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A Midnight Ride

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1A Midnight Ride Empty A Midnight Ride on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:47 pm

It was colder outside then it usually was in San Francisco during the winter season, the frost bitten wind not helping to keep anyone warm who was still out and wandering around on the nearly barren streets of the golden city. Only the occasional car driving by alerted those who were still awake that the city was alive in the quieter part of town, most people having gone to bed since they had to get up and work the next morning. In front of one of the smaller cafes on the corner of the street a young female could be seen walking out the door and locking up the shop, pulling on the door once to ensure that the lock was not playing tricks with her. Ophelia was humming a soft tune to herself, showing that her mind was clearly not focused on the world around at that moment as she slipped the key in her coat pocket and began to skate away from Lilies and Tea Leaves, towards her apartment.

Within the last two years or so air treks had become outlawed by the government but that did not stop her from enjoying her nightly ride, the sleek black metal that was decorated with crimson splatters already tied to her feet as she slowly pushed down on her back wheels to pick up speed. As the sound of the wheels turning grew louder so did her humming, the tune picking up in pace as her eyes swiveled around to take in her surroundings. The bright red hues did not detect any immediate danger, a small smile crossing her lips as she suddenly burst forwards with a rush of speed before pressing down on her wheels and kneeling slightly. She waited until she was closer to the building in front of her before pressing up and launching herself onto the walls, jumping back and forth as she climbed up and then sped off down the roofs of the street. She was traveling at the very minimum forty miles or so which caused the wind to rip through her pale blonde locks and tousling the curled waves behind her as she leapt onto a taller building with ease. Her ritualistic training practice that she always took to get home was one she never missed, no matter the danger, because she enjoyed the freedom her air treks gave her, the freedom she never truly had.

For the past week or so she had been focusing mainly on jumping tricks so tonight she figured that she would mix things up a little, spinning around on her heels so she was riding backwards. The smooth cotton material of her black pleated skirt rubbed against her legs, her leather jacket flying forwards as well over her form fitted crimson tank top at the sudden change in placement. Ophelia had taken the same path home nearly every night since she had gotten her air treks, making the markers in her vision a clear indicator of how far she could travel before falling off the building. Slowly she counted the number of roofs she passed, keeping her focus on not falling before she bent down once more and launched herself six feet or so in the air. The biting wind carried her a few feet farther on its current as she did a back flip, her eyes locked on the dark blue sky that was speckled with stars momentarily until she finished the flip and landed safely on her wheels at the target building; a ghost of a smile came to her face at her success.

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2A Midnight Ride Empty Re: A Midnight Ride on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:10 pm

Leaving the store, Bunshichi opened his new pack of cigarettes and lit one. He blew a trail of white smoke into the cold night, forming what seemed to be a luminous serpent floating on thin air.

It's been a while since he's been here at Frisco. The last time he went here was when Trina invited him over to check her new apartment, just two blocks away from here. He stayed over for a couple of weeks before returning back to Sta. Ana. It was only a few days after he returned when he heard Trina move to another city again. She said it was too spacious for her since she's living alone. Why did she even by it in the first place? It was such a shame, the last apartment was really nice. Two bedrooms, a bath, private washer and dryer, a pool, a gym, tennis court, friendly neighbors, and a perfect view of the bridge. It's a damn shame..

Anyways, he wasn't here to dig up old memories. He was here for work.. a very important one. Who would pass on an opportunity to take wedding photos from a rich couple right? Luckily one of his friends introduced him to these up and coming lovey doveys whom are freaking rich as hell. They called him up a week ago and decided he should take their wedding pictures, in exchange of being well compensated for his troubles of traveling this far of course. The wedding would take place on a private ship or something. They said to meet on the harbor in four days time since he arrived, which was yesterday. Plenty of time for him to get re-acquainted with the city and get his treks into shape again.

Sitting on a wooden bench outside the smoke shop, Bunshichi took out his treks and quickly wore them before anyone could see. ATs aren't exactly legal especially in this city but he often gets away with it at night. They looked like roller blades from afar, and not many people could really notice the difference between them aside from the ATs' ability for a short flight or a burst of acceleration. As long as he doesn't visibly hop from roof to roof then he's all good... not that he's able to.. He sighed.

After securing his AT's, he immediately turned to the alley beside the shop and started riding. Cold winds buffeted him in an icy chill as he started gaining speed. Trash bins rattled and old news papers flew as he whizzed through with a good amount speed. He zigzagged in between imaginary obstacles and jumped three feet from the ground to scale the wall for a few seconds before landing and stopping.

Reaching the other end of the alley, he noticed a dark figure that had jumped over a few buildings that made this side of the street. Bunshichi immediately took his camera from his backpack and took a few shots as the dark figure started making tricks in the air and landing safely on one of the buildings. Good one..he thought, as he looked down on an image of a blonde girl staring deeply at the dark skies above.

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