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Just being myself

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26Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:56 am

"Ok almost there~.."

He kept jogging on the empty side walk on his way to the mall looking around seeing nothing the city was quiet hearing a faint sound up above and away, he smiled keeping his pace jogging the mall was close but he wondered if the other two was heading that way if it happened he might be right back in the position he just got out of so he decided to not worry and stay a step ahead. He'll figure something out his smartness isn't for nothing. Jogging through San Francisco running making his way through parks and streets, vaulting over cars and fences just like in the NYC the big apple now thats a challenging jog. It's almost as if he was one of those parkour dudes on T.V but he wasn't the one doing all those spins and flips on foot but on AT's thats a different story.

Taking a few shortcuts and sharp turns on foot he was pretty fast "Almost there" as soon he came close he past a tall building it was the convention center it was like the tallest thing in the city. He stared up at the sky seeing the clouds moving floating by "I'mma dead" he smiled before snapping back to remember. He began to run again to the outlet mall it was closed nobody in there. "Good its quiet and empty" he leaned on the wall in the shadows.

"I made it and now I play the waiting "

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27Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:32 pm

As the girl skated by Ezekiel he looked forward directly at the defeated SAF. Secretly, he respected what they stood for; to protect the world from the evil use of ATs; Ezekiel himself followed the same code. But the trouble wasn't over just yet; the SAF still swarmed the surrounding area like a bunch of insects. The green eyed youth quickly rolled off with the girl known as Kota. Ezekiel jumped from the building roof and landed directly in the middle of the busy parking-lot. Passing cars honked, anger drivers gave him the finger, and the mall-goers gawked with stares and concern. The swishing sound of the helicopter indicated the duo was still being followed. Green eyes looked directly upward and saw the helicopter circling the surrounding area like a hawk. He turned to face the girl and quickly spoke.

"Yo, once we hit the mall we'll lose em' in the crowd!"

The twin ATs on his feet hummed as he pushed forward with respectable speed. The malls entrance was now his new location; while the SAF on foot followed behind.

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28Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:55 pm

Dakota nodded, flashing her cold, golden stare at anyone here who looked like they might cause trouble on the way in. One the two were inside, Dakota knocked the green eyed boy's shoulder and headed straight for the escalator going up, using its forward motion to propel herself forward faster and straight over the large crowd ahead, heading into a store and towards the back. This was a perfect place to get a disguise, since the SAF's knew who they were looking for.

Looking behind her to see the green eyes youth following her, she grinned over her shoulder and skidded to a stop. "Well, this is as good a place as any to start, don't you think?" She quickly pulled off her ATs and pulled on a large hoodie, and since this was one of those massive chain stores that don't tag their products so she had no worries about shoplifting here, especially since they weren't seen coming in. "Find anything you like?"

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29Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:57 pm

Hiding in the shadows all was well till he saw a girl hitting the escalator speeding up there with a facepalm along with shaking his head, he knew who that was the girl from earlier today who saved his ass either it was a her or someone got into trouble still it couldn't hurt to but look to see that wrong doing person squirm. He holstered the duffle bag on him then patiently walked up the stairs sighing damnit only catching a glimpse of crowd movement.

"Oh boy here we go~...time to act again"

He goes over to where the crowd was then stood in front of the store acting, looking at everything on display window shopping if you will say, though he never done this before so he was really confused looking at it not really acting. He went over to the high rail looking down to see what was going on only question is.

"Where's that other kid at?"

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30Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:22 pm

Was this girl serious?! Going up a escalator, drawing even more attention to herself. Ezekiel slowly skated through the mall. He didn't want to leave the girl to fend for herself, but her actions were way to wild and crazy for the situation at hand. Green eyes scanned the surrounding area, the youth eyed many stores; stores big enough to hide or give himself just enough cover to blend in with the public. As the motors roared their beautiful roar, the boy slowly started gaining more and more speed; the shocked looks the public gave him quickly made him realize staying out in the open on ATs was a really bad idea. He even noticed scared people reaching for phones and dialing numbers; yet another reminder why riding in open spaces like this still remained a extremely bad idea.

"Get the fuck outta my way, yo!"

The boy shouted getting frustrated at the current situation at hand. The sound of storming stomps echoed through the entire mall; the SAF wasn't far behind. Ezekiel frantically looked around at each store he passed, and one quickly caught his green eyes. A massive clothing store with hundreds of people within it. The boy smiled at the sight of this, while the people surrounding him gained far distance away from the gizmos placed upon his feet with frightened looks overlapping their faces. With a mighty turn; the mighty sound of screeching rubbing overcame the surrounding area. Ezekiel dashed forward with blinding speed into the massive store; swaying his body from left to right dodging the mall-goers with amazing skill. Directly in front of him resided restrooms. Without a moments waste, the green eyed youth dashed through the doors.

"Gotta get these fuckin' ATs off my feet!!!"

