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The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime

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1 The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:28 pm

It was midnight; the sky blanketed a perfect shade of black with small speckles of brilliant light decorating the painted mass in an intricate way that only few could comprehend. In the center of the sky was a small sliver of golden light, the moon that had just begun to go through its cycles once more in an attempt to become full once more. The air was crisp and cold, freezing in fact and colder than it had been all week which was all the more unusual for the Golden Gate City. However the girl who was jumping across the buildings could have described it as completely perfect because it posed the best ride. The police did not find it to their taste to go chasing after children in the freezing cold, most getting too sick so the storm riders were allowed to run free.

A bright smile was painted on Ophelia’s lips as she leapt from one building to another, hoping to the heavens that she was not late to meet up with Bunshichi. It had been three days since she had seen him and since then all she could think about was the photo shoot that was about to come. Excitement had been bubbling up in her chest at the idea of seeing just how elegant she looked when she performed some of her most practiced tricks, ones that she loved to pull off because of the freedom them gave her and how much it reminded her of dancing. She only hoped that he would actually show up at her house though like they had planned because if he did not she would feel incredibly stupid. She had trusted him with so much of herself in such a short amount of time so the prospect of him lying to her only made her a little anxious. She doubted that he would ditch her though because he had been a perfect gentleman when he was at her home, leaving her laptop put away on the charger and her blankets folded up when he had left.

With a heavy sigh she came to a skidding halt on the building she was standing on, only two or three blocks away from her home now. Her face was freezing from the biting wind; her lips probably even tinged a blue color that she was unable to see even in the reflection of her cell phone. The numbers on the screen read 12:15, fifteen minutes late for when she was supposed to meet the man at her home. She internally cursed herself as she shoved her cell phone back in her pocket and took off at top speeds, her wheels leaving marks on the buildings as she soared through the air and over the buildings in an attempt to get home quicker. With her luck she would end up being too late and he would leave something that she would have felt horrid about.

Out of the corner of her eyes she eventually saw the three hundred block come into view through her wind tousled hair, the long locks spinning around her face as she counted down the numbers to her apartment. It was probably getting close to twenty after midnight now, well past the time she was supposed to be there which made her sigh heavily. Her mood was starting to impair her thoughts, her red eyes laced with sadness as she readied for the next turn that she always took.

Her whole body swerved as she bent her knees to jump, her speeds at forty miles an hour as she threw all her weight down on her wheels before pushing up and launching into the air. Her hair waved around her head as she fell from the sky gracefully, her wheels sparking against the cold pavement as she slid to a halt. As usual she had to use her hand to keep herself from falling, but as soon as she felt secure in her positioning she pushed herself and began to peer around with bright eyes for the man that was supposed to be here, her breaths coming out in heavy gasps and causing her chest to rise and fall with each attempt to fill her body with oxygen.

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2 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:18 pm

The cold wind buffeting his face was like thousands of needles piercing his vulnerability without mercy. It was absolutely relentless and unbearable. A cold feeling at its worst, turning his face into a hardened lump of frozen meat. If it wasn't for the rest of his body fully protected by the necessary amount of clothing for the weather, he had surely been dead in minutes. He had worn a white long-sleeved shirt under his brown jacket, jeans, a pair of gloves, and two layers of socks inside his brown high-cut boots. It gave him the necessary heat he needed to survive the night, unlike the ones that he had three days ago.

The way back to Ophelia's apartment wasn't as bad as the weather though. Bursting his way through empty streets and dark alleyways like a vengeful spirit out to hunt its prey. He had pushed his treks to the limit which gave him an amazing amount of acceleration needed to fill his need for speed. Crouching a little while maintaining his speed, Bunshichi waited to get as close as he can to the railing from the flight of stairs that led down to a six foot drop to the sidewalk. Arriving at his target, he made a short jump and landed on top of the railing with his ATs, before switching to a one-hand stand then finishing it off with a six foot backflip drop on the sidewalk. He felt a slight sting of pain at his knee when he roughly landed on the pavement, but he quickly shook it off and continued riding with a grin on his face. Haven't done for a while..

He had arrived earlier than expected. His watch showed 11:45, which gave him a good amount of time to set his gear up before the photoshoot.

