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Just being myself

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1Just being myself Empty Just being myself on Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:36 pm

Sky being the future rider that he is rode through the streets of Cali finally realizing he was getting good at this AT stuff. He rode on a street rail with a basic grind then hopped to the street pavement near the sidewalk riding along, wearing his basic attire as always only thing he always wears the long sleeve shirt, jeans and jacket thats all he wore. His auburn eyes gazed forward seeing a alleyway up ahead without a moment sooner he slow down and made a sharp turn to the alley way, even though he nailed it he had to work hard on stuff like that " turns are still bad...I need to work on that" he narrowed his eyes a little bit looking ahead at the other end of the alley, he slowed down coming to a stop. He looked ahead then rolled a little bit forward peeking out the alley looking up at the sun, he stuffed his hand in his pocket taking a deep breath.

Hearing the sounds of the cars and the constant noise of the citizens was just music to his ears, his eyes roamed about the sunny area. This is what he hates about his hometown. It so peaceful a few problems that happens but their aren't much of those running around, he been dying to kick someone teeth in so he figured there be some storm riders around the area but there was nobody here but him leaning back against a wall in the alley. He just stayed there on the wall looking down at his very custom AT's which made him glance out to the city wondering what out there for him in the near future, the real question bounced all up inside his head "....should I get a team or stay by myself?" he shakes his head why. He shrugged the thought of it off knowing he will have to make a decision soon in due time, he still has more to learn in the near future and maybe more after that sooner than he thinks.

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2Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:50 am

"Damn, son... Long ass time since I've been In San Francisco!"

Ezekiel thought to himself as the streets of San Francisco rung with life. The green eyed youth looked over the surrounding area with his custom ATs Ebony and Ivory tied around his neck, with one hanging from the left and the other on the right. His outfit light; do to the intense heat of this beautiful place. A white wife-beater with black baggy jeans. His footware, white high-top sneakers to match the wife-beater. On top of his head rested a black Seattle Mariners baseball cap. Underneath would reside a white Do-Rag. So overall, his appearance remained pretty simple to coup with the extreme heat. A faint smile grew over his face as he looked over the high ledge of the building he stood upon.

"This place ain't changed a fuckin' bit."

Behind him lied a big brick wall. At the base of the wall would be five empty spray-cans bottles. Ezekiel slowly turned to face the wall and slowly studied the contents upon it. A great smile grew across his face as vibrant colors and a great feat of skill caught his eye.

"Shit, I even amazing myself sometimes...SWAG!"

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Suddenly, but softly. His ears picked up the faint sound of turning motorized wheels. Walking over in the sounds direction, Ezekiel noticed a person on a pair of the very items that caused the mass panic; Air-Treks. He watched as the mysterious person rode in the ally way with a pretty crappy and sloppy turn. The figure would stop almost directly under Ezekiel. Without wasting a moment, the green eyed youth cupped his hands around his mouth and began screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to gets this strangers attention,

"Aye! Aye! AYE!!!! If you're gonna ride those bitches out in public, make sure you don't do it out in the day. Iight, homie?! Oh yeah! You could use a little more practice with your turning. That shit was garbage son. HAHA!"

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3Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:57 pm

"Damnit who the hell"

He looked up seeing a person up high shouting to him this guy was loud as hell maybe China even heard this dude shouting, hearing this guy giving tips on when to ride his AT's in the night instead of the day made Sky arch a eyebrow. Who the hell this guy think he his father? Sky didn't know this guy and already was getting on his nerves like seriously. Even hearing him saying that he need more practice in his turning made him more seem like he didn't have common sense "Come on now seriously..." if he wasn't riding at all he wasn't getting any better go this guy didn't make no sense what so ever.

"That's the whole reason for riding in the daytime..."

That thought made him stare at the guy he was gonna say something but he shook his head acting like the guy wasn't even there, he stuff his hands in his jacket then leaned forward into his AT's then rolled down the alley to get out of this guy line of sight. He sighed "I gotta find a better place than this dump I swear" he said before rubbing his head thinking of where he could go out of this happy go lucky city, he hated everything about this place everyone was so happy and somehow this wasn't the place for him. Then he turned around then crouched down some pressing his back wheels into the ground letting them burn a little rubber then he speeds off straight ahead through the alley attempting to get more practice for today before he coudl actually find something worth doing.

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4Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:19 pm

Ezekiel stood over the ledge with hands in pocket. It looked like his random shouting caught the attention of the person directly below him. With a faint smile, the green eyed youth adjusted his black hat and waited for the mysterious man to speak. The distance was quite high, so seeing facial expressions was out of the question. A few moments would pass, and still, not even a single word escaped the mouth of the mysterious man below. This made Ezekiel turn his head to one side a little. Did this person even hear him, or was it just a strange coincidence he happened to look upward in his direction? Without even a notices' moment, the man below slowly rode off; leaving Ezekiel a little dumbfounded. Green eyes followed the stranger as he disappeared into the ally. But Ezekiel has a few more words of advice. So he cupped his hands around his mouth, took in a gigantic breath, and quickly started screaming words.

"Yo, if you keep ridin' out in the fuckin' daytime, your ass is gonna get shoot! But, aye! Remember, when you turn, transfer your weight evenly, homie!!!!"