He thought to himself taking off the sibling skates placed upon his feet, and swiftly putting on the sneakers within the black book-bag resting on his back. Hopefully, the worst was over....

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31Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:24 pm

Dakota hurried and put the sweater on when she noticed the other boy wasn't with her, and grabbed a backpack and stashed her ATs in it, grabbing new shoes and ripping the tags off them and grabbing sunglasses to hide her signature gold eyes. Stepping into the change room, she heard the SAF's searching the store and when they went by her stall, she pretended to be an annoyed customer.

"Hey hey HEY! What do you think you are doing! Opening a girl's stall! Pervert!!" she shrieked at the men in the white coats, who backed off and closed the door, giving her a flustered apology before leaving. She breathed a sigh of relief and, pulling the hood up and slinging the bad with her Ats in it over her shoulder,left the stall and left the store, looking like any other customer. She had ear buds in her ears, so ignoring suspicious people asking questions would seem like she didn't hear them. Her past had paid off well for times like this.

Now, where did that other boy go? Hope I didn't get him into TOO much trouble from that. Drastic times... she thought, looking around for any trace of the greened eyed guy.

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32Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:32 am

Staying in one spot he couldn't here anything but the men in white storm through the corridor, he heard someone shout knowing that annoying voice from anywhere. It was the guy from before and he didn't wanna move from that spot and act like he knows him. To even bother to catch up with him to help he stayed right where he is at the window at the store where the girl dashed into. With a smirk he knows where this was going as the men in white stormed in all he could say was "....Baaaad...idea" he said softly to himself till he heard a shriek from the girl. He snickered a little bit watching the men dash out. He leaned on the windowtapping his foot in a laid back manner waiting for a certain disguise that this girl would had and see how ridiculous she looked. This girl had a sweater with the hood up and sunglasses. Shaking his head he crossed his arms watching her walk around and he followed looking around thinking of where the guy could be. As soon he got close he went to her tapping her shoulder gently enough to get her attention then pointed to the bathrooms if she looked at him though she had ear buds in her ears. Sky didn't say a thing he just got her attention and pointed to the restrooms to find the guy and walked away, though she might remember him from before either he didn't want to speak or cared to he knew she was gonna look for him. As he walked past her to a bench and placed his bag next to him leaning back in with his hands behind his head yawning and stretching.

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33Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:56 pm

"Fuck it's hot...!"

Ezekiel whispered to himself as little droplets of sweat ran down his forehead. Swiftly, he tied the strings around his fancy sneakers. He wouldn't be surprised if the SAF's surrounded the entire area - they were quite determined to make a capture no matter what. But Ezekiel still had a slight advantage - a advantage he would make sure he'd be able to use. The shopping mall still remained fairly busy and crowed, and the shoppers couldn't help but watch the situation at hand unfold into a grand scale battle. All Ezekiel really had to do: Blend in with the nosy shoppers and slowly make his way out of the mall. Even if the SAF spotted him, he had no Air-Treks, and if they tired to stop the youth, he'd intimidate the officers with grunts and hostile body gestures. Pushing open the stall, and leaving the little store. His green eyes scanned the area - the officers were everywhere.

"Pfft, fuckin' pussies..."

The boy thought to himself walking at a very slow lazy pace. At this rate, he wouldn't draw any attention to himself, and he could make it out of the massive mall without causing anymore commotion. Suddenly, as the youth started blending in with the nosy crowd of shoppers, a officer in white stood directly in front of him - giving Ezekiel a very suspicious look. Green eyes looked the officer up in down with a confused and angry look. He noticed this, but didn't step down - he simply moved closer to Ezekiel. The youth smiled upon seeing this display of bravery - but it meant nothing to him - the boy just walked right past the officer. The Officer wanted nothing more but to grab Ezekiel's arm and ask him questions, but he couldn't - something held him back, but what was it?

"That's what I thought."

The boy muttered looking behind him in the officers direction one last time. He almost instantly noticed the buckling of his legs - which is the greatest sign of fear. Ezekiel turned his eyes back directly in front of him, and continued onward. Things should go perfectly from this point...

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34Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:59 pm

Dakota looked at the boy who tapped on her shoulder with a sideways glance, remembering him as one of the boys she had been riding with, but decided to keep quiet to keep him out of trouble. She gave the smallest nod of her head before turning her hidden gaze onto the restrooms. At least she could find the green eyed boy this way; she looked enough like a young guy to be able to go in without being caught.

She didn't get the chance to, though, as he came out when she was about halfway to the washrooms. She had an idea sprouting in her head, though she wasn't going to act on it as of yet. For now, she followed the green eyed boy out towards the entrance of the mall, panicking a bit when he walked past the officer. Dakota, hoping to pull the same thing off, didn't get so lucky to go scot-free.

