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A Midnight Ride

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1 A Midnight Ride on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:47 pm

It was colder outside then it usually was in San Francisco during the winter season, the frost bitten wind not helping to keep anyone warm who was still out and wandering around on the nearly barren streets of the golden city. Only the occasional car driving by alerted those who were still awake that the city was alive in the quieter part of town, most people having gone to bed since they had to get up and work the next morning. In front of one of the smaller cafes on the corner of the street a young female could be seen walking out the door and locking up the shop, pulling on the door once to ensure that the lock was not playing tricks with her. Ophelia was humming a soft tune to herself, showing that her mind was clearly not focused on the world around at that moment as she slipped the key in her coat pocket and began to skate away from Lilies and Tea Leaves, towards her apartment.

Within the last two years or so air treks had become outlawed by the government but that did not stop her from enjoying her nightly ride, the sleek black metal that was decorated with crimson splatters already tied to her feet as she slowly pushed down on her back wheels to pick up speed. As the sound of the wheels turning grew louder so did her humming, the tune picking up in pace as her eyes swiveled around to take in her surroundings. The bright red hues did not detect any immediate danger, a small smile crossing her lips as she suddenly burst forwards with a rush of speed before pressing down on her wheels and kneeling slightly. She waited until she was closer to the building in front of her before pressing up and launching herself onto the walls, jumping back and forth as she climbed up and then sped off down the roofs of the street. She was traveling at the very minimum forty miles or so which caused the wind to rip through her pale blonde locks and tousling the curled waves behind her as she leapt onto a taller building with ease. Her ritualistic training practice that she always took to get home was one she never missed, no matter the danger, because she enjoyed the freedom her air treks gave her, the freedom she never truly had.

For the past week or so she had been focusing mainly on jumping tricks so tonight she figured that she would mix things up a little, spinning around on her heels so she was riding backwards. The smooth cotton material of her black pleated skirt rubbed against her legs, her leather jacket flying forwards as well over her form fitted crimson tank top at the sudden change in placement. Ophelia had taken the same path home nearly every night since she had gotten her air treks, making the markers in her vision a clear indicator of how far she could travel before falling off the building. Slowly she counted the number of roofs she passed, keeping her focus on not falling before she bent down once more and launched herself six feet or so in the air. The biting wind carried her a few feet farther on its current as she did a back flip, her eyes locked on the dark blue sky that was speckled with stars momentarily until she finished the flip and landed safely on her wheels at the target building; a ghost of a smile came to her face at her success.

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2 Re: A Midnight Ride on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:10 pm

Leaving the store, Bunshichi opened his new pack of cigarettes and lit one. He blew a trail of white smoke into the cold night, forming what seemed to be a luminous serpent floating on thin air.

It's been a while since he's been here at Frisco. The last time he went here was when Trina invited him over to check her new apartment, just two blocks away from here. He stayed over for a couple of weeks before returning back to Sta. Ana. It was only a few days after he returned when he heard Trina move to another city again. She said it was too spacious for her since she's living alone. Why did she even by it in the first place? It was such a shame, the last apartment was really nice. Two bedrooms, a bath, private washer and dryer, a pool, a gym, tennis court, friendly neighbors, and a perfect view of the bridge. It's a damn shame..

Anyways, he wasn't here to dig up old memories. He was here for work.. a very important one. Who would pass on an opportunity to take wedding photos from a rich couple right? Luckily one of his friends introduced him to these up and coming lovey doveys whom are freaking rich as hell. They called him up a week ago and decided he should take their wedding pictures, in exchange of being well compensated for his troubles of traveling this far of course. The wedding would take place on a private ship or something. They said to meet on the harbor in four days time since he arrived, which was yesterday. Plenty of time for him to get re-acquainted with the city and get his treks into shape again.

Sitting on a wooden bench outside the smoke shop, Bunshichi took out his treks and quickly wore them before anyone could see. ATs aren't exactly legal especially in this city but he often gets away with it at night. They looked like roller blades from afar, and not many people could really notice the difference between them aside from the ATs' ability for a short flight or a burst of acceleration. As long as he doesn't visibly hop from roof to roof then he's all good... not that he's able to.. He sighed.

After securing his AT's, he immediately turned to the alley beside the shop and started riding. Cold winds buffeted him in an icy chill as he started gaining speed. Trash bins rattled and old news papers flew as he whizzed through with a good amount speed. He zigzagged in between imaginary obstacles and jumped three feet from the ground to scale the wall for a few seconds before landing and stopping.

Reaching the other end of the alley, he noticed a dark figure that had jumped over a few buildings that made this side of the street. Bunshichi immediately took his camera from his backpack and took a few shots as the dark figure started making tricks in the air and landing safely on one of the buildings. Good one..he thought, as he looked down on an image of a blonde girl staring deeply at the dark skies above.


