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1--Eternal Canvas* Empty --Eternal Canvas* on Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:52 pm

--Eternal Canvas* Animated_jet_set_radio_avatar_by_mraw
The Four Elements of Eternal Canvas:
There's DJ'in'
There's Breakin'
There's Graffiti
...and then there's the MC!

    Team Name*Eternal Canvas*
    Team Alignment*Neutral (True Neutral )*
    Team Rank*C*
    Team Leader*Ezekiel Maxims Hood*
    Team Members*Ezekiel*|Open|Open|Open|Open*
    Team Emblem*--Eternal Canvas* Graffiti_spray_3
    Team Sticker*--Eternal Canvas* Scaled.php?server=15&filename=soulzj
    Team Location*Seattle, Washington*
    Rockin' The Mic*|ILL Victory Beat*|Humming The Baseline*

    Freedom-Riders, Trend setters, Trouble makers. The list can go on forever, but each and every word describes a little of Eternal Canvas as a whole. The leader of Eternal Canvas is known statewide for his tagging and graffiti skills. Whenever something that can impact the world is going on, you best believe Eternal Canvas will be there spreading their word with powerful pictures and amazing Air-Trek skill. Some dislike the team for the endless amount of art placed upon buildings. Even buildings that aren't within their turf are getting tagged, thus making the riders infamous for their tagging. The team carriers other names like: Graffiti-Royalty, or Never Fading Ink. But they all have great meaning to the team, and the people they influence. Their objective remains a simple but challenging one: "Maintain balance within the world of Air-Treks."

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2--Eternal Canvas* Empty Re: --Eternal Canvas* on Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:34 pm


      Name* Yellow Boy*(R.E.A.D Device*)--Eternal Canvas* Animated_jet_set_radio_avatar_by_mraw
      Rank* ---*
      Description* A common item found within the grasp of almost any and every serious Storm-Rider, but with a little twist. The members apart of Eternal Canvas obtain a special more "personal" R.E.A.D device known as Yellow Boy. Many new features reside in this 12inch machine. One being voice command. When the owner speaks a certain phrase, Yellow Boy sends a shock-wave (Which travels thirty meters under a second) and gets any and all information from any pair of operating Air-Treks within said range. Normally, when one retrieves such information from a R.E.A.D device. They have to read it off a screen, but not Yellow Boy. The robot speaks out information (In MPH and Ft.), Thus giving the owner a better chance before a race. This isn't just a R.E.A.D device. It's a personal assistant, Cell-Phone, Radio, I-pod, ect, ect... These devices are one of a kind and can only be obtained by Eternal Canvas' leader. Even if by some chance a Yellow Boy fell into wrong hands. The person with it won't be able to use it - for it has a 100% accurate voice recognizing system. These little R.E.A.D Devices are truly one of a kind.
      Limit* Eternal Canvas exclusively *

- - -

      Name* --*
      Rank* ---*
      Description* ---*
      Limit* --*

- - -

      Name* --*
      Rank* ---*
      Description* ---*
      Limit* --*

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