Thirty minutes have passed and still no sign of her. It made him a little anxious as he wasn't quite sure if she would be coming or not. He had gone through a great deal of trouble telling his wife about his extended stay and it would be a shame to let all that trouble go to waste.

But it wasn't long 'till she's finally appeared from the shadows. The sparks from her ATs gave away her position. Bunshichi quickly stood up from where he sat and approached her. "I thought you'll never come." He smiled a little. "Anyway, it's good that you're here.. and.. I have a little something for you." Reaching for his backpack, he pulled out a magazine and handed it to her.

"Nice eh? what do you think?" He asked with a hint of excitement in his expression.


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3 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:20 pm

A shaky breathe left the girl’s now pale blue lips as she peered around the dark street to catch any sign of the man who she was there to meet, hoping to the heavens that he was still hanging around and had not taken off because she was so late. At first not a even an inch of the street gave away his positioning which made her heart drop into her stomach suddenly, feeling disappointed in not only him but herself as well. If she had only left a little earlier she probably would have caught him easily on the street but her inability to move at a quick speed because of the cold had destroyed her chance to meet up with him again.

She was about to sigh in a sad tone when a sudden voice caught her attention, her head swiveling over to peer at the man who was approaching her from the shadows. His voice sounded extremely familiar but it was too hard to make out his facial appearance in the dark night, her squinting her eyes to finally make out his appearance. Slowly she watched as he came to a halt in front of her, the familiar face of Bunshichi coming into view and causing a bright smile to break across her lips.

”I’m so sorry I’m late. It took longer than expected to get here and the cold only slows me down.”

Ever word that left her lips caused a breathe of steam to be released in front of her face which only reflected how cold it was outside. If it got only colder she thought she was going to die right there on the spot, her clothing not helping at all. She had on something of similar color to the last night he had met her only instead of a tank top and skirt she had on a long sleeve, crimson shirt and a pair of skin tight, black skinny jeans that extenuated her curves with her air treks. She had also thrown on her leather jacket to keep her relatively warm, though it wasn’t offering much in this weather especially when she was traveling forty miles an hour down the street.

As he spoke once more she began taking note of his aura and just how excited he was. Every part of his aura radiated excitement and it was clearly reflected in his eyes as he smiled down at her. With curiosity of what exactly had caused this excitement she watched as he reached into his bag and pulled out a dual colored magazine, her eyes locking on it immediately as he offered it to her. For reasons she could not explain her heart began to pound inside her chest as she reached out with shaking hands, that partially from the color and partially from excitement, before raising it to her eyes to peer and what exactly it had on it.

The image before her was absolutely stunning, her eyes widening in shock as she stared down at it. The two images of herself over the cover amazed her because of how perfect they looked together, a true model who held the true heart of air treks and flying in every move that she was making. It was so perfect in fact Ophelia doubted that she was even looking at herself because there was absolutely no way that the beautiful woman on the cover was herself.

”This is so beautiful.”

That was the only thing she could think to say to describe what she was looking at, her eyes holding the same adoration and spark of excitement that her voice reflected. If this was what he could do with two shots, one taken without her knowledge eve, she could only image what he could do when he was having her pose and purposefully do tricks; this magazine was going to be spectacular.

Her smile never faded as she handed him back the spectacular piece and wondered just what they would do now that he had her ready. She figured that she wouldn’t have to change, or at least she hoped that she would not because of the cold. Slowly she allowed her question to pass her lips as she crossed her arms over her chest in the hopes that she would warm up a little bit, if any at all.

”So what are we going to be up to today?”


OMG that picture is amazing!~ ^0^


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4 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:54 am

Ophelia's reaction was exactly what he wanted. Not only did it prove that he truly had talent in his chosen line of work, but it also proved his friend's company's capabilities in producing quality magazines. Which would reflect on his future as well, as he had been promised to be well compensated along with his chosen models. As long as they take quality shots of course.

"Glad you liked it." Bushichi replied, handing her back the magazine. "Don't worry, it's yours. We already have tons of copies published and will be selling them in underground stores soon. There's also a small white envelope inside. It's a little something from the publisher." He winked. Obviously knowing what was inside.

"Okay for our photo shoot. I'd like you to just ride all around town. A few tricks here and there. Just have fun and don't mind the camera. I do suggest you don't ascend too high. A good ten to twenty feet high flight would be enough."