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3 Re: A Midnight Ride on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:34 pm

Ophelia’s bright red hues remained locked on the path before her as she road facing forward now, the cold breeze picking up suddenly in an attempt to throw her to the side. She stayed strong though, her eyes determined as she stared at the gap between the buildings that she was approaching; it was about a fifteen foot gap due to the main road that was in between the two blocks. She was not intimidated by the sight of the road and instead her adrenaline began pumping through her body, her heart rate picking up as a wicked smile ghosted her lips. It looked as though she had about twenty feet to prepare for the jump, just enough for her to gain enough momentum to make the leap unharmed. She knew well that most would probably think her crazy for making that sort of jump but she could have cared less at that moment. She was free.

She redistributed her weight to her heels, kneeling down slightly to increase the pressure on her back wheels and push her air treks to their maximum speed. Her eyes were blazing with excitement, her hair whipping all around her as she flew down the building. Slowly she drew closer and closer to the gap, her speed remaining constant as she eyed just where she would have to push off to make the leap safely. In a sudden turn she brought her feet a little closer together and began to spin, the colors blurring together before she pushed down on her right foot and launched herself into a spinning her own version of a triple axel leap. Her movements were as graceful as a ballerina as she did three slow spins, reaching her peek in the air a little over half way through the gap before hitting the concrete of the next building rather roughly. Sparks flew all around her air treks as she applied a severe amount of pressure to the wheels to keep her balance, her body spinning four more times before she came to a complete halt where she was standing.

A triumphant smirk crossed her lips as she looked over at the large gap, completely proud of herself for accomplishing something that she had never fathomed accomplishing on the first try. However, out of the corner of her eye some sort of large movement caught her attention and made her spin her head to the side, catching the sight of a tall dark figure standing quite a few buildings away from where she was. She could not tell who exactly the person was though but she knew that it was rare to see anyone on her path. She allowed a look of slight anxiety to pass by her delicate features before she spun on her heels and began taking off back down the path she had been going, focusing on simply getting home at this point since she was a little more apprehensive at night with tall male appearing figures.

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4 Re: A Midnight Ride on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:14 pm

Taking pictures of strangers wasn't exactly something Bunshichi does on a usual basis, specifically storm riders who preferred not being identified as one for obvious reasons. But his fascination for this bold and daring individual made him do it otherwise. Setting aside of course, the fact that his participation in this might lead into being branded as a perverted stalker that came to San Francisco to hunt down adolescent storm riders and force them to do lewd things together. Not that it would happen right.. would it? Hopefully not.. damn it. My wife is gonna kill me..

Bunshichi rode a block down the road and went the same direction as the girl did. He stopped on an empty sidewalk in an intersection across two buildings that were widely separated from each other. He thought of crossing to the other side, assuming that the gap was too wide for the girl to leap over and anticipating a sharp turn from her towards the other direction. But instead, she showed no signs of stopping or even slowing down. Bunshichi stood staring at her with his camera, anxiously waiting for her to do what she was planning to do. Don't do it..

And so she did. Starting from a burst of speed as a momentum, then a slight spin near the edge, before pushing herself off and making graciously perfect spins. She looked almost as one with the sky with the wind purposely lifting her so she could float like a feather. Her form and timing was perfect. Almost too perfect as she safely landed on the other building. "A Triple Axel.. well done." Bunshichi said out loud. He suddenly started clapping, and at the same time, received a few confused looks from bystanders who happened to be on the other side of the street. He quickly hung the strap of his camera around his neck and placed his hands back in his pocket as he crossed the intersection.

Although finding the idea to be quite stupid and utterly wrong, he continued following her by making his own routes down on the ground. He made several turns on every street, every alleyway, scaling low walls and jumping over huge metal trash bins. Making short bursts of speed then mixing them with sudden stops as he made his sharp turns. Constantly scanning the dark skies above for any sign of her and the direction she was heading.


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5 Re: A Midnight Ride on Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:01 am

With the night being that of the new moon the only light that illuminated the path Ophelia took was the stars and occasional light post that had yet to break down in the run down portion of town, tall apartment buildings stacking up on one another and making her climb higher then she had been before. Her eyes were painted on the path that she always took, never looking away from the dark alley ways that constantly threatened to swallow her up with just one wrong move. Anyone else who rode this part of town and was untrained often fell but to her this was second nature, almost like flying had become. Gracefully she leapt from roof top to roof top, her hair flying behind her and twisting with her every move as she tried to keep her movements as steady as possible while listening to the sound of possibly persisting air treks.

It was faint but the recognizable sound of following air treks rang clear in her ears, someone sticking low to the ground and occasionally avoiding large obstacles that threatened to slow down their attempt to keep up with the much faster petite female. A few times Ophelia dared to spin about on her heels and peer down at the ground before her to see who was following, but at one point she could find no one in the dimly lit streets that offered her no inkling of someone following. She assumed that she had lost him about half a mile back, a fair judgment considering her speed obviously exceeded his own by the sounds of his wheels turning at a slower rate. That thought brought a light smile to her pale lips, her eyes scanning over the apartment numbers that now decorated the streets before her.