With that being said, the green eyed youth cleared his throat and examined the masterpiece one last time. With a smirk across his face, Ezekiel slowly shook his head and looked up into wide blue sky. Paradise was fine; he loved the feel of racing underground. But this feeling; the feeling of having real sky and fresh air, is something he'll never get tired of...

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5Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:29 pm

"Oh my god...please just stay quiet"

The guy was certainly annoying to point where he was aggravating driving him insane not insane but enough to every time he talk he hit a nerve, not listening to this man he decided to learn how to turn by his own. And get shot really this is San Francisco, nobody get shot around in Cali. He shook his head then headed straight for the park up ahead it was quiet there and not very noisy. Sometime he even which he was back of where he belongs in the Big Apple in Manhattan instead of this place. "Look at this place it's pitiful all them smiling and grinning like everything is on the up and up....this town is a big fake compared to the city that never sleeps" he muttered looking around entering the park making his way riding to the fountain.

He slowed down then sat on the edge of the fountain sitting on the granite surface, he leaned over staring at his black and gold AT's on his feet "I gotta get outta here, this is a waste of my time...there's nothing here for me" he muttered looking to the ground then he found a penny on the ground then at the running water behind him, with a scoffed he flicked the penny back on the cement looking at it with a narrow look, all the wishing stuff other people believed in wasn't his kind of ordeal he doesn't have time for false hopes.

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6Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:50 pm

The very faint sound of sirens could be easily heard from the distance. Ezekiel paid the sounds no mind; this was San Francisco; a place with a sudden spike in crime rate. The green eyed youth took a seat on the warm concrete and pulled a cigarette from his left front pocket. Just as the flame was exposed, and the white stick was about to catch ablaze. The sirens became louder and louder; almost impossible to ignore now. The green eyed boy stood up and slowly moved in the direction of the ledge. Looking over with a quick peek, Ezekiel noticed the Special AT Force; SAF for short. They quickly drove into the ally way and came to a sudden stop. Three men dressed in all white exited the vehicle and began looking around the surrounding area. Ezekiel tried to pick up what was being said, but from this height that would be difficult to accomplish. Only a few seconds would pass before the three men in white got back in the vehicle, and quickly drove off; sirens blasting extremely loud. Green eyes followed the vehicle until it became out of view. The green eyed boy started chuckling to himself, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on.

"Looks like I gotta play captain save a ho'."

He muttered to himself untying the ATs around his neck, and quickly putting them on. The twin motorized skates felt perfect among his feet. The powerful ATs began moving forward without the boy even having to do anything; but this movement was slow. In a matter of seconds, Ezekiel made his way to a small black book-bag. He grabbed the bag, unzipped it, placed his sneakers in them, and threw the bag over both his shoulders. Behind him rested a perfect line of buildings, leading in the exact same direction of the SAF sirens. Ezekiel slightly bent his legs and within a blink of an eye, he shoot forward leaping from building to building. The air rippling around his body, the speed causing the wheels underneath the ATs to scar the very earth. Quickly, he caught up to the vehicle and followed close behind it. Things just got serious...

Just being myself Scaled.php?server=818&filename=jetsetradiofuturetokyop

The park was silent; much to silent for a park in general. No children playing, no dog-walking, and not even a single Ice-Cream Man in sight. What was going on? Suddenly, the loud sounds of footsteps could be heard closing around the boy in the black and gold ATs. The footsteps came from the distance, but quickly closed in. Four men in white uniforms circled the boy; guns fully loaded and aimed. These weren't bullets of death, but special AT stopping bullets; bullets that caused the mini motor within them to instantly die turning them to normal roller-blades. One man stood directly in front of him, one directly behind the fountain, and the last two on both sides of the fountain, so running was out of the question. Suddenly, the man in front began talking with a powerful serious voice with his gun aimed directly at the youth.

"You are in direct violation of Act 5! Surrender now, Storm-Rider or we'll have no choice but to use necessary violence!"

What would the boy do now?

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7Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:39 pm

"Move your ass, you little prick, before I do it for you!!" A girls voice was heard from the opposite side of the fountain the tattooed boy was approaching, and from behind the men in white suits. The sound of small motors, AT motors, and the screeching of wheels could be heard as she soared above the white-dressed men and landed on one, her legs shooting out to hit the other two in the face before springing up and landing beside the surrounded boy.

Dakota didn't know why she was helping this kid, he had already gotten himself in trouble anyway. Sympathy for a fellow Storm-Rider perhaps? Ehh who cared. She was this far in, she wasn't about to back out now. "Take some action before I take you all out, boy. I didn't risk my own ass just to lose here." she told the boy and ducked as one of the white-suited men aimed his gun at her, sweeping her leg across, hitting his and making him fall, his bullets shooting up into the air.

When was that other guy she saw gonna come help? There were too many to take on, and she knew this, so she would be glad if he could help, she though, looking his way. Her years of training were serving her well, finally. And maybe one of the two would know about the people she was looking for, too. An added bonus to saving this guy's ass.

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8Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:27 pm

Sky was minding his own business till he heard sirens from afar he was already ignoring everything even though there was nothing to ignore since everything was gone, he sighed till he heard stomping and marching which was more like running, he didn't like that then all of a sudden 4 men surrounded him and the fountain aiming guns at him like he was a criminal of the law. "Holy...what the hey man if it's about me getting a fight with that pretzel guy...he started it" he said knowing this is bad real bad, he was surrounded and the men in white. Then he looked to side seeing the guns, then he realized something thinking back.