He paused for a moment. Making sure she heard and understood everything he said. To make this thing perfect, she would have to do exactly as he says. But not to the point that the certain limitations and directions he had provided would distract and put a lot of pressure in her. He needs her to be relaxed and just have fun. That's when the true beauty of the image shows itself. The love for ATs.. The heart of a true storm rider.

After strapping the camera securely to himself, Bunshichi tightened the laces on his treks as he took a crouching position. Sparks flew in every direction as he gave his wheels random bursts of accelerated spins. Convinced that they were working fine, he gave Ophelia a thumbs up. "Ready when you are young lady."

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5 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:45 pm

Ophelia looked down at the magazine in her hand, shock evident in her eyes that they had given her something in return for her pictures. She did not feel as though she deserved any money, that being what she assumed to be in the envelope of course, but she did not want to come off as rude for rejecting such an offer. She smiled softly at Bunshichi, knowing well that the little money would help her make her apartment payments and possible give her a little extra spending money to herself.

”Thank you so much for this, but you really did not have to. I am happy doing this simply because I love riding air treks.”

That was she let slip from her lips as she put the magazine in her jacket for safe keeping, knowing that it would be fine where it was while she was riding. As she did so she listened to Bunshichi give her instructions on what he wanted her to do, pausing for a moment as she wondered just why he wanted her to stay so low to the ground. Her thoughts began to wonder back to the night that he had followed her, he never getting off the pavement of the ground by the sounds of his air treks. She began to wonder why he did not enjoy getting off the ground but she felt that it would be far too rude to simply state her question for no reason. With a small smile on her pale lips she nodded to him in understanding, watching as he readied himself for the photo shoot and revved his air treks. The sound brought her smile into a smirk as fire entered her bright red eyes, her simply turning as she started to skate towards the middle of the street.

”If I go too fast or high just shout at me so I can change tactics.”

Her words left her lips in a light tone as she eyed him silently, her air treks suddenly bursting to life as a gust of wind picked up around her. Her pale locks began dancing around her face as she thought of what she would do for him and where she would even go since she had to avoid extremely tall buildings. These were the thoughts that flashed through her mind as she began flying down the street at about thirty miles an hour, her eyes flashing over the buildings that lined the street.

With grace that only a true dancer had she pushed down on her back wheels and then launched herself in the air, her wheels connecting with the side of a building before she bent her knees once more and launched herself across the gap to the next building to get a little higher. This dance of back and forth jumps continued until she was soaring about seventeen feet in the air, her hair sticking to a few places on her face as she did a single front flip before landing on the top of the building. Her momentum never faded as she kept going, pushing her body low to the building before skating forward. The road before her posed one thing that she wanted to do, a series of flips that would probably make a few good shots for the camera man. She let her excitement seep out all around her, her body tingling with excitement as she pushed herself forward.

Her foot brushed up against the ground as she pressed down on only her front wheels, sending her body lurching into the air and across a seven foot gap as she did a single front flip. Her execution was graceful in every way as her body conformed to move properly, though it appeared she was going to crash at the end because she was descending head first into the building. Before she hit it though she held her hands out, grabbing onto the ledge and pushing herself back up into the air. Her eyes were dancing with excitement as she soared through the air, her body twisting so she was facing the sky just as she had been a few days ago. Her hair waved around her softly in the breeze, her mind continuing to formulate the rest of her trick that would take place as she started her decent downward. With a kick she forced her body to do a one eighty so her feet were facing the oncoming surface, executing another perfect triple axel in the mix of her descent before skittering across the concrete in a bust of sparks and continuing down the path.

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6 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:21 pm

"Got it." Bunshichi quickly replied as he saw her took off into a slow start, before gradually picking up speed and jumping into the air. In his own way, he started moving down the street with a burst of controlled speed that matched her own. He tried aligning himself directly below her as he started taking a few shots with his camera. But soon he realized that the task was simply out of the question. With complete freedom, she maneuvered herself in between buildings before launching off into a good height to land tricks. Simply placing himself directly below her would mean he had to be exactly where she was all the time. Which of course was obviously impossible looking at how it wasn't as spacious on the ground as it was up in the air.