The three hundred block came into view as her speed finally began to decrease, knowing well that it was time to descend back to the world of those who knew not of flying. Though it was always sad for her to let go she did, taking a sharp turn and quickly throwing all her weight onto her right foot that she kneeled slightly on. It was all the propulsion she needed, her whole body propelling into the air for once last trick that she had been practicing for weeks now. Her crimson hues shut momentarily as the wind whistled through her hair, bringing the feeling of light fluttering wings beating against her cheeks as she did three forward spins in her decent. Her body was curled in on itself, a dangerous move that had once landed her a broken arm yet did not matter now as she let the wind guide her to the floor. At the very last moment she allowed her body to curve outward and project a perfect landing across the ground, her wheels sending sparks flying as she slid back three or four feet before stopping with her hand on the ground.

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6 Re: A Midnight Ride on Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:21 pm

It was embarrassing to admit it but he had lost her. The unpredictable dead ends and unplanned encounters with the local authorities within the city area's maze like structure, had stalled Bunshichi long enough to lose his target. Her speed and freedom to move almost anywhere at any angle above the buildings were just too much of an advantage compared to his short uncharted routes. Bushichi stood silently on god knows where, staring at the last few moments of the chase on his camera. He browsed on each shot he took, every trick she made, and the fifteen foot gap she had leapt over. It was a shame he couldn't capture more of her tricks, or maybe a little interview, but he knew that meant pushing his luck. He would just have to make something out of what few he has.

Sweating from the chase, cold winds freezing the hell out of him, and having lost his bearings. The supposedly exciting night of playing spy had just turned for worse. If that wasn't bad enough, he just remembered leaving his wallet back at the hotel. Leaving him with only a couple of change from the pack of cigarettes he just bought with his pocket money. Bunshichi brought a hand to his face as he shook his head to express his pure disappointment to the sudden turn of events. What the hell now? He's lost, he's got no money, he's cold and tired. If only he could use his treks to fly above buildings, then all his problems would be immediately solved. Like that girl.. If only..

Shaking his thoughts away, Bunshichi lit a cigarette and rode off. Hopefully he might encounter someone who's still awake and have decided to take a late night stroll. If not, then he'll just have to wait till morning comes, which would be several hours of waiting and freezing his ass off. Street after street, he rode into the cold hard night, trying to read every street sign, every apartment number. Trying everything he can to find anything familiar. But he had no such luck. The farther he rode, the more unfamiliar the signs got. He was like a stupid child who has lost his way home from school, something that hasn't happened to him since back at japan.

Arriving on what seemed to be the three hundred block, he stopped and searched for a spot to rest his weary extremities. Outside rows of apartments, a wooden bench stood empty. He quickly took a seat and turned back to his camera as he re-browsed his earlier shots, and waited until morning comes.


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7 Re: A Midnight Ride on Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:04 pm

Ophelia let out a small sigh as her ride came to an end, her whole body adjusting to the feeling of simply standing instead of flying on her air treks. She hated to admit it but legs were bothering her once more, something that always bothered her since the little accident she had taken part in what seemed almost yesterday. Of course there was nothing she could do about it though because it came with her partially destroyed muscles, the ribbon like scars that gave it away curving up her legs to her knees before seeming to vanish completely as if they were never there to begin with. Slowly the petite female’s bright hues circled over the area of the three hundred block, finding absolutely nothing around which was a good sign in her opinion. It only confirmed her suspicions that she had lost whoever had been following her thankfully, a small smile gracing her lips as she began to roll down the street to find her own home.

The numbers flashed before her eyes one by one, the higher one slowly descending down to what she knew would eventually be apartment number of three hundred and one. Her mind was so wrapped around the numbers that she did not even notice that she was approaching a wooden bench, a dark figure sitting there casually as he flipped through his camera. By the time she had realized that he was there she was too close to take off, her heart jumping up as worry began to clench at her chest. She had never known the police to wander in front of her block at this time of night, but it was always a possibility she supposed. Right away her crimson hues flickered down to his feet, hoping with all her might that a pair of air treks decorated the mysterious man’s feet. Luck proved to be on her side as she noticed that he indeed have a pair, her heart rate calming and allowing her a moment to breathe as she simply rolled past him and up to her apartment door that was only thirty or so feet away from the bench.

She reached into her jacket pocket to retrieve the silver key that would let her into her door, her fingers easily grasping the metal as she prepared to go inside. However she paused before completely removing the key from her pocket; curiosity began getting the better of her as she wondered just who the person outside her apartment was. She swiveled on her heels and moved towards the railing that lined the stairs up to her apartment, calling out to the man with a soft, bell like voice.

”Hey, are you lost?”

She smiled lightly at him, allowing the kinder side to her to show through as she waited for a response. Even if this person turned out to be someone she shouldn’t talk to she felt safe enough by being only a few feet away from her apartment door, offering her a safe haven to flee to if the situation called for it.