Remember, when you turn, transfer your weight evenly, homie!!!!"

"No not that"

"Yo, if you keep ridin' out in the fuckin' daytime, your ass is gonna get shoot!

"There we go, this is what he meant...but this isn't getting shot....this is getting shot down"

He looked up then listened to the supposedly captain speaking in a serious tone, he knows how to act just stay alert and don't say nothing cause they real retaliate, being born in the NY.

"You are in direct violation of Act 5! Surrender now, Storm-Rider or we'll have no choice but to use necessary violence!"

Now what was he gonna do before he was gonna make a break for it all of a sudden he heard a girls voice, and she called him a prick...which was entirely wasn't necessary at all. Seeing this girl take out a few of them about half which was well 2, ain't nothing but 4 guards seeing her take out more. As soon he saw a opening he looked ahead seeing a was out he holstered up on the ground then speeding away tapping her on her back.

"Come on too many lets go!!"

Taking the lead he saluted with his two fingers to the white men hoping the girl could follow behind to escape before reinforcements show up. He speeds out to the open street then made his way up the empty lane luckily for him there was no traffic otherwise he was gonna have to take it to the roofs of the cars.

"Shit!! Where to now"

He speeds up the lane without looking back looking up ahead to see whats the next move for him in order to run from the heat.

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9Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:30 pm

The wind hitting his face felt amazing, the cool rush of air hitting his warm body was a much needed one. As Ezekiel continued jumping from building to building, the twin ATs on his feet produced a low pitch humming sound. The green eyed youth smiled as the vibrations coming from the motor gave him the perfect indication that his maxed speed has been reached. Moving his legs from left to right, and right to left, one last massive jump stood in his wake. He quickly measured the distance within his head and came up to about a 20+ foot gap. As he rode forward, the green eyed youths heart started to beat faster and faster; this is a jump no common Storm-Rider should attempt; but Ezekiel himself was no common rider. He swiftly bent his knees as he continued to ride forward, and with powerful leg muscles, quickly pushed himself upward; while still moving forward. The boy easily reached 8ft of height, but his wide frantic movements didn't end there. He curled his body into a type of ball, and jerked all the gathered momentum into one direction, causing his body to violently spin; the very wind around his body becoming visible and practically touchable. The spinning lasted for three seconds, and within these three seconds, Ezekiel spun a total of nine times. As he hit the ground, he shoot forward with rocket speed, causing three inch scars into the ground beneath him. The speed at which he moved caused his legs to strain; he could basically feel the muscles within his legs shake in pain, but he couldn't stop here. He needed to push his body past it's natural limits! Right before he reached the ledge, the green eyed boy jumped forward with amazing speed and height.

"Is this the feelin' of flyin'...?"

The jump felt like a eternity; as if time itself stopped. He heard nothing, he felt nothing, and couldn't even speak. But as he easily cleared the gap and the twin ATs hit the solid ground, everything resumed normally. The sirens were directly below him now, Ezekiel had a perfect view the park from this viewpoint. He saw the mysterious man held at gunpoint, but this didn't surprise him one bit. It was about a six second ride from the top of the building and the water fountain; moving at full speed of course. He looked to his right and noticed a electrical wire; a thick one, one strong enough to sustain his weight and give him the needed speed to reach the stranger. A smile overcame the face of Ezekiel as he jumped upward and landed directly on the wire. He held his body forward and low; letting the wind pass right over his body gaining even more speed. Reaching the fountain in the predicted time, the boy rode forward with powerful leg strides; he was ready for some action.

"Lets do this shit!"

But as he approached, a second stranger appeared from the other side of the fountain. This one was female with vibrant red-hair. Ezekiel's eyes opened wide as he caught the sight, and from the looks of it, this mysterious female could handle herself; for she took out the mob of SAF's quickly and flawlessly. The green eyed boy continued to ride forward, but as he did, the sirens picked up yet again, and this time were much louder. The stranger and female took towards the street while Ezekiel came to a sudden stop and looked behind him; the direction in which the sirens were coming from. The booming sound of sliding tires and screaming men swiftly closed in. Ezekiel heard enough and came to a quick decision to join mysterious man and female. His speed was the stuff of legend, even though the two had a good start ahead of Ezekiel, he still caught up in no time at all. A long rail resided next to the two strangers; one the green eyed youth capitalized one. Tiny sparks could be seen as he moved forward passing the two Storm-Riders. Ezekiel turned his head back, and looked at the unknown male and female.

"I told you. Ride those bitches out in public, and your bound to get shoot, homie. And you, red head. I liked the way you handle yourself back there, mad respect to ya', girly."

Suddenly, directly behind the trio, four black police issued Hummer appeared driving frantically down the street; causing the other drivers to pull over and the citizens to take cover and hide. The vehicle obviously was faster then the three, but they still had the advantage. As the four black vehicles approached, a man screaming out of a microphone could easily be heard through all the screaming and sliding tiers.

Just being myself TRO1822

"You three are in directly violation of Act 5 section 67! Stop in the name of the law!"
"Aye, fuck ya'll!!!!!!"

Ezekiel shouted putting both his hands up to the sky, and showing off his two middle fingers to the four hummers behind them. His vision turned back to the two riders, while more words escaped his lips.

"Shit is startin' to get real, ya'll. Soon, they'll have helicopters on our asses! These bitches don't give a fuck. They'll do whatever it takes to make a capture!"


