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Xenneth "Marie" Hikari

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1 Xenneth "Marie" Hikari on Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:03 am


Name: Xenneth “Marie” Hikari


  • Xen-Kun
  • Hikari-chan
  • “Swan”

Sex: M.A.L.E.

Age: S.E.V.E.N.T.E.E.N.

Birthdate: February 7th - Aquarius

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual


Naïve but sassy! Friendly but stubborn! Shy but foolish! Xenneth Hikari is a respectable child when it comes to being a friend, but at times he can be in over his head. He usually boasts a large amount of courteousness and loyalty to friend, family, and love; but when it comes to him being insignificant, he simply does not leave it to just that. The violet haired boy often makes due to go out of his way for those that he cares about going from a simple street racing flower-shop boy to a graceful daredevil on air treks. Even if he seems to be withdrawn and uncertain, when it comes to people he cares about, his mind is made up and he seems to bring out qualities that make him respectable as the Storm Rider, “Swan.”

Xenneth as a person is a very complexity within itself. The violet haired teen can be put down to simply one description: a shy little bird. As a person, Xenneth mostly spent time being raised around his family. He was taught the logic of “Birds of a feather” so he is very reliant to others on his nature when it comes to doing things. He sees his own worth without much esteem or acknowledgement, and only credits others when it comes to team effort. This shows just how detached of himself he is, and this has lingered from childhood since he was often teased because of his feminine appearance and preferences.

Xenneth has a strong attachment to things that he considers to be cute; even his younger sister Rosetta has gone out of her way to try to appeal to his tastes with how she colors her hair and wears a flower (Pink Zinnia) which she claims is for her brother. He loves sweet treats, scents, and sights; so he is very explorative of things that seem safe. Xenneth is also a sucker for romances and reading things that are circulated around love and friendship, so he often stares overtime at such things that symbolize just that. It’s because of this; some people don’t take him seriously since the deviant nature for a boy to not be interested in things that are not considered masculine.

Regardless, Xenneth seems to be the way he is because of his strong admiration for the female nature. This mostly comes from the fact that his main role model in life is his mother who had worked her life until she had fallen to become ill. Most likely, because of this, Xenneth admires his mother as a hero and because of her influence, he is not afraid to love, give his heart, and trust to people who he becomes associated with. This is not in the literal sense as even he has a very uncertain nature at just how the nature of men and women is sexually (Hence, his retained chastity) and so he has a very innocent nature. This also seems to see why Xenneth has flirtatious nature of a female and does not seem to comprehend the perverse implication of his own words and phrases at times.

Sure, Xenneth has some strength, but his weaknesses were just as vast. For starters, Xenneth is very curious as a boy, and it’s probably the most masculine feature he has gained. Because of this, he can be caught off guard by women whether it’s suggesting something lewd or even just seeing things he “shouldn’t see.” He is easily intimidated by others that seem to be anything more than him, with the exception of Rosetta who he has gotten use to and vows to protect. Especially attracted to his friendships, he can be naïve and trust people too easily. So the things he trusts the most actually can turn on him since he fears the loss of friends or hurting others which are against his principles and this would be his worst weakness considering his open nature.

Xenneth nature towards people who dislike him is not very much different from how he treats others. Mostly, he’s oblivious towards the reasoning of why people do not take kindly to him, and has a naïve nature to often simply state what is on his mind (his confusion, sadness, and sorrow) while when it comes to actual people he consider distasteful, he shows sass as he disapproves of what someone is doing (often, this being them hurting others). As a self-proclaimed “advocate” of peace, love, and things that are beautiful; Xenneth tries to find and agreement and harmony in things, meaning he rarely engages in violence and plays support roles in teams.

Nevertheless, all of Xenneth personality is depicted in his “run” when it comes to the world of Storm Riding. The violet haired boy, a remnant of what was the spirit of Air-Trek, seems to focus on the thrill of riding roller skates, skate boards, or almost anything on wheels as he shows this in his day to day deliveries from his home that is also set up for business of their beautiful flower shop. He enjoys the freedom that comes from riding with the wind and using it to his advantage to bringing people happiness whether is a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates at a time.


