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Dominique MontBlonc

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1Dominique MontBlonc Empty Dominique MontBlonc on Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:59 pm

Dominique MontBlonc

The Basics

Name: Dominique MontBlonc

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Personality: Dominique has a very caring personality. He'll tend to injured animals, look after the needy and the homeless. Dominique always tends for those who are sick. And he doesn't like injustices like people trying to force their ways onto others. Dominique has a strong sense of justice, and frowns upon illegal substances & activities. Dominique will even give half of the money in his wallet to charity! What a noble soul.

But alas, every soul has a dark side. Dominique is cruel in the world of ATs. He'll do whatever it takes to win, for shockingly, he's a very competetive person and strives to win. Even if he has to leave people in a bloody mess. Dominique believes that what he does is a justice. And he'll feel no guilt for those who end up hospitalized, or worse.

If one gets hurt while doing this, he'll feel no compassion towards them. Even if they are his best friends, he won't hesitate to beat them up to get the win. He won't cheat, he thinks he doesn't need to. But hurting the other person with his own body(like punching or kicking or using his AT's), that's fair ground. But using objects to slow them down, like throwing a chair at them in the middle of a race, he won't do.

When it comes to social graces of the opposite sex, he's at a loss. He wouldn't know heads or tails of what to do with em. He'd be nervous and maybe even stutter. And he'd refrain from touching them. He's shy when it comes to that, and would never try to impress a girl.

1 - Electronica: Hardstyle
2 - Helping others
3 - Winning
4 - Cakes
5 - Owls

1 - Losing
2 - People refusing his help
3 - Cats
4 - Disadvantages
5 - Prisons

Appearance: Dominique stands at five foot eleven inches, weight is one hundred fourty two pounds. He has shaggy midnight raven hair and hazel eyes. He wears a black baggy sweater over a white t-shirt with a green scarf around his neck, showing off a tattoo of stitches going around his neck. The sweater covers his hands up to the tip of his thumbs and reaches down to the bottom of his butt. He wears dark blue skinny jeans that have been cut on the knees. He wears dirty white sneakers with red lines on em.

He always wears his green scarf whenever he goes out, his sweater will change from time to time from black to dark blue to even grey. Dominique has multiple white t-shirts at home, so some have a hard time if he's wearing the same shirt every day. He always wears skinny jeans, always darker shade. Just like his sweaters.

Dominique MontBlonc OwlDemon22

Special Info

Class: C

Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Current Place of Residence: San Francisco

The Finale

History: Dominique was born to a large family in Montreal, Quebec. His family wasn't very rich, surfice to say, they were poor. His father a drunk, mother a heroin addict, and his 4 younger siblings needing food to survive. Dominique did whatever he could do to help them. Dominique had many jobs growing up, most of them where under the table jobs. When he was 12, his mother died of an overdose. This led his father to drink even more and even sleep around with prostitutes, which costed money. Money they needed.

Dominique tried to leave with his younger siblings, leave his father and go to another relative. But because they didn't know his fathers parents, they couldn't find them. No matter how hard they looked. But he decided they'll go to his mother's parents. But they turned them away. Forcing them out on the streets, calling them vermin. Dominique didn't know what to do. He didn't want his younger siblings, ranging in age from 6-11 to live with their father anymore.

But they had nowheres else to go, so they returned. At the moment they returned, their father had just been arrested for murder. Dominique watched in shock, the only place they had left, disappeared. So they were forced to live on the streets. The youngest, who was 6 at the time, started to get sick. They couldn't go to a hospital because they didn't have any insurance. And Dominique's younger brother, the 9 year old, disappeared.

His life became a spirling mess. At the age of 7, a year of being sick, the youngest died. Dominique didn't know what he died from, he never got him to a hospital. Now it was just him and his sisters. The now 12 year old, and the 10. Twins, if you're wondering why Dominique's younger siblings would be the same age. He was now 15, and a year on the streets didn't do him any justice. Yet, he never gave up hope for his two remaining family. They found a place to sleep, an old appartment that's condemmed and to not be used.

But it was a place that kept them safe from the outside world. Dominique would go out and work for money. Doing whatever it took to get things done. He'd sometimes even work for the mafia, doing jobs. His sense of justice hadn't yet come to him at that time. It was all the same. There was no justice for his family. He'd return one night to find his two sisters gone. Nowhere to be found but a note. The mafia had taken them to ensure his loyalty.

Dominique didn't know what to do. So he turned to the police. There, he saw police helping others, making him want to be a police officer. Yet resenting them for taking away their father, and allowing them to live on the streets. Dominique asked the police for help, and they did. But it was slow, and the mafia had hidden themselves. Except for those who Dominique worked directly with.

Those lot got arrested and sent to jail for a long time. And for his coopperation, he got a sum of money. But because he had no family to spend it on, he saved it. Saved it so he could move. But he was depressed and needed something to take his worries off of him. That's where ATs came in.