Name* Deja Vu*
Rank* C*
Description* A Trick|Attack Ezekiel has developed over the years. It's pretty straight forward, but with a massive payback. First, he starts by riding in a straight line at maximum speed. When his ATs begin to give off a very soft humming sound that's when the technique can be used. But the speed has to be perfect. To slow and there's a chance he'll crash, and to fast there's the chance he'll break his legs. With a flash, Ezekiel will quickly jump into the air and begin spinning with his body close together in a type of ball formation. If the momentum and speed is correct, he'll spin three times a second causing the very wind around his body to ripple. Upon hitting the ground, Ezekiel dashes forward leaving scars upon the very surface he stands on. Ultimately, this Trick adds to his speed (16Mph which translate over to a +2 in speed), but can only maintain this for a few seconds before the muscles in his legs begin to strain. He calls it Deja Vu for the chilling after effect it holds against the opponent.
Limit* Must learn from Ezekiel*

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10Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:54 pm

Dakota grinned at the guy who appeared, looking him straight in his bright green eyes with her golden ones. "Same goes to you. nice moves back there. And if those bitches want a fight, then they are gonna get one to remember." She told him, motioning back to the cars and getting serious about it. Kicking up her feet, she leaned forward to gain enough speed for a trick.

"Keep up if you can, you two!"

She finally found her target up ahead; a series of lamp posts and buildings close enough together for this to work. Going as fast as she was able, she got ahead of the other two and jumped, hitting the first light pole on an angle and grabbed it to use her momentum to get to the other side, launching off and up to another post, hitting three posts before going into a series of spins and hit the building she was aiming for, her momentum carrying her up and over the top to land of the roof.

Looking back down to see if the two guys followed her, she noticed the sound of helicopters from the distance, just like the green eyed boy had said. "Shit. He really was right.... Guess I don't know who I'm picking a fight with this time." she muttered, waiting for the other two so they could escape along the rooftops hopefully.

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11Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:45 pm

Riding up the empty street fast as he could without a doubt in his mind of looking back as soon as he did his eyes were caught on the red headed girl speeding up to him then ahead of him in a split sec, with a arched eyebrow he pushed himself a little to get up to speed with her narrowing his eyes ahead. Then he he hears a few engines and vehichles behind him but he knew they would all stop due to the GIW: The Guys in White and just like every other cop there on patrol. "Shit these guys won't let up, move it move it move it!!!!" he thought looking back slightly as something was coming close he could sense it but he couldn't tell what or who it was, either it was one of the gas mask cops or something else. Before he could notice he looked straight ahead in a determined look, from his point of vision he was in a trance from the ouside like everything slowled down around him "What is this feeling?" he couldn't describe it he was skating away from the cops but there was much more to it, he was focus on thing and one thing only and that was being free and acheieving his goal to be the best. He soon blinked out of hearing the voice snapping out of it hearing the same voice from before from a guy grinding the long rail besides him and the red head.

"I told you. Ride those bitches out in public, and your bound to get shoot, homie."

"Now is not the time for a I old ya so moments and introductions...let focus on getting the hell outta here"

He said looking at the girl taking off by the street lamp posts as much as Sky wanted to follow her that didn't seem like a good idea they were in the afternoon, but maybe they could use that to a advantage. Using his smart intellect he was processing his brain for a good tactical advantage he looked up to the helicopter then back at the cars "We need to find a way to use the Heli to our advantage" he said racing cutting the corners on the lane perfectly his turns were getting better "Wow this is not the practice I had in but it worth it"

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12Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:42 am

It seemed the red haired girl was ready for a fight; or so she thought. Ezekiel knew the SAF's personally; and they'd literary do whatever it took to make a capture. The Green eyed youth jerked his head upward as the powerful sound of swishing blade overtook the area; his prediction was right yet again. But to make things worse, it would only be a matter of seconds before the four black Hummers fully closed in on the trio. Intense actions were needed to make it out of this situation in one piece, but what? Ezekiel wasn't the type to put himself in such a dangerous situation; helping random strangers is completely out of his character. But he partly felt responsible for the sudden spike in Storm-Riders above ground. But this was no time to dwell over the past, if he helped a few people today, they'd help a few people the next day; or so he hoped.

"We gotta get off the ground. It's a fuckin' death trap, ya' know?"

He spoke loud enough for the other two to hear, but something told him his words of wisdom went unheard. The red-haired girl went in her own direction, same with the mysterious man with gold ATs. The green eyed youth smiled as he continued to grind down the extremely long pole. Turning his vision towards the girl, he soon realized what she was doing, and approved of the actions; for he was thinking the same thing. The mysterious male on the other hand had other plans of his own; hopefully he thought the same thing, but something told Ezekiel they didn't share the same brain waves. As the vehicles closed in, and the mighty roar of the helicopter flew over head, the boy jumped from the rail and dashed straight forward at a massively tall building; which stood at a astonishing six stories

"Time to get hella stanky!!!"

He muttered bending down and pushing himself upward at the brick building. As first, Ezekiel brought his body to a simple wall-ride; his twin ATs humming there magnificent hum. But then, within a flash, his legs began zig-zagging as he swiftly turned his body to it's side. The speed in which this happened steadily increased carrying the boy higher and higher along the building; but ultimately, this wouldn't nearly be enough speed to make it up the side, until his entire body jerked to the left and started spinning a frantic spin. The sheer speed and momentum basically turned his body into a top. Ezekiel shoot upward along the wall so quickly, he himself started getting dizzy even though it was his own trick that he even developed. As he reached the top; the powerful momentum alone shoot his body seven feet upward. The green eyed youth slowly regained his composure and landed skillfully on the ledge with a simple turn.

