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Lockehart, Reno

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1Lockehart, Reno  Empty Lockehart, Reno on Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:39 pm

Reno Lockehart

The Basics
" Whatever Nigga......"
Name: Reno J. Lockehart

Sex: Male


Sexual OrientationHeterosexual

Personality: Reno enjoys high places which is a gievn to why he likes Air Treks. He also enjoys music which is why an Ipod is in his ears. His music taste is very broad minus country music. Long Periods with out his music Reno's attitude will be Salt. Reno has quiet the sweet tooth as well his pockets stay full of random candies. He also has other hobbies when not air treking he plays basketball as well. Reno Dislikes Snakes very much to the point he will freeze up or run away screaming. He also Hates eggs or any variety that and cherries.

Overall He is a kind guy if you get over him being a smartass. He has a strong sense of justice and honor. He is Chivalrous when he is not groping some girls ass. He won't fight a woman unless he is pushed to far. At times he can be really lazy when he isn't battling or chasing skirts. He is loyal and reliable to his friends and teammates when the time comes.

Appearance:Reno is 6'2 Dark skin with black hair. His eyes are a dark blue that changes to a lighter shade depending on his mood. His hair is kept short but sorta wild. The reason he keeps his hair this way is to look presentable with having to do much. Reno has scars on his legs and back from his earlier training to many bad falls from really high places. The main scar he has is on his right shoulder from his 1st training session on his birthday. The scar traces down from the top of his shoulder to his mid bicep. His build is very lanky but under his clothes he is muscular cut in his abs, arms and legs all results from training. Most people think is he just skin and bones until his shirt comes off.

Reno dresses for comfort and his Baltimore flair. so he usually wears baggy jeans and designer tee shirts(Rocawear, Fubu, Southpole Etc etc). During the fall and winter seasons he wears his favorite black Southpole hoodie with the number seven on the back. He wears two black bands on his left wrist and never removes them because his sister gave them to him when she was very young. Shoes wise when not wearing is A-t's (which is rarely) he wears black Air Forces I or brown Timberland boots. Sometimes he is found wearing Otaku gear like wrist bands, Badges and arm bands. An ipod carrying case is also found on his hip at all times.

Lockehart, Reno  IfritFX%26X-2

Special Info

Class: D Class

Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland

Current Place of Residence: San Francisco , California

The Finale

History: Born Novemeber 26 1995 To Rene White-Lockehart And Tyler "Rude" Lockehart at John Hopkins Hospital. Oldest of 4 siblings are Connor Lockheart 10, Samara Lockehart 9, Marlo Lockhart. 8, And Caron Lockhart 5. His family all live together now in San Francisco , California.

Reno's story is a very simple one that started with one thing ,Air Treks. At the age of 13 on his birthday is his Brothers Connor and Caron suprised him with a pair of A-t's. How The Obtained them was from a homeless man who explained there exchange for thriteen dollars.. that was just the story the A-t's costed 50 dollars for each Shoe. They Broke down owering the price to 50 bucks (twenty five for each shoe) and gave it to there brother on there brother at midnight the hour he was born. So on morning of it birthday he received his 1st pair of Air Treks after that he was hooked. Not to say he didn't master them on the 1st try his 1st nasty spill landed him in the emergency room.

The story can end right here but Reno didn't quit even after arguing with his parents. After a year he became at least adept on it. learning two tricks that help him in races that he used to do for money. He was quite famous for his starting like trick Irift Drop. His races got him in trouble with the law in Baltimore but he would stop his racing to raise money for his family. After a few escapes they finally captured him.

With Reno Arrested his family got the opportunity to move due to Tyler's new job. They bailed him out but on the condition that he quit he reluctantly agreed. After moving to San Francisco Reno settled down a coped that he wouldn't be riding a-ts any time soon. two years later Reno's life hit a all time low his life or Air Treking seems like for ever. His attitude at school end up giving him a reputation as a trouble maker. On one fateful day breaking in a old sports store Reno found his saving grace. He found a old pair of a-t's and a keep up kit. He stole it and ran home and started building his own air treks. His Favorite Past time was back now he has to train.

Now a year later he now has a sort of mastery over his Air Treks. He keeps his life of Air Treking secret from his family (only one person knows that's his sister who black mails him every chance she gets.) Reno now wait attends school and hustling for money every chance he gets. The City of San Francisco now has to deal with the little black boy from the hood.