The wind that blew directly towards him was cold and unrelenting. Constantly suppressing his attempts to ride swiftly and smoothly without any sort of resistance. Also, not forgetting some specific obstacles he has to avoid throughout the whole ride. Walls, trash bins, cars, fences, drops, stairs, anything you can imagine when you're in the ground. They post not only as a challenge, but also as a threat on having his perfect camera shots. But just as he always does, he had expected this and is more than capable of finding a solution.

Like a shadow, he mimicked some of Ophelia's moves and added a little of his own. After completing her first flip, Bunshichi attempted his own against a parked car near the sidewalk. Approaching it through the side, he switched to a crouching position and maintained his speed. Once he was close enough he quickly switched body position facing the same direction as the car was, and jumped. Curling up into a ball, he flipped sideways twice above the car before landing on the other side. Sparks flew like fireflies around him and the light from it reflected on every car in the street. It was absolutely beautiful but dangerous too. If anyone had seen him, trouble wouldn't be far away.

Bunshichi continued following her through his own routes on the ground. He constantly avoided obstacles, then took her pictures, sometimes both at the same time. It was tiring but the wind against his skin and the adrenaline through his veins were exhilarating. He hasn't pushed himself nor made this many tricks in a single ride for quite some time. He was amazed how all of it just came back to him in a flash.

Again he stared at her as she made and completed her triple axel in mid-air. The move perfectly complimented and reflected her whole being. At that point he knew the trick was made for her as his double side flip was made for him. After landing, Bunshichi rode beside her and gave her a thumbs up. "Great moves as always ha ha.. must be nice up there." He smiled. His eyes trailed down the road to his ATs, stopping shortly on his knees, then back to the road once again.

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7 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:08 am

The entire time she had been skating about the roof tops Ophelia had kept an eye on Bunshichi’s movements, seeing just how much he could take and what he was capable of. It was odd to her that he had not gotten up in the air with her, not pursue her like most photographers would have done, but she simply passed it off to preference of being on the ground where things posed an even more dangerous situation sometimes. Her eyes were even locked on his movements as he made his way over the parked car without a single bit of issue, a small smile forming on her lips as she realized he had just as much grace as she did even if he did not know it. Grace came in all forms and his just happened to be a little different.

Now upon the ground with him Ophelia’s eyes were bright with curiosity as she wondered just what he had thought of the trick and it if was good enough for a shot. Her eyes were worried that perhaps it wasn’t what he wanted but something in his smooth voice told her otherwise. The tone in his voice made her believe she had done well, something that pleased her so and brought a bright smile to her lips despite the cold that had been biting into her skin while she rode. Her lips were even dusted a light blue color from the updraft that had been created by her traveling so fast in the cold breeze but that didn’t bother her in the slightest at that moment.

The last part of his statement was what caught her off guard more than anything, her eyes searching Bunshichi’s face for any sign of what he had meant by that statement. That was when she noticed that his eyes trailed to his knees and feet before the road, her wondering if maybe there was something wrong. She desired so badly to ask him if there was something that prevented him from flying with her in the sky, if he was truly stuck on the ground despite the fact that he had been given the power of wings. She just could not do it. He had respected her enough not to question her about her parent’s death a few days before and when he saw the scars on her legs, the awful ribbon like atrocities that made her look like a freak, he had kept quiet as well. She supposed that they had built up some mutual respect with that and for that reason she left the whole thing alone.

”Thank you for the compliment. I think I’ll stay down here with you for a while though. Hopefully it will give you a greater diversity.”

Half of what she said was true and half of what she said was lies. She did want him to get a greater variety in his photo shoot, but she also felt bad that he seemed to have had his wings clipped and she didn’t want to flaunt her own if he couldn’t soar with her. With the softest smile she had ever given before she slowly pressed down on the front wheels of her air treks, willing them to move a little bit as she started to skate backwards in the curiosity of if he would follow her or say something that would stop her dead in her tracks. That was one thing she had realized about him, that she never could realize just what he was going to say until the words came spilling out of his mouth in a frenzy.

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8 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:10 pm

Little could be remembered from what had happened several years ago that lead him to what he is today. Just a few flashbacks of his ride, the weather, and the absolute chaos that soon followed. He could still feel the rain splashing against his skin, and blood endlessly flowing from his gaping wounds. He could hear voices calling out his name, their faces, a big blur to his dazed eyes. But their hands felt warm and soothing, holding him tightly as they carried his lifeless body towards salvation.