"Looks like it's just me and you know, girly. Only the strong survive, right?"

The emerald eyed youth spoke smiling his usual charming smile. Suddenly, a powerful light landed directly in front of the two standing on the roof of the building. And again, a powerful voice came from a microphone within the helicopter.

Just being myself Scaled.php?server=822&filename=bedfordshirepolicehelic

"Give up! We now have you surrounded! I repeat! Give up, we now have you surrounded!"
"Yo, Blow this daddy dick! You bitches!!!"

Ezekiel shouted releasing the double middle finger yet again. Placing his eyes upon the female yet again, he jerked his head over to the right; indicating that was the perfect escape route. A perfect set up of buildings outlined the entire city of San Fransisco. So a escape route was always possible.

Back on the street, the four Hummers continued following the boy in the golden ATs. It was only a matter of time before they finally caught him. Could be escape in time, or was his fate already sealed?


Name* Stanky Spin*
Rank* C*
Description* A straight forward trick used to climb extremely high walls and towers. When contact with the wall is made, Ezekiel starts the trick off with a simple wall-ride. His legs start to criss-cross to gain the right amount of speed before he suddenly jerks his body to the left and starts a crazy spin. The spin has more than enough power to literally catapult him off the tower or wall in question. The secret to this trick would be dexterity. The more a person has of it, the better control they have to ensure they stay connected to the surface and ride it safely.
Limit* Must learn from Ezekiel*

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13Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:52 pm

Dakota locked eyes once again with the green eyed boy as he looked at her and spoke.

"Looks like it's just me and you know, girly. Only the strong survive, right?"

She nodded to him, looking back down at the boy in the black and gold ATs with her fiery golden gaze, wondering what he would do. Her thoughts were interrupted by the roar of chopper blades and a bright spotlight flashing in her face.

"Give up! We now have you surrounded! I repeat! Give up, we now have you surrounded!"

She couldn't help but let out a laugh when the green eyed boy stuck his middle finger again to the 'copter. Noticing his motions, she looked and saw the escape route he was talking about. She nodded again.

"What about the kid?" she asked, referring to the other boy. "I don't think he will get away that way." She gazed back down at said boy with those golden eyes, studying his movements for a moment.

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14Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:24 pm

Sky was on his own on the empty street speeding away it was like a action adventure part of a movie with a high speed chase with 4 hummers high tailing his behind, he looked up seeing the 2 riders take it to the rooftops ahead. He smiled as the Helicopter followed their direction next to the buildings then with a quick even turn he cut his way through a narrow alley so the hummers would have enter the alley in a line, seeing a dead end up ahead, with the hummers trailing him lunges at the side wall planting his At's on the wall pressing into them running the motor in them pushing off in a upward direction to the other wall doing the same thing. Wall Jumping upawrds all the way to the rooftops he grabs the ledge and pulls himself upward on the flat rooftop skating hopping the the gaps at full speed. He had the upper hand after 3 more gaps he jumps fully into gap wall jumping down. Then he slipped landing on his palms and his right knee.


He groaned rolling to the trash, taking his AT's off then throws them hiding them in a trash can all the way to the bottom then puts his hood up hiding his face then he began ripping his jacket up to make him look like a Hobo

"This is so embrassing but its the only way"

He knows he confused at least going from the bottom to the rooftops for a couple of secs then down again, and some of them had to at least be trapped in the first alley. He stayed on the floor laying down his knee was aching a little but he stayed still with his eyes closed in the dark alley.

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15Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:23 pm

As the helicopter hoovered in place with it's bright light on the Duo, Ezekiel could see SAF's storming near by buildings, trying to surrounded the two from all possible escape routes. The emerald eye boy released a deep sigh of frustration as he slowly adjusted his black baseball cap. Facing the female yet again, a small smile crept across his face; his eyes indicting the time for escape was just around the corner. She spoke; her words carrying mush concern about the stranger on the golden ATs. The boy softly chuckled; what happened to the hardass that took out the SAF's with little effort? It's natural, she is a woman, and let alone human; her concerns were legit and normal.

"Whohoho! What happened to the Little Miss Badass, huh? The kid should be fine. Somethin' tells me he wont go down without a fight."

Ezekiel said as the sibling ATs on his feet cried a powerful roar. Suddenly, the boy shoot forward to his right escaping the bright spotlight. With a well placed jump, Ezekiel began leaping from building to building; with the SAF's close behind. Hopefully, the girl would follow; for he had a idea that was sure to work. He just first needed to pinpoint his location within the colorful graffiti covered rooftops.

The four Hummers followed closely behind the mysterious youth on the golden ATs. Suddenly, the youth hit a sharp corner; almost flawlessly and with little to no error. The drivers of the vehicles soon realized they needed to drive in a type of single file line; but they remained one step ahead of the youth. As the boy escaped with graceful movements, the four hummers reversed and tried to continue the chase; even though they knew it was futile from this point forward... But the boy hasn't escaped just yet... A few seconds would pass, and a massive group of the special unit began scanning and searching the surrounding alley-ways. Bright flashes from lights overcame every single dark alley-way within a fifteen mile area. A small group of SAFs; no more than three men came to a alley-way with lights flashing and quick footsteps. One of the three men spotted a dirty and tired youth (sky), but this looked very suspicious. From the reports they were on the hunt for three youths; and this one fit one of the descriptions perfectly.

