was smart too, he liked to ask questions, he liked to figure out how things worked, and why they worked the way they did. He liked to stop, think, and then react to what was happening. He would never throw the first punch unless he needed to learn how the opponent would react. He bought things as he wished, but he never bought anything expensive.

Armando knew early on he didn't want to inherit the life his parents had, and his parents were very understanding of that when he told them. They allowed him to leave off on his own, letting him use money as he needed, knowing he wouldn't get extravagant unless he were to settle down somewhere.

Armando's curious and questioning nature was exactly what really got him into ATs. Such small devices capable of such great power, he wanted to know everything about them. But once he took apart a set of his ATs and couldnt get them put back together again, and so despite wanting to know how they worked on the inside, he gave up, because ATs are expensive if you want them to be decent in quality. Although money wasn't a limitation for Armando, he still liked to act that it was when in public.

His first AT experience was something he wouldn't forget. A friend of his took him to a secluded area where there were some AT riders practicing. There were all kinds of people riding them, and that interested him. "Are these those AirTrecks you told me about?" He had asked as he was tossed a pair. "Yeah man, just put them on and ride, It'll be fun!"

But Armando decided to wait and sit on a bench to watch the riders. How they went about in the air like that, Armando was able to sum up the basic physics of what he saw in his head decently, and was greatly intrigued by the more advanced tricks he saw. It all made sense in his head but it seemed so brilliant when he saw it all together. people changing their rotational axis, adjusting their positions to change their center of gravity just right so that they perform the trick perfectly.

He watched the people around, watching how they moved to get their ATs going. It seemed simple enough, and so he got started. His first attempt he almost fell over, having accidentally accelerated too quickly. After some time e managed to build up the courage to perform a trick. He did a few practice jumps at first, and when he felt he had it, he went for it. And he did. His first trick was a success and so he tried for a more difficult one, and succeeded again. within a few hours, he was able to pull off a 360 wall ride almost flawlessly. Some of the Riders were amazed and even jealous that he was able to do something like that on his first time on ATs. It was clear to him this was something he wanted to do.

New York was the place that allowed him to experience the people and places, as well as his own freedom. Having his rich parent's money, he didn't need to worry about getting a job, or really even a place to stay. He could buy a ticket to anywhere he pleased, and even take his ATs where he wanted as well. At least, thats what he thought at first. Then someone mentioned that ATs were illegal, and then it all made sense why people were so discrete about meet ups.

His father worked with the Anti-AT force in the governemnt. From there he decided to hack into his father's computer and try to get more info on AT's. Doing so he found out about different roads and even more information from years ago about Regalia and such. but the Over Road interested him. There was no king, and the idea of getting stronger from the stronger an opponent's attack became very interesting. His tricks changed to using opponent's work to propel him forward, while using little of his own effort, but he still worked hard.

He needed speed, so he too the flame road for a time, learning a few tricks there, then he moved back to the Over Road and has stuck with it since. he feels he is close to the Regalia, and he aims to claim the title of Rumble King, leader of the Over Road.

Roleplay Sample: Armando stood up at the top of an apartment building, staring out at the city lights as they slowly lit up one by one as the sun fell below the horizon. The sight of the city was beautiful at night. The only sight he adored more was seeing the stars in the middle of nowhere, where all of them were on full display.

He was curious about ATs. He knew ABOUT ATs but he didn't know their history. People had mentioned some place called Paradise, and how it had been closed off, but Armando didn't know about it, and no one would ever answer if he asked. He wanted to find out, but not badly.

While he was sitting on the roof, he began to wonder what he should do for the following day, or the current evening. Should he go grab his ATs now for a little competition? Should he wait until morning to practice? He wanted to make sure he wouldn't be caught or risk getting others caught. He looked out again at the glimmering city and finally turned around, heading towards the door. He decided he would try to contact Luna to see if she was in the area, hopefully wanting to ride around with their ATs for a little while...


Jumping 2/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 3/10
Stamina 2/10
Dexterity 3/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 2/10


Name: Back Spin Wallride 360°:
Description: By spinning counterclockwise with a rhythm, the rider is able to use their weight and momentum to help ascend up walls.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? yes.

Name: Time
Description: Like Sano, the rider uses heat to refract the light around them to make themselves invisible for a short time (2 posts) to create the illusion that he/she has stopped time. This is used to give the user the chance to strike an opponent off guard.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes

Face Claim
Godot, from Phoenix Wright

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2 Re: Armando Kisame on Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:13 am


You need to write up your appearance. Try for four paragraphs.

Your current place of residence should be arizona, nevada, washington, or california. The only open states at the moment.

Finish your shadow too.

Need a face claim.

As for history it'd be best to explain how you learned of the over road. I'd say like someone very knowledgable of AT's that did all their research could teach you. Possibly even the man from the plot that taught the two boys Rohas and Zeke how to ride.

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1/2 Approved!

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Rumble King status taken away. The user is fine with it.

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