Xenneth’s appearance is really a sight for anyone to see when it comes to any “rider” anyone has ever witnessed. As a person, as well as a Storm Rider, Xenneth seems to have the trademark of a feminine appearance as well as a voice to boot. He has a quiet and gentle tone in his voice which mostly gives even more validity for one to judge he is female. His composure usually is focused more on “grace” making his style of walk and body movements be sound and not sudden. He has a light step and even more a lighter stride when it comes to his movements and how he rides his Air Trek. Because of his uniquely gentle appearance on the eyes and movements, he is known better as “Swan” to the world of Storm Riding (as an insult actually).

Xenneth’s details are usually based on his own preference for clothing and style. The basics for the violet haired boy is well...his hair! The color is dyed to a fine light violet hue on every bright and feathery hair, except a strand from his bangs at the front that is an aquatic blue and ends with the last six inches being white. His hair runs as long as to his collar bone area in the front, and to the back it pours over his shoulders. However, the front is stroke back for all except that single strand that is braided at its last six inches and beaded with five beads. His irises are an electric blue color, and his lips are a soft pink.

Being a mixture of Asian/European mixture of ethnicity, he seems to have a bright skin color, but he has a short size also. The violet haired boy has a healthy diet, so he is at least less than average making him fairly skinny. He seems to have a weight that goes around to being one-twenty (120 lbs) when taking into account his height (that stands around 5 feet, 4 inches) and light body. Most of his weight is the muscles in his legs, so along with a skinny upper body, he seems to have a lower body that has some good hip features because of the muscles below (well spent running, doing deliveries, and etc) which makes him suitable for using dancing, running, and air trek abilities. Sadly, however, this also makes it seems like he has a feminine leg form which makes him insecure when it is brought up.

Xenneth’s preference for clothing goes for mostly bright colors; the color white stands out at the most. His basic clothing is switching between a white head rag and apron over his clothing that is used for deliveries, but mostly he wears a white open button-up shirt, a white pair of bell bottom of jean pants. His pants are given thin slit leg openings for the breeze of air that relaxes his muscles along the knees. He favors white sneakers with the base of them having roller skates within preparing him to propel himself with skates if the need arises, and if not those, his specially made air-trek. His head is usually topped with a fitted white cap, and has fingerless white gloves, but only for his air-trek attire.

Air Trek: The Swan Song

The “Swan Song” is the customized Air-Trek worn by Xenneth “Marie” Hikari and is also a created patch of his own.

The Swan Song is a pair of customized Air Trek that were fine-tuned many years from a pair of Xenneth’s very own first pair of Roller Blades. The history on them is very sparse since they were ever barely used in the past. The design of the roller blades seem to bare the resemblance of a type of bird along their design. Their design seems to be a boot-cut with the overlapping ankle. The base of the shoe, where the battery and plate lies, is of a well-shaped steel with pieces of it etched out for a thick layer of glass (reinforced to endure heavy conditions and strikes). Within these glass openings are the inner workings of the Air Trek’s motor, battery, and circuitry. Other than that, this Air Trek has the usual placement of parts and even a set of wheels for a “speed” type rider making them small, light. These wheels are a white akin from the yellow steel plating, and have the “Swan Song” emblem on the wheels (Picture above).

This Air Trek has circuitry because of it actually being a “Light-up” type design like there are for shoes (as one recalls Xen likes cute things). The battery distributes energy between lighting the shoe and powering the motor, something that isn’t much of a hard task since Xenneth changes between two battery types “Static Charged” and “Solar-Powered.” The shoes light between several colors mainly a dark blue spectrum to a dark red spectrum range (Which means going through skyblue, white, yellow, orange, and red). The Air-Trek are called “Song Bird,” they are tuned for excellent speeds, but are not so much meant for battle since Xenneth never prepared to enter the world of Storm Riding, but however, it seems inevitable.