"You, boy! Stand up and explain yourself!"

The officer in front spoke with a stern powerful voice; with the other two directly behind him. The unit didn't possess a single firearm, but they had power in numbers, and they stood ready for a scrap. What would the sneaky boy do now? Would he give up, or use another trick to escape this situation? Only time will tell...

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16Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:38 pm

Dakota looked at the green eyed boy sideways as he spoke to her again>

"Whohoho! What happened to the Little Miss Badass, huh? The kid should be fine. Somethin' tells me he wont go down without a fight."

She paused before answering, a casual, easy smirk placed on her lips while she spoke. "This badass little girl has a name you know. 'Kota. And I hope you have a good idea for all of this, 'cause if they catch up we are in shit up to our knees." she replied, glancing once more down at the other boy, just in time to see him perform his little trick. Smirking again, she followed the green eyed boy who had gone ahead. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, for the most part.

She had an awareness around her all the time now, so keeping track of the green eyed boy's movements was easy enough as she followed him. He seemed to be looking for something. A hiding place they could lose these losers, perhaps? Shrugging, she sped up a bit in her jumps to catch up to him, rather than trailing behind.

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17Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:31 am

Sky was laying on the floor all covered up in his ripped jacket with his hood covering his face laying on the ground shivering a bit the ground was a little cold but he do anything to get out this damn chase, he listened slowly to the area around him without a doubt hearing chattering and cars speeding outside the alley like a bat outta hell. He winced a little the slip took a little bit on him but he was alright nothing like a little rest won't fix. Now all he gotta do is figure a way outta the alleyway without being caught. "Hope I can get out this mess" he sighed silently before hearing foot stomps coming his way then all over the place. "Seems they are scanning the area...." he thought staying still on the ground "Guess I can lay low for a while" he looked up then heard some steps growing closer and closer.

"...Here we... go"

"You, boy! Stand up and explain yourself!"

"Gotta play real dumb"

"NO NO!! DON'T HURT ME!!!!" he scurried back yelling like a crazy person against the wall covering his head with his arms shivering acting to be scared whining. "I DIDN"T DO ANYTHING I SWEAR!!!!" he whimpering

Just being myself AiQtq
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18Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:25 am

"Kota, huh? Well, Kota. Stay close to me n' you'll make it outta this bitch in one piece to ride again, ya'dig?"

He spoke as he frantically turned his head from left to right; the special forces were quickly closing in on all sides; boxing the duo in on all sides. But the two still had the slight advantage; their speed couldn't be matched by normal means. The emerald eyed youth kept his eyes on the prize; even though the 'prize' was no where in sight. Suddenly, as they moved forward, one of the officers stood directly in front of the duo gun fully loaded and taking aim. Ezekiel shoulder bumped the girl known as Kota softly off to the side. The look on his face serious, the passion in his eyes burning, and the sibling ATs on his feet humming there powerful roar. The solider shot once, but the boy zigged his body to the right dodging the speedy bullet. The man shoot again, but the results remained the same; Ezekiel just moved to quick. But from this officers point of view, his eyes opened wide, and mouth gap wide. The illusion of a vibrant dragon overtook his brain, causing the man to shutter in fear where he stood. The speed at which Ezekiel moved wasn't normal; no normal Storm-Rider could reach this level with normal training. It took blood, sweat, tears, and pure passion. As the green eyed youth approached, the dragons mouth opened wide; reviling a pool of spinning vibrant colors. And with a mighty "SMACK!", the solider went flying over Ezekiel's shoulder. The Green Eyed boy continued riding forward with long leg movements. The building leaping brought him closer to his destination, but even the rooftops were starting to become dangerous. He needed to think quickly, fighting was starting to look like the only option at this point...

"B-B-Boy! P-P-Please. Just answer a few question and we'll leave you be..."

The officer in front answered with a crackly voice and odd movements; he wasn't all to sure how to approach the situation now. Was this boy specially challenged? If he was, things could end horribly wrong if a scene was made. So the three officers deiced to play it safe and give the shuttering youth some breathing room. The three man squad looked at one another with confused looks; they all remained confused about this situation. They were trained in events like this, but never had to face one head on... The officer in front cleared his throat and bent down to the boys eye level. He smiled; showing he wasn't any threat to the scared boy.

"Do you know what Air-Treks are...? And if you do, have you seen any riders on them pass through this area?"

The two men behind the leader lowered their guard; this boy on the ground was no longer a threat in their eyes. So after a few questions were asked and answered they would continue the search, or that was the plan. Anything can happen in this crazy world, the human race is a very unpredictable one...

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19Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:57 am

Not bad... Lets see what else he can do. Dakota thought as the green eyed boy took out the officer who was shooting them. Leaping across to the next building, she spotted a pair of officers, both with guns, and she grinned. Now it was her turn. Her gold eyes went hard but the smirk stayed glues to her face as she zoomed past a long pipe, knocking it into the air and grabbing it.

