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The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime

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1 The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:28 pm

It was midnight; the sky blanketed a perfect shade of black with small speckles of brilliant light decorating the painted mass in an intricate way that only few could comprehend. In the center of the sky was a small sliver of golden light, the moon that had just begun to go through its cycles once more in an attempt to become full once more. The air was crisp and cold, freezing in fact and colder than it had been all week which was all the more unusual for the Golden Gate City. However the girl who was jumping across the buildings could have described it as completely perfect because it posed the best ride. The police did not find it to their taste to go chasing after children in the freezing cold, most getting too sick so the storm riders were allowed to run free.

A bright smile was painted on Ophelia’s lips as she leapt from one building to another, hoping to the heavens that she was not late to meet up with Bunshichi. It had been three days since she had seen him and since then all she could think about was the photo shoot that was about to come. Excitement had been bubbling up in her chest at the idea of seeing just how elegant she looked when she performed some of her most practiced tricks, ones that she loved to pull off because of the freedom them gave her and how much it reminded her of dancing. She only hoped that he would actually show up at her house though like they had planned because if he did not she would feel incredibly stupid. She had trusted him with so much of herself in such a short amount of time so the prospect of him lying to her only made her a little anxious. She doubted that he would ditch her though because he had been a perfect gentleman when he was at her home, leaving her laptop put away on the charger and her blankets folded up when he had left.

With a heavy sigh she came to a skidding halt on the building she was standing on, only two or three blocks away from her home now. Her face was freezing from the biting wind; her lips probably even tinged a blue color that she was unable to see even in the reflection of her cell phone. The numbers on the screen read 12:15, fifteen minutes late for when she was supposed to meet the man at her home. She internally cursed herself as she shoved her cell phone back in her pocket and took off at top speeds, her wheels leaving marks on the buildings as she soared through the air and over the buildings in an attempt to get home quicker. With her luck she would end up being too late and he would leave something that she would have felt horrid about.

Out of the corner of her eyes she eventually saw the three hundred block come into view through her wind tousled hair, the long locks spinning around her face as she counted down the numbers to her apartment. It was probably getting close to twenty after midnight now, well past the time she was supposed to be there which made her sigh heavily. Her mood was starting to impair her thoughts, her red eyes laced with sadness as she readied for the next turn that she always took.

Her whole body swerved as she bent her knees to jump, her speeds at forty miles an hour as she threw all her weight down on her wheels before pushing up and launching into the air. Her hair waved around her head as she fell from the sky gracefully, her wheels sparking against the cold pavement as she slid to a halt. As usual she had to use her hand to keep herself from falling, but as soon as she felt secure in her positioning she pushed herself and began to peer around with bright eyes for the man that was supposed to be here, her breaths coming out in heavy gasps and causing her chest to rise and fall with each attempt to fill her body with oxygen.

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2 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:18 pm

The cold wind buffeting his face was like thousands of needles piercing his vulnerability without mercy. It was absolutely relentless and unbearable. A cold feeling at its worst, turning his face into a hardened lump of frozen meat. If it wasn't for the rest of his body fully protected by the necessary amount of clothing for the weather, he had surely been dead in minutes. He had worn a white long-sleeved shirt under his brown jacket, jeans, a pair of gloves, and two layers of socks inside his brown high-cut boots. It gave him the necessary heat he needed to survive the night, unlike the ones that he had three days ago.

The way back to Ophelia's apartment wasn't as bad as the weather though. Bursting his way through empty streets and dark alleyways like a vengeful spirit out to hunt its prey. He had pushed his treks to the limit which gave him an amazing amount of acceleration needed to fill his need for speed. Crouching a little while maintaining his speed, Bunshichi waited to get as close as he can to the railing from the flight of stairs that led down to a six foot drop to the sidewalk. Arriving at his target, he made a short jump and landed on top of the railing with his ATs, before switching to a one-hand stand then finishing it off with a six foot backflip drop on the sidewalk. He felt a slight sting of pain at his knee when he roughly landed on the pavement, but he quickly shook it off and continued riding with a grin on his face. Haven't done for a while..

He had arrived earlier than expected. His watch showed 11:45, which gave him a good amount of time to set his gear up before the photoshoot.

Thirty minutes have passed and still no sign of her. It made him a little anxious as he wasn't quite sure if she would be coming or not. He had gone through a great deal of trouble telling his wife about his extended stay and it would be a shame to let all that trouble go to waste.

But it wasn't long 'till she's finally appeared from the shadows. The sparks from her ATs gave away her position. Bunshichi quickly stood up from where he sat and approached her. "I thought you'll never come." He smiled a little. "Anyway, it's good that you're here.. and.. I have a little something for you." Reaching for his backpack, he pulled out a magazine and handed it to her.

"Nice eh? what do you think?" He asked with a hint of excitement in his expression.