Shadow: Swan Song

Xenneth’s Shadow is depicted through his very “run” as he gracefully glides on his A.T, the sound of the revving and the sight of the sparkling highlights casts the shadow of a Swan with its golden beak, as if trimmed with a plate of golden armor, raised to the heavens and parted as if it’s singing. It’s eyes seemed to be marked black like all swans, but the pattern is unusual and patterned. The surroundings are white while the outer layer of the eye is patterned with triangles and a thin bridge of the mark making the rest of the blackness heavy upon the head. This makes the eyes on each side of the Swan’s head seem to represent that its eyes are in the mouth of what seems like a pair of skulls with the mouths open, and when its eyes are closed, so do the teeth like patterns that are drawn along the Swan’s feathery head.

The body of the swan is adorned with jewelry and metals as if it is something “forsaken.” As a Black Swan represents that it’s a “mystery” within the person in one’s dream (That is if a person dreamed of a Black Swan) so does the jewelry and items that decorate the “Swan Song” shadow. It’s neck is cuffed by a black chocker with chains along the neck that reach to the wings that are cuffed in what seems to be a black plate for the digits of its wing. This gives it a rugged appearance over all as the Swan Song Shadow seems to have wings that are meant to cut and mangle, but actually, this represents how it is strained by Xenneth’s limitations of what he makes his “self defense” (faux threats with dangerous abilities that serve nothing more than to scare and make him a decoy rather than to fight back for what he believes in). The swan’s feet are coveted by a plate of the same black metal.

The last very feature is the breast plate of the Swan Song Shadow. The breast plate is no way connected to the bird’s body, but seems forged onto its chest, and in the center of it lies a keyhole that suggests that it has “chastity” (Xenneth’s innocence) that keeps it bound, but because of this heavy weight that pries into its very body, the shadow that is the “Swan Song” seems to be limited by the free will to fight for oneself, their dreams, and continues to be burdened by the weight, and it’s song is a beautiful, but sad one, meaning the potential to be more “beautiful” than one is now.

Note: The Swan Song is thought to be in mythology to be the most beautiful song to be heard when sung as an elegy.

Special Info

Class: D-Class Rank

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Current Place of Residence: Haight-Ashbury [San Francisco, California]

The Finale


When the world of Air Trek was still young, so was Hanako Hikari, a young woman with dreams and ambitions that was revolving around love and the tranquility of a flower garden. Hanako and Chiasa were twin sisters who dreamed of nothing more than inheriting their mother’s traditional Flower Shop, Tokyo Bloom. As the two little girls frolicked about in the time of the revolution in subduing Air Trek, they were unaware that both of their futures would take a turn to the worse as time went on. That’s when they were five and when they became thirteen they had gain an interest in the world of Air Trek. However, since it was illegal, the girls had simply used non powered roller skates in order to take to the streets and imitated the styles. They were regular skater girls, or rather, delivery girls. However, with the whole scare of the world of Air Trek, it only caused them to give up after being harassed about their imitative game, but that did not keep them from dreaming about both the clouds in the sky or the flowers that reached towards up to them.

Years had passed and Hanako and Chiasa had both moved on to more mature lives. Chiasa had become a woman who worked the International Criminal Police who started to have a division simply to console the threat of Air Trek spreading across the world. Hanako, who slowed down her life, had inherited the Flower Shop and also a husband with two children born. One of them was a very lightly blonde child she named to represent “Calm” and the flower “Zinnia,” and the other to represent something as pleasant as a “Rose.”