She began to move similarly to how the green eyed boy had, moving back and forth, zigzagging in an erratic and unpredictable pattern. She kept getting faster every time she switched directions, the officers tried shooting but only ever got the after images after she moved. They were confused, and maybe even a little bit scared, as she kept getting closer to them. Being unable to track her movements, they let out a flurry of bullets, which she jumped over. Springing to a tall radio tower pole on the building's roof, she grinned menacingly and shot full speed at the officers, pole ready and waiting in her outstretched hand.

"You wanted a fight? We'll here we are!" she growled at them, spinning a 360, hitting both officers in the stomach and making them crumple, unconscious, to the ground. She stopped at the edge of the building, as her speed would have made her miss her next jump, and went back towards the officers. Picking up the guns, she threw them back over the edge of the building and into a trash bin, searching the officers for anything useful.

She found a pair of proper handguns and the male officer had a knife on him, all of which she took, including taking a look through their wallets for identity and maybe something she could buy food with. She took three twenties without a second though from the pair and replaced their wallets on the unconscious officers, standing up again. Going back to the opposite edge of the building, where the green eyed boy had stopped, she looked at him once again and smirked.

"Can't let you have all the fun. So, care to explain what we are looking for on the run?" she said and sped off the building to jump over to the next one with an easy, predatory grace.


Name: Viper
Rank: D-A
Description: The user zigzags back and forth, getting faster and faster each time, making jerky movements. At higher ranks, an after image can be seen of the user, confusing the opponent as to where the user will strike next. It wears out the user quickly, so higher stamina and acceleration/speed is often a benefit to have.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

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20Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:53 pm

"B-B-Boy! P-P-Please. Just answer a few question and we'll leave you be..."

"Hook....Line.....and Sinker"

Keeping his posture covering his face with his arms acting like he is scared he leaned back against the wall whimpering ready to pull off something. He could hear the scared or nervous sound in one of the officers voice. seeing they want to ask some questions it would be for the best, all he had to do is play along till they leave.
"A...Air...Treks?!?...Riders!? I DON"T KNOW NOTHING MAN I SWEAR!!"

He yelled curling on the floor hiding his face acting he was petrified. Hoping they would take the bait, he lays on the floor curling up whimpering and crying. But in the back of his mind he was starting to hate this acting like a hobo, cause he was starting to feel like one and smell like one. But as soon he gets out of this he is going back to his place and taking one hot long ass shower.

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21Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:57 pm

"Alright, I get it. You're a badass, lil' girl. But me? I'm tryin' make it outta this shit in one piece. Doin' shit like that ain't gonna make that possible! But keep close, we're almost there, iight?"

Ezekiel shouted with a simi serious, yet still very sarcastic tone of voice. He always approved of another rider wanting to improve his or her skills, but in a serious situation like this, time was of the essences. The rooftops were beginning to thin out, the gaps became wider, but the SAFs picked up in great numbers. The green eyed youth turned his head directly behind him and quickly noticed a mass amount of men in white suites running behind them guns fully loaded and ready to fire, but why didn't they? A smirk grew across the boys face the more he thought about this strange twist of fate. They wouldn't fire because this was a heavily populated residential area. Firing anymore gun shots would look extremely bad for the SAFs reputation. They clam to want to protect the public, but firing bullets in the middle of the day said the complete opposite. Looking straight ahead once again, Ezekiel noticed a great big sign; "The San Fransisco Mall". The youth turned to the girl by his side and spoke while chuckling lightly.

"Whew. Didn't think we'd fuckin' make it. We gotta get to the mall, we'll be able to lose these dicks in there, easy!"

They continued to ride; helicopters lights flashing directly down on them, SAFs officers screaming at the top of their lungs, and the roar of powerful ATs buzzing.

"Alright, Men! Move out!"

The leading officer said in response to the cowering boy on his knees. The two officers behind the leading one, quickly spun on their heels and swiftly exited the alley-way leaving the leading officer and the cowering youth alone. The commanding officer approached the boy slowly, and took another knee down towards him. Reaching into his white pocket, the man pulled out a twenty dollar bill and left it right beside the child. His eyes genuinely had the look of someone who was truly sorry. He quickly bent back up, bowed to the youth, and exited the alley-way with blazing speed; leaving the boy alone once again. Maybe the SAF weren't all bad? Maybe they were just following orders? Or maybe it was just this one guy, but if there were one, maybe there's more amongst the ranks? Either way, the child made it out of this situation with quick thinking, what would he do now?

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22Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:18 pm

Dakota nodded, smirking as she noticed the mall as well. "What'cha waiting for, then? Lets ride!" she said, a grin some would call crazy spreading over her lips as she took off, accelerating to her top speed. Pipe still in one hand, she laughed at the SAF's continued to try to stop them, dragging the pipe behind her deliberately, making sure these white coat bitches knew what they were up against.

She soared over the SAF's who wouldn't fire their guns and threw the pipe at one more, catching two side by side, before diving back into the street for a moment, catching the pipe as it came back to her. She got beside one of the still pursuing hummers and jammed the pipe in the tires of the car, making it skid to a stop before heading back up to the rooftops. They were almost at the mall when a low flying heli cut them off, hovering just at the edge of their building.

"Well, crap. That almost worked too." she said. Looking back at the green eyed boy once more. "Got any more bright ideas to get us outta this one?"