Bunshichi quickly shook the memories away when Ophelia spoke. Her voice was like those voices he heard a long time ago. Warm, caring, and concerningly kind. Her smile could bring instant light on darkness. If only he had met her a long time ago, she definitely would've become a very good friend of his or perhaps better. She has this invisible charm surrounding her that even his high quality shots couldn't capture. Perhaps her heart reflects itself on her outer being.

With a nod, Bunshichi took several pictures of her as she started skating backwards in front of him. The wind brushing strand after strand of her golden hair towards him. She was stunning if he would be completely honest to himself, which only rivaled that of his wife. He took one more shot before pausing as he saw her curiously look down on where he had been staring a few moments ago. "You might be wondering why I've been staying this close to the ground all this time.." His gaze locked on to the tip of his Treks, staring blankly at its silver colored linings that complimented its muddy brown color. It was the same one he had worn years ago.. during that unfortunate event that destroyed his wings of hope.
"..Funny story.. I lost my wings a long time ago." He looked at her with a sad smile. Staring deep into her bright red eyes as he saw his own reflection in them.

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9 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:08 pm

Quietly Ophelia watched the emotions that began to flash through Bunshichi’s eyes, each one different from the last yet all reflecting some unknown pain. That only made it more clear to her that whatever was wrong with him was absolutely none of her business, a topic that she should not even dare touch on. However her curious nature was bubbling up in her chest and pushing out into her aura, an emotion that she tried her best to conceal as she weaved her way backwards down the street. Riding her air treks was a second nature at this point, so doing a simple straight line backwards did not bother her one bit. Even the biting wind did not bother her when she rode, simply blowing past her and making a few wisps of her hair dance in the breeze.

She had not realized that she was staring at his air treks though when he spoke up to her about them, her eyes carrying a little guilt because she felt as though she had made him feel like he had to explain what he had meant by his earlier statement. Of course she never wanted to force him into opening up about such an iffy topic, but her curiosity kept her quiet. She listened intently to each word that left his lips, her eyes locked on him as she studied each of the emotions that reflected through his face and words.

Ophelia could not image what it could possibly be like to lose her wings, the very thought of it terrifying her as she suddenly came to a halt by pressing back on her wheels and cutting off the turbine. Though there was a sad smile painted on his lips she could tell that he was hurting so much inside his chest, suffering even as he told her that he did not have the ability to fly.

”I am so sorry. Nobody deserves to have their wings ripped from them.”

Her remorse for his lose was evident in each word she whispered to him in her statement, only wishing that there was something she could do to bring him back up with her to the sky. It was just a part of her nature to want to help him fly and reach his allusive freedom and she secretly began to wonder just if there was something she could do to give him his lost wings. Sadly she doubted that it would be possible to ever give them back though.

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10 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:43 pm

He missed the feeling. Ascending into the air while landing a couple of tricks with complete freedom which the ground cannot provide. Looking down upon the city's magnificent structure and bright colorful lights, which only a free bird can see. The experience itself was thrilling and brought unparalleled fulfillment to his needs, something that only the love he gets from his family can be compared to. Realizing the current situation he's in, it's funny how it all just came crashing down in a flash. He had lost a part of him that he may never get back again.. He has lost his wings.

Hearing Ophelia's words brought back a little part of himself somehow. She sounded so concerned and perhaps sad at what she had heard. He felt guilty he had to make her feel like that. He shouldn't have told her those in the first place but something inside him wanted to. There was like another part of himself that had been locked away all this time. A part of him that had been screaming to go out and show the world what he feels right now.. and what it's really like to be a bird without its wings. But just as he always does, he'll lock it up deep inside him so it may never see the light of truth again.. so he may never feel bad about himself again. Covering his true feelings with a glamour of lies and deception.

"Don't worry about it.. past is past. I didn't really like heights that much anyway." Bunshichi laughed. I guess it's okay like this.. it's nothing.. nothing at all.

After stopping with her, Bunshichi quickly turned off his camera and safely secured it in his pack. He realized they had enough pictures for one night, maybe fifty to sixty images for a good two hour ride from the apartment. As sad and happy as the ride have become, Bunshichi still enjoyed it. Simply doing everything that he loves with the company of a beautiful model was just perfect, setting aside the sad parts that suddenly came up.