Xenneth Hikari, from years after, had always been very much on his own when it came to his role model. When his sister Rosetta was born, the faintest memory he could remember was his mother saying, ”You’ll have to be father and brother.” Xenneth could not comprehend what this meant, seeing he was five, and his little sister was making her first birthday months after. He did not know, why his mother cried, but later in his years, it dawned to him that his father left home and never would come back because Hanako’s love for her family’s business was too strong to simply throw it all away. Those days, Xenneth had spent time wondering why it was so hard for his mother to move from Tokyo, and leave behind “Tokyo Bloom,” the family’s traditional flower shop.

Years later, by the time Xenneth became ten years old of age, he himself had begun to develop a love for Tokyo Bloom. In his grade school years, he had endured more than one or two thrashings from the local bullies as from his grade school years, people had started to bully him because of how he preferred to conduct himself at school. His hair was dyed violent with a streak of blue and white, some of his favorite colors, and he had even gotten himself a washed marking of a heart on his right cheek that his sister painted there. During Xenneth’s younger years, his alienation of his father was replaced by a little sister who claimed that she loved him just as much as their father would, and to remind him she placed her “love” on that cheek. Of course, Xenneth was teased for such things, but Rosetta seemed to defend him, and even bully the bullies as for a young girl her age, boys were scared to hit a little girl, and Rosetta kicks were quite powerful.

Xenneth had shown withdrawal by this age; compared to his sister, Rosetta, he felt as if he was weaker since she went out her way to defend him, help him, and even follow him even though he insisted she not to. In the end, she always seemed to help him out some way, and even showed great potential to be a genius from being with him. This feeling that would make proud made him feel envious since he wished he had his little sisters strength and optimism, things that he started to feel he was missing without a father. With the male population looking down on his lack of masculinity and his self-esteem going to insignificant in his own eyes, Xenneth had started to enter a lowly depression at this time.

At the age of thirteen, Xenneth had sunk into a routine from day to day. As he had went on in his life, he had done work at school that was a little above average, and the other part was him being a delivery boy on the streets of Tokyo. He had worked along with his mother and sister to meet end’s meet in their shop, Tokyo Bloom, seeing that they no longer had the income of their father. Being a delivery boy and working many favors, he had went through most of his life being known street wise by the locals as he was on his roller skates, and then through the night, there was studying and seeing to his sister. Over time, Xenneth had blended into this life style as not even when he was roller skating along the streets of Tokyo that no one looked at him on the pair of skates in disdain like they use to. Seeing their attitudes were different, and hearing remnants from the elders about how they were happy that was only him on the skates, Xenneth asked his mother about just what was it that made people so “alert” about roller skates.

It was by this time that Hanako had talked to Xenneth about just what the history of Tokyo revolved around as told by her when she was roller skating: high powered roller skates that use to be used to fly as high as the buildings stretched into the heavens, and even more so as they started to evolve in time. Xenneth was intrigued, but of course, Hanako had forewarned such things were banned, but as she done so, she had revealed to Xenneth a pair of the Air-Trek she had concealed away years ago that she herself had been tempted to use when she was practicing and imitating on plain roller skates on the streets of Tokyo. The “Swan Song” is what she called these pair of Air Trek, and handed them down to Xenneth, telling him they were for him to keep as an early birthday present, but he would have to keep them finely tuned and keep them inside for the sake of him not being caught by the authorities who have banned the world of Storm Riding.

Of course, the call of Air Trek was too much for Xenneth. His insignificance of living in the world around him combined with his feelings of helplessness had lured his feet into the Air Trek and his hands to the windows of his room. His eyes had gazed out towards a glowing white moon and the winds were like a siren song. He had not believed in the stories of being able to “fly out the window” when things were too much, but at that moment, he had felt like he could risk anything, and so he had flew straight out of his bedroom window, ignorant that his young sister Rosetta had been watching him that very night as he took to the house tops of Tokoyo. Regardless, Xenneth had felt alive and thrilled. Because of his experience roller blading, he had felt instinct on how to control Air Trek, and had to get use to the functions at first. However, it was a matter of time before he had flew from one part of the neighborhood to the next where he chased a small group of Storm Riders who were moving quickly through the skies. Ignorant to Xenneth, who wanted to play with them, had actually ran straight into a police chase that was apprehending the rebellious Storm Riders, and he had got caught in the foil.