Roleplay Sample:
Reno sits on the roof top of his house strapping down his A-t's. The sun just rising over the city that made him feel far away from home. Its been a long time since he put a pair on the feel he can describe at the moment was nostalgia. He longed for this feeling the feeling of wind whipping through his hair. His heart racing from the adrenaline of going so fast you forget that your in a world filled with 5 billion or so people. Yet going so fast it makes you feel like your in your own little world. After lacing his shoe he smiles. .... two years....two awful years i been away so long. he stands up making sure to to accelerate just yet. Two years with my feet on the ground walking.... thats bullshit. He digs in his pocket retrieving his ipod and puts his ear buds in. He plays Gypsy of Atonement From The Hellsing series and closes his eyes.

He then opens them pressing down on his a-t's starting them. the wheels burn out for a second and propel him forward. This was the rush he sought for, The wind he wanted to feel, the heat on his feet he wanted, and the world he wanted to be in. Reno is back!! He jumps from off the roof top into a back flip high above the ground. The world making sense to him again as he flew through the air...his home back in the life to Air Treking.


Jumping 1/10
Strength 2/10
Speed 2/10
Stamina 1/10
Acceleration 1/10
Tricks 1/10


Name: Flame 1080 Mctwist
Description:The Rider from a moving start jumps into the air above his opponent using the Friction heat from his wheels and the momentum from the 1080 degree Mctwist flip Kicks down on his opponent opponents head or shoulder causing phyiscal damage and/or Burns on the body.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it?*Learn from Reno

Name: Ifrit Drop
Description:Ride at the start of a race or during movement user drop themselves forward to the ground. Just as ride gets as low as he can(before falling on his face) positions is one leg to slide upward having it make contact with the ground first. The force of the kick of the ground and the lower position of rider causes wheels the burn out for a split second giving rider a 16 mph(two plus in stat).When using Flame 1080 Mctwist and bumps its power up one (One stat up in strength). This can be only used for a short period of time.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it?Sure

Face Claim

ex. anime/manga -kuroko no basuke, character- Daiki Aomine

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2Lockehart, Reno  Empty Re: Lockehart, Reno on Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:54 am


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3Lockehart, Reno  Empty Re: Lockehart, Reno on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:33 pm

Lockehart, Reno  Mentos_moment,_I_approve

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4Lockehart, Reno  Empty Re: Lockehart, Reno on Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:46 pm

I just have a few things I would like you to fix up before I approve your character. :] These should be relatively easy:

Preferably one more paragraph for personality and apperance if you can manage it. If not that will be fine for now.

If you want to be D-Class or have D-Class tricks you need a short roleplay sample. Something about two paragraphs long just so we can get an idea of what you can do should be sufficent.

In your history you say that your parents bought you a pair of air treks in a hobby shop, but they were illegal so this is not plausible. If you want to get them for your birthday have your sibling get them for you in secret. Also, you say that you found an air trek starter kit in a local shop, but again they are illegal so this is not likely. A better explanation would be finding an abandoned, beat up pair in an alley when walking home if you want to keep it relatively simple.

Please remove all the notes from your character profile.

Santa Destroy is from a video game. xP

Thank you for all your hard work! <3

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5Lockehart, Reno  Empty Re: Lockehart, Reno on Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:07 pm

Well i fixed everything. I cant push out no more for appereance and Personality Because i feel as tho i explained all i can. Hopefully the rank is to your liking if not *shrugs*

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6Lockehart, Reno  Empty Re: Lockehart, Reno on Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:38 pm

Please remove all the notes from your character profile.
Please do this first.

And I would say please try to get one more paragraph in for appearance, even if its just random stuff about how he looks.

You ought to put your face claim in, its just to make sure no one uses a different pic of the same character and keep people out of each other's hair.

Also, I hate to sound like an ass about it, but please use the word there/their right. Good grammar makes for a better app! ^.^

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7Lockehart, Reno  Empty Re: Lockehart, Reno on Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:57 pm

Thanks! I give it a 2/2 approval. Have fun RPing! :)

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8Lockehart, Reno  Empty Re: Lockehart, Reno on Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:17 pm

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