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23Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:34 pm

Hearing them speeding off and soon as it got quiet a few minutes he made such the coast was clear. He looked to the side see the twenty next to him he took it then stuffed it in his pocket smiling then he grunted standing up fully in the empty dark alley. "I need to re-cooperate" he sighed going to the trash can digging for his AT's, holding them by their shoelaces they were a little bit dirty but the part was how is he gonna carry them outta here "The to get there but how....and I need something on my feet and new clothes" he said flex his toes out in his black socks "Hmmm" then he pulled out the twenty out his pocket and along with his wallet having a plan come to his head "I might get cheap clothes but damnit clothes are clothes" he took off his jacket then he wrapped his AT's in it tying the sleeves. Then he carried it out the alley, revealing he had a white shirt and slightly dirty jeans. Even no one would realized he had no shoes on due to his black socks. "Ok keep it cool" he said walking casually along the sidewalk carrying his AT's in his wrapped up jacket, holstering it over his shoulder.

Luckliy he lived here long to now the streets and locations of the area. SAF was nowhere near his area or his sight he was in the clear and he was free "Ok time to get cleaned up before heading to the mall" walking to a cheap clothing store none of that 50 and over stuff that cost you a arm and leg. After a few minutes walking in he came out in a long sleeve black shirt, faded blue jeans, some running sneakers along with a nice black duffle bag "Good thing I had a extra 20 with me" he said stretching he looked a lot cleaner as he wash the grime off his face. Looking around at the city he pulls the strap tightly over his shoulder then jogs heading to the mall. Even though he was free and all but he couldn't help but wonder.

"Who was those riders....are they the kings and Queens I was told about a year back?"

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24Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:24 pm

"Ugh! D-D-Da Fuck?! I swear, if this chick gets me caught...."

The green eyed boy thought to himself as he watched the girl known as Kota go off and do more unnecessary actions. It was obvious, this was the first time the golden iris'd girl was been faced with such a enemy. Ezekiel had no time, nor did he want to explain to the girl how wrong and stupid she was being; he just wanted to escape the spotlight. his strides started becoming heavier and slower; a sure sign of exhaustion, but stopping now most defiantly ment capture, so he continued forward; pushing his body even harder than normal. The SAF continued to climb the surrounding buildings; at this point, if the duo couldn't reach the mall, they'd end up caught and never heard from again. The green eyed youth breathing pattern picked up while his heartbeat did the same, for he knew anything could happen at this very moment; it was now anyone's game. The girl caught back up with him, but he said nothing about her actions; who was he to scold this girl like he was her father? He simply pushed his exhausted body forward with amazing mind shattering speeds. Suddenly, around thirty-five meters away from the jump point to the entrance of the mall. A second helicopter appeared; this one flying extremely low and cutting off the jump to the mall building. Ezekiel heard the girl speak, but only responded with a few words.

"You just gotta fly, girly..."

With that said, a wide smile grew across the face of Ezekiel as his wheels spun quickly in place and the mini motor within the skates revved up with a vicious roar. Suddenly, the youth shot forward; leaving nothing but a flash behind him. But then, it happened again. Everything around the boy seemed to stop, or better yet, move in slow motion. No sound, no feeling, no emotion. Just pure speed and his own soul. But the closer he came to the helicopter, the faster things returned back to normal. And just as it came, this strange event was over yet again. The wind coming from the rotating blades could easily be felt all over Ezekiel's exposed arms. It was now or never! If he didn't go for this risky and life threatening jump, his career as a Storm-Rider would come to a crushing end, but if he didn't make it the results would still remain the same. This was the moment of truth. This is what he wanted; a situation like this to push himself past the natural barrier. But could he handle the pressure...?

"I got this....! I got this...! Shit! I don't got this... I don't got this...!!!!"

The boy continuously repeated to himself over and over again as his feet left the rooftop, and his body began flipping over the spinning blades of death. The wind coming from the blades were now intense; he struggled to keep his watery eyes opened, but he needed too. His body felt almost weightless as he moved above the low flying helicopter. But, as things were going so perfectly, his black baseball cap flew from his head and directly into the spinning blades. Before he could even react, the gap was cleared, and his legs made contact with the hard ground producing a loud "CLANK!" He had no time to worry about the cap; he wasn't out of the situation yet. But something held him back from reaching the safe-zone. He needed to wait for the golden eyed female; at least wait before things started looking really bad.

"Five seconds... I'll give that bitch five seconds..."

He whispered to himself with the sibling ATs on his feet roaring ready to ride forward. Would the girl make it on time? He sure hope she did!

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25Just being myself Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:54 pm

Dakota grinned widely as the green eyed boy zoomed past her and between the heli's body and the chopper's blades. He is even crazier than her! As he went by, she heard him speak a few words, and had to agree with them.

"You just gotta fly, girly..."

She grinned like a madman once again at that and skated back to the other edge, taking a long, slop loop to gain speed for her newest trick jump. She planned on going straight THROUGH the helicopter. And she got her chance, as they opened either sides to let soldiers out. She smirked and brought her speed up to top once again, before going into a series of spinning cartwheels to make her go even faster from the friction of it.

She jumped, diving headfirst, still spinning, through the center of the helicopter and straight past some very surprised soldiers, out to the other side where she did a half front flip and landed running, as they say, on her ATs. She grinned at the green eyed boy as she skated past him on the way to the mall.

"Hurry up before they get ya, man!" she said, enjoying this run almost too much. It had been a while since she was put in a situation like this, and it was good to feel the air rushing by, the thrill of adrenaline coursing through her veins, and the excitement of danger around every corner.

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