Xenneth was fortunate this time as the police officer was not only rogue, but also his auntie, Chiasa. Chiasa had been in town to see her sister as well as to investigate the recent coincidence of rise of Storm Riding activity in some alien areas of the world. However, as Chiasa found Xenneth, her attention shifted to him, interested to know where he had gotten the Air Trek as she supposedly thought Xenneth had been supplied with the skates from one of the new benefactors of the rising revolution within the United States, but found that examining the design, it was the very ATs that herself and Hanako had built when they were younger. Finding this out, Chiasa had escorted Xenneth back to his home, desperate to belittle her younger twin sister, but only found that upon returning home, there was Rosetta sitting by the collapsed body of Hanako who had collapsed onto the floor.

It had turned out that Hanako had exhausted herself to a great length. With her trying to make end’s meet for the family, and in the scared streets of Tokyo, it was difficult to do business as of late. This meant that without proper attendance, the Flower Shop would go under and the children would need another guardian. With Chiasa’s hateful thoughts in her mind, and then her anger directed to her sister’s husband, she had decided to do the next best thing and escort Xenneth and Rosetta to the United States along with Hanako in order to put them closer to her where she did her work. Even more so, she had urged Hanako’s husband to pay alimony or she would make his life even harsher if she got her side of the law involved. To this point, Xenneth and Rosaline had moved to San Francisco, California to live, as well as moving the flower business franchise “Tokyo Bloom” there as well since the location they were sent had an interesting association with a “hippy movement.”

Regardless, Xenneth and Rosetta had adopted a lifestyle of living the lives of teenagers over the next three years meaning going to school as well as running the business. On that day when Xenneth had been walking from school with his little sister, she had mentioned Xenneth “flying” the night where mom had collapsed just like the other children had been doing lately on the news as Air Trek had beginning to rise lately. Xenneth was ashamed to admit to Rosetta he had the Air Trek his mother gave him still since Chiasa had left them with him since they were a keepsake, but warmed him of the consequences if she caught him herself. Rosetta, however, had thought that him using the skates was a good thing because he had been so unhappy when it came to his school life in Tokyo, and the days he spent at home showed that unhappiness as well since their mother was bedridden and stayed in the hospital.

Intrigued by this perspective, and encouraged by his sister, Xenneth had gained courage and tried on the roller skates again a year later...

It had been a year since Xenneth had felt that enlightenment. After hesitantly staring at the unique pair of skates, he slipped them on tonight...

Roleplay Sample:

She was right, she was always right. Just as she was fair, she was right.

Long had the blue orbs stare at the shimmering steel plating on the foot wear that was on the feet of the violet haired boy; cold from winds that streamed into an open window and cascading lunar light that intertwined with it. The night had risen only moments ago with the large moon; a beacon to the world that was beyond the one he knew. It was his saving grace; his lovely little door to his own wonderland filled with excitement, wonder, and also danger. It was tempting, but also discouraging. The key to that world on his feet, the window became the door, and the gentle gale was a pathway right before his eyes.

He had anchored his life to so many things that it was plain pathetic. Warnings and contemptuous words had all became weight. For a long time, they discouraged Xenneth, and all he could do was ride on the pale imitation of being a delivery boy who stayed on a pair of skates and pushed himself along, all the time staring at the sky with an unyielding desire to relive those days long ago. However, there was always a lecture that made him look to the ground in a hint of shame. Sure, it was some sort of crime to the people and it was a fear, but this was “his” worlds! This world was for him and not this one that always looked down on him just for not being acceptable their norms.

He was already a deviant, so what did it matter if he broke on more rule?

“Rosetta-chan...” voice as dreary as eyes stared towards the open window frame.