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8 Re: A Midnight Ride on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:36 pm

A sudden voice have broken the silence that had filled the neighborhood for quite some time. It was soft yet cautious with a little touch of concern. It brought a fresh source of light to his gradually dimming vision and brought him back to his senses. Followed by his body realizing the state it was in after being exposed this long outside in the cold. Numbness overtook the feeling in his hands and feet, and pain was slowly building up in his head. How long has it been?

Bunshichi had been staring at his camera for quite a while, looking blankly at a small empty screen fogged up by his steaming breath. He quickly wiped the small droplets of water that had build up on its surface, then dug his stiff fingers through his temples soon after, making imaginary circles to ease a slight headache. Lighting another cigarette and puffing out white smoke, he slowly turned his head to the direction of the voice.

Complete surprise was written all over his face as the smoke cleared, revealing a petite figure standing near one of the apartments. Blond hair, familiar colored jacket, airtreks. It was her. The one he's been chasing around town. The one who made that fifteen foot gap.. and sadly.. the reason he got lost. What was she doing here?

"Oh.. didn't see you there.." Bushichi replied. "..Yeah. Kinda new here and uh.. got lost chasing someone around town." His eyes locked on to the pair of treks she wore, then to his, and back to hers. She looked pretty small for her ATs but who would've thought she could do a hell lot of tricks from it even with that small frame of hers. Perhaps her size allowed her better flight and air time than most averagely built riders.
"Nice gap back there by the way." He added. There was no point in beating around the bush, especially with a rare opportunity like this. Although he was quite aware that his sudden knowledge of where she's been and what she's done might leave bad first impressions, and may lead into him being accused as a stalker, and be left for dead out here in the cold for the rest of the night without even getting a single information from her as to where he was. Well.. he'll just have to find out.


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9 Re: A Midnight Ride on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:29 pm

From the perch of her stoop Ophelia watched the man whom she had called out to, her eyes filled with curiosity as she watched him very slowly begin to wipe away the condensation that had started to form on the screen. To her it appeared that his mind was clouded with some sort of numbness, something that made it almost too hard to comprehend what was going on in the world around him and every one of his actions mimicked what she thought. His movements seemed completely stiff, almost as if he was shaking ice from his body as he stared to take a drag from a cigarette before blowing the white smoke from his face; it was a disgusting habit in her personality.

What shocked her though was the look he gave her when he turned to see her in her entirety, his eyes wide with surprise that was reflected in his voice. His voice was soft and smooth with an undertone of a mischievous edge, something that she would have predicted easily from his appearance; after all, he seemed the type to enjoy stirring up trouble. His words, every single one of them, were what brought shock to her face though, her eyes widening lightly at his words.

”So you are the one that was following me.”

Her words came out in a whisper like voice, her mind still trying to comprehend how he had caught up with her even though he said that he had gotten lost. In fact it even appeared as though he had gotten ahead of her because of the ice that had condensed on his shoulders from sitting in that once spot so long. Perhaps she had gone too far off her normal trail and let him get ahead? Either way there was no way she would know.

Ophelia was forced to shove away her shock after a moment though, her mind screaming at her to get moving since it was never good to sit outside with someone who she didn’t even know, let alone someone who appeared to be stalking her. Subconsciously she gripped the silver key that she had kept in her hand, the tips biting into her palm as she let her words come out slowly from her pale lips.

”Thank you. I’d like to ask why you were stalking me all about the city though.”

Now it was her time to ask the questions, her eyes watching him curiously as she awaited his answer. Yes, she was apprehensive or remaining outside still, but something inside her told her to wait just a few more minutes and speak with him despite the pain that was radiating in her legs from the excessive training she had gone through. Subconsciously she picked her foot up and bent her leg at the knee backwards in a stretching motion before throwing her weight over to that foot and doing it with the other leg while she waited for him to answer her. She only hoped that he answered her soon, her legs bothering her too much for her to stay outside too much longer.

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10 Re: A Midnight Ride on Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:00 pm

So she knew he was following her and she didn't even bother stopping to figure out who it was. Well.. Not that he could blame her though. Not many would risk safety just to feed their curiosity for what's going on around them at night. But what was amazing though is that she had kept her composure even after hearing those words from him. Most people would react aggressively towards such an encounter. But not her. Something tells him she's not your average type of storm rider. All the more he wanted to get more information from her.

"Sorry 'bout that. 'Followed' sounds a little better though.." he laughed. Although his action earlier definitely points towards the direction of stalking. But he wouldn't degrade himself that much. As far as he knew, he was just 'following' her... and took a few pictures. No harm done.