He used it as an escape. And it worked pretty well. He had started to earn a small name for himself in the city of Montreal by the age 18. And he had enough money to leave, which, he decided was time. There was nothing here for him anymore. So off he packed and decided to move south. San Francisco. Something about that place just amazed him. So he got himself a green card(very hard to do) and he lived in a small apartment. He has many odd jobs, but mostly, he uses his AT's around the city, learning the views.

After awhile, his AT's started to break down, and he needed to get some new ones. But he didn't quite know what to do. He'd look at all the (illegal) stores and see if there was some cheap parts he could get. But every time he'd look, there just wouldn't be a cheap enough set. So one day, when he was 19, he'd decided he'd build his own.

Weeks gone by, he started off with a bunch of cheap core parts. Engine, wheels, the works. He had it all stored in his apartment. Only problem was, how would he build it. Almost a year and a half he strived to build them. Following manuals, both online and in books, to finally finishing it. Dominique smiled at his progress, and decided to take it for a spin.

He ventured out into the streets and did his thing, his red coating on the AT's made it look like it was smeared with blood, but it has yet to taste any. The testing worked wonders, yet it didn't really have much for jumping. That he didn't really care much for. He wasn't much for jumping anywho. By his 21st birthday, he decided what he'll do. Some of his friends suggested that he go down the Fang road, for his brutality in the ring was devastating. He thought about it for awhile, about what his road would actually be, and then, he decided, and it would be for the Fang. A road of blood. But, he'd be able to reach the top as a bloody warrior.

His friend who told him about the road, was pretty well informed. Like he knew all the details and such, and he was pretty good at AT's as well. Dominique had a hard time keeping up with him, or even hurting him in a battle. Dominique always got hurt, a lot. Like he was blasted with something powerful. His friend turned into his room-mate. This guy became Dominique's lifeline in this city. It was hard to learn the in's and out's, but with a guide who knew this shit, that was the best.

But as time went by, he grew sick. Almost exactly like his younger brother. Dominique got worried, and this time, he didn't hesitate to get his friend to the hospital. Dominique waiting in the waiting area to hear the news from the doctor. After awhile, she came out. "I'm sorry, he has cancer in his bones." she said as she patted Dominique on his shoulder, walking off to another client.

He quickly went off to see his friend, who was laying in his bed looking like he needed very much rest. "Don't I look pathetic?" he said with a painful laugh. "Only when the doctors said it, did I actually feel the full effect." he turned his head a little and a tear fell down his face. "I won't be able to use my AT's anymore..." he said with a sad expression. Dominique walked over and sat in a chair. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." he said in reassurance. Dominique hoped he wasn't just sugar coating it for him.

"No.. I'll die soon, in a month or two. And when I go, I want you to have my AT's.. my bloody road as well." he said with a painful grin. "I can't accept those! You'll need those!" Dominique said as he jolted out of the chair. He didn't wish to think his friend would die, nobody would. Even if Dominique did want the road, and the AT's, very much. "Take em, as a memento of our friendship, and to keep up the Fang road." "The what?" replied Dominique, he wasn't sure at that time what the roads where. He always thought his friend was just playing mind games, saying that he 'rided on bloody roads', which in a way, kinda intimidating.

Dominique shook his head. "The roads, those are what drives the riders. I want you, to continue my legacy. Please, I'll even teach you with my remaining time. As long as you treat me to some food!" he said with a gleeful smile. Dominique was saddened by this, but he shook his head. "Alright... I'll buy you cheap ass food, for a cheap ass room-mate." he said as he looked at his dying friend.

For two months, a month longer then the doctors said he'd last, he was teaching Dominique the roads, and the information he needed to be on them. And to stay hidden at all times, never let anyone EVER catch him with his AT's. Easier said then done. But as the third month crept up, his heart beat, stopped. Dominique looked at the bed where his friend once laid, now, empty. He hoped he'd be able to fulfil his friends wish, and able to remember everything he taught him. But somehow, Dominique wondered what did his friend even do for a living, and how did he get all this info? Was it passed down or something? Maybe, too many questions left unanswered, but that'd be for him to answer in due time.

Roleplay Sample:
Zack was still laying against the wall, in a slight amount of pain. It was slowly going away, but he didn’t want to break his arm so early in the game. He heard a cat’s meow coming from the other end of the alleyway. Zack looked in that direction in shock. He was getting very paranoid right now. Two left, and so much room to cover. Zack climbed up a garbage can and used his good arm to climb up a window. Thankfully, the window was open. So he went inside and looked around. “Nobody home?” he said, quietly. He peeked out the window and saw a cat run down the alley. A man Zack remembered seeing, it was the second-in-command. He couldn’t remember his name, but that didn’t matter, he was a crooked criminal.

Zack stood in the window, ready to jump from above the man. “HEY!” screamed Zack, catching the man’s attention. He jumped from the 2 story window and collided with the man. Rolling off of him and standing up, holding his arm. The man stood up and dusted himself off. “Heh, is that all you got little man?” said the man, ripping his shirt sleeves off. Showing a arm covered in that had a demonic skull tattoo on his right shoulder. “You think I got this position as second in power for nothing?” sneered the man, charging towards Zack. Zack threw a punch at the sailor, and hit him across the face, but that didn’t seem to faze the man.