Xenneth was brought to his feet with a push of his hands and a carefully placed foot on the ground. His Air Trek responded with a gentle roar of the motor; memory vague on the instructions, but traces, instinct, and flailing arms that whipped the air had caused him to quickly, but klutzily, regain control. He had let out a sigh of relief at his own wimpy display, and simply sat staring at the open window. Curtains in the wind beckoned him closer with sound flaps and the beautiful night lights of the street had entranced him. There was only a slight press of pressure from his feet as the skates had sent him slowly drifting forward like a spirit.

Xenneth reached out his hands as he laid them upon the window sill. “It is a beautiful night.” his breath visible as he tried to justify his temptation with his usual fantasies. Beauty was always an excuse to engage such acts, was it not? Love and the idea of something that would inspire the soul, make one feel complete, was always something worth pursuing in the eyes of the dreamer. Many excuses came to mind even as the little Asian bent his body over and peeked his head through the open window seeing no one on the streets. It was near criminal to see no one walking under the beautiful street lights! Those darn Americans were so unappreciative of the simple things!

Regardless of excuses, temptation, and weak justification; there was one thing that pushed him to make the choice and it was that of Rosetta, his beautiful little sister. The young boy had skated into the dim darkness of his room; a finger and thumb reaching out, clasping the knob on a lamp, and drawing scribbled notes of chemistry and geometry into the darkness. They were remnants of the world he wanted to forget about tonight as he turned around the next instant and stared at the open window once more. The window had begun to draw close...

Closer...closer...closer...! *WHOOSH!*

The quiet breeze that came through the window was wild as it swept through the closed little room. The winds were like a vacuum as they pulled the pages of the tablets and books until the hardcovers shut them close. Bed sheets edges had flailed, and the open draw doors of the window had suddenly closed shut and the room was once again bathed in calm, and within the eye of the moon was the silhouette of a Swan that glided towards it.


Jumping 2/10
Strength 0/10
Speed 3/10
Stamina 1/10
Dexterity 2/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 0/10


Name: Cygnus Seven-Twenty
Rank: E
Description: Because of Xenneth’s AT Battery is specially charged off of static power, he is able to overload the battery to the point that the motor gains an extra zip of power allowing him to reach his full speed before he executes a spring forth at top speed. This works to gain enough momentum to get some hang time with his jump simply by spinning around one the same foot he is to spring from to jump with. Using this trick, It is almost as if Xenneth stays in flight (but is actually able to stay airborne a little more because of the speed he is propelling himself at). This move is basic, but increases in strength depending on his speed and jump strength and is good for leaping across terrain or just to get a boost. The only flaw to this tactic is that he cannot turn when he uses this technique, and when he overwhelms the battery like this, the following post after he touches down, his max speed stat becomes one less for that thread or until he charges his battery at the very least. To show that Xenneth is in this “overloaded” state, his battery gives off so much power that his light up shoes shine a constant bright white most likely giving it the name “Cygnus” representing a constellation.
[Speed Stat + Jumping Stat / 2 = Total # of Posts Can Remain Airborne]
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? No

Name: Wall Climb: Swan Dance 1080
Rank: F
Description: Xenneth’s body is unique in a way. Because of his powerful legs, he can channel this into his movements to give him better speed and acceleration to reach his top speed, and also performing very difficult techniques that climb walls. Using this technique, Xenneth goes to a suitable speed while he performs a very elegant dance across the vertical service, allowing him to climb it at ease. With his body and experience from rollerblading seasoning him for the powerful speed of his Air Treks, Xenneth is able to go up walls while spinning at one-hundred and eight degrees before finally kicking off on his last dance as if he’s taking flight. The only catch is that this is taxing on Xenneth’s body since it puts extra strain on his legs and hips making it so that it does damage to stamina; something he is use to considering his rushing deliveries and bumbling skating style.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes

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Jun Watarase from the anime series Happiness -Plays as- Hikari, Xenneth “Marie”


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