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1 Shinsei on Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:09 pm


The Basics

Name: Shinsei

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: Shinsei is normally laid back and relaxed. He is very patient but if someone manages to make him snap, then he will make sure they regret it as much as humanly possible. He can be very spiteful, though most of the time he appears uncaring and unaffected by most things.

He is a people person though he doesn't let it on much. He generally likes to make people happy and allow them the things they need or want if it's in his power. He likes making good impressions and doing things to get people to like him, even if it involves something really stupid that he wouldn't do under normal circumstances.

While he is very patient, there are things that ticks him off instantly and he can be cold and insensitive towards people who he doesn't particularly care for. While those people are rare, seeing how he likes everyone for the most part, there are a lot of them scattered around gere and there.

Shinsei is open minded and likes a lot of things. He likes music and no kind in particular. He enjoys drawing and other forms of art which is probably related to his sister in one way or another. He likes candy and other sweet foods. He enjoys meeting new people and going to social events whether it be casual or formal. And mostly he just likes trying new things.

While Shinsei likes to please people and will probably do whatever he can to impress them, he would not do anything that goes against what he believes in. He is also brutally honest and doesn't let much stop him from speaking his mind especially if he feels that him speaking up will help people.

Shinsei is also a very determined. If he can't do something, then he won't stop trying until he achieves what he is aiming for. He is always looking for ways to improve his skills so there won't be too many things that he is incapable of doing.

Somethings that Shinsei doesn't like is dead plants. He doesn't like being harassed for what he considers "no reason." He doesn't mind being put down, but he absolutely hates when people criticize his skills, and it often makes him feel worse than anything else.

Also, even though Shinsei usually appears spaced out, he is always 100% aware of what is going on around him or even in the world. For example, he is always aware of the time without having to look at a clock or anything. He is always up to date on everything and when he's not, it tears him up mentally and he usually finds a way to punish himself.

Shinsei is a pretty smart kid. He is usually a go to person when someone needs help with anything having to do with any type of math or science. But, while he is helpful, he often charges people for the help he offers them.

Appearance: Nothings really stands out about Shinsei on first glance. His facial features a pretty small compared to other people's his age, but it seems to fit him. His face is freckled which led to him getting picked on by other people growing up but it grew to fit his face and became an embraced distinguishing characteristic. He also has a small mole beneath his right eye which must like the freckles eventually became cherished.

While he seems to have a lot going on with his face, he isn't terrible looking. He has smooth white skin that is almost completely blemish free. He has slightly messy red hair that stand on his head in spikes and curls unless wet, in which case it'd be rather straight. His eyes are a dark green and are pretty wide compared to his other facial features. His chin is rather rounded and on close inspection one would find small red whiskers growing out and curling up on his chin to his torture, unless he just recently plucked them off.

While Shinsei has a very healthy body, it is rather less impressive compared to a lot of other people. He stands at about 5'9" and he is rather slender. He looks completely flat but if one was to look at his body you would see a pretty fit body and slight bulges in his arms implying that he exercise regularly despite spending a lot of time on his laptop.

Being a plain person, Shinsei requires a number of distinguishing features to help him stand out and bring out his features more. First of these, and most noticeable, is his black thick rimmed glasses. The next thing are the headphones that he wears, although the brand and color usually differs depending on his attire. Last but not least, the black tattoo of a dragon coiled around his arm that extends all the way up to his hand between his thumb and index finger.

Shadow: Odin, a norse God who hung himself to gain the wisdom of the ages. Probably related to Shin's intellect.

Special Info

Class: D

Birth Place: New York

Current Place of Residence: California

The Finale

History: Shinsei was born in New York. He lived alone with his mother and sister in the projects after his father abandoned the family. The family was tight on money so to make ends meet, his mother had to sell her body. Times had still been hard but compared to before it was a lot easier.

He loved his family and he was well taken care of. He may have been exposed to some harmful substances but he didn't mind because he knew that everything his mother and sister did was to keep the remainder of the family together. While his mother "worked" his sister would watch him and together they would draw.

One day, his mother had been sick and stayed home. She had been doing so a lot lately and naturally, some people she worked with were upset with her. Sometime late in that day, Shinsei's door had been kicked down. All he remembers is seeing two men from underneath his bed and hearing his mother's cries.

After the noise had quieted, he went to go see what happened, and he discovered his mother dead on the floor. He called the police as his sister taught him to do and he couldn't explain what happened so the police just traced the call back to his home. They picked up the body and left Shinsei and his sister with their aunt for the time being. During the remainder of that day, Shinsei's sister committed suicide, unable to live with the pain of losing her mother.

Now having no one, Shin moved in with his aunt who soon after moved to California for a new start. The move proved best for him as well because after all the grieving he did, once they moved, he completely forgot what happened and it seemed as if certain emotional responses were shut down to him.

Ever since this day, he forgot, he's been doing nothing but progressing. He excelled in school and was talented at a lot of other stuff. Him being smart in school, a lot of people came to him for help. After a while, some of the people he helped introduced him to air treks. After this introduction, he became fascinated with them and decided he would used them to breach the limits that otherwise restricted humanity.

While Shinsei seemed to display a natural talent in riding air treks, he became semi obsessed with the anatomy in them and spent his time tearing them apart and rebuilding them just to reconfirm the structure and parts as well as their positions in the air trecks.

Having a hard life, his aunt spoiled him so whenever he broke a pair for good, he got a new one and mixed parts. So he's had several opportunities to experiment and ride with air treks in his recent years and he still continues to ride and study them.

Roleplay Sample:
[Random Bleach Post]
Kasura didn't have to think very long about what he would do between choosing to play and waiting for his sweets. He followed her to wait for his cake. But, she looked at some papers and he wondered if what she was doing. He didn't ask what she was doing but his aura completely changed from a playful inviting one to a not rejecting one, yet a serious one. He began to speak to her to feel the empty silence.

"Are you wondering how a brat like me made it to be a third seat?" He looked at the ground as he followed her. "I don't mind really, everyone thinks that, especially considering how immature I act all the times. But, I don't really care." He continued speaking to her not giving her a chance to speak just yet. "Well, I don't really use my zanpakutou much." It was sort of off track but he continued. "It used to be too big, I'm not bad with it but I don't consider myself anywhere near good. I'm sure anyone could gain the upper hand in a sword fight."

He chewed his lip as he continuously spewed random things from his mouth. "Truth be told, I was blessed with a massive amount of reiatsu from birth." He squinted his eyes. "Even killed a few people." Even as he said this, his mood didn't change. He still remained emotionless but then he instantly perked up. "Just thought you might want to know that."


Jumping 2/10
Strength 1/10
Speed 3/10
Stamina 1/10
Dexterity 1/10
Acceleration 1/10
Tricks 1/10


Name: Backspin Wall Ride
Description:The backspin wall ride is a classic and rather simple trick which involves using a wall to ride up its surface. The easiest way of accomplishing that is to simply step on the wall but the upward thrust is limited. This trick which is taken in reverse forces you to spin in order to maximize your upward thrust. This trick can be used to reach places you normally wouldn’t be able to reach or to very rapidly avoid an attack.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it?Doesn't Matter

Name: Moonsalt 900
Description:The moonsalt 900 is an aerial trick which involves 2 and a half flips and is usually used as the final step to a chain of tricks. Its ends the user high in the air in the hopes of getting as much air time as possible in order to complete the maneuver. The trick can be done sideways or upwards however, it will usually be launched from an upside down position since after 2 and a half spins the rider needs to land on his feet.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it?Doesn't Matter

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