Bunshichi quickly flicked his cigarette away and vigorously blew hot air into his freezing hands. Steam rose in between his fingers, enveloping the area around his face in a thick fog before slowly disappearing into the cold air. He looked back at her with strained eyes and slightly smiled. "I'm a photographer you see, and I just can't pass up the opportunity on catching your run on camera. He took a moment to pause and notice her stretching her legs. She must be cold and tired already. An obvious sign to quickly finish his business with her. "Anyway.. I really got some good shots on your tricks.." He stopped, realizing what he had just said. "..As I've said. I'm a photographer. Every image I take is an art. Mix that with ATs, it becomes a masterpiece. How would you say we chat a bit, see what we can do with these great shots." He waved his camera in front of her and shrugged. "But if you don't want to, it's fine. I know it's late and I wouldn't blame you. I'm just a stranger after all and your parents might call the cops when they see me inside their apartment this late at night." He chuckled nervously. The thought of being arrested at a teenage girl's apartment would definitely bring disastrous news to his wife and daughter. Oh.. Maya-chan.. pray for papa's safety. "I'd be more than willing to delete these images too if you like. Though I would like to know the direction of the Raspian Hotel before we part ways." He knew it was asking too much but it was the best he could come up with, looking at his current situation.


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11 Re: A Midnight Ride on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:03 am

She watched him speak to her about how he simply had been “following” her, the comment drawing a small laugh from her lips as she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The sounds of his persisting air treks the whole way back to her apartment, or at least until she had lost him, had painted an entirely different picture of the situation, one where he was more a stalker than anything. However she let that one slide as she leaned forward on the railing and awaited a further explanation that was bound to come, smoke rising up from his hands and confirming her earlier suspicions of him being cold. That was obvious though considering it couldn’t have been warming that fifty degrees out, that even pushing it.

His words brought her back from her momentary lapse in thought as her eyes locked onto his, observing the obvious frustration that he had by his poor word choice and even bringing a snicker from her lips as he practically confessed to stalking her. What caught her off guard though was the fact that he said he had taken pictures of her ride, something that even terrified her because of what that could have meant. Anyone caught on air treks was punished severely, so him having evidence of her was definitely not a good sign. Then again she figured that it was probably too dark to make out who was in the picture anyways, but it was always better to be more cautious with these types of things even if he did offer to delete them; he could always lie.

”I suppose a small chat couldn’t hurt.”

The back of mind obviously screamed no at letting some stranger come into her house, especially a man that was obviously older and stronger than her. She could just hear her mother and father scolding her from the heavens now about how irresponsible she was being letting him come in but at that moment she felt as though she would be just fine.

With a soft smile on her lips she turned towards her door, flashing the silver key that lay in her palm before clicking it unlocked and allowing it to swinging open. Before she walked in though she paused in the doorway and turned to the man, her eyes full of mischief as she spoke in a half joking tone.

”My parents couldn’t call anyone from heaven. Just keep in mind though that if you pull anything I reserve the right to slit your throat and dump your body in the river.”

She let a light giggle slip her lips as she walked in the door and flicked on the bright white light that illuminated the entrance to her apartment, clearly leaving the door open and offering him the warmth of her apartment even if it was just for a few moments. The least she could do was make sure he didn’t die of hypothermia outside in the freezing weather, perhaps even look up the location of the Raspian Hotel if she decided that a conversation about air treks was a little too suspicious for her likings.

The second she entered her small apartment Ophelia threw her jacket on the back of a chair and began tugging off her air treks, getting comfortable since she didn’t plan on going out anymore. It was a little difficult for her tug off her air treks with sore legs but she managed to do so after a few minutes before scurrying to her bedroom just down the hall. Her apartment was one that people expected from the area, just a small living space with a kitchen and living room as well as a tiny hall that lead to the bedrooms and bathroom. Everything was furnished with simple taste, a cream color staining the wall and a couch and two chairs circling the coffee table. There was a small television on a shelf but other than that the room was pretty barren.

By the time she came back from her bedroom, her air treks safely hidden where nobody could find them, it had been at least five minutes so she assumed that the man was sitting down or looking around the living room; if he wasn’t she was going to kill him.

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12 Re: A Midnight Ride on Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:35 am

As far as how his explanation could've only made a tiny impact on how she had agreed on letting him take a few moments of her time for an interview, he was well aware that it could've gone either way, especially with how he has presented himself to her. He could clearly notice her attempts to suppress any type of overly expressed reaction to his not-so convincing act to save face. He looked and sounded absolutely silly. Totally absurd to be exact. But he was just relieved to have a temporary shelter to warm his freezing nerves, assuming that they would talk inside of course. He was sure she's just as cold as he was out here. The weather must be getting into my brain..

"Sorry to hear that." Bunshichi replied, trying to sound concerned as much as he can. Which he absolutely was. He couldn't imagine the feeling of losing loved ones at such an early stage of life. Everyone in his family are pretty much alive and kicking until now, aside from his grandparents who have already passed away before he was born. He could only try to feel what she felt, it seemed proper at that moment. "Of course, but do try to make it quick and painless." He half joked, trying to keep the conversation away from old bad memories.