He grabbed her by the arm, probably recognizing her blazing red hair, or taking it as she could be a suspect. "Hey, what the hell? Let me go!" she said rather loudly, hood falling back as the officer pulled her back, glaring at him from behind her sunglasses. He glared, scrutinizing her hard.

"Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" the officer said, still scrutinizing Dakota. She snorted sarcastically.

"I doubt it, I'm pretty new here." she snarked, glaring from behind the glasses. This guy was getting annoying, but its not like she could take him out here. She looked pointedly down at her arm, which he had an iron grip on. "I'm sorry, but would you mind letting go? That hurts." she said, yanking her arm away rather savagely, with an unexpected strength, catching the officer off guard.

"You have a similar description as someone we are looking for. You're going to have to come with me, young lady." the officer said, reaching for her again, but she pulled away before he could touch her.

"Sorry, no. I have things to do and places to be, that are rather important mind you, and I don't have time for this. Here..." Dakota pulled out a scrap of paper from her pocket and scribbled a number on it. "If you really need me, call this place. They'll know how to get in touch with me." she explained, heading to the front doors as the startled and flustered officer stood there, looking at the paper. She waited for any sign of him coming after her, and when she finally reached the doors and left the mall, she let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

Damn...that was too close... she thought, looking around for the green eyed boy from before. When she finally spotted him walking down the street, she pulled her hood back up, hiding the garish red hair atop her head and followed him a distance. She had a few things she wanted to ask him.

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35Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:50 pm

SAF...they were everywhere none of shit would've happened if Sky had listened and he along with two other riders would'nt got into his mess, oh well not his problem with a slight snicker everything worked out quite nicely even though he got caught. "Well everything worked out quite nicely...somewhat" he thought as he waited a few minutes on the bench. Seeing the men in white scramble around the mall going from store to store to store to find him and the two others he rolled with. He leaned back against the back end of the bench stretching with a groan, he lets out a nice relieved sigh before getting up to his feet with a little more streching then grabbing his bag and going outside. Putting the strap over his shoulder walking out as more SAF went in going past them with a "Sorry" or a "Excuse me" along with a polite chuckle. Looking ahead seeing the other two walking ahead down the street, he whistled silently in a 'Of he's a jolly good fellow' tune with a smirk it loud enough to hear but he decided to let the girl chase the guy. At a pace he decided to walk a little faster cause of the heat, so to a point he wanted to get out their sights as he walked past them to the end of the sidewalk he went west to get as far from here as possible.

Crossing the street he began to think "Hmmm....I wonder what should do...I could really go for some food right about now" he said bowing his neck back as he walked on the new sidewalk "Shit I spended all my cash on these clothes, and no ATM....nice" he gave himself a few curse words in his head as he walked yawning. "Just walk might smooth my nerves" he said as he combed his fingers through his hair looking at the sky.

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36Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:21 pm

      OOC* We can end the thread after we all post one last time if you guys like? Or we can continue? It's really up to you two at this point, I'm game either way.

      - - - - -

      This little encounter with the Special Air-Trek forces made Ezekiel really think about the current state of San Francicso. Sure, they were getting a sudden spike in active Storm-Riders, that much is obvious, but to really go all out like that to merely catch a few of them? That's crossing the line - almost as if they don't care about the innocent folks roaming the streets at this time of day. Do they even care about that the people they say they're protecting? Ezekiel clearly didn't think so, but it didn't matter what he thought - San Francicso was a doomed spot from the very start in his eyes.

      "Shit! It's so hot!!!!"

      The green eyed youth said with a voice a little louder then normal. His black baseball cape coming off his head, and his right forearm swinging across it knocking away a great deal of sweat in the process. With the cap back on his head, the boy looked around the street, it was empty - no doubt by the sudden swarm of SAF scanning the area for Ezekiel and the other two mysterious Storm-Riders. Suddenly, he thought about the two. He left the girl for a good reason - her impulsive acts probably got her caught. But what about the male? Was he safe? Did he make it out? Ezekiel shook his head from side to side, why was he thinking about this? He didn't care, nor would he ever.

      "Only the strong survive in this fucked up world."

      He came to a sudden stop at a crossing-signal - the little red man straight in his face. He waited for it to change before he continued downward the lifeless street. What would he do now...?

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37Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:55 pm

OOC yeah we can end it after we post if sky wants. I dont really know what else to do here :P

Dakota was glad they were away from the SAF. She'd never had THAT much trouble before. Oh well. She snickered a bit as the boy in front of her complained about the heat. Frankly, she enjoyed it. She was hardly sweating, too. "Only the strong live in this world" huh? Well, that would explain a few things for sure. He stopped at the corner, and she just kept walking until she was up beside him.

"If you ever feel like wreaking havoc again, come find me." she said as she walked past him, the little red man turning green to cross the street. She figured she may as well go find what she was originally looking for, anyway.

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38Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:35 am

[( Topic End)]

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39Just being myself - Page 2 Empty Re: Just being myself on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:59 pm

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