Giving her a warm smile, Bunshichi was about to say something when his eyes caught something behind her. A series of movements near the corner at he end of the street caught his attention. He cocked his head and squinted to get a better view but soon he realized that it wasn't necessary anymore. With a burst of acceleration from his ATs, Bunshichi quickly spun around Ophelia and dug his knuckles deep into her assailant's arm. Light reflected from the piece of sharp metal that he held as it fell on the ground near his feet. The man groaned in pain and backed up with his ATs, followed by a dozen of his friends revealing themselves from the shadows. "What the hell!?"

((Feel free to control the thugs, even give them a little speech or two. Just a little idea to finish the thread with a bang if you don't mind ^^))


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11 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:13 am

Each second that passed revealed a little more about Bunshichi that nobody would probably notice by simply speaking to him. There was something locked away inside the man and it was something nobody should have ever had to experience. Early in life his wings had been stripped away completely and he was ban from the sky, ultimately leaving him with no way of reaching towards his dreams and breaking free of the life that held him down. She saw right through his glamour sadly and all the lies and deception he had created in order to conceal his pain became invisible to her shining eyes. He was in pain and there was nothing else he could say to deny it.

Quietly she opened her mouth to tell him that it was alright that he had lost his wings no matter how much of a lie it was. All she wanted to do in that moment was make his life a little better, take away his pain, and show him the light. However before she could let the words slip her pale lips a shiny object caught her attention from the corner of her bright red eyes and she prepared to turn and see just what it was. Bunshichi caught the movement before she did though, spinning around her small frame to take the arm of someone in his hand and start to bruise his skin. Her body spun with his though, looking over at the man who had apparently held a knife in his hand and had wanted to attack her while she was not paying attention. Silently she cursed herself, wondering how on earth she had not noticed that someone was coming up behind her during the whole thing but she passed that off as being too entranced with the tone in his voice. With caution eyes she watched as the man suddenly fell back on his air treks in pain, a dozen more people appearing in the shadows and bringing fear into the bright eyes of Ophelia.

She knew that this part of town was always a bad one but she never assumed that there were thugs running about, especially on a pair of air treks and in a group this large. She was slightly terrified of the sight before her simply because she knew what this could mean for her if she wasn’t careful and what they would do if they got her separated from Bunshichi. A lone female was never safe in the dark streets and today that was even more evident than before.

”You fuckin’ asshole! I don’ want nothin’ to do with you! Jus give us whateva cash you got on yo and then bounce. We’re gonna have a little fun with the girlie though.”

The first thug that had tried to hold the knife to Ophelia spoke with a slightly shaking voice, a clear sign that not only was he the leader of the pack he was probably not the best one if he was scared so easily. Still Ophelia didn’t let that shake her resolve or let her weaken her guard, her eyes taking in every single man before her as she let one of them start to creep closer to her. She knew well what she would do if they got too close but she only hoped that Bunshichi would see what she planned on doing as well, though she doubted it because he had never gotten the chance to see just what she was capable of.

The second the other man’s hand touched her arm she spun started her attack, ripping her arm from his grasp before spinning around and throwing her air trek straight across his chest. The sharp bits on her wheels caught his chest, shredding open his shirt and chest and revealing blood. The sight of that single liquid substance brought a smirk to her once innocent face, the man stumbling back in shock as he held the light sound with complete shock written in his eyes. Now the rest seemed a little wearier than before of the female, watching her every move as she placed both her feet firmly on the ground with a malicious glint in her eyes.

”I suggest you guys run. Bunshichi you can either join in or sit back and watch.”

That was all she spoke before she pressed her wheels against the ground to start the spinning process, wind suddenly kicking up at her feet and sending her golden locks flying around her face, her eyes never losing their glint as she flew forward at the first man who had attacked her. All in one momentous sweep she picked her foot up and slashed it hard down his chest, sending the same type of deep gash down his chest as blood trickled out. She loved the sight before her, her lips holding a smirk as she suddenly kicked his feet out from underneath him and sent him sprawling to the ground with nothing to defend himself. The bits of wind that kicked up at her feet started to rip at the man’s flesh on his arm the closer she stayed to him, a cry coming from his lips as she waited for his next words to come out.

”You psycho bitch!”

”A psycho bitch is just who I am.”

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12 Re: The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime on Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:34 pm

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