The apartment interior looked pretty much exactly as he expected it to look like. Cream colored walls, kitchen, living room, a tiny hall that led to the rooms. Your typical good spaced apartment for a single tenant.
As she went to her bedroom to relieve herself, Bushichi took the time to remove his own ATs, took his brown boots from his pack, then safely secured the ATs inside. He left his socks on without wearing his boots as to not make a mess on the floors. He wouldn't dare risk himself getting kicked out when he just got inside so he simply tucked them on a corner near the door.

Bunshichi quietly browsed the camera images as he sat on one of the chairs that circled a small coffee table, patiently waiting for the girl to come back from her bedroom. As empty as the room was, nothing really stood out to even ignite a small spark of curiosity in him. What bugged him though was how he could make this opportunity meaningful.

Minutes later, the girl had come back from her room, looking ever so comfy. Or at least she did looked like one. He wouldn't know though, a hint of suspicion was still visible in her face. "Ah.. by the way, the name's Bunshichi, thanks for letting me in." A little late for introductions but at least he didn't forget. He handed her his camera, showing an image of her first jump, looking ever so magnificent as she endlessly stared into the starry skies. It showed little of her actual face, but the shot definitely captured her perfect form and grace. Looking at it now, it seemed to fit perfectly as a cover art for a local magazine. "So.. What do you think?"


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13 Re: A Midnight Ride on Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:10 pm

When Ophelia returned to the living room her eyes immediately began to swivel about the room in a gauging manner, curious as to where the man could have possibly gone while she was putting her air treks away. Her eyes locked on him right away though, the man sitting on her couch with his camera in his hand. For a moment a feeling of relief washed over her body at the knowledge that he wasn’t slipping about her house in a suspicious way, his actions signaling to her that he had pure intentions at the time though what the future held was completely unknown.

With a small smile painted on her lips she walked over to the couch next to him, her aura radiating that of comfort considering she felt like that; she wasn’t too uncomfortable around the man simply cautious. After she had sat down next to him she carefully pulled her sore legs up onto the couch next to her, her eyes trailing over her scars for a moment out of habit as she listened to the name he had offered her. Bunshichi was an unusual name in her opinion, one that she had never heard before which made it completely unique. She actually thought that it was a remarkable choice though because of the strength it held in its words and the fact that it reflected well upon him. Her smile still stayed on her lips as she turned to him, figuring that it would be polite to offer her name to him in return.

“Well Bunshichi my name is Ophelia.”

Her hues scanned over him in a curious way as she watched him offer her the camera, taking it from his hands before staring at the image he had offered her. The image that she held in her hand was breathe taking to say the least, her eyes locked on it in amazement as she took in every detail. She had never seen an image of herself while riding her air treks let alone executing a trick such as the one she held in her hand. Everything about the image was perfect and that perfection made her doubt that it was even herself that was gliding through the sky; the light shading of her face was the only thing that actually gave away her true identity but even then it was far too difficult to make out.

”It’s amazing.”

Her voice echoed the complete fascination with the picture at her face held, drinking in ever part of the beauty of the photo as she observed how graceful she looked. However she knew that she couldn’t gawk forever, her eyes slowly moving from the camera back to him as she handed it back so he could do with it what he needed.

”I’ve never seen someone who could take images that amazing. You have a true talent.”

Ophelia now had a bright smile on her face and her voice holding admiration for his ability that few held. She had always found photography to be a fascinating art especially since there were few people who could actually take amazing images. Slowly the look on her face changed from that of admiration to that of curiosity though, wondering just what he was going to do next since she expected something from him. She was not sure if he had any more photos of her but if he did she wanted to see them to make sure that it was not easy to make out her face. If he didn’t show her more pictures though she knew for sure that he was going to ask something about her air trek abilities. Now she was anxious for the next thing, her fingers moved to push her pale locks from her face out of habit.

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14 Re: A Midnight Ride on Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:43 pm

Ophelia.. Her name reminded him of flowers for some reason. Although he wasn't quite sure how or why. It was kind of unique and special in a sort of way that it also sounded like foreign. It must be because of her petite frame, and the bright red eyes, long blonde hair, and pale skin that went along with it. If you would look closely at her, she did look like one in some way. A rose perhaps? ugh.. I'm thinking too much..

As she continued to take great interest in his photos, Bunshichi on the other hand, had a different plan in mind as he took the moment to 'inspect' her more, or so they say. His eyes traveled from top to bottom as he scanned her entirety, and found himself admiring her balanced and well endowed features. It brought new meaning to her flower like name. Something that he was now sure of.

Then he saw them. Scars. Ribbon-like scars that filled her legs starting from her knees down to her ankles. As to how she acquired them, he could only guess. He knew she was a storm rider after all, so he can just assume she got them from an accident.. just like him. But without sacrificing her capability of flight with her ATs. He didn't bother asking her either as he finally saw a slight smile from her lips when she saw the photos. It was a moment he didn't dare ruin just to feed his curiosity. It suited her. Much better than her cautious and slightly suspicious facial expression. So he smiled back instead and reached for the camera as she handed it back to him.