The man just kept running and then got close enough to punch Zack in the face, Zack was too shocked to even dodge the attack, and he got punched right in the face, sending him flying. He flew back what seemed like a hundred feet, but was actually just 8. He landed on his back and skidded maybe a foot. Zack stood up quickly and wiped blood from his face. “What are you?!” blurted out Zack, the man just laughed in response. “I’m just a demon of the seas.” he said, walking towards Zack and stretching his arms. Zack threw another punch at the man’s face, connecting each time he attempted. Each time, nothing seemed to faze the man.

The sailor threw another punch, and sent Zack another few feet back again. Zack was slightly staggering on his feet, but he now got a range on the mans punches and how much force he had in it. Now that Zack gained all this info on his enemy, all he needed was, a weak spot. Zack threw another punch, but this one wasn’t with magic, this one was a up close punch. The man chuckled and dodged the punch and was about to swing another punch, but Zack saw it coming and dodged it by jumping and kicking the man in the face. This, caught him by surprise and he stumbled back a bit.

Zack was still mid air and the man didn’t quite regain his composer yet, which was exactly what Zack needed. He stretched both arms, in pain, and punched the man in the face with both, and then he kicked the man to knock him back. This caused him to stumble and fall backwards. But on his way down, Zack head butted him in the stomach, just for extra measure. The man fell and hit his head on the corner of a brick, knocking him out instantly.

Zack stood, in complete exhaustion. First of all, he was using quite a bit of magic with all these punches, and he just got the shit kicked out of him. But if the boss needed a strong guy like him to protect himself, then, he must have been weak right? Well, thats what came to Zack’s conclusion. He dragged the body by the foot and used the some rope to tie him up with the other two. He looked at the three unconscious men inside of a garbage bin. He couldn’t hold back a little bit of the laughter he had.

Zack used his Regeneration spell to heal his wounds he got from that earlier battle. He was almost patched up, but his arm still hurt a little bit, but less then earlier. He walked down the alleyway and looked both ways. It was a huge courtyard and nobody was around, so it must have been empty correct? Wrong, something was wrong in the area, but Zack couldn’t place his hand on it. It wasn’t until he was in the middle of the area was when he felt it. It was a knife to his right leg.

Zack fell to the ground, thriving in pain. He felt even more pain when the knife was removed after being twisted in his leg. He screamed aloud in pain. His scream must have echoed through the city, where people must have stopped and wondered what just happened. Maybe even Noel heard the scream of pain. The man who stabbed him was none other then the man who conned Zack.

“Howdy boy, I see you hurt yourself there, fightin’ my boys are ye?” said the man, in a mocking tone. “Please, no hard feelin’s, I just couldn’t give ya yer jewels see,” said the man, circling Zack, with a smirk across his face. “I needed all the money I could get.” he continued. Standing right above Zack with his knife in hand. “Now, I don’t need ya’, now, you can go sleep in hell!” he screamed about to plunge the dagger into Zack’s heart, but Zack was quick, and kicked the captain in the face and stood up as he fell backwards. “Sorry, but it’s not my day you see. Today, you go to jail and I get paid for the job you hired me for, and bringing you smugglers to justice, and for bringing Raven Tail’s members to justice as well.” said Zack, in a nobleman’s tone.

Zack put his hand on top of the stab wound in his leg and healed it, but it took all of his concentration for it was a pretty deep wound. That, gave the slimy creep enough time to run away towards the dock. When Zack noticed the captain was gone, he almost flipped out. But he saw the blood that was dripping from the knife and decided it was to follow suit. Zack did so and ran down the street towards the dock.


Jumping 0/10
Strength 4/10
Speed 3/10
Stamina 3/10
Dexterity 2/10
Acceleration 2/10
Tricks 1/10


Name: Grind
Rank: F
Description: Using railings and ledges to grind on and use for a boost of speed.
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? Yes

Name: 180 decree turn stomp
Rank: E
Description: With a small momentum one is able to make a 180 turn, but continues on to stomp whatever is at the location of the stomp. (Ex: a person or a wall)
Would you like to allow anyone to use it? no

Face Claim

Deadman Wonderland - Nagi Kengamine, MontBlonc, Dominique

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Put your shadow in a spoiler.

Fix your coding for your rp sample.

I'd like to hear more about AT's in your history and a little about plot seeing as how you want the fang. Soooo, add in a bit about the fang unless of course you are going to gain it IC.

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Rocco: Fucking... what the fucking fuck... who the fuck fucked this fucking... how did you two fucking fucks... FUCK!
Connor: Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word
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you have one extra stat that needs to be taken out. Only get 15

Also since AT's are illegal you wouldn't be able to get parts in a store. You could only get them off the streets from illegal venders.

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Rocco: Fucking... what the fucking fuck... who the fuck fucked this fucking... how did you two fucking fucks... FUCK!
Connor: Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word
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1/2 Approved!

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The position of Fang King has been revoked from this member and they have been informed of the changes.

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