"Thank you, I appreciate it. But all the credit goes to the model in the picture. Which is why I'd like to thank you and..." He hung the strap of the camera back to his neck and quickly rummaged through his pack. Moments later he pulled out a small colored magazine with an image of a storm rider imprinted at the cover page. The words "Wings of Glory" were printed in all caps for a heading. He quickly handed it to her with complete enthusiasm. " you go. What do you think? A friend of mine started an underground AT magazine company a couple of weeks ago and here's an example of their first issue. " He paused to let her take her time to look at it for a moment then continued. "How does being the model for the next one coming out sound like to you?"


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Quietly Ophelia watched him take back his camera, his eyes holding something more than he was giving off with his body language. Perhaps it was admiration or even disgust; she couldn’t tell. Her eyes had been so focused on the image that he produced with his camera that she did not even know what he had been looking at when she was admiring it, only adding to her questions of what exactly was the look in his eyes and why he was trying to hide it from her. What shocked her the most were his next words, the one where he spoke about how it was not his work that made the image great but her modeling. It brought a small pint tinge to her cheeks out of embarrassment, something that she hated to admit was easy for her to become.

With a soft sigh almost silent sigh she quickly shook her head to rid herself of the horrid color that painted her cheeks, her eyes watching him from her periphery as he pulled some sort of magazine out of his bag and offered it to her. Quietly she took the foreign magazine in her hands before reading the title on the thing. Wing of Glory. She had never heard of it before but the magazine decorated with an air trek rider peeked her interest greatly. Never before had she heard of an underground air trek magazine company but she supposed whoever was creating it had chosen to keep it under wraps until they had released it onto the new air trek word that existed in America. He continued to speak as she observed the material, her ears catching ever word he uttered. What he said made her eyes widen in shock and her head swivel over to him, his words having been completely unexpected by her.

”The model for the next issue?”

Those seemed to be the only words she could form, her cheeks tinged that ugly pink color once more as her crimson gaze slowly slipped back to the magazine in hand. Being on an air trek magazine was dangerous, especially if the police caught wind of it and used the image to track her down. However it was a blurred image and an underground magazine, making it highly unlikely that she would be caught. These were the thoughts that spun through her mind as she looked back at the Bunshichi, the magazine now lying limp in her lap as she allowed words to finally form in her mind and transition past her tongue.

”I do not know what to say other than I would be honored. The air trek world is completely misunderstood and the brighter side of it needs to have light shed upon it. This magazine would be able to do that, it would give hope to those who have had their wings clipped and maybe one day help other’s to understand the beauty that lies in flying.”

Those were the words that Ophelia spoke to him, a light smile gracing her pale lips as she spoke what she thought was true. Air treks had become misunderstand, their purpose skewed by those who simply saw them as dangerous. She wanted to teach people their beauty and elegance and this would be one way to do so.

”But if I get caught I plan on turning you in with me.”

Her second statement was more joking than anything else, the sarcastic witty streak in her appearing once more as she teetered on her seat next to him in a graceful fashion. She supposed that now her suspicions were completely confirmed about the fact that she could trust this man, his only intentions having been trying to get a better look at her tricks though she still planned on teasing him about being a stalker in the near future. After all, what fun would it be to let him off so easily? With that thought in mind she let a slight giggle sip her lips, handing him back his magazine as she wondered just what else he would want her to do.

”What else is it that you would need me to do for this magazine?”

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Bunshichi took delight in her smile, and that absolutely heart warming blush she tried so hard to keep to herself. She reminded him of Freya's reaction when he finally asked her to marry him. It was the best moment of his life, next to after being blessed with his daughter, Maya. The cautious and slightly suspicious aura she had have completely disappeared, replaced by something that suited her more.. happiness. It was this moment that Bunshichi thought that he has not made a mistake by asking her to be the cover model for the next issue of Wings of Glory. The magazine's priority over love for ATs reflected her personality. She would definitely fit well with the company and its goals.

"Perfect." Bushichi smiled widely. The plan has gone easier and smoother than he thought, even with the rough path it took a little while ago. It only meant that she was perfect for the job that he had offered her. Her enthusiasm and point of view about air treks would definitely bring life to the magazine and it's cover art, putting her skill as an addition, Wings of Glory would absolutely reach the hearts and minds of storm riders. "Of course.. what kind of photographer would let his model rot in jail alone right?" He broke into a nervous laugh. It's not that he was concerned for her being arrested alone if it comes to that, it's just that there was no way for him to get out of it as all the images will have his signature.

"Well I have a wedding to attend tomorrow since it's past midnight already. How 'bout I take a half body picture of you now for a draft.. don't worry we'll cover half your face as much as we can." he winked. " I'll send it to my friend when I get back to the hotel. In three days time we meet here or anywhere you want with the cover page draft with me.. then we'll continue with the photoshoot." No problems. No hassle. But it would mean extending his stay here and asking permission from his wife. Sigh..

Setting the other things aside for a moment. He suddenly thought of what would become of him for the time being? He has completely forgotten that he still doesn't know the way home yet or how long she would let him stay at her apartment. Perhaps it was time for him to ask her. "Uhm.. before we take your picture, can I ask how long I could stay here? 'cause I can leave immediately if I get the direction to the hotel." He switched on his camera and, slowly adjusted it as he took his position in the room.

(You can finish this one in the next post if you want :) )


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When she agreed to be the model for the cover of his next magazine Ophelia took note that his whole personality seemed to light up with happiness, completely pleased with the fact that she had agreed. The only thing that had made him seem a little nervous was her comment about getting caught but his awkward laughter seemed quite understandable. She could only image how bad that would look on his career if he were caught shooting image of air trek riders and promoting it, but the chances of getting thrown in jail at that point seemed relatively low. She smiled at him reassuringly, sure that they would be just fine if all went according to plan.

Silently she listened to what he wanted to do for the cover, smiling lightly at the fact that he was going to try and keep her face covered as much as possible. As an artist in photography he clearly knew what to do when it came to taking images and getting the right affect so it probably wouldn’t be that hard to cover her face just enough. His voice continued to ring in her ears as she kept track of what he said about them meeting up in three days at a location of her choice, something that was rather reasonable in her opinion. It gave her just enough time to make sure that her schedule was clear, her nose scrunching lightly as she ran her work schedule through her head. She knew that she had work during the day, but at night she would completely free and she could probably even leave a little early since she closed up the café late at night.

”Three days sounds good. We can meet here if you wish but I may run a few minutes late since I have to skate here from work. Just remember a jacket this time.”

She smiled lightly at him, teasing laced all through her hues at the fact that he practically froze because of his lack of preparation. She actually found it to be slightly entertaining but at the same time she was concerned that he would end up extremely sick. Her gaze continued to stay locked on him as he stood from the spot he had been sitting and started to adjust his camera, getting ready to take her picture as he waited for an answer to his question. Her eyes flickered over to a small clock that she had placed in the room next to the television, the hands reading 1:23 which told her that it was well too late in the night for him to go wandering about. It wasn’t safe for her to go roaming about let alone he and she would have felt bad letting him go out all alone. Her softer side came out as she adjusted her position on the couch into a more graceful one, her eyes locked on him momentarily.

”It’s extremely late so I suppose you could stay for the night. The only thing is that you would have to sleep on the couch since I only have one bedroom. In the morning you can head back to your hotel room. I’ll probably be asleep still when you get up so I’ll leave my laptop out here so you can figure out the directions to your hotel.”

It seemed reasonable enough to let him stay the night before going off and she trusted him enough not to do anything.

At this point he seemed ready to take her picture for the magazine so she let her whole body relax before she adjusted herself in what she figured would be a reasonable pose. She had her crimson clad back turned slightly to the camera, her head turned in a profile shot to the camera as she looked at the wall in front of her. Her wavy locks of pale golden hair cascaded down her back in an intricate pattern, her bangs framing her face in a way that probably made her look extremely fragile. Her hair fell to shade her features lightly, making it difficult to make out all her features clearly though she was sure that her eyes stood out immensely because of the color. It was a simple enough image of her upper body and she hoped that it would be sufficient for him, his lack of words after that making her believe that it was so.

When he was done taking her image she moved silently down the hallway and to her bedroom so he could do whatever it was that he wanted to do with the image while she gathered what she needed. From her desk she collected her laptop and from the closet she gathered a few blankets a spare pillow, balancing all of them in her arms the best she could as she slowly made her way back to the living room. She had happiness laced into her eyes as she walked over to the couch and placed the items there for him to use, his attention clearly not on her since he was sitting on the couch with his gaze locked on the device that was in his hands. She doubted that he had even heard her come into the room so she chose not to bother him, simply offering him a sweet good night before wandering to the front door, locking it, and then returning to her room. It was definitely the first time that she could say she let a random person sleep in her home, but she trusted Bunshichi enough to let him do as he pleased. After all, she was going to see him again soon so it was not like he could have stolen anything from and got away with it. Locked away in her room she changed into a pair of her comfortable pajamas before climbing into the warm bed that awaited her with all the lights off to get some well deserved rest. She could see from under her door the light flicker off in the living room, telling her that he had had probably gone to sleep as well where he was on the couch. She felt slightly bad that he had to sleep on the couch but the thought quickly faded from her mind as she began to drift off to sleep.


I think that’s about it for this one :] Sorry about the controlling your character at the end but I figured it was better than forcing you to reply to almost nothing. If you want to you can reply to this one or start the next thread. If you want me to start the next thread just send me a message. <3


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